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  2. Saturday Bread

    I know that person, she's wicked. Best not cross her.
  3. Sides challenge

    I have 3 of the Better Than Bouillon, chicken, beef and mushroom. It is a great enhancer.
  4. Sides challenge

    Great cook and enjoyed the write up too! Still laughing at this part:
  5. Saturday Bread

    Yeah! Thought that was pretty low
  6. Saturday Bread

    BASTARDS! Stealing our MacKenzie's awesome food pictures and claiming them on another site!
  7. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    I have 1/2 oz of PC in a beer that's about done fermenting. It's a "winter warmer" ale with brown sugar, crystalized ginger, orange peel and the PC instead of cinnamon/clove/nutmeg. Will see how it turns out?
  8. Winter Prep

    My crate got turned into a dog house for the neighbor across the street's pooch. I don't know what happened to the KK strip? But, I'm like Jon, I really don't have a good place to put it, if I had one.
  9. Asado grill

    Looks great you did well
  10. Sides challenge

    Excellent use of the purple crack, Shuley! I just did some roasted carrots last night (in the oven, as I did fire up the grill - insanely windy and cold yesterday!) and I'll remember next time to try them with the PC. btw - spotted the "Better than Bouillon" - their stuff rocks!! I have like 6 different varieties of it in the pantry.
  11. Asado grill

    Seriously well done, sir!
  12. The Results on Ribs

    It's the fun part of this hobby - experimentation!
  13. Hot Sauce

    The red one is not very hot at all - disappointing really. But the other two make up for it in spades! I also realized later, when they'd been sitting out for a bit, that I'd forgotten to put the xantham gum in it, so it separates out fairly quickly. Just means you need to shake them up well before using. I wasn't about to empty the bottles and refill them just to toss in a bit of emulsifier.
  14. Today
  15. Worried about fire danger.

    To quote one of my all time favorite TV characters - "Homey don't play dat!"
  16. Saturday Bread

    Hello Mac, thought I'd let you know that someone is uploading your photos on the Primo photo gallery site and signing the name Lynne to them. They have your Saturday bread, your bacon and duck egg and others. Just thought you'd like to know
  17. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    No problem, been called worse. U should receive a message on the tab right next to notification. When u send a message and send it to tyrus it will be sent to the KK site confidentially on the message tab and my email
  18. Winter Prep

    Jon, that is perfectly OK. Fill your boots Santa Jon.
  19. Sides challenge

    Shuley, it all looks delicious, great news about the purple crack.
  20. KK Teak Cabinets

    Great thanks Bruce
  21. Sides challenge

    Over on the guru it is a “sides” challenge. So I got to thinking about some of my most favorite sides to grill. And they are grilled carrots and ABTs. I saw somewhere that people put fruit in their ABTs and that just sounded fabulous to me. I knew that the next time I made them I wanted to add pineapple. And grilled carrots are a super simple yet awesome side. Here are the nice carrots I picked up and the ingredients I used this was actually my first time using the Tasmanian mountain pepper berries (purple crack) on food. I mistakenly ate a whole pepper berry to just see what it tasted like. I do not recommend eating them plain. Peeled the carrots and they looked so nice and pretty then added all the ingredients. I cover with foil and cook that way until they are tender. I also had some ABTs to prepare. While I went into this knowing that they are not the most appetizing looking side, anyone who has had them knows that they are stupid delicious and always disappear whenever I make them- no matter how many I make. This was just for my family so I only made 12. Here are the ingredients prepped put the carrots on now that the carrots are tender I grilled them for a little char then added back to the liquid with the cover removed to let a little evaporate And my unattractive but oh so good ABTs on my plate with a simple burger. So of course the ABTs were amazing and enhanced by the addition of pineapple glad I tried that. The carrots were amazing normally I put cayenne on them instead of the pepper berries, but this was soooo much better my husband was snatching the left overs odd of my kids’ plates!
  22. KK Teak Cabinets

    Eddie Mac I will take Couple of pictures of all the stuff I have in my cabinet I store everything I have in my cabinet except for the half grill, which I could put in there but I have a different storage place. It may be a couple hours before I have the pictures but I promise I’ll send some. Have a great day
  23. KK Teak Cabinets

    Does all the grates fit in the cabinet I am thinking of one myself
  24. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    Ooopa sorry about spelling your name wrong Tyrus shame on me
  25. Winter Prep

    Now that we have totally hijacked MacKenzie's post .............I had one sign in my office, that we took off the shipping crate, to send to Aussie O. The maintenance employees made a stand-up desk out of the KK crate and took it to another building. Just went over there and the other sign is still on the crate/desk......but not for long. It will be in the mail heading south in the next day or so. Too much fun!!!!!! PS - Sorry Mac for the hijack....but you sorta started all this sign stuff
  26. Winter Prep

    Pm sent. Thanks so much! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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