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    I had beginner's luck with growing peppers on our allotment for the first time this year. We had an amazing summer and I harvested boxes and boxes of peppers and other good stuff from our new square foot gardening plot. This was last weekend's harvest, radiating happiness on a dismal, rainy day in October. I love peppers and have previously made up Thomas Keller's pepperonata recipe and froze batches for use through the winter. This year I decided to try this April Bloomfield recipe https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/apr/04/six-of-the-best-spring-side-dishes. I liked the results so much I have made the recipe three times so far this season. Here's the latest version. I never actually follow the recipe strictly but the concept is great and will sustain us through the winter. Peppers onto the lower grate of a hot KK. I think it was about 250C. First time I did this I kept the peppers in for about 35 -40 minutes, turning three times. Bad idea, the flesh got too dehydrated and I had a job to get the skin off. This time I left them in for just 25-35 minutes, taking the smaller ones off early. Part way through Into a bowl for about 10-15 minutes to make it easier to separate the skins. This time I also took out the seeds and stalks BEFORE grilling. Made them easier to peel and saved me the messy task of trying to get the seeds out cleanly from the hot soft mess that came out of the grill! Here are the tomatoes, roasted in the IDK oven because I didn't quite get the KK timing right. And best of all, bottled and sealed, ready to dispense summer's delights whenever I want. They are sealed but I also store them in the fridge to be extra sure they will last.
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    This is the only way I can use my current single Meater effectively given the limited range. It means leaving one phone outdoors with the KK I can then see details of the cook anywhere in the house on my other phone. Not ideal but it works. I am looking forward to the Block even though I don't think I will need four probes. Does anyone know if the Block will allow you to monitor your cook even when you are away from home? It is so long since I last read the blurb...
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    Bruce is back, all is well with the world.
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    True, but I guess I view that as a bit of a crutch. It does add flexibility, however. Still, part of my reasoning for choosing the Block was getting past Bluetooth's limitations, especially with our thick-walled grills..
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    As you stated the Meater + is just a Bluetooth repeater built into the charging base. They also have a Meater Link option (in their app) which allows you to Bluetooth repeat with any smart device. All you need is an old smart phone or tablet that has working Bluetooth and you have a Meater + repeater without having to upgrade from the original Meater.
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    Resurrected this old thread as I did another batch of the Denver ribs for a visiting guest, who likes lamb. Simple rub of Sucklebusters SPG (salt, pepper, garlic) and dried Greek oregano on one and fresh rosemary on the other. Cooked @ 275F indirect on peach and hickory wood (smoker pot) to an IT of 185F. I finished them off on the lower grate over direct heat @ 350F (dome) to add some bark and render some more fat. We were hungry, so no plated pics this time. But, they were very tasty.
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    I tried my bottle of sauce to make a batch of burnt ends. They came out really good. Sorry, no pics as the brisket cook was totally off my planned schedule and I wasn't about to stand outside in 35F weather @ 6:30am to take pictures! I had put the whole brisket (prime grade) on the night before around 10pm @ 250F (Guru) and was expecting to get up in the morning to wrap the brisket in the pink butcher paper (IT = 170F), but when I got up to feed the dogs and let them out, I checked the temperature sensors and the brisket IT was already at 204F - YIKES!! So, I had to hurry and dress to get the brisket off and wrapped and into the cooler. I cut off the point and cut it into cubes for the burnt ends and used the Dragon Sauce - a good match. Burnt ends went back on the grill for another 90 minutes. Should have used a wider pan, as they ended up swimming in sauce and fat. Tasty, but not crunchy. The flat came out perfect - very tender and moist. I had injected it with Butcher's BBQ brisket injection and rubbed the outside with the coffee rub that Aussie sent me. A couple of lessons learned on this one - prime cuts cook faster than choice (this brisket was done in 8 hours @ 250F!); and, use a bigger aluminum pan for the burnt ends so they can spread out more and not be swimming - more surface exposure to the dry heat.
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    Yeah, I've been in his garage when it's running and it can take your breath away if you get a big whiff of it! You learn very quickly why they make pepper spray out of this stuff!
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    My Meater + units arrived yesterday. Two individually boxed units. I opened one of the units and left the other unit intact. After charging the probe I gave it a quick test. I put the probe in the KK and the Meater + charger/repeater on the grill table. I was able to get a good signal in the kitchen which is what I need. That's about as deep in the house as it would go but the kitchen is an acceptable range for my use. I'll do a rotisserie cook this weekend to get a real world test.
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    Dang, that's a shame. I guess that falls under the "life's too short to eat meatless ribs" category. I applaud your decision making process.
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    This makes up for meatless ribs, extra thick pork chop with smashed potatoes, and roasted tomatoes with marinated roasted peppers.
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    For lunch yesterday - Roasted Pepper Soup. Added some purple crack and basil. Added some sourdough bread ends.
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    This too was my first kickstarter. It's also definitely my last kickstarter. The idea of begging people for money on an idea that isn't even close to a product just doesn't sit well with me. I tried, they failed.
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    Cooked up some porterhouse pork chops using a reverse sear tonight on the kk. Served with some noodles and fried apples. Got to fire up the infra red heaters -one of my favorite new things in the ODK. Ok, it wasn't that cold but I am in shorts and a t-shirt so it really knocked the chill out of the air. Should help when things turn really cold.
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    Had a desire to spice up the breakfast today, hot peppers and chili will do that. The base is made from egg whites with turmeric added. Egg on egg.
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    Re: Anyone cook Denver ribs of lamb? Came out phenomenal!! Indirect on the KK with hickory & cherry wood in smoker pot @ 275F for about 3 1/2 hours. Here's some pics.
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    Leftover egg whites - can we say "Pavlovas?"
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