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  1. It really is gorgeous, thanks for the pix.  :smt060  :smt003    There should be a small hole above the handle and the stem of the thermometer should just slide right in. There is also a clip that goes on the inside of the top that holds the stem in place but a lot of us don't bother to use it as the thermometer can't fall out and it makes it easy to clean it, plus some folks turn the desired temp to the 12 o'clock position making it easier to what the temp. is from a distance. 

  2. @ Troble, no way am I trading your octopus for a rib and I know you know why.:-D :smt046

    The ribs were marinated overnight with crushed black pepper and granulated garlic. Grilled for about 5 hours and the temp was about 230F as I remember. 

    I am about to warm the rib for dinner and I plan on steaming it in the Vermicular Musui Kamado. Just add 2 or 3 tablespoons of water and maybe 10 min. on low.


    Here you go leftover rib meat dinner.




    Now I just need a double espresso. :cheers:

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  3. Yesterday I smoked a pork belly, actually I cut it into 2 pieces for easier handling. Smoked them separately too and right after the second piece came off the KK I put on some boneless skinless chicken thighs for some coconut chicken curry.

    Didn't take many pixs and actually forgot to take any during the slicing. :( I did one with golden brown sugar and the other with maple sugar. Both tasted wonderful, I just ate a few odd ends for breakfast this morning.








    Creamy Chicken Curry dinner.


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  4. A nice  3 inch prime rib steak dinner was the cook of the day- along with some fried mushrooms and roasted potatoes.

    The rib steak was marinated for 24 hours in a mix of soy sauce, beer, oil, Worchester Sauce, garlic, Dejon mustard and pepper.





    I know, I know, I sliced the steak too thin but it tasted wonderful. :) 


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