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  1. I was slow to figure out what I wanted to cook with the Vermicular Musui Kamado when I first bought it but it has become one of my very favourite kitchen tools. It makes a mean stew, chili, onion soup, steamed beets are out of this world, steamed bao, let's not forget the steamed corn on the cob, the list just goes on and on. The country bread that is in the recipe books is awesome too. It has become my go to item. One other feature is the timer, love that, no standing around waiting to turn it off.

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  2. New Year's Eve was smoking pork belly for friends who want to learn how to do bacon. I didn't take much for pixs but when the slicing part was done this morning I did receive some nice treats for my lunch. Naturally I had to taste the bacon, just checking you know, Shirkand with pistachios, and beef, veggie, cheese Boa they made before arriving. I just took an end piece of bacon for the taste test. 




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  3. Just remember when you take the temp with the IR gun, it is taking the surface temperature. One needs to be patient and give the bricks time to heat soak so the whole brick is at 600F or whatever temp you want to cook at, not just the top of the brick.


  4. Sometimes things just go oh so right and this one of those cooks. Chicken thighs, rice cooked with chicken stock and white Miso, steamed carrots that were just recently pulled from the garden before they froze in solid and peas picked early in the season then blanched and frozen.














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