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  1. Knowing that hurricane Fiona was likely to hit Nova Scotia I did some meal preps, one thing I made a chicken stew and had that for breakfast  and  lunch the first day without power, had the same thing on the second day. It was a case of quick open the fridge grab what you need and shut that door. I wasn't going to touch the freezers. I did have a down comforter to put over the basement freezers. Late Sun. afternoon the power came on then Mon. my internet. I still had pasta and sauce in the fridge from the pre Fiona day prep so that's what I had today for lunch. Picked a lot from the garden before the storm, tomatoes and made sauce, my peppers and cukes. I also made a loaf of bread to use for cucumber sandwiches. I have friends who do not expect to have things restored until Thurs. so I was lucky.

    Here is Fiona pasta- 



    I went into town to checkout generators and saw this on the way- 




















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  2. Put together some leftover cooks today, took my chances and it all worked out fine. Previously cooked chicken thighs, summer squash, garlic and tomatoe sauce using tomatoes from the garden, pasta shells, ricotta, Monterey Jack, and diced Jalapeño from the garden, a few spices and when done sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and chives. It turned out to be a winner. :cheers:







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  3. Wow, first pizzas, and no disasters.:smt060

    I sprinkle my peel with rice flour. It doesn't absorb water like regular flours so the dough tends not to stick to the peel. Another key is don't push, pull when you launch the pizza. If by chance you happen to not quite get it perfect when you launch let the pizza cook for a short period before you try to move it. Have fun, I don't doubt you will. :pint: 

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  4. Looks gorgeous, I can't wait until you taste the pizza. It is Labour Day Holiday weekend here and we baked 6 pizzas and some Tahini Swirls. My cover weighs just under 1 pound. It is no KK cover that's for sure, we'll see how long it lasts. Mine is in the ODK so not totally exposed to the weather.

  5. 9 hours ago, jonj said:

    My understanding (albeit without having yet taken delivery of one - tomorrow!) is they suggest one starts a fire smaller than normal, then gradually increases the temperature so as not to shock the fire bricks.

    It might take quite some time to heat them up slowly and meanwhile you know who has to be out there tending the fire. I said explode but I really meant crack. :smt003 

    I suppose I could put an electric heater in to warm things up before lighting a small fire. In the dead of winter I don't think I'm going to do this though. Although I will be lighting my KK. 👍👍

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  6. You can take out the fire bricks from the oven and that will reduce the weight. They probably weigh 15 pounds each. So far 95% of my cooks have been pizza but last evening I was wanting a quick supper and had some beef patties on hand and some small leftover potatoes from my garden so decide to give those a go. Tasty.


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  7. 7 hours ago, KK787 said:

    Thanks for the reply!!  I used Caputo Blue for the pizzas above. I will crank up the KK to 800 and give it a try👍👍

    Maybe you might consider a wood fired pizza oven if you plan on making pizza frequently. Personally I'd would not like to be running my KK at those temperatures. Just saying.

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