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  1. 13 hours ago, Poochie said:

    Nice looking chicken, MacKenzie. What brand pizza oven is that hiding under its cover?  

    Thanks, Poochie. It's and Alfa 5 Minuti oven and does a wonderful job on a pizza. Actually there is a last of the season pizza party scheduled for tomorrow. It's going to be a cool one, 5C is the high for the day. Still I am sure it will be fun and very tasty.:smt060

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  2. I just put the tip in boiling water and it should read 212F in my area. If it doesn't turn the nut on the backside of the thermometer. Dip the tip back in the boiling water and see if you corrected it enough. You might have to do it two or three times to get it to read 212F.

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  3. At what point would it get mushy from too long being in the Sous Vide ?  

    It would not be a matter of minutes but rather hours, not sure how many though.

    I nearly always do my boneless skinless chicken breasts via sous vide, do a light brine and add some seasoning. They are very tasty.


  4. It sounds similar to what I did last year. We had planted rows of pine and spruce when we first bought the property but they grew and grew and grew. Cleaned out to let the sun in and keep them from falling on the house or garage. I was amazing to watch them work their magic.

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