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Do you like Sausage?

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Yah, I began to make some sausage (for the first time now) with all new equipment because it entered my mind one particular day that it had to be done, you know, an itch, a desire or bucketlist, whatever. I watched a Gent on Youtube making what I thought the best recipe for me to follow, an Italian sausage with little difficulty. So it began, the blend of spices and pork butt were added to the mix, but alas some things were not in order. The pork butt was lean and one ingredient calling for Red pepper paste wasn't for miles around, although I looked desperately. I remembered there was some bacon ends hidden in the freezer and with the addition of this fat supplement everything came into balance. While at the market a bottle of Portuguese whole red peppers in a slight vinegar base substituted for the paste, once pureed, this addition required no water added to the mix. 
So what's this about, it was the best sausage I've had ever to be blunt,,not the best on the planet, but quite tasty.
Included was a picture........well because if it ain't seen, as I'm obviously corrected...it didn't happen. Don't ya just love sausage?!  Mum on the Bacon and P. Red Pepper ok


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11 hours ago, tony b said:

(The Sausage Foundary),

I would like to see it being located in a mysterious Czech village in all, but the website will have to suffice for now. Having a store that size and with it's selection nearby would certainly make it an easy destination to visit. Do you supply him the beer for his Brats?

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