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New KK Owner: The KK is finally in it's home!

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I actually received my 32" Autumn Gold Pebble KK almost a couple months ago now. I had wanted it held at the warehouse until my patio was completed but some communications got crossed up there and it went out the door and arrived early! Not such a bad thing I guess. But it just had to be stored in my garage while the patio was being done. The driveway was also cluttered with pallets of pavers and stone. The whole patio remodel was done with receiving the KK in mind. Otherwise it would have been extremely difficult to get back there. So the timing of the grill purchase and patio was great. We also just had the deck redone over the patio with a TimberTech Dryspace installed which will help with grilling year round here in the Puget Sound area. Below are pictures of the the patio work, arrival of the KK, and the KK in it's resting place! I've just gotten some outdoor cabinets from NatureKast on order for a BBQ island that will go under the deck. Unfortunately it's an 8 week lead time but at least I can cook now!


Old pathway and patio:















Pictures of the new patio construction (new fence also)!











Now for the KK!


































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I was wanting to do something that would show off why I got the KK in the first place. Trying to do a brisket on the PK360 was always a PITA but I've been able to do a few on it that turned out decent. I felt comfortable enough with temp control since the basic idea was the same with the PK360. Obviously with the KK just got to be aware of letting the temp get away more. Which it kind of did when I had the grill open for a bit too long at the start. Next time I'll make sure I'm more prepared to get the drip pan in before the brisket! haha. That error made me fiddle around with it more than I should have at the beginning causing temps to shoot up. The brisket turned out well though, but always room for improvement. Needed more seasoning as the bark was a bit plain tasting. And I always stress when trimming. I did fat side down but I think I'll try fat side up next time. With it down, it got super mushy on that side. But it does look nice on camera.

The pavers look fantastic and we're really happy. Although I'm a bit worried we went overboard with the amount of border haha. Probably paid for it. But that being said, it does make it look fantastic so no regrets. Once the BBQ island is installed it's really going to look polished. Though it will cover up a good portion of the pavers that are laid at a 45 deg which looks so cool under the deck unfortunately.

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Also, an idea for a standing thread. Komodo Kamado and Patio Design Examples. When I was trying to figure out how to integrate the KK into a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen, I was struggling finding much here on the forum. There were a few threads of people with their outdoor kitchen design but it would be good to have a dedicated section with a wider array of examples to see what people have done with the grills and how they've implemented them on their patio and/or BBQ islands and kitchens. The contractors, at least the ones I was dealing with, are not used to designing for a KK. There's all kinds of stuff to integrate BGEs and Kamado Joes easily into BBQ islands. They had concern that if a void was left for the KK to roll into that they'd have to do a countertop waterfall (basically have the granite countertop run down the sides of the cabinets in the void vertically) to shield from the heat. I told them that with the amount of insulation this has, heat is not likely going to be a huge issue. Though I didn't have the experience to know how hot it gets up to when doing a pizza or something. In the end, the KK will stand alone off one of ends of the U-shaped BBQ island which is fine. That way it's easier to admire!


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