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Set up for Spatchcocked Chicken

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If I had a pan of potatoes I would have done this same technique indirect with the lower grate in place and foil on top of it, pan of potatoes on the main grate, then chicken on the upper grate.

But - Best results I have had so far with my KK 42 with spatchcock chicken is actually direct heat but the chicken on the upper grate so that you get that really nice radiant heat from the dome to crisp up the skin.  The chicken is so far from the fire I didn't need to go indirect (but see note above - I'd use indirect with the potatoes). 

Anyway - I forget exactly how long my last cook took but it was around 90 minutes give or take 10.  Temp something like 375 to start and you can let it creep up toward the end if you want - last 20 minutes or so to crisp it up.  I usually just cook until it's done and don't worry about increasing temp but I aslso haven't done spatchcock chicken but maybe 5 or 6 times since getting my KK.  I have done it on the main grate all but one time.  I have done it indirect just by virtue of having the fire on one side with the basket splitter and the chicken on the other side of the grill with drip pan underneath (that was OK). But direct heat works even on the main grate. Main grate still isn't that close to the fire.  I turn it once about 25-30 mins in and again after another 20-30 so that at the last part the skin is up.  But using the upper grate is how I have gotten the best crispy skin.  

I'm no expert, I just love my KK - never had chicken as good as what comes out of the KK.  The BGE is fine just slightly less moist and not quite as flavorful.

I have this chicken recipe that came from my hometown that is my favorite if I am putting smoke on the chicken.  On the KK I don't turn the chicken every 10-15 minutes either.  



for 4-6 halves:

3/4 cup oil

2 cups vinegar (1/2 pt)

10 tsps salt

3 tsp poultry seasoning

2 tsp black pepper

 Bring to rolling boil, remove from heat.  Brush on chicken and turn every 10-15 minutes.


I also don't always use this recipe.  I have done a dry rub.  Typically spray chicken with ACV, then coat with a combo of Lawry's seasoned salt and lemon pepper.  Coat the chicken at least 1 hour but up to several hours (like overnight) beforehand.  I have this cooling rack that fits inside a baking pan.  I put a couple chickens prepared this way on that and air dry them in the refrigerator for one to several hours before cooking if I rub them like this.  I haven't tried baking soda like some people do in order to get additional moisture out of the skin. I'm sure I could really get them crispy but for me it's about flavor.  The above recipe from my hometown area has vinegar that you're actually brushing on the bird during cooking so you can't expect crispy skin with that one. On the other hand the dry rubbed one has some really good crispy skin if done on the top rack near the dome.

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Cooked the cusseta chicken last night for a dinner party (recipe in prior post on this thread). Kk42, basket splitter set up with charcoal in the center. As you can see, indirect with foil on main grate. Food on upper grate. Used thermoworks billows for temp control. Took about 90 mins to fully heat soak the grill. Temp at 325, used cold smoker attachment with pellets for a modest amount of clean smoke. Basted the chicken every 15-20 mins per recipe. Cooking time - 2 hrs. Results were awesome.

This recipe does not produce crispy skin due to basting and vinegar in basting sauce but the flavor is great.

If I were trying for crispy skin it would be air drying the chicken overnight, cooking with a dry rub, probe the chicken, no opening the lid, start a little higher maybe at 350, and allow the temperature to creep higher towards the end of the cook.

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