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  1. Sorry for the holiday-belated pictures I promised. I also had good success on the burn in and first cook... unfortunately no pic on the KK just on the plate! Like everyone says, you read about KK quality, you see it on YouTube, and then one day it is in front of you after you rip the crate off. Then you say to yourself, out loud, I never imagined it would be THIS high quality. Then you use it the first time and it only gets better. Below are some photos of the bridge I had to cross... starting with the truck having to back down my driveway. Fortunately had built a removable wheel chair ramp for my mom that was worthy with some reinforcement. In the end, as much as my wife warned me not too, I moved the KK myself using a good strap and leverage. I only lost a wheel off the ramp one time! Was most horrified when I realized it was a very strong possibility it was not going to make it through my front door... never measured thinking the ramp was my challenge! In the end got it through with only one gouge in the door you can't see when shut. ;>) My review: I don't have any higher quality anything. John 8. Door no fit.MOV
  2. Friday is delivery day! Can't wait!!
  3. Metallic bronze!
  4. I'm in! Talked to Dennis today and thanks to all of your input 32 is for me. Officially on order. John
  5. Good guess that I actually have not seen one in person and okay maybe it is the tiles! I was actually tracking on either Pitmaker safe or Myron Mixon H2O when came across KK. Have to admit the 42 is tempting just cause but realistically I do need to put it on a deck!
  6. Thank you and sounds like the 32 is the way to go!
  7. Thank you everyone for great feedback! I think the 32" it is!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  8. Feel the 32" has more flexibility but concerned may take a lot longer to warm up? Can you cook a large beef tenderloin on the 23" grilling area? Thank you! John