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  2. https://komodokamado.com/pages/grill-gallery there are also some low rez pics here
  3. Pulled a few examples from Instagram page. Two. 32’s one 23’ that could be similar for a 32’. Make that 23’ a 32 in the pic and buy a 19’ for the left side [emoji23]. I’d imagine Dennis could put you in touch if you wanted to reach out and they were okay with it, but I’ve never asked and could be wrong. One thing I’ve read that others noted, make sure you consider the rotisserie motor if you are planning on ever wanting to use it. Need enough room for it to be on and to connect it. The same would be the for the propane insert and cold smoker but I’d imagine those are a lot more obvious and easy to leave clearance for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. Apologize, I was thinking the 32 as flat bottomed and that's not the case, it's on wheels. I removed the post seeing it wouldn't work with shelf level design, however placing it between 2/3 walls with your stone work would work by building the walls to accept the width. I remember when I purchased a Primo setting that Kamado onto a table shelf and for some reason I was seeing the 32 the same way. No matter, it can be done by simply building around it and then joining the cabinetry/counters aside. Yah know, come to think of it...it wouldn't look bad without the wheels, just a thought.
  6. Hi Folks, Got my KK 32 towards the tail end of summer/fall last year. Loving it so far. We're going to attempt building out an outdoor kitchen this spring/summer. I've searched everywhere, but i can't find any pics/examples of a KK 32 that is "built in". Most of the kit/ready to assemble type outdoor modules either don't do curves, or tend to have a little platform to raise up the kamado (which I wouldn't need). Specifically looking for roti clearance and how people have made that work. I did think long and hard about getting one of Dennis's tables, but my wife prefers a stone/built in look. Aways an option though.
  7. Well, if you know me Jonj then you would know I don't like doing things the same way twice, variety is the spice of life. I like quality and that's why I own a KK, but I also like to mix it up and try new things which offer comparable quality. For example, if you saw how many screw guns I own knowing that they all do the same job you'd say why. Because they're all great tools and each one performs just a bit differently according to the task. The new cooker is American made and I like that, enough said. I also gave two cookers away within the past year to each of my kids so my fleet is shrinking and needs a boost. It's most definitely an heirloom, to a degree expandable, versatile and mobile. It checked all the boxes, and hell, it been two years and I need a new cooker. So when it arrives I will take it on it's maiden voyage and share some pics, until then the dogs are on high alert for any trucks passing by, it's costing me a fortune in cookie biscuits.
  8. Looks good C6Bill and so easy too, Nice plate. I was Prevites just the other day and picked up a couple of packages of Boneless short ribs for a cook I'm going to do on the new cooker, whenever it arrives. The quality and selection is better than my old place, first name basis with the butcher what more could you want
  9. After Tyrus posted his turkey breast I had to go get one
  10. Yep, there's a limit on your mailbox size. Need to periodically check it and clean out old stuff.
  11. This must be a case of, the lights on but nobodys home. You know I still think there are some bugs still flying around from the computer clean up. When I clicked on to answer you back here, my entry from Thursday popped up. Update. That's what it was, the bulb burned out or my box was full of mail anyhow it's all sorted out, I think.
  12. @Tyrus I tried sending you a message but it says you can’t receive messages?
  13. The tiles look intact but the close up reveals a lot of grout loss, you could order some grout and apply it by hand in those areas, I'm sure the grout Dennis has will work. You'll definitely need something to prevent water from getting underneath, but overall as it appears with it's age in mind it looks to have a significant amount of life remaining. Keep your temps below 350 and you should be ok anything higher and your pushing the limits. Hey, it's ony my opinion and you know what people say about them, everybodys got one. Great pic Toney, I had to take a back seat on this and let you blaze the trail, it wouldn't be fair to cut the line.
  14. Yes, Indeed! Things appear to be fixed!
  15. As @C6Bill said - if you can get it up and running, you can still make great food on it and learn the basics of controlling airflow and temperature that will translate very well to any other similarly-designed grill (KK, Kamado Joe, BGE, etc.) We're more than happy to welcome you to our family here and offer any cooking advice that you may seek.
  16. I'm not seeing the same forum issue as last week, maybe the fix is in
  17. It doesn't mean you wont be able to cook some good food on it. You wouldn't be able to use Komodo Kamado accessories as it's not a Komodo Kamado. I hope you didn't spend too much on it. But welcome to the forum, you can get some good help here on cooking techniques.
  18. @Darty411 - Robert (aka - 5698k) is correct. You have what several of us call, and tyrus was hinting at - the POSK (Piece of Sh!t Kamado). I owned a K7 until it disintegrated, as most of them, especially the ones made in Mexico, were prone to do. Here I am right with mine when it was still fairly new and in good shape. When I bought my K7, Dennis hadn't started up this business yet (he actually took over RJ's old facility in Indonesia and upgraded the produce significantly - Dennis's KK's don't shed tiles like a long-haired cat does fur!) Any doubts, there's a whole website that was devoted to folks posting all the issues they had with RJ's company and grills. Kamado Fraud :: Index (kamadofraudforum.org) First off, do NOT do any business with RJ's company (Yes, he's still around - last I knew), unless you just want to throw your money away. Per many of the stories in that website, he's very good at taking your money and not delivering products. You'll have to sources any parts that you need from previous owners, probably via eBay or Craig's List. As Dennis doesn't make parts anymore for the old POSKs. Good Luck!
  19. Both Pickapeppa and Tiger were some of my early intros into hot sauces - way back in the 80s. I haven't bought them in many years. But they are both tasty sauces - not crazy hot.
  20. I hate to say it, but that’s not a Komodo Kamado. It’s a Richard Johnson K5 I believe, maybe a K7. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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