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  3. beautiful pictures looks like a gorgeous night indeed good luck on the cook looking forward to more pics
  4. Well, it’s already been about 10 weeks since I’ve taken delivery of my 32”KK and doing my first Pork Shoulder! Based on some learning curves and advise from various forums and cook books I’ve arrived at the following set up and recipe. Ive got a shoulder that is about 7lbs. I dry brined it for about 12 hours with 3tsp of Kosher Salt. After this I rubbed it with yellow mustard and applied Dizzy Pig Dizzy dust. I put it on the KK at about 11PM tonight. Using about 3/4 basket of Fogo Super Premium. Set up CyberQ with a target temp of 240F. Bottom dampers closed and Pit Boss fan damper is 50% open. Top KK vent is just off the gasket. Set up KK cold smoker with a wood pellet mix of about 50/50 Hickory and apple. The photo below is the KK at the start of the cook and decided to include a picture of the moon over the lake....a beautiful evening here! Getting ready for bed now and going to trust that my set up is going to cook flawlessly.....I hope!!! I’ll include pictures tomorrow of the cook! Best, Paul
  5. Hey Basher, thanks for the warm welcome and wishes! I’m stressing out because half of the week I’m not able to be on site but for Thursdays in the afternoons till Monday mornings. I still have a J.O.B. to contend with down in the desert (150 miles south) in Scottsdale, AZ. I think once it’s all done all the stress will disappear and likely say: that wasn’t so bad and what a great outdoor living space we now have! Here is a picture from 2 weekends ago-the first one is my loyal companion Moka-she is 11 year old chocolate LAB and loves being in the high country with her daddy-me.... The second picture of a small female deer. Where is a bow when u need one? Lol keep us posted with your progress as well. Chat with us Soon!
  6. Welcome Steve. I'm going through the same at the moment, however, I have a lot less room and a lot less access than you. I wish I could get a bobcat into my back yard. After 1 hour of digging shale my hands are ripped up- been pushing pens for too long. We have been thinking about selling up and moving after 20 years, however, we are close to schools, work, community and decided last night that we will do a complete renovation, starting with the back yard. Keep the photos coming and I'll share mine on "The Clock is Ticking".
  7. Welcome Steve. Great pics of the unloading, and what a location! Can't wait to see more pics of the uncrating and the burn in and first cook.
  8. I can almost taste those beef ribs from here Mack, very nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Found some boneless beef short ribs in the freezer this morning. Here we go- Equal amounts of chili, garlic powder and fresh ground black pepper. Meat is done. Snack time.
  10. Yesterday
  11. tony b, yeah I haven’t even begun to page through the forum for altitude use. I may throw out there that we have Dennis come to AZ to tame Zeus. Lol. Stay tuned for updates! And thank u!!
  12. Try this, Alphonse. As CK said you can just use pliers and pull off the c clips to separate the 3 pieces.
  13. Welcome to the Obsession! Like everyone else, looking forward to the uncrating pics and seeing it in its brand new home! I'll be curious as well to see how the altitude affects things. You might be flying solo on this one, as I don't think anyone else on the Forum lives up in the clouds!
  14. Congrats cant wait to see more pics. you for sure have some projects going on
  15. MacKenzie - thanks for posting! My Konro is on order and I am hoping to get it sometime next month. Can you or @ckreef tell me more about the grates?
  16. Thanks, Tyrus, I'm messed up a few cooks in my time. I try to keep it at a minimum. I do love clean grates.
  17. Purdy as picture, Mac......as usual. Have u ever have a cook gone awry? I see something unusual, those grates are way too clean.
  18. Alimac, you are cooking up a pizza storm and I know just how delicious that steak tasted to. Love it.
  19. Thank goodness you found them because they are perfect for this size of grill.
  20. Awesome looking Konro cook. I love that little grate. I use it all the time fore various different cooks.
  21. Fogo Quebracho final results have been posted. A good long burn at 30:46 and very stable all the way to the end. I have 3 more lumps I want to try, Komodo Kamado CoffeeChar, Jealous Devil and Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus. Currently only have one of the three sitting at the house so I'll probably take a break next weekend to give me time to get the other two lumps.
  22. That's passive smoking. How does she talk through all that smoke?
  23. Absolutely stunning cook and pictures as always Mack! I had a double cook yesterday on the 32, steak for lunch and then pizza for dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Here we go, rain stopped and it turned out to be a super nice evening so why not light up the Konro and tend some food.
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