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  2. Filets and ribeyes. The crust on the filet was the best yet.
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  4. I'm glad your friend gave you a few seconds to grab a plated shot so the rest of us can drool.
  5. Yes I will do Tony - I had some email exchange with him a couple of weeks ago - I think he is expecting to hear from me !
  6. Reach out to Dennis - he's super nice and easy to work with. He'll answer all your questions without any pressure or upselling.
  7. I like a chuck roast, as it's a lot less meat to deal with than a full brisket. Well, corn season is winding down here, but I did manage to score some local stuff this week. Porkchops and snags with local corn. No plated pics as I had a dinner guest who was hungry! Another friend was over for dinner last night. Ribs and corn this time. Indirect, smoker pot of hickory & apple, 250F. Country style ribs got a slather of mustard based sauce at the end. This friend wasn't as ravenous, so I got to snap a plated pic. Side of homemade potato salad and air fryer hu
  8. Thank you for the welcome. The sofa search is progressing well. (Tekobo : Duresta ) I mentioned to Mrs RD that I had cancelled the order for the Buffalo Komodo grill and received a refund- she replied 'Good the others (meaning KK) are much nicer.' So, green light in the nicest way. Busy next few days -nice things- but will be choosing a KK soon - something I want to savour. I think I know which way I'm (we) are heading but will have a few questions, eg 23" v 32". Thank you Very Happy ! Best RD
  9. Chuck roast Sat! My wife seasoned it so I don’t know all that was in it but turned out great. Bout a 6 hour cook, 275 entire time. I’m trying to build my brisket game but my son says this is better 😔 It was good! 😂 Anyway, hope you guys having a great weekend! These forum pics always make me hungry.
  10. That is just what I need a slice of delicious pizza.
  11. Troble

    Whole Hog

    Not sure depends on size of hog. I have to talk to my butcher bud I’m thinking something 50lbs or less.
  12. Last week
  13. Basher

    Whole Hog

    Go for it Troble. my only tip for you is plenty of salt, and fill your charcoal basket. I’m pretty sure you will already be across this. how long do you think it will take?
  14. Troble

    Whole Hog

    I’m thinking of attempting this on my 32 KK I saw an old thread from 2019 on the topic but wondering if anyone had tried it in the last year or has any tips. I want to give this a go before the year is out but not super confident on prep/cuts etc any advice is appreciated
  15. I’m excited for you hop. i think the ramp will work. If you can, get hold of four bricks to sit the pellet on so the ramp is not so steep. two strong lads should be able to wheel it off. good luck and post some pics so we can share your excitement
  16. Hey there @Wilsonj. Your post made me laugh. "I'll just have to settle for a KK". Ha. That is one way to get an expensive purchase past your family. And then you casually slip in the fact that you have upgraded to a 32. Awesome. Way to go. It is going to be SUCH fun when you finally get your hands on it.
  17. Just make up a name for a new cut and say you paid $1500 for it. People will be impressed. Kobe Squiglet sounds good.
  18. Yes, very ugly, yet effective. im expecting a call from Dennis asking me to remove it. He doesn’t need these images circulating, could be bad for business! 😂 I’ll source a better cut soon to make up for it
  19. @Basher that pic of the brisket on the grill....props to you for sticking with it and posting it no matter what. They don’t always look pretty do they?
  20. Welcome, David, I hope the trip to the courtyard goes well, have lots of hands to help and take your time. Please remember we all want to see pixs and pixs of the unveiling.
  21. Basher, that has got to be the ugliest brisket I've seen, you did a great rescue on it. Hats off to you, Basher. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
  22. The bark looks good, an odd shape but, it's all about taste. Good idea about the dog, maybe later you can slide him a taste too
  23. The ramp that comes off the crate is approx 4 1/4 inches and that would be including the plywood. Eliminate any possibility of having 500 lbs going in another direction. As stated, build a ramp so that you can easily roll it off that 8 in height. A 4 ft length as Tucker mentioned is a good length. When you see just how massive a 23 is, you'll take all the precautions. And it wouldn't hurt to have a friend or two
  24. We are going on holidays tomorrow to the Gold Coast with some friends. i have to work today and wanted to take a cooked brisket with me- a poorly selected brisket, once opened I realised more than half was solid fat. the plan was to cook overnight, however, once trimmed there was only 1kg remaining. I didn’t really want to be up half the night with this poor excuse for food. It was sooo thin...... so close to pulling out and feeding it to the dog...... like we used to with brisket in this country. found some chorizo sausage in the fridge, and some string in the drawer. put it
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