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  2. That would be great for my breakfast if I could just reach out and grab it.
  3. Stombolli needed a fix with some garlic bread. The last of the Dinosaur sauce ..added the goodies.... On they go.. Looking good. . Ready to go. . And plated. Yum. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
  4. I used cooked sauce like you suggested. Big difference. Thanks for the tips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Okay...attempt number two with The pan with no holes. It went really smooth. I had to cover the pizza with foil at twenty minute mark as my grill went up towards 500. Other than that no issues. Came right out of pan and outside had a nice crunch to it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yesterday
  7. I would do exactly as Tony suggested, call Dennis. There will only be honest help and NO pressure to do one thing or another.
  8. @Jon B. - next visit to Cedar Rapids, go to Tomaso's pizza - they make a wicked good Detroit style pizza. http://www.tomasos4me.com/
  9. The simplest answer - Call Dennis. He's great to work with, will listen to what you are looking for, will ask all the right questions, there's no pressure to buy or try to upsell you. But, from what you've told us, it sounds like the 22" TT is what you're looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the info to do a direct comparison (see advice to call Dennis), but your Large BGE has a cooking area of 262 sq in. The 23" main grate (roughly the same size as the 22" TT's) has a cooking area of 375 sq in. = 43% bigger!
  10. @alimac23 Now thats one good looking Bird! One more reason why I just ordered the Rotisserie
  11. Easy to see why you enjoy this so much, looks delicious, Alimac.:)
  12. Thanks guys! Using the basket makes it nice and easy to spatchcock the bird first and then also baste and sauce it at the end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @alimac23 - nice! Not sure why I haven't spun roadkill in a basket before, but I'm thinking I need to!
  14. Piri piri chicken tonight from the food safari fire book, I haven’t done made this in a long time but I really enjoy it when I do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Good News @ckreef.............don't have to buy any of your pans for pizza...............my gas station now serves Detroit style pizza PS - I was born and raised in Detroit and never have had this style pizza....In fact never heard of it until it was discussed on this forum
  16. I have a 23, which is roughly the same size as the 22. My guess is you’d find the 22 will do the job, but if you can describe the cooks you’d like to do I can tell you a bit more. How many steaks? How many whole chickens?
  17. Last week
  18. Hi All, I have been admiring the KK grills for a while now and I still am no where near having the funds to purchase one but wanted to see what people's thoughts were on this size of grill? Here on the central coast of CA we also have Santa Maria style BBQ that I simply can't replicate in my BGE so I also have that style as well and in the future I am looking to do a built in Santa Maria grill and wanted a Table Top like this to sit next to it but not sure how this size is working for others. When I cook on my BGE I am usually doing some whole chickens or pulled pork for big get-togethers... Cooking for just the family I will cook some steaks on the BGE sometimes but I usually find the cooking surface of my large BGE to be a little constricting for more than 3 steaks so I usually do those on the Santa Maria as well but I prefer small cooks on the BGE due to faster start times(coal vs. wood) and the overall convenience of the grill. Therefore, I was hoping the KK 22 TT would be the perfect fit but wonder if it is still a little small for grilling for a family.
  19. Trust me, I'm not giving up beer! I will just back off the NEIPAs and see if that makes a difference. There's still plenty of other beer styles to be enjoyed.
  20. Sounds a bit drastic, can't you just buy more imodium?
  21. Just so long as you don't have to cut them out altogether.
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