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  2. Lazy by marinade and any special prep except for roto on the grill was the exception. I'm no expert at cooking duck and to tell the truth it has to be ten or so years since the last so, I looked up the recommended temp for allowable cooking and found it anywhere between 135-170 degrees F. This was for good reason, the general rule or belief is that duck doesn't carry the bacteria a chicken would so it's regarded safer at lower temps and it's placed in the beef and lamb catergory. Anyhow, a few pics of what I used, how it progressed and plated. The duck at market was frozen on sale for $1.99, 6-7lb range.. I bought 3. 20 hour soak, not overpowering but extremely tender and juicy. Good and cooked to 160-5 thereabouts. That was cole slaw on the plate, temp outside for us indomitable KK users through sleet and snow and I know...to many pics. And 310 degrees to temp for the ducky
  3. As previously said, welcome to the obsession. Stay engaged on the forum. It’s a very helpful group of great people. Post photos of every cook!
  4. The beef was from Arrowhead Beef Company, Chipley Florida.
  5. The family took a trip to the panhandle of Florida this weekend. I found some good looking local raised beef at the Seaside Florida farmers market. The Wagyu ribeyes looked great and I took a few home. Cooked them up tonight with some cabbage and sweet potatoes. Simple setting with small plates. Steaks were well marbled and amazing. I cooked them direct sear after a dry brine for 12 hours with just a little pepper and garlic. I picked up one of their fresh chickens too. I will cook it up latter this week.
  6. Do protect your investment with a cover unless other accommodations are in line for it's well being. You'll find maintenance work not a common occurrence for repair but, for general cleaning and such that would be by choice. Additional items you'll gather as you go along such as for large parties possibly a rib rack to stand your meats on end. The list is long so buy what you need and when you need it, they all will be used.
  7. And get the half grill grate. Congrats on the decision to buy. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience.
  8. Congrats, and welcome. I received my 32” in Spring this last year and a 21” in the fall. I agree with what Pequod said but for me the Cold smoker became more necessary than optional. One thing about the KK’s is they are so efficient that there is very low air flow and I struggled smoking meats without the cold smoker option. Regarding side tables you definitely want these unless you are setting your KK in some outdoor kitchen with counter space. For my 32” I went with the standard wood side tables and for my 21” I went with the wood / stainless combo side tables and I must say if I was doing it all over again I would have the wood / stainless for both my KK’s. I like the clean up aspect of the stainless much better. Regarding the basket splitter, I would say this is a must for the 32” and I did get this for the 21” as well but for the 21” the basket is so much smaller that I have yet to use it. Send pics of the delivery, we love to see these. Cheers, Paul
  9. Pizza night yum yum looks good save me a slice.
  10. Congrats! If coco or coffee char are available, grab as much as you can. Get a cover Get a baking stone Basket divider Rotisserie basket or spit rod. I like the latter. Others prefer the former cold smoker is nice to have, but optional Side tables
  11. Yesterday
  12. Just emailed Dennis to draw up an invoice for me. Going with the 32” Metallic Bronze big boy. This will be my first KK and welcome any and all advice. What accessories do you recommend? Charcoal? Do you keep it covered. How does maintenance compare to an egg? Many thanks in advance.
  13. KK pizza again at the weekend. It never fails to impress how good pizzas are from the KK! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. using the steam method, regardless of "age" the eggs give up the shells easily and w/o loss of the egg white.
  15. Where many of us live, it's either that, or go without grilled/smoked foods for months at a time! 😢
  16. Used the trick of cooking older eggs so that they peeled easily.
  17. Last week
  18. I was thinking the same Bruce. I can't imagine stepping outside in the snow to initiate a long slow cook..That's dedication.
  19. Y'all got me going on the egg thing, so I did these in the InstaPot for 8 minutes, quick release and into an ice bath.
  20. Have to agree with you Einstien. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
  21. Yum yum is right Aussie looks delicious. Potato bake looks especially good!
  22. Solo Stove sent me a survey, so I took the opportunity to ask about the fire grate in the bigger Yukon fire pit. Appreciate their honest answer but it doesn't appear they are planning to make any changes to the fire grate. I would not have purchased it...............................if I knew about the different shape of the fire grate in the Yukon compared to the Bonfire. When I get back to Michigan in a few weeks, I'll take a picture. Jon Besemer Jan 17, 1:32 PM CST My question is…..have you changed the fire grate in the Yukon also? The grate in my Yukon has a major “bow” in it and that is my only complaint with that product. The “bow” takes up way too much firewood space. I have advised friends and forum members not to purchase the Yukon until the fire grate is changed to eliminate the space robbing “bow”. I own two of your products and want to be accurate and fair to your Yukon product line with my advice. If no changes have been made, are there any future plans to make a change?? Thanks. Jon Besemer Sarah (Solo Stove) Jan 17, 1:37 PM CST Hi Jon - Thank you for contacting Solo Stove. The Yukon bottom grate has not been redesigned since it was released. Because of the extreme heat the Yukon emits, the base pan gets so hot that, when flat, it caves in and distorts the airflow, eliminating the near smokeless effect. We domed out the pan to strengthen it but then added the ribs to give the wood something to grab onto so it was still possible to organize the logs in the center. At this time, our team does not have plans to redesign, but I'll definitely forward this feedback over to them for their consideration. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, Sarah N
  23. I just noticed the new grill has two probe plugs. Way to go, Dennis!
  24. Smashed out a marinated Tri Tip. gave it a local blend..... Potato bake yum..juicy as Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  25. I love the stuff it's pretty versatile, plays well with other rubs .and sprinkling a bit into the palm off your hand and having a lick is Awesome Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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