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  2. Thanks tekobo. I like your idea of a 32 and another type of cooker. Had not really considered that. Right tool for the right job kinda thing. I like it. I'll take your advice and take my time. I also have to fix my tractor so I can even move the thing into position, so have some time.
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  4. Welcome @Davidm. I suspect that, if you have a 42 itch, you should scratch it. That said, I grill in large quantities and have never found my 32 to be too small but that is because I am of the school that thinks you need at least two outdoor cookers so that you can work at different temps and/or use different techniques. My minimum set up would be a 32 and a 23 or a 32 and a good wood fired oven. Enjoy and take your time making your choice, it is one of the most fun parts of the KK journey.
  5. Thanks MacKenzie. I think the 32 would suit me pretty well, just don't want to ever say "wish I would have got that 42". Saving $3k+ by getting the 32 would probably alleviate some of that though. Thanks again for the comment.
  6. I'm a former Primo user and loved the shape too. The KK is similar in shape so I don't think you will miss that and you certainly won't miss not having to replace the firebox. The other great news is that whatever you cook on the KK will taste even better, no kidding. I don't have a 32 let alone the 42 but if my ship were to come in I'd go for the 32 but that all depends upon the amount of food that you will be doing at a time. Whatever you decide I'm sure you are going to love cooking on the KK, it has been a wonderful experience for me. 👍👍
  7. Hello All. Been lurking around the forum for a year or so, but since I finally talked my wife into letting me get a KK I thought would join. I do have a delima though. 32" or 42"? Money IS a factor, but I intend for this to be the last ceramic style cooker I ever need to by so I'm willing to bite the bullet for the 42 if it's worth it. I've been cooking on a PrimoXL for about 10 years now. No need to sell me on Kamodo tyle cooking. I love it! I live in south Louisiana with high humidity (and more mosquitos than people), and all the metal parts on the Primo are falling apart. I can fix it, but I want a KK so am not going to. I love the shape of the Primo but always wanted something a bit bigger and higher quality. I'm also tired of replacing the firebox. On my third now. Probably 85% of my use would be grilling, the rest smoking. I use 2-zone cooking almost every time unless I'm smoking something large like a brisket. Cooler side for the meat, hotter side for our "snacks". So my question is; Do those of you that have the 32 ever wish you would have gone bigger? Probably not for smoking, but for more grilling area? Reverse question for the 42 owners. You ever thought that 42" monster is too big? Thanks, Dave
  8. Wow, what a trip @remi! That seafood on the grill looks particularly tasty.
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  10. One of the locals were telling me that the government is planning to put wires underground in some of the central parts of Bangkok, but that people have complained as it is an iconic feature of Bangkok, as seen in @David Chang and my photos...
  11. It's not called a "rats nest" for nothing! 😆
  12. WOW. Does anyone have any idea where which wire connects to what?
  13. Chicken and ribs are always impressive cooks.
  14. My daughter goes to U of and I’ll be coming for her birthday on March 29th. I’d be happy to bring you several boxes for free. I have more than I’ll ever use. Dennis suggested to load up so I did. Sorry for late reply well over a year ago. The outdoor kitchen is getting closer and the 32 Big Bad KK is still awaiting a crane to move to the backyard. I ordered two cabinets from Dennis KK Teakworks. They are beautiful. I am awaiting countertops to be installed as well as a LeGriddle flat top and sink. The other cabinet will be a bar. The quality and price of these units are the equivalent to his Smokers. The drawers are high quality and lined with stainless steel.
  15. Welcome! They are quite impressive to cook with and beautiful as well!
  16. @remi nice. i'm probably going back next week to go to learn thai massage 😄
  17. Unsurprisingly, I ate very well and had a great time in general. Remi IMG_8065.MOV
  18. Took advantage of better temps today and did some chicken drumsticks. Plated with pickled onion, potatoes and carrots. Interior.
  19. When using a temp controller for low & slow, my practice is to gradually limit the fan speed (or time on) percentage as the temperature gets to about 150°F, and I know the fire is going. Once the fire gets to my target temp (say 225°F), I'll have it down to 5%. This keeps the controller from getting too much fuel burning, which seems to contribute to spikes early on. I also leave the grates out until the temperature hits the target, then put them in for the heat soak time.
  20. Welcome!! I hope you love your 32 as much as I love mine. There is a lot of knowledge and help available on this forum. Ask anytime.
  21. this is exactly what i ordered. i just need to wait for it to arrive..
  22. Salmon takes up smoke so easily, I'm not surprised that yours came out well with only a couple of hours of smoke. It's all in the prep to build up the pellicle for the smoke to attach to.
  23. I have used the Duro/Loctite Extend product with good success.
  24. cold smoked salmon. i still can't figure out how to get the wood chips to burn for more than 1.5 hours without my intervention. maybe i need a more powerful air pump... but the smoke is intense enough that i just left it over night and it was pretty good flavour.
  25. Your damer top setting was too far open.. Remember, charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow. If it's too hard, there's too much air; if it goes out, you are choking it off. And you were not taking into account you get a false reading when you first light the grill because the body is sucking up so many BTUs.. When it finally gets to heat.. it rushes to 300 because that was your airflow setting. I suggest you try opening the damper top, hauling it back until it touches the gasket, and then move it just about an inch. That will get you about 235º
  26. I was told that BBQ Guru was not always willing to sell only their fans (???) If you run across that, there are these, but I also do like the damper on the Guru fans. You could always choke the airflow on the Humphreys with something too.. Humphreys Fan for Fireboard Regular price$ 69.00 USD Humphreys Link/URL
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  28. @Tucker for the rust neutralizer, i bought a loctite alternative. had to order this, the primer and rustoleum paint shipped from the US because amazon can't ship haz mat stuff. the DIY hardware scene in HK is appalling. there are no home depots or lowes here and everything i get in a mom and pop shop is hot garbage from china.
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