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  2. Hi guys, Today a new toy arrived, one of the category "useful". More or less by coincidence on Amazon I stumbled across the Kärcher AD 4 Premium Ash and Dry Vacuum Cleaner... Specifically designed for vacuuming grills and fireplaces. As I tried several (smaller) vaccum cleaner before.. And practically all did a bad job when it came down to vacuuming ash.... I thought this sounds too good to be true. What shall I say. Awesome! I never removed the ash so easy out of my 32" BB before. The entire ash space of the BB was filled up with ash.. Took about 30 seconds to get it completely vacuumed. No ash escaping the filters, flying through the air.. no spilled ash on the ground... And the vacuum cleaner is only filled up 50% (less even). In Germany, it is 113 EUR. Very fair from my point of view. That was such a good surprise I had to share with you 🙂 Now the BB is ready to cook some Iberico Ribs tomorrow! Cheers! Marc
  3. Last week
  4. Last night was a new experiment - a mash-up of Japanese & Nigerian. Mixed Yakiniku with Suya Pepper rub to marinate beef skewers. I liked how it came out. Will file this one away for future reference. The corn is not local. Won't see the "good stuff" for at least another month or so. This corn was OK.
  5. It's unfortunate that your Meater Block doesn't work. I just did a 10 hour cook with mine. I've done it in the KK and or my 3/8" thick with no connection issues.
  6. Last evening I decided to do individual meatloaves, wild rice and freshly picked spinach for dinner. Got the KK fired up- Meatloaf on the KK. Done, I know the pix is not the best but... Plated. The wild rice was very fine, about the size of the lead in a pencil. It's amazing what it turns into.
  7. I got a meater block a couple years ago for Christmas. I no longer use it. After the 10th time or so one probe doesn't work anymore and the others disconnect too often and makes the app go crazy. While it still works, it is just too annoying. I think with a very thick ceramic grill, wired probes are the only way to go. YMMV. I still just use my Thermoworks Smoke X2 with the billows. Works great, has never failed me.
  8. Today I have 4 pork butts cooking in my KK42, and yes I'm using the upper grate. It isn't just the bark. I get better smoke on the upper grate with low and slow. And with spatchcock chickens I get crispier skin on the upper grate (dome really radiates the heat and the closer the food is, the better, in my experience. But I will say coming from the BGE it doesn't matter which grate main or upper, the results are better. I can get close with the egg but the KK is the best. Sorry for the slow response - haven't been on here in a few months. Cheers!
  9. I voted multiple times with the same device. just open the link in an incognito window. They might be deduplicating the votes afterwards though depending on how they are tracking it So - multiple devices is probably the right way to go about it.
  10. i guess i've voted too often, it wont let me vote anymore 🫣
  11. so now its working, and you can vote on multiple devices/browsers in the same day.
  12. 100% freshly milled spelt desem. About 80% hydration and 10% desem starter. Pullman loaf.
  13. It's my lady friends favorite thing i cook so when she asks for it i don't care what time of the night or day she wants it, it will get cooked for her
  14. I just checked again and was able to vote, but who knows how long it will be usable again lol
  15. Wow, duck for breakfast! I've never seen that before (or even thought about it!) Nicely done!
  16. Something is wrong with the page.. It has not loaded properly since Saturday. I wrote them, but don't expect them to correct this until Monday.
  17. Ever since Dennis came out with the rotisserie spit (which I got one of the early releases almost 9yrs ago), I never used the baskets again since you can setup almost anything on the Spit forks plus much easier to work with and clean afterwards..
  18. And today I cooked duck, and not my arm lol I needed the duck ready to cook at 6 AM so i used the Fireboard to keep a nice steady 200 degrees until 5 AM when my alarm went off. Then I set it to 300 to fan the flames and went down to set my vents. 6:02 AM the duck was on at 370 degrees and 28 minutes later it was done. I could have moved it down to a lower rack at the end to render out a bit more of the fat cap but we were more than happy with the results, a few thin slices went in wraps with bacon eggs and cheese. It made for a nice breakfast, the rest will be for dinner.
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  20. i voted yesterday, and today i cannot. the list of candidates are gone..
  21. Does one need to sign up for an account in order to cast a vote?
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