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  2. Hang in there Basher. Brings back fresh memories of going through this summer before last. I had to balance walking across joists to get to the kk and we call it the year of the lost summer. This will be done soon, beautiful, and you will be enjoying it and not even remembering this part.
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  4. Well, thanks very much for the invitation, not sure about the imparting of info but the though of stuffing my face with you food sounds pretty awesome. Next "Group" party is at Troble's
  5. What a gorgeous loaf of rye bread. Thanks also for posting the recipe. "and you've got an all-nature sub-flooring construction adhesive." Doesn't that just sound like fun.
  6. Looking good nice spin Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  7. Limestone cladding starts Tuesday. This living with everything piled onto my deck and a narrow pathway to the KK is wearing thin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Lamb shoulder rotisserie this Sunday evening. And here it is on the turn while I carefully watch my beer. This was good... sorry no plated photos, gobbled up too quick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Tony lucky I'm here to enlighten you .adding sauce to the butt after a few hours actually helps achieve a fantastic .bark which is tasty . You can still add sauce after shredding .this way you get the best of both worlds Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  10. Turned out great.... Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  11. This is the fastest I've ever homed in on a bread recipe. I borrowed principles and my spreadsheet from before, to adapt a Suas recipe. Then figured out various additions again consulting Suas, e.g. 3% for vital wheat gluten. So far, very different from our other breads, and we don't know what we'd change. Before this, my starter had always been 100% hydration. It is said that "stiffer" levains need less care. The hydration affects the balance of acids. But the thing about 100% is this: You can slip up measuring either the flour or water first, and the math is simple for what to add of the other. Sometimes the starter needs attention and one is too impaired to give it the attention it deserves. The Suas recipe I started from used a stiff levain, 50% hydration. Mixing it in with hydrated dough is just as messy and awkward as 100% starter, only the other way. Ideally there is no impedance mismatch: One's levain has a similar consistency to one's autolyse. So I decided that moving forward my starter would be 100% rye, 75% hydration. Levain, what levain? My starter is my levain. This is easier. One probably wants to use a stand mixer to knead a dough like this. Any sourdough rye dough is rather sticky. Add vital wheat gluten, molasses, and cocoa, and you've got an all-nature sub-flooring construction adhesive.
  12. Those sausages look very yummy. Nice cook Troble
  13. You have an open invitation to come to San Diego and soak up some sun after this is over and impart you’re knowledge into my brain
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  15. Basher, I love the look of all those. Just need to see how they hold up in the long term.
  16. All I can say, Troble, is where's mine?
  17. I’ve been refreshing too much lately with the extra time at home. These 3 oils had minimal difference. The danish oil ended a fraction lighter. This was after 3 coats applied with steel wool. I’ll try some different application techniques. Interesting product. As the oiled absorbed the surface had a very smooth waxy feel. Water beaded and I’ve read this wax can take 28 days to set properly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Now all you need are hands on that clock, two pieces of chives should do it.
  19. Pics of the waxed grill, pics of the virgin cook, pics, pics, and more pics!!!
  20. Well, the rains finally came and the cooking out streak ended. 😪 But, all was not lost, Indian spiced fried shrimp, with homemade pesto & cream sauce on angel hair! While not grilled, it didn't suck!
  21. Indeed. Sliced up and fried like bacon, with sous vide eggs on thick toast. btw - was watching Cooks Country last night and used their SV technique on the eggs = 167F for 12 mins, then 1 min in an ice water bath.
  22. Dennis will let us know here on the Forum when it's at the warehouse and ready to order.
  23. You had me up to the sauce. I don't think that I've ever sauced a butt on the grill. Tossed it in NC vinegar sauce once I've pulled it - yeah, only way for this Southern boy to roll!
  24. Very nice setup looking forward to pics of your first cook have fun and stay safe.
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