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  2. Have every intention of getting a 32” KK next year. Am guessing I’ll go for all the things drip pan, rotisserie (cradle and spit) clean smoke, basket reducer, pizza stone,teak grabbers and the steel topped side tables. Is there anything else I should be adding to the shopping list? The plan would be to ask Dennis to fill the second crate with char and wood too I have an ooni pizza oven already, will the KK be any better for neopolitan style pizza (approx 450C cooking temps etc)? Which spec rotisserie motor should I aim for, and will it work on UK voltage? I have experience of an old bbq guru on my WSM and the GMG pellet burner’s built in control, which fan/temp controller do people tend to use for their KK? How long are lead times for production, and any ideas of approx time/cost to ship to the UK?
  3. 2 pieces of Salmon done two different ways, one a little spicy, the other with a sweeter side. 1/2 lb of scallops baked/sauted over the coals with some garden dried herbs, garlic and butter. Curiously the scallops were $28/lb not far from port, is this comparable to your area? Just thought it was high for market price, a good treat though.
  4. Great to see you back @Basher! put up the Christmas tree and decorations yesterday and shaved off a chicken schwarma meat stick during the afternoon Mediterranean salad with garbanzo beans, bell peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta basil & herb pearled cous cous homemade tadziki toasted pita
  5. Hey Basher those drummies look amazing 😍😍,looks like no heat diffuser What was your dome temp? 

  6. Last week
  7. With these ribs I prepped them first by laying them in a sheet of Aluminum foil and dousing them with enough Japanese BBQ sauce for absorbtion. Wrapped up and placed in frig for 2-3 hours. They come out a nice soft brown in color, then a rub called Saucehound sweet/salty and well balanced. It's a rub you can use on beef, pork, chicken or fish....find it on Amazon however they only have it in the small shaker, I generally order the 5lb bag and divy out shares. At the 3hr point I wrapped in a combined sauce of Go-Chu-Jang, Sweet Mirin and a sweet Ginger Sauce for a little heat. I removed the ribs after 30 to 40 mins and placed back on the grill for some more sauce to set. Beautiful colored ribs and the taste was there too. Layers of flavor
  8. A modern look Basher, unique inset counter and cabinets and cut out look/function to the counter...top show. Were these your ideas? Nice
  9. Thank you peeps. We are limping back into home with much Reno work yet to be completed. The dry aging fridge is our every day fridge until the cold room is built back in on Monday, the outside is incomplete, the rooftop garden is yet to be waterproofed and landscaped, we are moving boxes and trying to clean up our other house. All in all thing are pretty ugly around here just glad to get a cook up on the KK….. and the Parilla. Here is part of the kitchen. I’ll post some more tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Forgot to mention a great French Chef technique …….. after pulling your bird from the refrigerator, put ice packs on the breast meat while the rest of the bird comes to room temp. This will ensure your dark meat finishes in the 185 - 190 range as the breast hits the 170s while maintaining a consistent skin doneness all around. . The dark meat connective tissue at renders at about 180. Anything below that temp the dark meat could be a bit tough.
  11. Nice to see you back at home, Basher and that is a tasty looking cook. 👍👍
  12. Welcome back @johnnymnemonic. I am not a turkey girl but I did spin a 20+lb suckling pig on my 32. Hard to imagine that your gear for a 42 won't be up to a 30lb turkey. Whatever method you choose, it will be good to hear about the results.
  13. That is some set up @C6Bill! I am going to regret showing this to my husband I think... Looking forward to seeing your steer in pride of place when the weather is better @Tyrus
  14. Woo hoo! You can't tease us with a pic of drumsticks. Where are the pix of the reno? Where did your dry ager end up? More deeeeeets!
  15. Finally back home…. Limping into Xmas. Easing back in for an uncomplicated cook for the kids end of school year with a few of their mates. It’s been a long time between cooks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Welcome, a unique Australian flavor sounds good. Tasmanian pepper was the last secret, another would be nice. 5 months will soon pass
  17. I did one few years back John when the price of fruit didn't exceed the price of the turkey, however it is a 24 hr brine with the recommended salt and brown sugar or a bit less sugar since it requires some orange juice. Your std brine generally requires 1 cup salt/gal of water with a half cup brown sugar. The additional amounts are a half gal of orange juice, 6 squeezed oranges all bodies added, 6 limes repeated and 6 lemons all in a 5 gallon bucket covered in ice and placed in the garage. Any additional ingredients like cloves or dry herbs are by choice and a personal decision. You could use a cooler if in a warmer climate, the idea is to keep the bird 40 degrees or as long as the ice doesn't fully melt. As some of the salt migrates into the meat it also draws in citrus flavor, what your left with is a hint of citrus noticable in the meat. Nothing overpowering, but as I remember I had stuffed the carcass with either new citrus or the brined ones. When it comes to brines John your only limited to your imagination, as long as the parameters work with regards to how your ingredients work well together. I would still use a solid deflector if spatchcocked, maybe start lower on temp and draw up to finish, it's all a bit of science and nobody to copilot. Enjoy the ride I wish you luck and umm KK787.........nice bird, great idea.
  18. Welcome to the Obsession! Can't wait to see the BB32 in its new home!
  19. I typically spatchcock then dry brine for 24 hours. Everyone is always happy with the results.
  20. @tony b I have the regular rod fork combo, not the basket. My rotisserie rod for the SBB 42" is 1/2". . @Tyrus I have the onegrill heavy duty which is supposed to go up to 75 lbs. I think it would work but I like the suggestion about spatchcocking the bird insetead. Since my big 30 pound bird is frozen it has already been injected. I have heard mixed reviews on trying to brine one that has been previously injected. I was thinking about dry brining. But I am wide open to suggestions. What is this citrus brine you speak of, Tyrus?
  21. Those are Legacy Signature SE's. Small company out of Illinois 👍
  22. @Milton and @Dirtman62801 Welcome to you both, looking forward to more posts. You are going to love your KK's
  23. That’s fascinating! I’ll have to pass that tip on to my mother, who recently got a Thermomix and is getting her bearings with it. Thanks for the info!
  24. Hi Dirtman, thanks for the Aussie link. My profile pic was taken last week duing a short break 'down south', its the bay in Busselton looking across to the 3-mile jetty, just south of Bunbury. I live quite close to the beautiful beaches of Perth so suffice to say there will be no snow pics of my BB32. Back in '96 before kids, my wife and I travelled the world and in the USA we bought a small Winnnebago with a 350 Chevy in Arizona. Before we made our way north through the Rockies and up to to Canada, the van salesman invited us to stay a couple of nights at his house in Fountain Hills AZ. When I saw that fountain I understood that Americans just do things bigger than everone else and it justified the 350 Chev in a camper van! It must be a real thrill to see your BB arrive and do your first cooks. You are most welcome to visit anytime you're in WA.
  25. hi bunji, i made this on an electric effeuno oven. the ice cubes (a small amount) during the mixing process is to reduce the heat generated by the mixer. in this case, the thermomix is basically a blender, and the friction produced needs to be reduced to avoid mixing a hot dough. if your mixer doesn't get hot, you can just use water.
  26. Absolutely.. Please give me a call to discuss materials and how wide you need it.
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