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  2. Easy Popcorn Shrimp | Recipe | Almazan Kitchen Now that's a knife. My cleaver hasn't left my hand, despite owning many knives. "Unlike many of you" ?? I resemble that remark!
  3. Great looking meal !!!!! So how did you end up cooking the brisket ?
  4. Yesterday
  5. i almost always want wings and pizza and beef ribs!
  6. Like many of you, i have a bit of a knife fetish that I'm trying to keep under control. Unlike many of you, I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping it under control, but I've been sorely tempted by the Almazan Kitchen Serbian chefs knife. If you're not familiar with these, wander over to YouTube and do a search for Almazan Kitchen; you'll find numerous videos of a guy in Serbia cooking out in the woods or in a rustic kitchen and using a wooden-handled knife that resembles a rustic cleaver with a rounded blade. The videos show them using the knife for everything from chopping wood to flipping an
  7. Now I want wings and pizza and beef ribs !!!!!!
  8. braindoc

    Pisco Sour

    You inspired me. I found our bottle of Ocucaje Pisco and added some to Meyer Lemonade. Too tired after an afternoon of chores to actually mix a fancy drink. Delicious!
  9. Great setting to cook amongst the flowers BOC. We r moving out of home for 3 months while the next renovations get underway so old habits have been a bit disrupted. I did however manage to sneak in a cheeky beef rib slow cooked over 7 hours. I rigged up the Smartfire for a 120c (250f) cook and then took the boys to play rugby. Returned 2 hours later and the temp was rock solid at 120. I threw a few frozen snags in for the last 2 hours and they turned out delish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Troble

    Pisco Sour

    With the fresh halibut we got yesterday I made a Peruvian ceviche (which I’ve shared the recipe on other threads before) but decided to pair it today with a Pisco Sour 3 parts Pisco 1 part lime juice 1 part simple syrup Egg white topped with a dash of bitters also got this recipe from the Hotel in Agia Calientes (base of Machu Pichu), kept this piece of paper now for 8 years Side note we made this with “Kusi” Pisco which is my wife’s name. Kusi mean happiness in Quechua and whenever her relatives come visit from Peru they always bring us a bottle
  11. Looks like a great meal. Well done
  12. Yummy looking food, one and all! Trouble is, I am now totally indecisive about what to have for dinner - wings, pizza, fish, chicken, steak...?
  13. What a lovely aspect and dinner @braindoc. Those sides and your sorbet sound really good. Bravo.
  14. Pizza and wings kind of Saturday. Wings- sprayed with duck fat, seasoned and left overnight. Then smoked with hickory chunks in the smoker pot at ~225F for 95 min. Dial up heat to 350-400F for 30-40 min more. sauce them as you like with hot, honey bbq, garlic park, and Asian zing options. Pictures were an after thought but I got one early in the grill and one late before the last of them. Pizzas - 4, 14-16in. Pies. heat soak KK to 500-525 with baking stone in. Hand toss. Olive oil on parchment paper. Straight on the stone. Remove the paper after 2-3 min and rotate pie. Rotate pie o
  15. The Musui Kamado (Laurie calls it the "indoor K") is perfect for making ghee. Throw in the butter, set on extra low, leave unattended half an hour or more. The new jar is Marcus Samuelsson's Ethiopian spiced butter, a version made by his wife Maya’s tribe, the Gurage. Ghee with aliums and spices. Incredible aroma. I'm reminded of a fish cookbook from decades ago (I've been unable to identify since) where a Portuguese chef is baffled he has to instruct his staff to put the paprika in fat not water, the best parts of spices are fat soluble. Tonight's recipe also calls for a bit of Madr
  16. Now for the postmortem. The brisket was a big hit. My best ever, according to my wife (yes, I know she’s a little biased). The photos don’t really do it justice. The flat was juicy and the point was absolutely melt in your mouth. The rub was sea salt, pepper, and some cayenne. We started inside with apps - smoked salmon on mustard butter toasts and shrimp. Then outside for dinner, tablescape curtesy of my wife. Started with an intermezzo - lemon sorbetto in Prosecco and grappa. Sides were a hash brown potato casserole (no photo) and a Malaysian fruit and vegetable slaw.
  17. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I actually bought a year, during a promotion that lets me gift a year. I haven't made my way to Franklin yet, as I've studied his book, but the other cooking videos are worth the membership. It's fun watching Thomas Keller relax over time. As a fellow teacher, I get distracted analyzing each person's presentation.
  19. Last week
  20. That’s the way to do it Bill. Well done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Also my vote is for neither. Start your cook way early so there is no need for a wrap. You can always rest longer. If you must, pink butcher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Applying just about anything Franklin teaches from an offset smoker to a Kamado will not yield the best results. Oranges and apples. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Franklin does a Masterclass, I bought it. It was extremely informative and when complete you can download the PDF and go back and watch the call again anytime you like. I think i have watched it 4 times lol Aaron Franklin Masterclass
  24. Thanks all- so sounds like for the next attempt I'll be careful to clear out all old ash, and pay more attention to size and distribution of lump. Great tips.
  25. A friends garden is producing veggies now so decided to chop up a few different varieties of squash, potato and bell pepper. I let the chicken spin for awhile naked then put the drip pan and veggies under. Made for a real tasty dinner
  26. I'm going to make myself unpopular amongst the KK devotees here but we debated a pizza oven despite owning a 32 and 19KK. We have a pizza stone for each and a baking steel and have been able to produce consistently excellent pizzas. 12.5% gluten flour is your friend. We've never really made much pizza in the KK since the pizza oven arrived (Alfa Forni). The oven is quicker, more convenient and consumes less fuel. Being able to see the pizza cooking and being able to judge when to turn it is much better than relying on spidey sense to know when to open the KK. Having said that, with expe
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