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  2. Here's another cauliflower recipe that works great on the grill, from Ranjit Raj's Tandoor cookbook (highly recommended).
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  4. Cheers mate .I think you hit the nail on the head with sauces and someone had a bad day condiments is the way to go Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  5. @tony b, @Aussie Ora, I hid that post so the world doesn't know your address. "So now the question is - how did BBQ sauce & rubs suddenly become "Hazmat??" Everything is clearly described on the shipping label and customs forms. " My guess is the sauce being a liquid. When you click through the keypad at the post office one of the things you agree to /certify is that the package doesn't contain any liquids. Somebody down the line was having a bad day and felt like being a jerk. I've put vinegar on the declaration form in the past and worried about it so I started putting condiments. I figure condiments is about as vague as I could get.
  6. Now everyone knows where I live .lol. ckreef just writes BBQ condiments not sauces .but even so you have sent it before that way .with no problems . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  7. You know, if you can’t get that nasty fish smell out, Dennis would probably let you buy a replacement KK! You could turn the old one into a planter or fountain or something🤪
  8. I'm still air out the KK, don't want any carry over taste that's for sure. For Newbies, please realize we are just teasing here, all part of the fun on the KK forum.
  9. Mac the pioneer woman,you go girl. Even though you don’t care for fish that’s a yummy looking meal. Did your KK air out ok lol
  10. The legs will also let you set the entire unit on a flat surface with the extension sticking out the bottom. No backdraft is necessary.. Think of it as distructive distillation of the wood. The vapor/gas comes out of the wood and builds pressure. My huge charcoal kiln had a 4" pipe and shot a 4' flame for hours while carbonizing a load.
  11. I give you a big for even trying it!
  12. I've seen the use of the bolt through the lid before. If you're willing to put that much work into it, especially cutting the handle off the lid to make room for the bolt and wing nut. Unless the legs have something sturdy to sit on and not just stick into the charcoal bed, what's to be gained? Will there be enough backdraft flow from your extended tube back into the pot to keep the wood smoldering? Worth a shot as an experiment. Let us know how it works out.
  13. Most folks here know how much I don't love fish so today I was feel brave. Sure don't want to ruin my KK by putting fish on that grate. I decided to cook rather than throw out 2 year old haddock fillets. No guarentee that I was going to eat it but I was going to cook it. Started off by marinating cauliflower in a mix of melted butter and Frank's Hot Sauce. Breaded the cauliflower just before putting it in the air fryer for 15 min @ 350F. It turned out to be a little over done but still good. I am sure my KK will never the same after seeing this go on the grate. Oh well it will be out of my freezer. The miracle of a KK cook. Fish is done. Plated. I'll live to cook another day. Now I have to go out and air-out my KK.
  14. My latest brainstorm that keeps me from sleeping is to take the #1 - 3 liter cast iron potjie pot with legs and attach a 3/8" threaded stainless pipe to the bottom which will go down and have a T bit pointed like an arrow with small holes drilled in it. This will nestle down into the burning charcoal and ensure all vapor travels thru the hottest part of the burning charcoal and burn off any gas that might be released. This will also ensure that the pot does not smother your burn. The lid would have a threaded shaft dead center with a butterfly bolt to tighten so it stays put. Whatcha all think about my KK pot smoker on steroids?
  15. Smoke pot plume in a (not recommended) off-brand K7, before I came to my senses and bought a 23" Ultimate KK. One only sees such a plume in too-hot conditions for reasonable smoking, but the experience is nevertheless amusing.
  16. Ranier are the best. I haven't spotted any in the market here, but I'll look when shopping this week.
  17. I'm all there on this argument. I'm thrilled with my 23" Ultimate. As I said on another thread, I wouldn't swap up if I inherited another comma. Nevertheless, one can practice charcoal conservation with any KK. A tight seal is critical; if your fire doesn't go out right away on an older KK, then a seal replacement is mandatory. I start by lighting (propane burner then leaf blower) the old charcoal again for my next cook, then add fresh charcoal as needed. The official KK basket splitter pays for itself quickly if one has a taste for good charcoal. 23 Ultimate Charcoal Basket Splitter The idea of the basket splitter is to channel the entire airflow through half as much charcoal. This matters if one cares about efficiency reaching an oven temperature. I tend to grill fish, or sous vide meat then sear briefly, where only the radiant heat of the fire matters. For that, I love using this charcoal basket: Broil King KA5565 Keg Caddie Charcoal Basket It holds less charcoal than my 23" Ultimate basket splitter, closer to my lower grate. In summary, one can conserve charcoal while using a larger KK. I conserve charcoal while using a smaller KK, and I'm very happy.
  18. Not really a "hater" on Miller Lite. If I was stranded on a desert island and that's what washed ashore, Hell yeah I'd drink it! It's just that there's so many alternatives that have a lot more going on. If you're interested - try Founders "All Day IPA" - a session beer (low alcohol); hence the name. It's my BBQ brew on most days.
  19. My aquarium pump is a single speed and no adjustment (not from Dennis). I tried to install an inline valve to throttle the airflow, but it didn't work all that well and I abandoned it. I did play around with the insert tube some when I first got it. It's now about 3/4 of the way inserted and I've just left it there rather than futz with it every time I use it.
  20. Rational thinking.
  21. I totally agree with that. Mine is 30" inside diameter. It sounds big but it's really sort of small. I make it work but if I had to do it over 42" inside diameter sounds much nicer.
  22. We have a 23" Ultimate KK, and a small Weber I sometimes use for preheating my smoke pot. Our neighbor has our previous K7 ceramic cooker, and a wide selection of other cookers including a pellet smoker, one of those South American grates that goes up and down, and a wood fired pizza oven. I'll go out on a limb and say one can only achieve pizza greatness in a wood fired pizza oven. One can also lose a pizza in a blink of an eye; constant attention is needed. I also have experience with various roadside wood fired pizza ovens; a stand between Salem, OR and Monmouth, OR comes to mind. In general, a smaller wood fired pizza oven than a restaurant in Italy would choose saves fuel, time, space, and money, at the expense of the pizza. While I'm completely happy with my 23" KK and wouldn't change it out if I inherited another comma; my neighbors are already plotting a size up for their wood fired pizza oven. It's very simple: In a too-small oven, the fire is uneven, and the pizza needs frequent fiddling and turning. A larger oven is more stable. If one knows one's KK and one's pizza recipe, and has a good sense of one's fire, one can pour wine at the table like there's no tomorrow, armed with only a timer for retrieving a credible finished pizza. The main issue with the KK (once one learns to get a hot enough but not excessive fire) is that the heat comes from below. I like using the KK double-walled drip pan as a heat deflector, to protect the KK pizza stone (as good as a Fibrament stone, and it fits) from radiant heat from the fire. For a wood fired pizza oven, go big or go home.
  23. I'm thinking the postie flipped it the wrong way and read the back ie sender lol. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  24. Delish nicley done Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  25. Cheers mate I don't mind the odd rib or two Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  26. https://www.facebook.com/100009329212695/posts/2371993643121586/?sfnsn=mo Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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