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  2. I don't think anyone can catch up to @ckreef in that department! I just sold my 23 KK for sure yesterday so both Milk and Meat have new prospective homes. I am encouraging my friends to take them soon so that they catch the KK bug and carry their enthusiasm through the winter. If they don't collect in time I could end up with a 19TT, 21, 23 and 32. What a line up that would be!
  3. I know, I didn’t get a pic of it while It cooked on Hestia. Here’s a pork belly I made last weekend. Smoked it using coffee char and coffee smoking wood. I then sliced it, and seared the slices over high heat. The sliced pork picture below is before the sear.
  4. I want my babyback, babyback, babyback, babyback, babyback...
  5. My Breeo Outpost 19 came today, and I was easily able to fit it to my $50 Harbor Freight cart, over my Solo Stove Ranger. My neighbor has a true adjustable height Argentinian grill. This is my toy version. I've already got lighting a fire down to thirty seconds: Wood chunks, lump charcoal, isopropyl alcohol, hearing protectors, match. Now I need not be so concerned about waiting for the fire to settle. Just raise the grill!
  6. Yesterday
  7. I suggest wrapping those big wood smoking chunks in foil to channel the gas down into the burning charcoal from little holes in the bottom of the foil pouch.. you will get a much less bitter acrid smoke flavor profile..
  8. Wingman, thanks you, I do love a good breakfast.
  9. I think @tekobo is giving you a run for your money!
  10. Just don't let Doc (@mguerra) see this - ha, ha!
  11. Holy cow @MacKenzie... Beautiful food, beautiful pictures.
  12. Here's you go, enjoy and there's a fruit veggie smoothie on the side. Bacon is all sliced and in the freezer.
  13. Thank you all very much. I'll reach out to Dennis to get started. I love the idea of teh 22TT built in (it would look great where we want it) but I also know it'll be a challenge just getting the 21 there, much less lifting the 22 up. As the project unfolds I'll be sure to post pics! Adam
  14. I think this just started within the last few days but I haven't been getting any notifications to posts. I checked my spam filters and they aren't going there.
  15. put it in your home oven and run a high temp cleaning cycle
  16. I'm working on it, yours will be the first slices.:) 🥓
  17. Bacon yum I need to do some more Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  18. Hi there Adam. I have a 21, have sold it and was thinking of buying a 22TT because I always liked the look of them and I wanted to have it alongside a new 32. We looked at the weight of the 22TT and decided that it didn't make any sense at all for us because we don't plan to build it into a set of units AND it will be very difficult to move every time we want to reposition it. So unless the look of the 22TT is what you need for your ODK design I would go with your wife's view and go for the 21. I don't believe that there is any difference in price for different colours as long as you pick a colour that Dennis has available. Worth a chat with him. I have been looking at his instagram feed to see the different colours that he has used in the past. Not all will be available but it is a good place to look to see the range.
  19. Second what Mac said. But you can't go wrong with either. The Evo will be my next outdoor purchase as well (when I either win the lottery, or after I bribe my wife with a Range Rover...somehow), good choice. For pots, I've already thrown two different cast-iron pots and one SS pan on the KK. Works great.
  20. Good questions and I'd suggest a call to Dennis. No one knows them better, he builds them. He is a wealth of information and you can rest assured that you will be getting the best help. He WILL not try to pressure or up sell you. We've pretty much all talked to him and it is well worth the call.
  21. Howdy all. I'm in Frisco TX and about to build an outdoor kitchen. I'm debating b/w the 21 free-standing vs the 22 that I'd have built on a lowered shelf. Just my wife and I and sometimes a few friends. I can't imagine ever cooking for more than 10 people at a time. We'll pair with an Evo griddle which will also give me the ability to cook stuff in a pot (i.e. no side-burners needed). Anyone with experience with both? My wife sees the pro of the 21 is if we wanted to move it it's on wheels or if I needed to monkey with something behind it. We're leaning towards the 21. Anything obvious about the 22 we should consider? Likewise, what are color options if we have one made and are there price differences for colors (other than the standard difference b/w squares and pebbles)? Thanks
  22. Last week
  23. I will put a Twin Eagle Pellet cooker next to my KKs one day though.
  24. Just barely squeezed this onto the KK. Now I just need to decide can I wait until the morning to slice it, decisions decisions.
  25. Any tips on cleaning the pizza stone? I kinda made a mess on my first pizza Thought I had read somewhere you weren’t supposed to use soap and water.
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