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    It was just me and my youngest daughter at home tonight. I asked her if she wanted me to take her out for a dinner date. She wanted to stay home and cook Greek chicken on the the 32BB. We added lentil soup, couscous, and tomatoes with cucumbers.
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    Merry Xmas everyone, hope you’re all having a great time with friends and family over the holidays. We spent Xmas day at my wife’s family’s. they requested beef ribs which I’ve cooked before and they all loved them, needless to say that this time was no exception. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We just bought the 23 Ultimate. My first cook was a smoked brisket for a tailgate (26 people). We nailed it. Go big or go home.
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    Lasagne tonight. First time in the KK. On the plate. 1.5kg of beef with greens that had to be trimmed from the new vegepod. This thing is unreal. Possum proof, grub proof, no more pests eating my veges. This was after planting seeds 6 weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All this talk of egg cooking pushed me to get out the pc and cook my breakfast egg. Results- Just the way I wanted it.
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    It's a "lightly used" one to boot, so it should be close to the price of a new one. Think of it this way - it's already been broken in. If you can go pick it up yourself, then you are getting a bargain. Shipping a new one, even from the warehouse in CA, is several hundred dollars. If there's any manufacturing issues with it, Dennis will stand behind it. He's top notch! Don't let that dissuade you if you really are interested in it.
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    It sounds like the 42” is happening Charles, it’s just a case of When! [emoji23] There are plenty more celebration dates coming up on the calendar. Summer solstice, winter solstice, first day of spring, birthdays. Australia Day is coming up on the 26th of Jan. You could celebrate this! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am very fortunate not to be going through what the eastern states are at the momment is absolutely off the Richter scale. The area of some country's have been destroyed. Not to mention the wildlife. My heart goes out to all involved. Got some bass straight shorties a double pack. .prepped one of them and vacuumed sealed for another time..most will know I have a pretty warped from the norm experimenting streak in me lol. I gave the bottom some purple crack.and gave it a triple rub a coating of butt rub a sprinkling of grill mates and a dash of Gunpowder. .they are waiting ..on they go over jam wood can't wait.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    My Solo Stove Ranger came today, just after your Bonfire. It's big, though not as big as yours. The top reducer leaves an 11" opening. I immediately lit a single test layer of charcoal, which it improbably managed to sustain, while the outside stayed cool to the touch.This wasn't my best charcoal, but I couldn't resist grilling some salsa ingredients. The salsa was great on leftover fried rice; Mexico won the flavor tug-of-war. I'll be able to easily grill over wood chunks, for a quick steak. This will be fun...
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    This wife has discovered the jet washer and is loving it. Clears all in its way and leaves everything moss/slime free without chemicals. I agree about planting a BBQ garden - paving and kit much lower maintenance than lawns!
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    Funny thing happened just now. I had been cooking a Boston Butt since 7:30 this morning while Mrs skreef was at work. When Mrs skreef got home from work she asked what I'd been doing all day. I told her cooking the butt and moped it. He face lite up thinking I had moped the kitchen floor or something stupid like that. I laughed when I explained I had moped the butt with a vinegar sauce. She should have known better.
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    To end our Star Wars marathon we had indulgent lamb rolls with gravy - lamb shoulder I brought back from Sydney. Monsoon season here so it is a bit hard to work the machine - it was easier on the balcony! Saw the latest Star Wars today at the cinema - was good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where many of us live, it's either that, or go without grilled/smoked foods for months at a time! 😢
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    What an absolute stunner! The pebble colour is very similar to mine, pebbles definitely cook better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup. My MEATER stopped working and I returned it to the company for a fix. They looked up my online data and said I had taken the device over the recommended temp and that I had voided the warranty. Thankfully, they were nice and replaced it anyway.
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    Nice chunky fillets of fish looks tasty Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Very interesting configuration. With that you appear to have created a more balanced top heat source. I like it. Definitely stealing this one (pun intended).
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    Thanks. 👍🙂 Spelling on both English and Danish’s is a problem. Good thing that I mostly work with numbers. 😂
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    Yummy! Happy Christmas Eve, everyone.
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    Congrats! If coco or coffee char are available, grab as much as you can. Get a cover Get a baking stone Basket divider Rotisserie basket or spit rod. I like the latter. Others prefer the former cold smoker is nice to have, but optional Side tables
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    Solo Stove sent me a survey, so I took the opportunity to ask about the fire grate in the bigger Yukon fire pit. Appreciate their honest answer but it doesn't appear they are planning to make any changes to the fire grate. I would not have purchased it...............................if I knew about the different shape of the fire grate in the Yukon compared to the Bonfire. When I get back to Michigan in a few weeks, I'll take a picture. Jon Besemer Jan 17, 1:32 PM CST My question is…..have you changed the fire grate in the Yukon also? The grate in my Yukon has a major “bow” in it and that is my only complaint with that product. The “bow” takes up way too much firewood space. I have advised friends and forum members not to purchase the Yukon until the fire grate is changed to eliminate the space robbing “bow”. I own two of your products and want to be accurate and fair to your Yukon product line with my advice. If no changes have been made, are there any future plans to make a change?? Thanks. Jon Besemer Sarah (Solo Stove) Jan 17, 1:37 PM CST Hi Jon - Thank you for contacting Solo Stove. The Yukon bottom grate has not been redesigned since it was released. Because of the extreme heat the Yukon emits, the base pan gets so hot that, when flat, it caves in and distorts the airflow, eliminating the near smokeless effect. We domed out the pan to strengthen it but then added the ribs to give the wood something to grab onto so it was still possible to organize the logs in the center. At this time, our team does not have plans to redesign, but I'll definitely forward this feedback over to them for their consideration. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, Sarah N
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    What a great KK and those cooks look wonderful. Already you have gotten rid of the white interior. Yes, I agree it's the pebbles that make everything cook perfectly.
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    That's Awesome .some people down here complain about our international aid to other country's and have posted on social media saying when is the help coming our way .I hope this shuts them up the over welming responce from country's all over the world and donations has been 100%. Bloody fantastic .these fires have been bloody brutal .right of the Richter scale something we and the world has not seen . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Nicley done mate loos terrific Yum Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    I'd say you nailed that.. How many of you use grill grates? I'm not sure I fully understand what they do so well and why folks love them.. I guess make dark grate marks without over heating the space between the grates???
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    Hey everybody have a safe and fun, happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree, it sure a fantastic cook, love it😍
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    KK’s aren’t for everyone. Period. They sell themselves to those who appreciate them, and others will never be convinced. Reminds me of the saying: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.
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    Yum Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    To be exact a offset vertical stick burner. KBC Karubecue C-60 - hopefully the winning scratch off lottery ticket is waiting for me in my stocking And of course a 42" KK but that would take a much bigger winning ticket.
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    Right back at you, Aussie.🎅
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    It’s the end of Christmas Day here. Anyone waking up to a white Christmas? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Neighbours over for Xmas drinks and a feed. Turned to this With some cheeky lamb ribs underneath..... Turned into this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is this heat sensitivity a concern when spit roasting over direct heat? I am usually doing this with dome temp around 180C- 200C( 360f- 400f) for the rotisserie set up. I have assumed the rotation would give the probe a break from the direct heat.
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    Interesting. I’ve been using the stone on the highest rack. I’ve lately been experimenting with a heat soaked stone around 650 and using 00 flour. I was shocked to have my last pizza bottom burn after two minutes. Anyone here have an idea why my 00 flour crust would burn so quickly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tekobo, steam or no steam they both deeeelicious! I want a taste lol. I like your video
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    I came across a technique for IDK pizza cooking which uses two steels: https://shop.bakingsteel.com/collections/steels/products/respect-the-craft-baking-steels Curious. Would this be of benefit in a KK?
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    That looks terrific!
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    I need to do some calzones it's been a long time since I did some. Yours looks great.
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    My primary use (and MacKenzie's) for a Solo Stove has been as a well-designed charcoal grill. This is clearly an off-label use, until one thinks about it. The same features that minimize smoke as a wood-burning fire pit make these stoves a better charcoal grill than any conventional design. One can set up and start a charcoal fire in a minute or two, then return for ten minutes of tending an ingredient on break from juggling six other cooking tasks, then abandon the fire to burn to clean ashes for later disposal. 99% isopropyl alcohol is a particularly effective accelerant with this design, because the design contains and burns off any drips. There is no trace of alcohol by the time a fire is ready to cook. The simpler the chemical structure of an accelerant, the simpler its combustion byproducts. Alcohols are simpler than petroleum-based accelerants. Any incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide and vaporizes part of the accelerant, so avoid the fumes particularly while lighting any fire with an accelerant. Don't be lulled into complacency by the relative lack of odor. Pure ethanol would be best here, if one can find it. One needs less charcoal than with any other design, so one can use better charcoal. We all know the overhead in managing any other fire; that's why so many people choose gas grills. This is the pure joy of tending food over a charcoal fire, with no overhead. The rising hot air and radiant heat is more clearly focused and uniform than any other charcoal grill in my experience. This proves to be decisive, roasting peppers. You know that anguished debate in your head, that keeps you awake at night? I know that a dedicated Spaniard wouldn't dream of rinsing off the burnt skins under a running faucet, the horror in losing all that flavor down the drain! But cleaning the flecks off by hand feels like a fool's errand, I'd rather be mudding walls as an independent contractor! Or cleaning a dozen cloves of garlic the size of pine nuts, because my family abhors waste! Oh lord, free me from these earthly chains! After careful roasting over a relaxed Solo Stove charcoal fire, then twenty minutes sweating in a plastic bag, pepper and chile skins just slip off. I look as competent and unruffled at this step as I'd want to appear on a YouTube video. In that vein, most "molcajete salsa" videos show confident cooks scorching their chiles and tomatoes on a comal, then leaving in the black spots. This is surely authentic, but there is unexplored higher ground using more careful methods. A Solo Stove was not available to pre-Columbian cooks. This is the style of cooking grate that I prefer over a Solo Stove. The largest that I could find just fits over the Ranger: Turbokey Round Grill Barbecue Net (Amazon)
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    Burgers turned out great ... Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Great looking beef ribs. I love beef ribs when I can find them with a decent amount of meat on them.
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    Great looking first cook after the burn in.
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    Hi All, I brought the smart fire today. I’ve seen the app which is great to the tech part is sweet. I had a few issues with setup an was able to message the company who are based in Australia with the guy offering to drop off a new one if I didn’t get it sorted - customer service is great. The fan/adaptor “almost” fits. I had to go around once with electrical tape to ensure it was snug. at this point I thought I was home as that was my main concern. the temperature prongs for the food are curved ( see video below attached) so you can get them through the hole that is provisioned by Dennis. therefore the recommendation from smart fire is run the over the seal between the lid and base. @DennisLinkletter My main concern if whether this will damage the seal and will I turn have air loss when not using the smart fire. i assume I’d be able to return tomorrow but thought I’d see what you all thought wet running cables over the seal.
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    A tad colder, but I did manage to get in a chicken cook for dinner last night. Both were spicy - on the left was a teriyaki (Adoboloco) and the right was mango habenero sauce (blend of Dinosaur and Melindas). Direct @ 375F over peach wood. I slashed the skin on the teriyaki one to allow it to penetrate better while marinating.
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