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    I have been wanting a pizza for ages and today was the day to satisfy the craving. Loaded with peppers, pepperoni, KK bacon, mushrooms, anise and fennel seeds.
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    Here we go- Ready to spin. Roast is done. Resting. Sliced. Clean up, 1 mins. just the rod.
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    At last! My konro grill arrived on Friday. It took me by surprise as I'd been sent some tracking data for UPS that didn't work and, by the time I got around to checking it out with the seller, the DHL man was at my door with an enormous, heavy box. Why was it so big? Well that is @Syzygies's fault. He was the one who turned me on to binchotan charcoal. Long before my KK arrived I figured I couldn't afford the real deal and so I bought these binchotan briquettes for a fraction of the price. I never used them in the KK because they seemed like such a precious resource and I instead waited until I could buy a konro grill so I could use them in small amounts. When I came to order the grill from the US it turned out that both the grill and the binchotan were so much cheaper in the US that it was worth ordering both, even with the additional UK duty and tax. Hence my super heavy delivery yesterday. Here are the beauties. Binchotan is notoriously difficult to light. I didn't have a chimney so I lit a fire in my KK21 and put the binchotan in there to get hot. Here are are the hot coals in my pristine konro grill My prawn stuffed chicken wings started to sizzle pretty much immediately. Yum!! I stood out in the cold, turning and basting every couple of minutes. I have to do something about my ODK arrangements. Nothing like @MacKenzie's custom set up!! Best of all, the KK came in very handy at the end of the cook. I was able to put the left over binchotan in the KK23, shut the lid and preserve these pieces for my next cook. I think binchotan actually works out to be very economical given it doesn't burn away very fast, is super hot and can be re-used. All good. Slightly wonky plated shot but very tasty nonetheless.
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    You know , not too bad , I ain't too disappointed , Got the SBB up to 500 and banged a few on , different toppings and all came out extremely acceptable, Nice crispy base off the Pizza stones . Game on loving the KK. will have another go soon, Looking forward to experimenting with these vents and the dough try get a thinner crispier one next time.
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    All sorts of goodies added, green pepper, onion, mushrooms, parsley, Panko, eggs, tomato paste, hot sauce, and pepper. Add 2 lbs of ground pork. Sauce it up and put it on the KK for 45 mins. at 350F then add more sauce and continue to cook another 45 mins. Still baking. Slice of meatloaf. Plated with mustard pickles and mashed potatoes.
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    We cooked Bun Thit Nuong again tonight, absolutely love this meal in the warmer weather. The meat is pork belly sliced and marinated in soy sauce, sugar, fish sauce, garlic and shallot. Then to serve it’s a bed of vermicelli noodles, lettuce, cucumber, chilli with a home made Nuoc Cham sauce to go over the whole lot, this is one tasty dish that always marks the start of summer for me!
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    Hi All, I’ve been travelling for work a bit recently so haven’t been cooking as much. As nice as it’s been staying in nice hotels and eating great food, I was yearning something simple cooked in the KK when I got home on Friday night so cooked up a chicken and veggies.
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    Tri Tip ... .. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Now listen you KK hall of famers, I overdid the steaks a touch and I was trembling at the backlash lol ! Actually was watching the Chelsea / Palace game and I was preoccupied with an accumulator that sadly did not come in anyway [emoji2955] I gave these beauties 6 mins a side on the Middle grate at 500 deg . Was bloody starving so no sides but a few fries was all these needed and a quick peppercorn sauce went down a bomb with the few beers that were on site [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]. Getting used to my 42 it’s a potent weapon , the old Weber did me proud for many years but this thing is a different animal completely . Will adjust my timings next shift . Flavour in these was immense , Loving it ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It was a beautiful fall day, so...it was a two sourdough kinda day. Let’s start with a batard using fresh milled whole wheat, spelt, and rye in my KK23 steam oven. Here it is just after starting the steam. And about 10 minutes later. Just admiring the view. And 45 minutes later, there be bread! Crumb shot! Also made a sourdough pizza using about 12% fresh milled whole wheat for flavor and texture. Yup, both sourdough and fresh milled in a pizza dough...it’s real, and it’s spectacular (Seinfeld reference). On the Blackstone (hadn’t used it in forever). Boom!
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    Fillet Mignon with a jacket Potato for dinner tonight, the steak turned out really well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new 16" KK has arrived in Syracuse. Missing one box with the Tel-Tru thermometer but the crate/cooker and coconut charcoal are in good shape. Loaded on the trailer and ready to go home tonight. Have a small wheeled cart ready to load it on and planning a nice cook for tonight to break it in (hoping my thermometer from the 19" TT will fit in the 16" hole). Picked up a couple nice stuffed pork tenderloins from Wegman's to make the inaugural cook easy but tasty. Will take uncrating and cooking photos and post tomorrow. Too much fun!!
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    Got the day off today for the Melbourne cup .did not pick the winner but .The ribs are looking good . . On they go. . Pulling back nicley. . . Looking forward to the finish. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    I love this cut. Gave it some local rub . . Then cooked it on the lowest position . . After a rest. . And carved. . Plated .. Tasted great Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Well here is an update, I am going to purchase one of Tucker's used 23 inch smokers and he is going ot purchase a new one. So my 23 Ultimate will be used but well cared for by Tucket and he will get a new one to match the tiles on his 19 Its a win win for both of us. So I am going to give one of his 23 ultimates a longer life and he has the pleasure of getting a brand new one Thanks to Tucker for his offer and he is a great person
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    At 4 this morning I started both 23 inchers to do 2- 12pound briskets. Supposed to be a 10-12 hour cook with mopping.
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  18. 5 points
    Just cut the second one
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    We have dropped the 19" Tall and the 16" Table Top from the line. The 21" Supreme has replaced the 19" Tall because the 19" was just too small as a primary grill. The 16" Table Top just had too little demand and did not sell. We will stock spare parts for both ongoing. We will now stock the following: 42" Serious Big Bad 32" Big Bad 23" Ultimate 22" Table Top 21" Supreme 19" Table Top
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    Add a little salt peter and you will have some super explosive ribs lol
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    This loaf was done in a Lodge combo cooker in the oven as I’m tweaking too many variables already — new proofer, different ratios of spelt and rye, hydration, etc. Next weekend I’ll take it to the KK and use @Syzygies steam oven technique. The fall leaves should make a nice backdrop too. Properly scored bread will have pronounced ears, but will it listen?
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    First I must apologise to @MacKenzie for not saying how nice her meatloaf looked. I was more preoccupied with trying to figure out what a meatloaf is. Sorry. Your meatloaf looks v moist and tasty! I read about references to meatloaf like food in history books but it sounds like what is eaten now is largely an American invention. It is funny how things that were created in times of difficulty and for convenience become the comfort food that we turn to even when we have so much to choose from. As for the fatty/baconator? Wow. It is hard to say no to anything with bacon but that is quite a thing! My local pig farmer is pretty much up for anything so I might send him the recipe and see if he can pick out some bacon with the right width to make a decent lattice. What fun. Heart attack, here I come...
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    I'm headed off to Baltimore in a couple of weeks and one of my planned stops there is to visit the Guinness brewery/taproom. The brewers make small batches of experimental stuff for the taproom. Should be great!
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    Ok I’ll post some pictures of my next instant pot cook. Definitely not as exciting as a KK cook, but what the heck I’ll give it a try.
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    Why not just pick it up and turn it upside down lol shake the ash out