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    4.3 kg of Aussie Black Angus Rib Roast some simple seasoning, olive oil, AP Rub, a bit of Cajun Rub, some Beef Rub and on the top Herb de Provence Hickory chunks for smoke (could have taken some more) 3 Hours at 275° I left it resting for 2.5 hours. I’m very happy! It was sooooo juicy I missed a pic of the sandwiches, sorry!,
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    Dunked them in our homemade Bama white sauce and they were killer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    KK pizza, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, and mushrooms. The jalapeno pepper was straight from the garden and it was so hot, I've never had one that hot. Sprinkle on a little basil.
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    It was the best sort of lunch. Guests arrived at about 1pm, all gone by 5pm and all followed by a three and a half hour snooze. Nice. Tortillas first. My guess is members of your family might not have thought the tortillas were up to their standard Paul but, for a first go, our guests were very appreciative. The tortilla press did not arrive on time so we did it the old fashioned way - rolling pin and child labour. I heated up a Chinese dish to super hot in the microwave and stored the initial batch of tortillas in there. After the first rush we made them to order. About 10s one side and say 50 the other seemed to do it. Re-heated the black beans On to the brisket. The KKs held steady at 150C for the whole cook. I don't use any of those blowy devices to manage the fire because the KKs are just sooo reliable in my non-windy back garden conditions. Nice to have two KKs to do this but I guess a 32 or 42 would have done this cook in one go. Now, the recipe called for wrapping the dishes in foil. I did not do that, thinking the KKs would preserve moisture. Not so, sauce predictably evaporated leaving tasty bark. Friend did the shredding Whacked up the 21 to cook the sopressa. It's a Venetian sausage that you slice, cook on both sides and then finish with splash of red wine and vinegar. Everyone declared them delicious. Yum And yum Thanks @PVPAUL and @Braai-Q!
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    I needed fajitas and margaritas a couple of weeks ago after a solid day unpacking. I picked up that gallon yeti when I was living in Austin; buy one if you don’t own one - so good!! Make one batch of margaritas and they last all arvo and evening
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    Single serving Italian Meatloaf wrapped in Prosciutto and stuffed with a tomato that had been stuffed with a spinach and mozzarella mixture. Served with angel hair pasta and homemade Spaghetti sauce. The basic ingredients. Sweated down baby spinach, panko, fresh mozzarella balls and Italian seasonings. Stuffed into hollowed out tomatoes. Italian Meatloaf mixture Lay down 2 pieces of Prosciutto in a cross on parchment paper. Make a meatloaf bowl then wrap the Prosciutto up and into the bowl. Put a stuffed tomato in the bowl and form the bowl around the tomato. Baked in my Komodo Kamado at 350* indirect for about 40 minutes (I think). Served with angel hair pasta, homemade Spaghetti sauce and fresh grated parmesan.
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    I have almost finished moving; the blue beast has been busy over the last month or so - but no time for updates. I no longer need to smoke in secrecy for fear of being fined or arrested! behold the new home for the beast I have updated my hacked ikea cabinet with another level of hacked ikea cabinet: easily fits everything in now! today I am cooking a whole scotch fillet (I think that is a boneless rib eye for you gun lovers) i’ll try to upload some of the cooks from the last period; had some awesome cooks including dabbling in breads and dips. Enjoy the weekend all! Time for a beer whilst this cooks
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    The Husband has been out of the country all week and only arrived after dark today. To make sure darkness wasn't an impediment to him opening his new present, I got a friend to help me carry the 70kg of grill into the house in readiness for The Husband's arrival. Here it is waiting. I was waiting too. Here it is unwrapped. I don't know what a Santa Maria grill is but I am guessing this is similar, looking at the pictures on the net. In the UK it is described as an Argentinian grill. We went with the no fire basket option - the makers said it would be fine to build the fire in the bed. This purchase has triggered the ODK design that we needed but were not motivated to achieve. Now we must. It is nothing like others have created for their homes. No diggers, no contractors. Just one builder and his mate and he should get it done in max 3 weeks. I am hoping we will be able to use the new grill by mid October at the latest. In the meantime it is sitting on the piece of teak furniture that our 80 year old ex-shop fitter built to The Husband's design. I am thrilled with it because it will house all my KK grates and bits. The Welsh slate that will top the furniture is still at the quarry. This kit is beautifully built. Sinbad the cat knows what I have done. I just have to make sure that The Husband gets to use his present once in a while so he doesn't suspect that I really bought it for me. Thanks for the push Charles. We are going to end up with a practical ODK, garden AND new grill, thanks to your "bad" influence.
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    A special breakfast this morning, a double yolk egg, one with Black Urfa Chili, one with Silk Chili and both with Zanibar Black Pepper. Also KK breakfast, homemade sourdough bread, fresh greens and ripe cherry tomatoes from the garden.
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    A rotisserie cooked pork loin, with roasted creamer potatoes, Swiss Chard fresh from the garden and some mustard pickles made last year during cucumber season. Now for a double espresso.
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    Well, it’s already been about 10 weeks since I’ve taken delivery of my 32”KK and doing my first Pork Shoulder! Based on some learning curves and advise from various forums and cook books I’ve arrived at the following set up and recipe. Ive got a shoulder that is about 7lbs. I dry brined it for about 12 hours with 3tsp of Kosher Salt. After this I rubbed it with yellow mustard and applied Dizzy Pig Dizzy dust. I put it on the KK at about 11PM tonight. Using about 3/4 basket of Fogo Super Premium. Set up CyberQ with a target temp of 240F. Bottom dampers closed and Pit Boss fan damper is 50% open. Top KK vent is just off the gasket. Set up KK cold smoker with a wood pellet mix of about 50/50 Hickory and apple. The photo below is the KK at the start of the cook and decided to include a picture of the moon over the lake....a beautiful evening here! Getting ready for bed now and going to trust that my set up is going to cook flawlessly.....I hope!!! I’ll include pictures tomorrow of the cook! Best, Paul
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    Here we go, rain stopped and it turned out to be a super nice evening so why not light up the Konro and tend some food.
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    Absolutely stunning cook and pictures as always Mack! I had a double cook yesterday on the 32, steak for lunch and then pizza for dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Daughter is heading back to Virginia Tech today. This loaf is going with her as a reminder not to loaf [rimshot!].
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    Hand forged in Serbia. 1.07 lbs and extra sharp. Tried it out on some chicken tonight. If you get your finger in there it would be a full clean amputation. Pack it in ice and head to the hospital. I'll hide it from Mrs skreef at night just in case I pissed her off and she's feeling a little Iike Loraina Bobbit. LOL
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    Something different: made baba ganoush, humus and pita bread for the house warming party. Eggplant (aubergine/brinjal) and garlic on the cooker with some coffee chunks, and then cooked the pita bread on there too. I tried whole flour with the pita bread - I won’t do that again as the bread flour ones taste heaps better (photo of that cook in here too)
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    SV @ 140F for about 6 hours. Served with potatoe scallop, potatoes from the garden first I've picked this season. Seared the steak on the KK after cooking the potatoe scallop. Plated.
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    Pepperoni and green pepper upside-down pizza and a pan pizza (1/2 sausage, 1/2 ham and Pineapple). The upside-down pizza was a surprisingly good pizza. Will be doing that again for sure.
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    A by-product of last week's sausage fest was loin of pork that I couldn't bring myself to mince to make sausages. We split it in two - one half for further aging and one half for bacon. I used my new molasses cure and left it in a vacuum bag for 8 days. Cold smoked yesterday using maple pellets. I just love the warming grate in the 23 for this application. I am amazed at how much bacon you can get out of just one half of a pig loin. Much happiness to follow.
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    Made Spanish Fried eggs for breakfast, they are so delicate, not your typical fried egg. https://www.thekitchn.com/spanish-fried-eggs-22932094 I used a Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and it imparted a wonderful flavour to the egg. Topped with freshly ground black pepper, chili, and Egyptian Oregano and it only takes 1.5 -2 mins to cook. Pretty soon it will be time to make more KK breakfast bacon.
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    Found some boneless beef short ribs in the freezer this morning. Here we go- Equal amounts of chili, garlic powder and fresh ground black pepper. Meat is done. Snack time.
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    With apologies to MacKenzie for stealing her line*, I made my first Deep Dish Pizza and used the Reef Deep Dish recipe. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and received numerous kudos from dinner guests (a.k.a. experimental subjects). I used my new Lloyd's 12" deep dish pan, again thanks to Charles' recommendation. Dough in the pan after two hour counter and six hour refrigerator rise, followed by return to room temperature. Lightly browned Italian sausage and cremini mushrooms are flanking. Added a layer of fresh mozzarella and another of picante' provolone, followed by the Italian sausage, mushrooms and herbs and finally, topped with "Rao's Homemade Pizza Sauce®" (which was great flavor but not quite enough for a 12" pie) Into the KK for 15 minutes (dome temperature 500°F, pizza stone temp at 455°F), then pulled to add fresh picked basil and fresh bought pepperoni then a topping layer of mozzarella Returned to the KK (now at 450°F dome temperature) for another 20 minutes, resulting in this Pulled from the pan after a 7 minute rest (couldn't get a photo of the bottom crust due to constantly beating back many attempts trying for "...just a taste", but it was nicely browned). Cut and served with heirloom Caprese salad and Schramsberg California sparkling wine. (Not a MacKenzie quality photo, but I was hungry by this time). A good time was had by all. Thanks again, Charles, for the pan and recipe tips. I'll make this again.
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    Eighteen years ago I was in my office at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC, getting ready to drive to a meeting in Crystal City near the Pentagon, when the news started coming in about the twin towers in New York. First one -- a weird accident -- and then the other -- no accident. A bunch of us were standing around a TV when my friend Ted called and told me to run upstairs to the big back window of our building facing the Pentagon. I did. We stood there watching it burn, with a huge cloud of smoke starting to drift our direction across the river. A short while after that the lab director closed the facility and dismissed everyone. Simultaneously, the security folks closed the gates and put us on lockdown (government operation, or what??), preventing us from leaving. All of the folks in my division went outside to the parking lot -- we figured it was safer there than to be in a building at a military research lab in what was clearly a target area. We stood there in the cloud of smoke. Rumors started spreading of the State Department being hit. And maybe another blast near the Capitol. Then we heard booms in the distance. Lots of anguish and even more confusion. Are we at risk? Are we at war? Later we learned that the booms were from USAF jets being scrambled from Langley AFB to intercept Flight 93 had it made it that far. Finally, after hours of standing in smoke and confusion, they opened the gates and we drove home, watching the rest of the events on TV, holding our families close. Eerily silent skies, except for the one aircraft we heard later that evening...the return of Air Force One heading to Andrews AFB. The next day the stories started coming in. Of friends who were in the Pentagon being knocked to the floor and evac'ing on foot. Others who were dangerously close to the point of impact and barely made it out. Another...a colleague...I never heard from again because he was on Flight 77. As divided as we are today, it's often hard to remember that on that day -- 9/12 -- for a brief moment we became one.
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    All, attached are some photos of my new 21” that I received yesterday. Uncrating and everything went well. Planing my first cook on the grill tonight .....some Cornish hens, sweet potatoes and corn. I’ll work on taking a picture of this as well. The one issue I’m having is the clearance on the spit rod. I understand how to adjust the length of the rod, however when I finally get the clearance to insert rod on both sides it looks like it will fall out of the left side (not stay seated) of the grill. I’m concerned that when I go to use this it will not spin properly or stop spinning altogether. Any suggestions out here in forum land is much appreciated. (Note I’ve successfully set up the length on my 32” and have no issues with this) I’m also excited that I was able to order 20 boxes of CoCo charcoal and 1 box of Coffee Charcoal. I’m going to give away 2 boxes of coco char to some friends with BGE’s in hope that they like it and will want to do a combo / pallet buy the next time I need some. Who knows.......maybe they will even convert to becoming KK owners!!! Best, Paul
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    Made deeply jealous by one of @ckreef's purchases, I hatched a plan. I asked The Husband if he would like a new toy, just like Charles'? He said yes. So I bought him one. The only trouble is that I now need to wait for him to get home before I can unwrap it!!!
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    Chickens spinning. 2 ~5lb birds, brined overnight, Italian herb and garlic butter. Used the Fogo super with pecan and apple. Started direct, but added a steam table pan as a deflector 30 min into the cook to balance things out.
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    A couple porterhouse steaks with some sliced potatoes, grated cheese and sour cream. Easy delicious dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello All-Arizona Steve here, Well I finally pulled the trigger. After several conversations with Dennis, I landed on the Big Bad 32” in cobalt blue pebble. Very exciting! I’m located in Northern Arizona, USA - just south of Flagstaff at about 6800 feet above sea level in the Coconino Forest. As I’m writing this post, my backyard is under major construction so my Big Bad 32” will stay crated for approximately 2 weeks. What a tease!!! Here are a few pics till the unveiling of (yes I have already named the KK) “ZEUS”. The GOD of Blue Sky’s and Thunder. I will post uncreating pictures and backyard completion soon! Chow from AZ
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    Baked Mostaccioli on the 42 KK. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just had the most delicious supper, 6 cobs of picked today corn. This is especially for Tony, who loves corn on the cob as much as I do. Looks like 5 cobs but there are 6 here. Ready to inhale. End of story. Also tried a new sour to me sourdough recipe and even though I did make some mistakes it turned out, had a nice tang to it and I will do it again. There was mostly bread flour but some rye and some home ground whole wheat.
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    Just wanted to add a few pictures now that we are approximately 40%-50% completed. 32” Big Bad-Zeus still sitting in his crate. I will share the latest updates again in about a week! Make it a great KK week!
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    Pizza party - two Publix dough balls and two from home - all with simple toppings for the kids and friends. Cooked at 550-600 for 7 minutes. We start them on parchment and then pull the parchment and rotate the pizza at the 3 min mark and then finish. Very simple, but always a crowd pleaser (in my world the crowd is a bunch of 4-8 year olds most days). The first home made dough on the KK stone, a decent start, will adjust the hydration on the next run or turn up the heat a bit. Cheers
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    Pour down rain this morning, first rain we've had for quite some time so that was good. Had 6 pounds of Vidalia onions in the slow cooker since yesterday morning. While they were finishing up there was time for a nice breakfast. Who am I kidding, there's always time for a nice breakfast. Followed that with a bowl of French Onion soup, the rest is for the freezer. See you next winter.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Love the peach glaze on lamb bloody awesome Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Wings on the Konro for supper tonight. I saved the small bits of lump for the Konro. Plated.
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    Gave some corn a slather of plum..then grilled them on the jr. .patted it down ..And gave it some butchers rub tony sent me yum..on it goes over cherry.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Well, in an earlier post some of you voiced comments / concern about my keeping my 32” KK at a vacation home. My reply was that I do most of my entertaining at our vacation home and that works for me. Well, as my time at vacation home is winding down for the summer I started having mixed feelings about leaving my KK behind 😪..........solution.....I pulled the trigger and purchased a new KK the same color but in the 21” supreme size 😀 . The other good news is that this is available from inventory so no long waits. Tonyb was right......I’ve been bitten by the KK obsession bug and need to have A KK to cook on all year long! I’m excited to have the 21” to compare to the 32” KK. Cheers, Paul
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    Yes, the more sensible choice would be the 32. However, my heart is with the 42. So, it's not you 32, it's me.... I contacted Dennis and changed my order to a 42 SBB in Terra blue!!!! . My countdown now begins. I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas. Thanks a lot everyone! So many helpful comments and ideas. Couple things that swayed me to change my 32 order to the 42: 1. YOLO 2. The fact that as awesome as the 32 is/would be, I would always have the 42 in the back of my mind. "if I had just...." 3. If I ever decide to get another KK, I can always pair with a 21 or 23. 4. Like someone said above, this is not a sensible purchase. After all, We're talking about the most overbuilt grill in the world. So I followed my heart for this one. I will post some pictures when I get it.
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    Just about time to remove these pork butts and let them rest before pulling them. Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    375 was the temp. till the crust changed a brown, got the lens to close on the cut and smeared it with apple, oh well the last picture is foggy...........but I knew I could have eaten the whole pie,,,,,,but my daughters getting married on Sunday and couldn't risk not fitting into the Tux if I ate it all............................ Anybody wanta piece.
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    Road Kill with some vegetables love the bark.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Nothing fancy, just a nice rack of St. Louis cut ribs. Cooked direct for a deep bark. Was sad though, no fresh baguette to go with the meal, but somehow we struggled through.
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    Shrimp and Grits anyone? A different take on a southern classic. A massive U5 Shrimp stuffed with grits covered in parmesan cheese. Served with a bit of zucchini noodles and a tomato cream sauce. Cooked in my Pizzaioli Wood Fired Oven from Authenticpizzaovens.com VID_408491207_063207_346.mp4
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    I just finished my curing. And now cooking the ultimate steaks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So...instead of selling one or both, I’m now leaning toward adding one of Dennis’ fancy cabinets to store my grates at the new house. Dang I’m fickle.
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    I am very happy to finally be a member of Komodo Kamado family not just a jealous admirer. Found an unbelievable deal on a 3 year old KK 23" Ultimate a few weeks ago. After an 850 mile round trip from Albuquerque to Aspen and back , with my brothers help arrived home without a scratch. The KK was essentially new , most of the accessories and 2 of the grates had never been used. Maybe had been used 2 or 3 times total. Besides the KK 23 standard 3 grates , deflector , and charcoal basket it came with the following ; double bottom drip pan , two stainless side tables, baking stone , rib rack , charcoal basket splitter , stainless and teak grate grabbers , Sunbrella brown tweed cover , and finally 5 boxes each of CoCo Char and Coffee Char. Everything impeccable and spotlessly clean. $2500 for the whole package plus $500 for the trip ( hotel ,diesel , and food ) Total all in $3000 My first cook will be this weekend , have had a Kamado Joe for awhile , similar but different . Any advice , tips ,help ect... would be greatly appreciated. Planning on doing reverse sear 2 1/2" Prime Porterhouse steaks , with a board sauce , grilled Mexican street corn on the cob , and Hassleback potatoes. Will be doing something low and slow and pizza next week. I'll post pictures soon. Wish me luck.
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    I came across an interesting duck giblet sausage recipe the other day and, somehow, went from a small bag of goose giblets in the freezer to half a pig and two days of sausage making. Here we go... First soak your skins. The sheep's skins are thinnest but were actually the easiest to work with. Duck giblet sausage from the Pitt Cue Co book. I am guessing it is an Italian recipe given the fact that your "sausage" ends up being wrapped in the neck skin. My necks came skinless so I opted for chipolata style sausages. Colourful rub ingredients, including orange zest. Goose necks, giblets and chicken wings ready to go. Onto the KK in dairy cow fat. Smoked at 100C for three hours and then added hearts for two more hours and then livers for a further 20 minutes. I am a little squeamish about hearts so this was a good recipe for processing all the interesting bits of poultry. I know the idea of poultry necks will be daunting for some but just look how familiar the picked meat looks - you wouldn't know that that wasn't a (small) pile of pulled port, would you? It was very hard work to get the very stiff mix into chipolata skins but here are the resulting sausages, waiting for their debut. Think very skinny liver sausages with the added benefit of chopped pickled cherries. Here is the head of the lovely pig that gave up his/her life for the rest of the sausages. At the end of day 1 we had all the meat cut up, seasoned and waiting in the fridge for mincing on Day 2. First we made cotechino sausages. I totally loved these winter sausages when we bought them from Italy last year. Imagine my surprise when I find that they are made of half and half skin and meat. I guess that is what gives the sausages their unctuous flavour. I found two different recipes. One had parmesan in and the other red wine. I made both. Here is the batch with red wine, I think. @Braai-Q recommended Luganega sausages in a previous post so when I saw the recipe in my sausage making book I thought I would give them a try. Here they are, looking luscious. We made a couple of batches of bog standard pork sausages. One coarse cut Italian hot sausage and one fine cut old favourite, pork and sage. And finally the Cornish Hogs Pudding or White Pudding. Made with a mix of pork and "lights" (lungs and hearts) and groats. They are a "white" equivalent of black/blood pudding. You have to poach them for about 50 minutes. In the past we have had them break at this stage, filling the pot with your precious sausage meat. This time we paid attention to the definition of "poach", didn't boil and didn't have any breakages. The cotechini need to hang for up to six weeks and the rest of the sausages will go in the freezer. Will taste over the coming weeks. I imagine some of you will be uncomfortable about the "nasty bits" that go into sausages. Don't be. Sausage skins encase and make all meats wonderful. Here are my left over skins, salted and waiting for their chance at greatness.
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    My first cucumber sandwich of the season. I look forward to these.
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    Well I woke up at 6:45am and everything was running smoothly! Shoulder temp was in the about 172F. Finished at 9:00am at 203F. Wrapped in pink Butcher paper and double wrapped in foil and did the FTC method. Now it’s time to let rest and look forward to lunch!!! Below is a picture of the shoulder before pulling off the grill and couldn’t resist sending a pick of our two pups chilling by the lake! Once I pull the shoulder and plate I’ll forward some last pictures. Also, one question for you folks out there with the CyberQ. Towards the end of my cook my temperature jumped higher....about 273F and set point was 240F. I had the ramp feature set up....just not sure this feature works well with the KK? Any information is appreciated! Cheers! Paul
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