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    Despite it snowing for the last 20 hours, you just gotta bear down and keep on grilling. I was damned and determined to do a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight, as I had set it out to thaw in the fridge yesterday. Rubbed with kosher salt and baking powder overnight to help dry out the skin. Onto a 325F grill, basket splitter with the fire in the back half, with a chunk of peach wood. Cavity seasoned with Penzey's poultry seasoning, wiped down the skin, oiled with olive oil and seasoned with Harry Soo's Slap Yo Daddy spicy rub, and injected with Seasoning Stix Holiday sticks. Meater+ doing it's job. Came out pretty good. I ramped up the temp to 400F for the last 20 minutes. Skin was OK, not super crispy. Plated with a wild rice mix and steamed broccoli. You can't let Winter win!! Release your inner caveman and keep on grilling!
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    Cooking skinless chicken breast, planked in half, marinated in jamacan jerk. Using new warming grate on my 19.5
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    More like dumptied the egg - big time! After perusing options, speaking with Dennis and covertly surfing this forum, its looking like I'll be getting to know y'all a bit better. Big Bad is on its way and I couldn't be more excited!
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    Started a new to me recipe for focaccia bread even though I knew my pan wasn't quite large enough. It couldn't be that bad could it!? Reaady for an overnight fridge proof. Getting ready to bake. Baked. Yes, it is much thicker than it should be but it does smell great. After it cools we'll see how it tastes.
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    This is a little photo heavy - it was a heavy day! Possibly over catered with food and alcohol! the shoulder ready to go on the beer selection finally found an excuse to open the double magnum I bought my Wife for her birthday last year: that’s only way I could chill it! beans ready to go shoulder all done and pulled happy with my spread! lunch is served we probably didn’t need to crack this: it was a Long day!
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    Hello all. This is "The Husband". I have zero KKs, although I enjoy a lot of great food from the 2 I bought for Tekobo's significant birthday a year and a bit ago. I also love the vicarious enjoyment of following the adventures of a bunch of people who care deeply about getting it right. Now the subject has switched to coffee I feel I can join in...so here we go: I love my morning coffee and I am also quite keen on my afternoon coffee; evening coffee doesn't work so well now I have reached semi-advanced years. My personal benchmark that I strive to reproduce at home is that cappuccino that is served in a not-too-smart marketplace cafe in Italy but somehow just hits the spot. I am getting good but nowhere near expert yet. I buy my beans from HasBean (https://www.hasbean.co.uk) where owners Steve and Rowland go out of their way to ensure a good deal for the producers and deliver superb and varied single estate coffee.; I get through about 1kg of beans a month (friends know where to come for a cup but Tekobo doesn't drink the stuff!). I upgraded a few years ago to the setup that "The Wife" describes being plumbed in by Ieuan "the Coffee Man" in her post above. I went for a Rocket R58 espresso machine and a Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder. As happens with these things, it was then necessary to buy a commercial stainless bench to set the things on and run a water line with filter from the basement. Photo attached: I am still very much a student in the art of the perfect espresso shot. Why is it that the first one in the morning is always so "tight" and comes out like a ristretto? What do I need to do to my tamping technique to be able to use the bottomless portafilter without spraying coffee all over the surrounding area? I am a happy boy and I have to say that having different but complementary obsessions helps to keep "The Husband" and "The Wife" sane and content. I am looking forward to when the posts move on to wine, cocktails and home technology - I believe I have plenty to contribute in those areas! Pequod - I am loving how you managed to score a direct hit in the coffee and technology intersection in the Venn diagram of "good things"!! Cheers!
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    Cooked up some nice pork ribs with a pineapple dusting. .they fell apart... Next up the bacon gave it some pineapple rub lol seem to have a lot of this but I reckon it tastes so great..on it goes.over apple wood..looking good..and sliced..I ate some and vacuumed sealed the rest..scored this upright static freezer from work it has coil shelves for even cooling .finally have more freezer space than my bottom draw on the fridge..Bacon in the freezer..now that I have freezer space I can put my cusiant ice cream maker to work .choc chip peppermint. ..put it in the freezer. And before tony asks I was thinking about throwing some pineapple head in but forgot I reckon it would of topped it of .Next time lol. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Tile Trivia - How many tiles on KK Grills? We use two different sizes of tiles 25mm and 28mm square. We actually weigh the tiles in grams and then weigh the buckets of sorted tiles to get accurate volumes to start on a grill 19TT 28mm square = 1,792 pcs 19 Lil Isla 25mm square = 2,476 pcs 19 Lil Isla 28mm square = 2,129 pcs 21 Supreme 25mm square = 3,249 pcs 21 Supreme 28mm square = 2,823 pcs 22 TT 25mm square = 2,744 pcs 22 TT 28mm square = 2,332 pcs 23 Ultimate 25mm square = 3,350 pcs 23 Ultimate 28mm square = 2,816 pcs 32 Big Bad 25mm square = 4,523 pcs 32 Big Bad 28mm square = 4,038 pcs 42 Serious Big Bad 25mm square = 5,229 pcs 42 Serious Big Bad 28mm square = 4,628 pcs
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    Lately I can't seem to get enough of that homemade spaghetti. Made a batch for lunch today along with some mushrooms. Made a batch of sourdough bread but this time I baked it in a bread pan for a change. I did it like the Japanese bread that I did last week. You get a double loaf. Next step will be to cut it and see what the crumb looks like. It is just barely cool enough to cut. The crumb looks good and the bread tastes just fine. I had to change the bake temp. since I was doing it in a pan. Use 400F for 20 mins, then 5 [email protected] Baked it hotter than a regular pan loaf because there isn't much sugar in this recipe. Normally when I do this as an artisan loaf I start the bake at 500F but that seemed to be too hot for a pan loaf. I think I might just be doing this again.:)
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    The ribs turned out great .ready to go....carved up..I made a peach and pear crumble in the air fryer...Yum.. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Haven't Salisbury Steak in decades. Start with some of the ingredients- Ground 2 chuck roasts yesterday to get this meat for the steaks. Salisbury Steak. Grilled. Mayan Heirloom squash. Plated.
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    And it gives you geeky folks lots to talk about, eh? Here still suffering from jetlag from trip to the US. Our first stop was Portland and I can't tell you how many coffee shops this non-coffee drinker had to go into. Some served alchohol so all was not lost. There was one coffee shop with a long bar and about ten coffee making thingies all along the bar. We hadn't seen that many in busy Italian cafes and could not work out the logic. Husband thought they might each be set up for different blends. Boy, did he ever underestimate a place. Main reason for the multiple heads was to be able to make the coffee directly in front of each customer. And then each one had three pre-sets for different requirements and more if you wanted. All accessible by whacking a lever to the left. I know more than I need to. Like I said, good thing there was alchohol and that they were willing to serve it to me first thing in the morning. I think our obsessions keep us off the street and places like this forum help us maintain a facade of normality to the rest of the world.
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    I like to think of it not as being anal, but putting your geek credentials on display for all to see. I mean...coffee waveforms...how Geeky Cool is that? I can design my own flow profiles and test the results in the cup. The recovering fluid dynamicist in me is downright giddy.
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    Here are my 2 new Cazuela Dishes. Handmade in Breda Spain. Glazed inside and out (except the bottom). They are 9.5" which seems like a perfect size for me and Mrs skreef. Although I bought them to mainly use in the WFO I'm sure they will see the inside of my kamados from time to time. What I won't do is use them on the stove as that seems where most people have problems with them cracking. Will get them "seasoned" this week and will hopefully try them out next weekend.    This is my original Cazuela dish I got last spring with my WFO. Handmade in Portugal. I love the dish. At 10"x14" a Spatchcocked chicken fits nicely. Unfortunately it is a little big for what me and Mrs skreef cook most of the time which is why I bought the 2 round ones. Here is a little quote (if anyone is interested) from the website where I bought the 2 round ones.  https://www.tienda.com "Cazuelas, terra cotta dishes, have been used in Spain for literally thousands of years. Our cazuelas are unique in that they are made by potters who follow a Roman formula that has been employed for centuries in this area of Spain. Although terra cotta is nothing more complicated than moistened clay, low fired with an interior glaze so it can hold liquids, this particular technique that they follow involves including small pebbles in the mix which strengthens the bowl and increases its heat retention. La Tienda is the only source for this high quality cazuela in America. The glaze on the cazuela is perfectly safe for all applications -- it contains no lead." 
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    I was going to do nachos today but I didn't have any broccoli so decided to make donairs instead. The donair meat was in the freezer from a previous KK cook so that made things quick. Fortunately there was some donair sauce in the freezer also.
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    A load of elbow grease and some magic earser.don't forget to put the split pin back in after you take of the top.. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    I refuse to go on-line and look up any of this stuff...............I'm with tekobo and Tony!!!!!! On second thought.........maybe I'm with ckreef.................Jameson or Baileys sounds good to me!!!
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    All this coffee talk made me make a double espresso.
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    Bunch of quitters.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I guess Dennis will be putting a lot more bars on the KK grates.[emoji4]
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    We have air! So I have taken apart the pump and had a look on the inside; I was wrong about the compressor, it is a basic AC bellows style pump. It’s pretty crude but it works (see video); interesting design from an engineering point of view but it does actuate and there are not holes in the bellows. My next concern was the kinking in the outlet tubes. I had already removed the bellows assembly by now so I knew they were capable of pushing air. Next I removed the t-piece and manually used the bellows and found the were working. Next - virtual CFD as I call it at work: I blew into the tubes and found there was no possible flow through the Long line. I took the t piece completely off and found that there was a manufacturing defect in the t piece: flash where the two pins meet in the mold (tool maintained not well would be my Guess: getting pins to blank off like this). So I drilled out the flash and presto: it pumps air now! so you don’t get curious and open one up: I have included photos and a video (note it runs off mains so don’t open it and risk 240/120 v shock!) 7B4AAEEE-A3B4-4FE9-BD1F-5AFBC7FC0826.MOV
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    Creamy Dill Chicken. I decided to run the wood fired oven differently today. Normally I run the fire on the left side and cook on the right side. Today I ran the fire in the back and cooked in the front towards the door. For cooks like this it gives you a bit more temperature control. If you need more heat push the pan farther inside towards the fire. Less heat pull it out towards the front.  I started with a loaf of bread. Not my best but not bad just the same.   I pan seared 2 semi flattened chicken breasts in a carbon steel pan. You can just barely see the foiled carrots in there to the left.  After I pulled the chicken I cooked down some onions and tomatoes. There is the new carrots now uncovered.   Once the onions and tomatoes were ready I added the creamy Dill sauce and let it cook down a bit (at around 450* it didn't take long). A really crappy money shot (very disappointed with this picture), but it tasted awesome. 
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    I have another belly going for some more bacon .been letting the skin dry out for a couple of days in the fridge .And sliced it into strips .I pre heat the fryer at 200 for 5min then throw the strips in for 10 giving the pan a shake when it steams up.. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Wife made up ground lamb, penzey's greek seasoning, grated onion and garlic. Shaped to fit into a pita. Foil packs are beets from the farmers market w/ olive oil.
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    @MacKenzie that is some seriously good looking bread. Here is what my sweetie (Mrs skreef for the new members) made me for a valantines desert. Baked in the 19" KK. Strawberry Brownie Cheesecake Brownie mix in the bottom of a spring form pan with cheesecake mix on top. Cooked it together at the same time. Topped with a fresh strawberry compote and a bit of white chocolate. Brownie bottom cheesecake will be our goto cheesecake from here on. I'm a chocoholic and brownie and cheesecake just go so well together. A brilliant idea she thought up when the local Piggly Wiggly didn't have the cookie crust she was looking for.