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    Beef roast on the KK today. I did use the double bottomed pan under the roast and collected a few dripping and will make beef gravy with that. It doesn't take much to get a tasty gravy. Now I must go and make that gravy.
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    This is my first full pizza cook. I've done some test cooks before, with generally shaky results. I finally felt prepared to do it with guests. I made 5 Neopolitan style pizzas. I kept it very simple, with a home-made sauce (from garden and farmer's market tomatoes), fior di latte, and fresh basil. I topped some of the pizzas with arugula. The basil and Arugula were also from the garden. I was loosely following the protocols of Tony G's Pizza Bible. The pizzas turned out great. I cooked the pizzas at ranges from 500-650. The ones in the 600 range were better than the 500 degree ones. The dough puffed up like an Indian naan. I wish I had taken a KK money shot, but it took intense concentration to keep the production of 5 pizzas going!
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    Wanted something quick, light and flavorful today. Nothing quite like grilled chicken breast on the KK. Throw in a wedge salad and it makes for a super simple meal.
  4. 7 points
    Second time doing pork belly. Last time I couldn’t get the crackling right. So this time I started at 300C to puff up the skin quickly then reduced the temperature to 140C for 3h - did before KK was heat soaked and put in cold grill grates and the deflector stone slab to absorb the heat inside. Gave it another blast at 300C for 15mins at the end. Sweet & spicy rub - sugar, cayenne, garlic, onion, cumin - with just a bit of olive oil and salt for the crackling. Great fun.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Canada. Celebrated with my niece and family yesterday. Dinner was awesome, so many delicious side, including, dressing, rutabaga casserole, sweet potato casserole, squash, beets, creamed potato, cranberries, to die for gravy and homemade apple pie a la mode. Today I had another Thanksgiving dinner with some of the leftovers, A very happy camper I am right now. Just need a double espresso.
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    Not only did I use my bacon ends for these Boston Brown Beans but I used the stock from the prime rib roast boned. A little taste test.
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    Nice, simple and yummy, MacKenzie. Tonight I was playing around with some Moroccan stuff that I picked up. Two versions of Ras el Hanout and two versions of Harissa. Chicken was the canvas to paint with these spices. On the grill, with coffee charcoal and coffee wood chunks. Finished. Plated with a side salad, rolls and quinoa with Moroccan spices, raisins, onions and green olives. Garnish is roasted lemon slices, toasted almonds and parsley.
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    Time to do another chicken, the last of my KK chicken is in this sandwich. @ Bruce, are you reading your PMs, nag nag, LOL
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    My disc is in my hot little hands thanks to a good friend. I made a white sourdough bread loaf today using steam. Wow what a loaf it turned out to be, must more oven spring than I have ever gotten with this recipe. I had to use a foil pan over my loaf to capture more steam. Tried it the other day and most of the steam came out thru all the vents in my gas oven. I did put 2 batches of ice in 3 mins. apart, won't have this problem on a KK. Can't wait to cut it but still too hot. It is light as a feather Thanks, Syzygies.
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    A nice funeral pyre - a fitting end to a BBQ grill crate - RIP!
  11. 3 points
    I don't have a pizza stone for the Jr so decided to use the radiant heat from a muffin tin .to heat up my pizza pan..on goes the pan. ..I got the Jr up to 450f and put the pizza on. .after 15 min it's ready to go. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Hooping: cough? square dance? knitting term? new pizza pan ring? wishing for the best? Need to brush up on my southern speak!!!!!!!
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    Been some big drought over the east down here .but this add was a classic. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DMdxfurkPuTo&ved=2ahUKEwjymK_Gz5vlAhVZ6nMBHdXzCm8QwqsBMA16BAgLEAg&usg=AOvVaw0azWFdWESYNfGLEP7wXyl-&cshid=1571051902580. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Ha, yes tony, of course he has. That’s why I lost count on the weight loss... I can only guess this now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 2 points
    Thought you Aussies had a pair! Bunch of wussies!
  16. 2 points
    Always remember this sage advice when dealing with a building/landscaping contractor - How can you tell if they are lying to you? Their lips are moving!
  17. 2 points
    It's more about the results.. burn less fuel, create less airflow, less evaporation, and BINGO more retained moisture.. the holy grail of low and slow!
  18. 2 points
    Tony, it looks beautiful but..... I'm glad it's yours and not mine.
  19. 2 points
    Cliche' but it fits.........winner,winner, chicken dinna
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    Whenever the meat is that good, am a huge advocate for salt + peper at 24-36 hrs before, cook it, then little finishing salt and pepper. Not much needed to bring out those flavors - but the diff between 3 hrs of salt and 24 is substantial. I also prefer the pepper early, some chefs don't. Enjoy!
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    Basher, take this for what's it's worth, keeping in mind I've never had a Wagyu rib filet roll. I'd freeze it for maybe an hour then sear it, spice it up, then cook it. Trying to avoid that grey ring.
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    Heavy duty and workable knives. Love the texture it exudes. In comparison I guess mine would be considered a finesse tool. Here's a rescue I made on a WW2 machete' that was poorly rusted and then put back in a draw with a coat oil a few years back. Although it still needs another round of restoration I found the oil stopped any further rust from reforming. A vegetable oil may work. My Dad was a tool and die maker in WW2 working on the torpedos in Newport R.I. The trick he used to keep all his working instruments rust free was to throw copper pennies in the draws of their tool boxes to prevent oxidation. That was when a penny was made of copper.
  23. 2 points
    Good job Mac, a useful tool especially for an even cook on veggies. Now if we could figure out how we could do a couple of eggs that would be somethin
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    Well, to take it to the next level to match the weather today (cold, rainy & very windy), I took the 2 leftover ribs, cut them up, and used them in a pot of chili! That was a great way to use them up and knock down the extra saltiness. Chili has another 30 minutes on the stove and it's coming along nicely.
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    What meal that was, Tony. Looks like a feast for the taste buds.[emoji4]
  26. 2 points
    If George had children my guess would be they didn't have the same interest or drive to continue on or maybe he had none and that would be self-explanatory. History leads you to believe that when a larger company absorbs a smaller the quality and service begin to suffer. For the sake of those employees remaining,. I wish them well, it is a scary feeling. As you, I have a Primo also, I have kept it and use it sparingly and begrudgingly for obvious reason. Tomorrow's another day....maybe I'll slap some wings on tonite in honor of George
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    Long time no post...... hot and fast beef ribs. 350 for 2 hours on smoke. 350 for 2 fours wrapped in paper. pulled at 195 IT when probed like soft butter.
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    Told you that you were living on borrowed time, MacKenzie! Our last hurray for the season today - actually hit 50F and it's very sunny out now, but a tad windy. Deep freeze arrives Monday - bloody wonderful!
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    I have found that Lumber Jack Pellets work great in the cold smoker, there are no additives or fillers in this brand. It is easy to light and will burn continuously. When using other products I have had some difficulty keeping the smoker going, have not had any problems with Lumber Jack.
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    @Tyrus - come on, jump in the pool with the rest of us, the water's great!
  31. 1 point
    Sorry pal I should have checked my spelling lol
  32. 1 point
    Can’t wait to see that KK’d looks like it going to be taaaasty!
  33. 1 point
    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  34. 1 point
    Cheers Aussie. Hope you enjoy them. Definitely wanted you and Dee to try the peach syrup.
  35. 1 point
    Doing 5 pizzas at a time would be a challenge, well done. [emoji4]
  36. 1 point
    grest looking meal Mac. Are you still getting veggies out of your garden? tomorrow when I have oatmeal at Dino’s I’m going to put some maple sugar on it yum yum .
  37. 1 point
    Bruce, I used some Tabasco Sweet and Spicy on the chicken. It is delicious.
  38. 1 point
    Mac that looks perfect! Nice cook bet it tastes as good as it looks, send me a slice please lol
  39. 1 point
    Gravy is done and I now have the bones, etc in the slow cooker to make stock. This roast just keeps on giving and giving.
  40. 1 point
    I've used these folks before, although it has been a few years (I stocked up the first time). No issues with them.
  41. 1 point
    NICE cook Aussie looks delicious! I like your salad also.
  42. 1 point
    Great looking mini T-bones
  43. 1 point
    I long thought the Kalamazoo Hybrid was my dream conventional/gas grill. But after seeing the prices of their vertical smoker and now their "Kamado", I'm convinced they are simply in the business of fleecing consumers. Went with Alfresco for my gas grill.
  44. 1 point
    I've done them for both pork roasts and roasted duck breasts. Different fruit and herb combinations - it is indeed a rabbit hole!! But, it's a NICE rabbit hole - LOL!!
  45. 1 point
    It was delicious. I can ask my niece, it is a recipe from her husband's family. Stay tuned.
  46. 1 point
    That’s what we were saying. If a secondary effect from a subtropical storm hundreds of miles away can do that much, imagine a full blown hurricane. Still lots of damage from Dorian down there, so for the residents I’m sure this was nothing. We’ve had a lot of adventures on the Outer Banks, but this was definitely a new one.
  47. 1 point
    WOW!! That was an adventure. At least it was just flooded roads and not a local storm with high winds going on.
  48. 1 point
    Funny I just fixed my oven after 6 odd months had a power out that killed the clock on it with out the clock the oven does not operate but the grill does .where was I cooking .Ora and the Jr. Goes to show you don't need the oven but Dee wanted it fixed .cost me $200 rip off for the part lucky I saved on labour it was me lol Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    It’s funny, I saw them liking my KK Instagram posts a few weeks ago so I clicked on their account and saw this new cooker. Kalamazoo is a pricey stainless company for sure. Their Gaucho Argentinian style grills start at 23K... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I made two and fitted just a few tweaks in a bit while my KK was in the zone, temp wise. The first, a lighter crust cooked at 530-40 for 15 min had a nice even brown crust. The second laid in a couple mins longer and was crusted along the edge and darker along the bottom yet neither was a condition affecting taste, I found it crispy yet holding together well. Notice the parchment paper, a tell tale sign of the bottom crust or a signal to where your at. Fresh tomatoes from the garden and geeeez they took there sweet time. One looks like Ireland and the other is Madagascar...you decide. Cooked up high, 3rd zone near temp gauge where everyone knows, except one that doesn't.
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