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    Decided to hit the coast . Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Got some new toys for Christmas (spit shaft and Octoforks) so thought I’d take them for a spin... Bone in pork chops and potatoes. Took the potatoes off to finish under higher heat. Definitely doing this again!
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    Beefies and fresh crayfish tails tonight for dinner, both were superb! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A friend gave me some of her homemade chocolates, yummy. I am rationing them. I am also hiding them.
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    Yesterday me and Mrs skreef went to Fireside Outdoor Kitchens in Augusta GA (a most excellent BBQ accessory store). While there I spied up some skewers that looked to be the right size for my Konro grill. A quick call home to get my son to measure my current skewers and up on the checkout counter they went. On the left is my current Todd English custom cut skewers with a single 1/4 turn clamp installed. To the right is the new Weber skewers. The 1/4 turn clamp fits perfectly. They are a touch longer than the Todd English skewers but still a very acceptable length. In the middle is two more 1/4 turn clamps. I'll order me another set of the Weber skewers so I have a complete 12 skewer set.   10 skewers loaded loaded up with chicken. Note the different color sweet peppers loaded at the front and back. That serves 2 purposes. 1, keeps the chicken off the walls of the Konro and 2, color codes what type of marinade is on each skewer. Orange pepper skewers is the butcher shops house teriyaki marinade. Yellow pepper skewers are a mystery Japanese marinade. Why a mystery marinade you ask? Because I can't read Japanese so I don't know exactly what was in that pouch from my refrigerator. Tasted pretty good so I went for it.  Here they are sizzling away. Skewers stick over just enough so I can turn and move them around without a hot mitt. 
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    I have had this toy for sometime now but never used it until today. It is a julienne peeler and I made potato sticks with it. Worked like a charm.
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    The reality is - - - any excuse to play with the Konro is good enough for me and this was a really tasty excuse. (sorry for the sort of crappy pictures) I took left over prime grade PR (from Christmas) and cubed it up.  I marinated it in A1 Steak Sauce for about an hour then loaded up on my awesome 1/4 turn skewers along with some sweet pepper pieces.   I had the Konro grill running hot so they only got 60 seconds per 1/4 turn. That gave them a little extra crust and warmed them up without cooking them too much. As leftovers these were really tasty and done just md. That my friends is how you do leftovers - and as a bonus I got to play with the Konro. 
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    Wonderful to have a working gasket again, see smoke curling out the top as it should, see the Guru stay locked on to the nearest degree. A cold morning, and I want a stronger smoke profile, for 50 people sampling brisket along with lots of other food. So I give my two quart smoke pot (filled with hickory chips) a turbo start on my Solo Stove Campfire. Or perhaps I just like starting fires.
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    For Christmas I did a Rotisserie PR using @keeperovdeflame's method. 250* with no sear. Turned out fantastic and still had a nice crust even without a sear. I started with a small bone in USDA Prime Grade rib roast that had the bones partially cut off and tied back on. It's always a bit scarey cooking a really expensive cut of meat especially when trying a new method but I trust keepers advice so I carried on with the plan.  I tied it with a couple more strings mainly to get it a more uniform shape. I used A1 Thick and Zesty steak sauce as a binder then rubbed it down.   Here it is loaded into the rotisserie basket. You can see the Meater + probe sticking out of the roast.  Happily spinning away in the 19" KK at 250*. This was the lowest temp I've ever run the rotisserie. You can see my semi indirect sizzle diffuser down below the roast. The Meater + worked really well. This was the exact application that drove me to fund the kickstarter. Once it goes for a while the time remaining algorithm was spot on. This allowed for really easy timing of when to put the side dishes on. Did a few side dishes on the Primo Oval Jr and 16" KK. Yup everyone needs more than one kamado. Not the best money shot but it came out perfect and tasted fantastic. This will be my goto method for PR going forward. Thank you keeper for excellent advice. 
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    Quite some time ago I made some chicken sausages and decided it was time to cook up a batch as well used the air fryer to do baked potatoes. Also did a squash. That is tarragon mustard on the sausage.
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    Porter Road Beef Tenderloin - reverse seared. I started it at 230 on the Komodo and cooked it to about 110-115 in the center. Seared it on the EVO. Also a mushroom garlic/shallot saute, horseradish sauce, asparagus, salad, potatoes, and shrimp. Tom Collins to help with digestion. Cheers.
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    Merry Christmas everyone done another ham this year over cherry .the star of the show..removed the rind..and gave it a rub of a brown sugar ,cinnamon, nutmeg,all spice and cloves mixture..ready to go on..on it goes..I mixed up some orange marmalaide, cointreau and rum for the glaze... Looking good..got it up to 140f after the rest.... Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Hey there KK friends. It has been a great year, getting to know you and my KKs. Thank you for being here, a constant in a weird and changing world. Have a great Christmas season and New Year. Much love.
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    A Friend in my condo flew back from San Diego yesterday and brought me some tortillas: I had to fill them with something obviously! I don’t think we will be going to the local Mexican any more! kK win! My Friend said he could smell it from the street: how Long can I keep getting away with a smoker in my condo: time will tell but I will enjoy it till then! Can’t wait to do a brisket in a few weeks when I get back from travel.
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    Thanks for this recipe. Tried it out with Apache potatoes last night. Cut the cooking times because these potatoes cook more quickly than others. I took @BalconySmoken's advice re: salting: Covered them in goose fat for the roasting phase. Didn't have bacon to hand so wrapped in proscuitto once cooked. Added a bit of creamy Gorgonzola for good measure. Delicious!
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    I spun another chicken at the end of last week, the chicken and pumpkin in the same basket works really well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NYE bone in Prime Rib on the rotisserie. Homemade rub of ground coriander, celery seeds, lots of fresh black pepper, granulated roasted garlic, and kosher salt. A good rubdown and rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. Tried Charles' method - 250F indirect with the infrared deflector, didn't use the smoker pot, just tossed some chips and pellets of mesquite and pecan onto the coals. Here's a tip, toss the pellets in AFTER you put the rotisserie basket in the grill!!! I got a nice lung full of smoke!! You can see the MEATER sticking out. Wanted to use the +, but the battery had died so it wasn't charged. You should have hear the cussing after 3 attempts to get it to synch up in the grill (see above comment about lungs filled with smoke!) Pulled off at 125F IT and rested for 15 minutes. Perfect Medium Rare! Plated with some nice rosemary roasted potatoes and more Greek Salad. Nice homemade horseradish sauce and an aus jus that was TDF!! A nice 2013 Bonny Doon Cigare Volant completes the very nice dinner.
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    Thinking about summer and south of the border. Preview of the ODK; 98% finished. Just have a small bit of stonework and some trim around the backsplash and bar. Made some flour tortillas this afternoon and tacos tonight. Some chicken for the chicken tacos Red snapper taco on the left; chicken on the right:
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    Did an egg roll-up this morning with grated cheese, spring onions and sliced cooked chicken sausage. Served with KK bacon and sour cherry jam on homemade sourdough bread.
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    Title sums it up. Slow smoked reverse seared salt and pepper. Merry Christmas all.
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    I just found this it's you for sure .. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Potato Scallop and Meatloaf for dinner tonight.
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    How about a little porter road back bacon and pancakes to start your day?
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    Well I took the prime rib out;the temp probe said it was 135 but when I took the temp with thermopin it said 90 so back in it goes. I’ll let you know when it’s done