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    This is my new NuKe Delta Argentine style grill. 26" x 21" adjustable height main grate with a side Brasero (firebox). Here is the progression of the install.   It came with a cover, ash shovel, coal rake and steel griddle that sits above the side Brasero (firebox). I also bought a porcelain coated CI pan for makeing fried provolone. To fire it up I have a bin of sticks from the yard for kindling and Post Oak sorted by size.  I decided to fire the main area and the Brasero. I stacked the wood similar to what I do in the Wood Fired Oven. I fired the Brasero first immediately followed by the main area. I sit the MAPP torch down and let it go for 30 - 60 seconds.   After a few minutes it's well underway.  Up first was the fried provolone appetizer. Thick slice of provolone, black pepper (purple crack berries) and dried oregano with a drizzle of olive oil. Pulled some coals off to the side and cooked for 6 minutes. That was mighty tasty - Yum. An expensive little pan but it worked really well and is the perfect size. I guess we'll call these smash potatoes on the steel griddle. A flat iron steak. A nice md rare served with homemade chimichuri sauce. Mrs skreef really liked the chimichuri sauce. I slightly miss managed the fire in the end but still came out great. Awesome grill but a small learning curve for sure. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
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    I watched a series about tacos on Netflix and got the taste for some. The pork went on at 4.30 this morning and I made a batch of tortillas this evening so they were nice and fresh, everything was good except for the bottles taco sauce / salsa, that’s getting made from scratch next time too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here we go, doctored up a centre cut piece of pork loin with granulated garlic, lots of black pepper and some smoked paprika for this special cook. On to spin with some apple smoke. Done. It was juicy. Plated. Then I realized I had forgotten to plate the spinach. and where is the salad dressing? Back to the fridge. The Meater worked perfectly. It is so nice to see how the spin is going without opening the lid. BTW, Bruce this cook is for you.
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    We had a Steak Bonanza yesterday 3 Bone-In Wagyu NY Strip around 800 Gram a piece and 3 Dry Ages Irish Hereford Thomahawk Rib-Eyes ...... Yummi!
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    I know you didn't think I was talking about a nice house or piece of property. Grill Grates makes my NuKe Delta a really nice piece of grilling real estate.   Custom cut to length they fit perfectly. The way I configured them you can go full Grill Grates or 1/2 Grill Grates and 1/2 regular grate depending on what I want to cook.
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    I saw a piece of brisket in the store the other day, it's a rare thing to see brisket so I thought I'd pickup a package. It weighed just under 2 pounds. Rubbed with Worcestershire and sprinkled on lots of pepper, cayenne and granulated garlic. Let it sit overnight. Setup my very old Digi Q for a cook at 225F. It ran for 12 hours and the IT was only 172F at 12:30AM. I took it off the KK. h Had a couple of slices before going to bed. Flavour was great although the meat was a little drier than I expected. It has that flavour that take one bite and you want another and another. No bacon for this breakfast, brisket all the way.
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    Mrs skreef is a pickup truck, country gal. When I came home almost 2 years ago with a brand new Nissan Rogue she wasn't really thrilled. For almost 2 years I listened to her whining about the car. Last weekend we took the Rogue for an oil change. Instead of an oil change we came home with a brand new Nissan Titan V8 4x4. It's a full size 4 door pickup truck with a short bed. Really big on the inside and a very comfortable ride. Mrs skreef is very pleased with this purchase.  The world has a saying, "Happy wife, happy life." I have my own version of that saying, "Happy wife, time for another grill!!!"  So with that thought in mind we took the new truck to Lowes and got a few more pavers. Let the new grill project begin. Will post a detailed thread as progress is made and the new grill arrives. Hopefully I'll order it this weekend. 
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    Ok, ok. For the first cook ever on the 42” Komodo Kamado I decided to make some baby back ribs as I was craving them. I seasoned with Meat Church Honey Hog & Honey Hog Hot, then slathered them with AlbuKirky Duke City Sweet sauce. Let me tell you what; finger licking good! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am so happy with my new rear grate on the 23. I have now set up this KK semi-permanently with a half load of charcoal in the front so I can either cook indirect on the rear grate or rotisserie with ease. I have had problems cooking pork in the past. A thin drip tray over the coals never held enough water to stop the smoke from the dripping fat for long and it was difficult to manoeuvre, filled with water. Today I set a pork shoulder to smoke on the rear grate, over a pan of water with smoke pot at the front. Smoked over apple and alder. It tasted great.
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    Cold and wet down here needed something hearty for Dinner Lamb shanks it is. .ready to go over black cherry..Wow yum..plated over some sweet potato. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Two miles from my home unbeknownst to me a Sausage factory exists, a small house you would pass on this country road if you weren't looking. Set aside of it was a large shed occupying the business end and I stopped in and picked a provolone basil sausage to go along with a Sockeye salmon I chose at another market. The woman inside had various flavors of sausages and was in business since 1986. She was presently cooking ribs on a 250 Gallon old oil tank outside of the shed and that was split to open having an attached wood stove vented in. The cooker was covered by a nice old large shed roof with a detachable assembly for the the smoke stack. She offered a Sweet Italian sausage with stewed tomatoes but was all out, tomorrow we'll return to purchase that item. Didn't have my camera to shoot the cooker but tomorrow I'll remember and post it's unique figure. Her Dad started the business, she keeps it going. Two miles as the crow flies, 5 miles through winding roads for me, that is why I never found it.
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    The end DSCF2412_Large.mp4
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    Got a nice slab of ribs .. .and gave them some mojho lime. . Ready to go.. On they go over apple.. Looking good... After a rest. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    It's a little overwhelming compared to my 23, I'm doing the burn in Thursday
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    It can be quite windy around here so I thought a heat shield was in order. A friend on mine whipped this stainless L shaped one and I can flip it over depending on if the wind is coming from the left or right. This is heavy duty stainless steel and it will not be flopping around. I added a small fist full of hickory pellets, maybe too much. These potatoes were already boiled. Done, it took about 20-25 mins. Plated.
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    The wife went to the store and bought 4lbs of Cod, I like Cod but 4lbs is um, a bit. Fired up the KK to around 300+ and placed the tray in to cook. Used the Rub some Fish and a little Old Bay on them with a good addition of stuffing over the top. Tow sides, one baked was Acorn squash with basil, celery salt and dry chipped onion wrapped in foil at 300. Spinach with caramelized onion was the other. Checked the freezer for old forgotten fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,no luck Mac.
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    It might be hot but never too hot for a hot rib dinner. I boiled the potatoes first then rubbed with butter and sprinkled on some granulated garlic, Zanzibar Pepper, Egyptian Basil and Silk Chili. Next I put them in the airfryer at 350F for about 12 mins.
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    Dinner is served! I only sauced the upper 2/3 of the rack. Grilled indirect @ 275F, with the smoker pot loaded with hickory, peach and apple chunks.
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    I guess there is a new Sheriff in town.. LOL
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    As a kid on a family camping trip, I fashioned a slingshot, and went foraging in the woods for suitable projectiles. I found an inexhaustible supply of perfectly formed pellets. I was briefly chagrined when my Dad identified them. If memory serves me right, though, I kept using them. The traditional diet of hare in the south of France (where it is now 45 C) is wild-grown Herbes de Provence. They would be spectacular in a pellet smoker.
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    I promise this is the last cheese burger for a little while, but they are so good, impossible to pass up, so I didn't.
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    So I picked up my new grill just after 1.30pm from the warehouse. Was a decent sized depot so I didn't have to back up the trailer...phew. strapped it down then headed back towards Gympie where I'll be staying for the night. Weather forecast for tomorrow is showers, so I packed in a Tarpaulin to cover my precious cargo. Early rise tomorrow so I can get home. It's been a long day.
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    Saturday was this year's fabulous Pink Flamingo dinner. Appetizer was a salmon mousse, with house cold smoked salmon, with beet crackers. First course is always shrimp (Flamingo's favorite food!) cooked on the pink hibachi grill. This year I tried a new trick to get pink pasta - I cooked it in red wine. Had some color, but still searching for the perfect technique. Shrimp was marinated in ponzu and the pasta sauce was a black and roasted garlic butter sauce. Main course was grilled Flamingo (chicken thighs marinated in Alabama White Sauce with a bit of Uncle Dougie's wing marinade tossed in for the color.) I did manage to get a shot of them on the grill. A bit fuzzy on this shot - was running back and forth between the indoor kitchen and outside. Plated with Madagascar Pink Rice. Dessert was homemade strawberry ice cream, with Pink Flamingo sugar cookies. Still packing away all the decorations and stuff until next year's dinner!
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    I'm falling in love with the meat from Porter Road. Tonight I did the Denver Steak. It was even better than the Bavette that I did the other night. Can't wait to try the Picanha that I bought for an upcoming Argentine dinner party! Cooked indirect on the lower grate with a mesquite chunk. Veggie kabobs on the half-grate. Dome at 350F. Plated with chimichurri sauce and a side of cheesy polenta (parmesan, black pepper boursin, and a splash of white truffle oil). Kebabs were drizzled with a nice aged balsamic vinegar!
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    Trying out the new cocochar on a SRF American Waygu beef rib rack ..... (had a pork belly in the freezer so threw that on there too with Byron Butt Rub)
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    Decided to give the folks at Porter Road meats a try after reading about them. https://porterroad.com/ I like how they do the unusual cuts, so I decided to try a Bavette steak. They recommend a hot direct grill until medium. I tossed on some coffee wood chunks and cooked it on the lower grill. Dome was reading about 400F. They recommended serving it with a chimichurri sauce - twist my arm on that one! I had also cooked an ear of corn on the half main grate before tossing on the steak. Served along with some mushrooms and a side salad and a nice Pinot Noir. Next up on the menu will be their Denver Steak.
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    Looking good, @alimac23! I've been out of commission the past week and a half or so and unable to fire up the KK. This eve, I finally put the roti and the new Meater Block to work. Simple S&P for one bird. The other got the Bexton's Mango Habenero treatment. So easy. So good. One question on technique. I piled the coals towards the rear of the 32 and lit 2 spots - one to the left and one t the right. The right took off better than the left and as a result, one bird was ready well before the other. Should I have simply lit a single spot in the middle? I've got my heart set on some beef tomorrow. @tekobo's thread on aged meats got me all excited! If I can get my act together, I'll throw a little sous vide octopus on for a starter. Nothing like making up for lost time!
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    I had two thighs left over from my Cornell chook cook that were still marinating .decided to ark up Jr..Looking good..Ready to go. .and plated with a side of kale sweet potato and feta. . Yum the longer this marinates the more moreish they become. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    We exposed my son to lobster at too young an age and continue to PAY for it. Of course 22nd birthday request was LOBSTER AND STEAK. you cannot beat the kk 2 zone cooking.
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    I've tried a few different versions of fried provolone over the last few days. I've come up with what I think is the ultimate version. Fried Provolone with sun dried tomatoes and Italian herbs. @MacKenzie do you recognize that small grate. I've found a few different uses for that grate.
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    Yep - this is the one from San Francisco
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    I finally found a source for beef plate ribs and they are prime! Started the grill at 0600 this morning and put the ribs on at 0800 cruising along about 275. 2 racks about 4 lbs each. Dusted them with a couple of different dizzy pig rubs. Pulled when they hit about 200 about 5 hours in. Happy 4th of July everybody.
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    Thanks for the welcome - Both BGE and Primo are in Atlanta, a 10 min drive to either for me . . . not the most obvious choice to switch to KK. Having Dennis call with answers less than a day after emailing questions has helped. The ramp was scary, but did the job pretty much as expected 😜 The alternatives were a 40 ton crane parked in the drive to lift it over the house or building a ramp 2.5x as long in the backyard to get it to deck height. There are some things I might do differently (video, take the lid off!) but hope to never do that again! Here are the first low and slow cook pictures. Put the shoulder on last night at 11 and added the ribs this morning at 630. So far so good . . . . Cheers!
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    Started Canada Day off with a special breakfast. A special lunch was required. A special drink is in order.
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    I built this shelter for my KK and offset trailer to shelter them but, that idea became a shadow of the past as my desired area became a thought for my wife's new propane fire pit. Now don't worry gentlemen, as soon as the weather changes I'll move those heavy BBQ pieces into position and all will be complete, done, written and composed, never to be repeated or moved, almost certain, you now what I mean, just be sure she's out shopping when you do the deed. Well, I've seen so many nice structures built and posted here I thought my small whimzical rendition may apply in it's setting for consideration as a thought. The structure and floor took two weeks to build and came in at around 1K and it took that long because I'm older than the wood I was laying down. The forested background and distance from the house said, "make it simple." I do believe it's a nice spot to toss a few back, thought of Steve as I remember he liked the afternoon cordial so much. Now to Steve and too all the others that have spent so much to get there areas together and make the journey, your show pieces are magnificent..........I'd have done the same except for two reasons.......that woulda taken 6 weeks of WORK,,,,,,,,,,,,, and besides will be moving to Florida sometime soon enough?
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    Sorry Ckreef' My daughter had her Wedding shower. just wanted to say I did 7 racks of BB Ribs today. 5 on the KK and two on the Primo. I like my Primo xl but the KK won hands down today, fully loaded with 5 big thick BBacks korean style. Definitely my go to for ribs and other things but it made the day,,,,,,, 40 women..my name was garcon. Pictures..forgive me, thought of it, when I did, I was too busy. With 5 ribs on the rib rack the moisture retention inside kept the cook comfortable, and the temp stayed at 230 -240 all day, long cook but, I provided the time. OK, just another goood cook. I do believe it's time too rest. Goodnite
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    Last night was pizza night, supposed to bake on the KK but due to circumstances beyond my control the bake was late so IDK stove came to the rescue. I really wanted to try the Egyptian Basil that I bought from Burlap & Barrel Spice company on a pizza. I love this spice on other things and thought it would be extra special on a pizza. I just add some of the basil to warn tomato sauce and let it sit while I was getting things ready, added a little of their Mediterranean Coriander too. Loaded pizza, those are Shiatsu peppers on the pizza. Baked @ 500F for 10 mins. I will for sure be making this pizza again.
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    The grill arrived at about 2 pm. I got it uncrated and basically put together and in place. Then work called and off to a special project I had to go. So much for my 1/2 day off work. Anyway I snapped a couple sneak preview pictures. Will do a proper thread later this weekend. Lined with firebricks. The grate moves up and down with a lever/wheel arrangement. You can see the handle for the lever in the bottom left corner. Has a side brasero (firebox) and a warming/storage area (middle handle). Just the right size for me and Mrs skreef and the limited guests we might have. Full length cover.
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    23" Main grate sitting on 32" main grate without handles The vertical line is the center support on the 32" grate
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    Nicely done, MacKenzie! Both the cabinet and the burger (sans beets, thank you!) Rainy here off/on all weekend, but I did manage to get in a few nice cooks. Sirloin with 2x Baked spud and corn on Saturday. Yesterday, it was beef ribs, melting potatoes and corn. I rubbed one of the boneless ribs with Suya and the other got coffee/ancho rub. Both were great.
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    A quick lunch today as I'm busy with my carpenter making a vacuum sealer stand/shelving unit. It was a terrible day with lots and lots of rain, temp. about 15 C and mosquitoes by the hoards. Made the buns the yesterday and also cooked the patties yesterday so it really did make for a very quick lunch. Shelving unit is done except I have the sanding and finishing to do.
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    Inspired by a recent Fogo vid, I tried my hand some grilled octopus. No pounding to tenderize or worries about over-cooking - just nice sous vide bath, an overnight marinade, and a few short minutes on the KK. Boom! A tasty meal for a Monday night after a day at the office. One afterthought - I imagine that if it weren't for the extra space taken up by the lemons and tomatoes, this would have been perfect for a konro (sorry Mac!). I say "imagine" because I don't have one but am verrrry intrigued....
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    Skip the seafood kebabs. Actually sounds like lots of fun and great eats.
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    Got some beef ribs going with some Gunpowder over black cherry. .. tony b sent me a Cornell chook recipe. . Thought I would give it a try. I used flakey Himalayan salt and purple crack. ... Ready for tomorrow. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    I did the burn in today, no bubbling and only 1 small white spot. It burned @ 550 to 575 for 8 hours and half the basket of charcoal wasn't even lit! Here is the first cook
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    So I can’t post videos directly on here huh? That’s a bit of a bummer. I made a comparable video to the hotdog pic on the other 42 that’s on Instagram. Maybe I can link that below. EDIT: Looks like it worked. http:// Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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