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    2019 Best Value Award from AmazingRibs.com, "Platinum Medal = *****. Our highest award, given only to the very best values in a price category, our strongest buy recommendation." Now 6 years running Best Value or Best Luxury Grill.. Thanks for the recognition Meathead!
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    Nice cowboy ribeye for dinner last night. Sous vide @ 130F for 2 1/2 hours, then onto the sear grate to finish. Pecan and Post Oak. Did a simple cheese and asparagus tart to go with it. Plated with a nice cold iceberg lettuce salad with bacon, tomatoes and blue cheese, paired with a lovely 2013 SLV Fay cab. And gotta have shrooms on the steak! But what to do with leftover asparagus tart?? Sous vide poached eggs on top for Easter brunch with a heavy dose of purple crack! Happy Bunny Day, ya'll!
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    Fusion Madness challenge cook. Japanese flavored Shrimp and veggies cooked on a Konro grill handmade in Japan. Basic scampi cooked on a Komodo Kamado grill handmade in Indonesia. The basic ingredients.     Some basic prep work. Ginger and garlic marinated shrimp. Snow Peas seasoned with a Japanese pepper mix.   Grilling the shrimp and snow peas on the Japanese Konro grill.     Basic scampi cooking on the Komodo Kamado. This is the first time I've pan cooked pasta like this.    Dinner is served.
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    Can't believe it's already been two years since I shipped a container of charcoal.. We shipped a container yesterday.. I could not be more pleased. ETA CA . June 15th So that's two containers on the way.. One coco char and the other coffee lump.
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    Did this turbo..350°, took 2.75 hrs for a 12lb brisket, cooked to 170° internal, wrapped in butcher paper, then went to 202°. I separated the muscles, wrapped the flat in foil and towel. The burnt ends took another two hours to render. I’m convinced about the turbo method.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Piri piri chicken tonight from the food safari fire book, I haven’t done made this in a long time but I really enjoy it when I do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spun a small beef roast over veg.made up a nice batch..gave the beef some rub...on it goes ..looking good..veggies are ready. .after a rest. . And carved.. Plated looks simple as but tasted 5 star. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Had to spin some more wings .let them marinade in some buffalo sauce then sprinkled with pine apple head. plated with some salad and chips ....... Yum. Looks like Aussie Ora signed in with an alias lol Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    First use of the new warming grate for the 23. I wanted to put it through its paces to see if this new grate would turn the 23 into a true two zone machine similar to my 32 with its half main. Started with the basket splitter and the warming grate. Put some sweet potatoes directly on the coals while monitoring the temp on the indirect side with the warming grate. A bit later, I removed the warming grate, added a chunk of pecan, and inserted the sear grate. Put on some ribeyes for a reverse sear, starting them on the warming grate the same way I would use the half main in my 32. Moved the sweet potatoes to the rear of the lower grate to finish cooking. Just admiring the view on this fine spring day with a wee bit of thin blue pecan smoke. The ribeyes are almost up to temp. Plenty of room for them and the sweet potatoes while I cranked open the vents for the sear. Almost there... The big moment. Boom! Top with some blue cheese chive butter and a side of baby brussels. The verdict: This fancy new warming grate has brought one of the best features of the 32 to the 23. Super easy and flexible two-zone grilling. Highly recommend it for anyone on the fence about buying one of these things.
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    I did my first whole hog cook. I used jealous devil charcoal with oak,hickory, and cherry wood chunks. I cooked at 250° for 6 hours. It came out perfect !!
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    Felt a little intimidated at first, but pizzas are one of the easiest things to do on the Komodo. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Sliced after resting
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    As promised, pics of the final event. Slow roasted lamb shoulder with Yorkshire pudding and roast veggies. As usual, the KK performed flawlessly. http:// Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It shouldn't be a surprise but first up Brisket was well above expectations. Cooked for 4.5hours up to 165 then a further 3.3 hours up to 202. hardest part was trimming as I’d not done that before. A big tick for the KK again
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    I thought I would try out soufflé on the KK and wondered how best to do it. As usual, if you look, someone, somewhere on the forum will have done what you are trying to do and will have documented it for your reading pleasure. Unusually, there was only one post. This one: @dstr8is an excellent reference and I don't have much to add. As I start with my soufflé experiments, it would be good to know if others have tried soufflé out in their KKs. Here is my first attempt. It was made with a sweet white miso base. I put them in the KK on a cold cast iron tray to avoid burning up the bottoms. They came out well after 13 minutes in the KK. I like how the reflected heat from the dome gave the soufflés a gently browned top. Might cook for slightly less time next time and I need to work at getting a more even rise. Will try running knife round the inside of each filled pot to see if that helps.
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    I have a Milwaukee shop blower, and I know that if I blast air across the damper top crack I can crank up the fire from the vacuum.. If I have too much ash and am concerned about stirring it up by blowing down into the base or thru the Guru port I use the dome vacuum technique.. I'm impatient and love my Milwaukee shop blower to expedite my burn..
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    I took delivery of my Kamado in January, but was finally able to place the BBQ this weekend. Now I just need the pool to be finished. I can't wait to fire it up.
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    Another round with the KK23 warming grate. Wanted to see if I could put my Weber grill pan down in the hole whilst simmering some brats in beer. Answer: YUP! The brick and inset pan are for displacement. Once the onions are ready, move them to the pan on the warming grate whilst searing up the brats. Brats are from our local Farmers' Market, seriously delicious, if a bit uneven in size. The big’n is mine! Done! On a bun with a bit of grainy mustard. Yum!
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    YEP!! Got a KK32 in cobalt blue tile ordered. Can't wait to get it.
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    My add-on for tonight - Celebration steak dinner. I won 1st Place in Best of Show in a sanctioned homebrew competition today. Also took a 3rd Place in Best of Show for another beer. So, it was a very good day!! Costco Prime Ribeye Cap with blue cheese mushroom sauce, melting potatoes cooked in duck fat and a nice Greek salad. A simple nice red wine, as I had sampled a few of the beers after the judging. We call it "Drinking the losers!"
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    I got some great meaty free range Pork ribs .. . Gave them some purple crack on the bottom and a mixture of white lightning and red eye express on top.. On they go over some black cherry wood. . Looking good. . After a rest .. . Carved them up.. And plated yum. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    You just know that I had to test that bacon for breakfast. I have enough bacon to last until the next batch of cold weather in the fall.
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    You have to try this lasagna recipe. Celeriac is a root vegetable that is relatively low in carbohydrate and here I was able to replace pasta and flour with celeriac to make a gluten free lasagna. I used this vegetarian recipe (https://thepassionatecook.typepad.com/thepassionatecook/2004/06/celeriac_lasagn.html) for inspiration but added in the usual mince in tomato sauce to make this super tasty meat version. First the ugly bit. You can buy nice pretty celeriac from supermarkets but I had a couple left over, still growing in the garden, from the batch I planted last summer. I had run out of ideas about how to use them when I thought about lasagna and went searching on the internet for a recipe. So, here is my rather sad looking over wintered celeriac. Reminded me of the grandad on the Simpsons. Cleaned up. Sorry, didn't photograph this stage properly but, having cut the clean central lump into a rectangle, I cubed the offcuts and put them in to boil. I sliced the rectangle into lasagna "sheets" using a mandolin. Here is the lasagna with layers of mince and sliced celeriac. And this is a magical stage. The Husband whizzed up the boiled chunks in the Vitamix with cream and nutmeg. It made a beautiful smooth spread that looked and tasted just like bechamel. Baked for about half an hour with cheese on top. Super delicious and much lighter to eat than a traditional pasta lasagna. Don't tell nonna!
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    I was so hungry and could have gone back for seconds.
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    Heylo Lance, If you are talking about "Grilling" direct heat cooking.. What better grills contribute is ease of getting those results. A skilled cook can "grill" over a charcoal starter and with the same meat get similar results.. The quality of the actual steak you are using has more to do with the results as long as you don't over or under cook them.. Yes KK's 3/8" SS grates will give you superior grate marks on our meat. The egg's lil' wire grates cool off quickly when you throw on your steak. And yes as people said above the choice of three distances to grill from is nice. BUT with Low and Slow the results are DEFINITELY BETTER High quality insulation reduces airflow this creates better barbecue. Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow, if you can burn less fuel to maintain your cooking temperature, you will have less airflow, less evaporation and Bingo.. more retained moisture in your meat. Reduced airflow also gives you more smoking Q flavor. Condensation is how the charcoal's organic vapor/smoke is transferred to your meat. Common sense would dictate that more retention time (from the reduced airflow) gives more opportunity for this vapor to condense on your meat and therefore you have more smoke flavor on your Q too.. So more retained moisture and more charcoal/smoke flavor.. I'd say that's better barbecue. And with roasting.. the results are DEFINITELY BETTER too.. Remember when convection ovens came out and chefs were ranting about how meat roasted in these ovens was better. Cooked faster, more uniformly.. the food was juicier and moew tender? Well the KK has 5 times the volume of hot-face that gets heat soaked and radiates heat to uniformly cook your food from all directions.. not just heat from the charcoal traveling past your food out the chimney. This gives you more uniform roasting. Round ceramic grills also have a donut hole dead center over your grate. The KK's chimney is in the rear, 80% of the upper grate has the same distance from the grate to the grill's ceiling.. Great for browning and baking.. Just look at photos of roasted chicken on this forum, always surprises me how much more moist KK chickens are. So grilling.. easier and more user friendly but results not necessarily obviously better but these other cooks will be noticeably Better..
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    Okay...attempt number two with The pan with no holes. It went really smooth. I had to cover the pizza with foil at twenty minute mark as my grill went up towards 500. Other than that no issues. Came right out of pan and outside had a nice crunch to it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coffee Lump Container loaded.. OTW!
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    Waited out the thunderstorm and did a quick chicken cook for dinner. Dragon sauce bbq chicken with grilled asparagus and a side pasta with Bomba sauce, artichoke hearts, boursin cheese (to kill some of the heat from the Bomba) and finished off with parm, scallions and parsley. Even with the all the cheese, it was still pretty damn spicy! Direct @ 375F with cherry wood. Plated.
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    Another chicken burger with fries.
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    Pizza night ribs and sausages .. .with some garlic bread. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Peruvian’ish Dizzy Chook underway. Made a marinade of lime juice, garlic, soy sauce, and olive oil. Let that sit under the skin for an hour, then a heavy coat of Dizzy Pig Peruvianish. Spinning with a bit of apple wood. To be served with a homemade spicy mayo.
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    Did two pork cooks today. Pork Loin "Reuben" from Steven Raichlen's Project Fire book. Boneless pork chop w/ spicy Asian marinade. look good, have not tasted them yet.
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    I recently did another attempt at deep dish. I mostly followed real deep dish and used about 15% more dough so it fit properly in the lloyds 12” pan. I used all corn oil this time. It came right out of the pan and the crust had a great flaky consistency. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoked two pieces of cured pork belly this morning, letting it cool for slicing later. The second piece. I put both on the KK at the same time but one finished well before the other. Here is the second piece.
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    So nearly a year after I started the outdoor kitchen, I'm calling the construction done. I finished up the trim about a week ago and the electrician came today to finish the remaining outlets. This will be a pic heavy post! This is the sink and bar area. The sink is huge and large enough to soak a grill grate. Sliding the refrigerator in today was very satisfying. Here are some shots of the backsplash. One piece that runs the length of the bar with all inlaid features. I can't even remember how many individual steps were involved. Warming drawer and storage for the griddle supplies: Area behind the KK has nice copper tiles that no one will ever see: Also behind the KK - inlaid kk logo: More inlay near the drop in cooler Trash chute with a cutting board on top that is prett functional: Some good storage throughout including under the griddle for kk accessories And the first Mai Tai of the season
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    Pork shouder roast .Yum Pork on a layer of onion and red and white wine. . Sliced.. And plated.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Yup. That’s how I wound up with this screen name. Joined a forum and had to choose a name, so looked at my bookshelf and there was Moby Dick. Queequeg? Nah. Starbuck? Sounds too much like bad coffee. Pequod! Ahab’s ship! Adrift in search of a great white whale. Sounds about right.
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    Spun another chook for lunch on Friday, I’m loving the rotisserie! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh to be a woman and just order what you like.
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    Placed an order with Dennis in February and needless to say i’m Very excited to soon be receiving my 32” BB KK. I’ve been a cook pretty much my whole life, not professionally.... just a great hobbie. I’ve also been a home brewer for over 26 years as well. For grilling I’ve been cooking on charcoal, gas and recently added a Cookshack PG500 (Pellet grill) to the arsenal. I also have been dabblining in SV cooking for a couple of years now. I have been reading the forum extensively looking for ideas and tips so I can hit the ground running once my KK arrives. I’m fortunate enough to have recently retired and this is the present I bought for myself so with the extra time I look forward to creating great meals for family and friends. I was going to wait to join the forum until after my KK arrived but decided to start now so I can chime in and start asking questions etc. I’m looking forward to meeting with the great people who take time to help out us newbies. All the best, Paul PS - I’ll be keeping this grill at our vacation home in Northern Wisconsin. We call our up north place “Puravidaville” and therefore the natural name for our grill will be “Puravida-Grill”!!! (My wife says I have a Grill fetish......I think she’s right!)
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    My Daughter got to choose dinner - I was satisfied with her choice! I may have mentioned this before, meat is outrageously expensive and simply insane when you go to the best butcher for the ribs! Bloody good but I won’t be doing that again for a while. Ribs cooked before glazing home made sauce ready to go from last batch dinner is served and although Jazzy wants some ~ no ribs for her! She wasn’t impressed
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    Have not made these in ages. Got some ingredients together to fry up ..bacon ready..Mixed the burger mince with this..Ready to stuff.. .On they go..Looking good..and plated over a bed of mash yum. . Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    I have been travelling for about a month, and last night the girls went to see Ed Sheeran at the last minute which meant I was home alone. What better way to enjoy the peace by grilling some chicken I had in the fridge alongside some asparagus/sweat potato/tomato/kale salad (with some ginger/garlic/soy/sesame/honey salad dressing I concocted). simple but delicious ~ fridge foraged dinners are always surprising
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    Sounds a bit drastic, can't you just buy more imodium?
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    I slow cooked a leg of lamb on the KK on Saturday and thought I’d make Shepard’s pie tonight to use up the leftovers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here we go with the arctic char and a few sardines as appetizers. Delicious!
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    Just a couple of cooks lamb shanks and kebarbs. .. .. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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