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    Cooked some baby backs , chicken , and hatch green chili pork sausage last night. Setup the KK 23" with KJ Big Block and sassafras wood ( great with pork and chicken ). Cooked the ribs and chicken for 5 hours naked no wrap and threw the sausage on the last 2 hours. Coated everything with a combo of BBQ sauce , butter , and honey the final 30 minutes. Everything came out great especially the chicken moist and falling off the bone.
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    We’ll being sort of locked up these days I decided to spend the day cooking. While the KK was not included in this cook I thought I would still share with the forum. I was speaking with my 90 year old Uncle and he shared with me a simple salsa recipe his mom used to make when he was a kid. Being the proud owner of a pig like Mocajete I decided to make the fresh Salsa like Grandma...Simply a roasted tomato, garlic, banana pepper, green onion, cilantro and salt. Next up was a kettle of home made pork with Mole tamales....probably about 100 of these and in the final pic a plated traditional Mexican fare.......Tamales, Frijoles y arroz!
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    Got a break in the rain and managed to unbox it will cover it for the night and work on it again tomorrow. It is so beautiful in person
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    Well folks, I don't know where you are, but here in Denver we are on pretty strict lock-down and self quarantine. My Fitness Center and my Tennis Club are closed for at least the next 60 (probably 90, maybe more) days. We are in self--imposed house arrest, rapidly discovering which liquor stores deliver and how to use Instacart. But you know, since you can't sit on the porch and have a glass of wine with your friends and neighbors, you still want to reach out and have some sense of communion and community. And you have to DO SOMETHING with your time, right? So, okay, today I made babyback ribs and sauce for all my neighbors up and down the streets: it gave me something to do between noon and 6PM, and I have a half-dozen or so very appreciative friends and neighbors. So I don't consider barbecue a solo sport or activity, and maybe in these trying times your friends and neighbors would appreciate reaching out with the gift of smoked meat and such. The before and after, shown below. Also my "mother" bbq sauce recipe- I never make this exactly the same way twice, but this is the base I start with. Johnny Harris BBQ sauce- Jim's version Feb 2007.doc
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    Made a couple of pork butts yesterday. I didn’t season the one on the right at all as I wanted to try one with simply smoke flavoring, and also will add it to my pups kibble for meals. I couldn’t believe how tasty it was simply being smoked over hickory for 13 hours; I may do this more often. The butt on the left was seasoned with Tennessee Mojo and was delicious to say the least. Can’t wait to try out this rub more. It had a nice little kick to it. This pic was taken a few hours before the cook was completed. The color was remarkable as was the flavor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Strung two fresh elk tenderloins together with twine and smoked it. Iron Skillet sear after and here are the medallions. Was fantastic.
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    Grilled a Japanese A5 Wagyu ribeye tonight. It tasted great off of the the 32BB KK. I did a little cook based upon one of my favorite meals when I worked in Japan. Pasteurized egg yolk, rare steak, and mushrooms. Nothing went to waste from the A5.
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    Two 40' Containers of Charcoal Scheduled!!! I have a container of CocoChar loaded last week, had to send it from a different port in Java to get around the freight issues but it looks like it worked.. A 40' container of Coffee Lump will load on the 7th.. 20' of 22 lb boxes and 20' of 44 lb polypropylene bags..
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    Wow, some seriously impressive cooks there everyone! One positive out of the corona situation, everyone’s got time to slow down a bit, and the cooks just lately certainly reflect that! I’ve been in the garden a fair bit, busy brewing and baking bread, all things I love, but rarely have time to indulge all at the same time. Our daughter is 9.5 months old now too, and she’s seriously into her food, she amazes me every day, we’re so lucky to have a little girl that will eat literally anything (for now)! Here’s a few random shots of other bits I’ve been up to: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Isolation Pork Belly Bao bun cook last night. I always enjoy these so much, both the making of and the eating of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Staying away from crowds, so took an early pass to get home and cook a feed up for the two chippies building the ODK.... well, there was all this clean, scrap timber around for smoking So I put a coffee, spice rub on some pork. And roasted it, direct And indirect as soon as the dripping blew extra smoke out of the KK- about 90 minutes into the cook. Turned out delish. That’s with my new love for vinegar and honey based sauces. BTW ssgt that slow cook Butt looks sensational. Well done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I chose to remove the lag bolts. I couldn’t lift the crate off because of the damage on the top of the crate. I thought my ramp was destroyed too. So I removed all the slats and managed to save my KK wood sign. A long story short all is well.
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    Smoked and reverse seared Prime Beef Tenderloin. Smoked to 127, pulled and wrapped in butcher paper. Smoker temp back to 650 and 90 seconds per side.
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    Dinner last night was a Cajun spiced porkchop with sides of mushroom risotto and crispy kale chips with rosemary & garlic focaccia. Grilled direct on the main @ 325F with an apple wood chunk.
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    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Fightin’ back with some CoronaTM Fish Tacos.
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    Thick looking chops Tony. I needed a change from lamb last night with striploin. Leftovers tonight in a Thai beef salad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As the song goes, "Keep on rockin' in the free world!" The morning showers gave way to afternoon sun, so Game On for grilling dinner! Moroccan chicken with couscous. Chicken breasts rubbed with green Harissa and za'atar, direct, over cherry wood, 325F. Plated with couscous with green onions, parsley, roasted garlic and toasted pine nuts. Tahini sauce. Side spinach salad.
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    Six feet and NO closer: Alright...I’ll let you a tad closer as long as you don’t drool and wash your freakin’ hands! Sourdough with DOP San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala. Mangia!
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    Friday night is usually steak night here. The rain held off, so here we go! T-bone and bacon-wrapped asparagus on the lower grate, direct, basket splitter, with coffee and mesquite chunks. Plated with a twice-baked spud and sautéed mushrooms. Nice red wine to go with it. Just because you're in lockdown, doesn't mean that you can't eat & drink well! Stay safe out there!
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    My family enjoyed the steaks and so did I. I will be back at it tomorrow.
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    A lazy Sunday afternoon on the other side of the world. Chuck roast with Eats Barbecue Rub and Chicken with Morrocan spice
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    it's a good time for everyone to familiarize themselves with what poison ivy looks like.
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    Preparing for the apocalypse with a perfect butt.
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    It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I thought I would post a picture of some Salmon Candy that I made yesterday. However I forgot to include a shot of the salmon on the Grill! This was my second attempt at this recipe and it turned out much better than the first. My 1st run was using Steve Raichlen recipe from his “Project Smoke” Cookbook. Followed the recipe pretty close including an 8 hour brine followed by a 2 hour air dry in the fridge and about a 225F smoke for about 2 hours. The end result was lots of Albumin and not the deep smoky salmon color I was looking for. Went back to the drawing board and followed the brine recipe once again and brined for about 16 hours and then air dried in fridge for about 20 hours. Smoked between 150-185 for about 4 hours and then raised temp to about 225 for another 2 hours. This time it was a winner IMHO! Cheers, Paul
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    Corona Chicken. Drumsticks seasoned with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Coated with a maple sriracha sauce. Cures what ails ya.
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    Ribs were on the go yesterday Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    @SSgt93 Your pork butt cook looked so fantastic.........I had to cook one. I tossed a 10 lb. one on the 16"TT yesterday. Turned out great!!!
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    I wanted to make a donair but didn't have the exact ingredients so did a pizza/donair. Now for some cheese. Poured the donair sauce over the baked goods. The sauce was a little more runny than it should have been. I think that is because it had been frozen for some time. However it all tasted delicious.
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    We are up and running with the burn in. Delivery guy wouldn’t help me bring it in. Will garage for now and get buddies to help move it when the COVID scare is over.
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    Mac, looks like a Cheeseburger in Paradise! Great photo! As promised I included photos from The Mississippi Pot roast from yesterdays cook. Smoked the Chuck roast for 1.5 hours then placed in the foil tin with the rest of the ingredients and then cooked tightly sealed with foil for about 3.5 hours at 325F. Plated with some mashed potatoes and used some leftover duck fat and duck juice from a Sous Vide Duck Confit recipe and had a side salad that my wife has been making ....that I’ve been craving as of late. FYI, the Mississippi recipe came off of a You Tube video. Wasn’t sure if I would like it but I had this chuck roast burning a hole in my pocket and decided to defrost and give it a try. I was very happy with this recipe and will definitely make this again. Best, Paul
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    @Aussie Ora Mrs skreef really likes this little guy. Figured we'd let him hang around in the Travel Trailer.
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    Burger day today before tomorrow's snow/rain. Did a nice slow and low cook, about 275F until 160 IT. Cheese was previously smoked Cheddar. Dressed. Plated.
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    Years ago I went to the Azores and today I was yearning for a taste left behind. This is a chicken right off the internet with um white wine, port wine, brandy, shallots, chicken, parsley, garlic, s&p, presunto, bay leaves, chive, garlic, paprika and it should have had crushed red pepper to kick it up but I followed the recipe against my better judgement. It was still good but, on a level playing field. I added a chunk of apple wood with the top off for the first 1/2 hr for smoke and then raised the temp higher to finish. I used CoCo char and that stuff brought us to temp in lickety split, no kiddin..yep it was fast and then into crusin mode. Easy Peasy. My wife bought that ceramic at the Goodwill for $3, imagine that, brand spankin new.......it ain't new anymore. That's the only thing I would've added, some zing..a bit of dash. Elsewhere on another corner of the yard some jerky was coming to life, two pits running, both with good outcomes. Sorry for the money shot on the Frango na pucara, it was fuzzy but it tasted like money . Stay safe and out of harms way.
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    Lazy Sunday afternoon roast leg of lamb boned out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just finished a sofa-back table for a neighbor. Cedar slab split w/ Cypress insert & floating Cypress lower shelf, supported by Cedar 'Z' shaped legs. Solidified the base structure with stainless wire and turnbuckles.
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    My wife went to Whole Foods here yesterday (found chicken, but no TP -- a partial win!). The checkout person told her they've been opening an hour early at 7 AM ONLY for elderly to shop first. When the doors open to the general public at 8, they see all the hoarders flood in to raid the shelves that were restocked overnight. Their response is to restock throughout the day to give others a chance. Very interesting. It's just like war. Measure: hoarders (the enemy) flood the gates at open. Countermeasure: stores keep stock low at open to deny hoarders. Anticipating the next step: Counter-Countermeasure: hoarders stop by multiple times per day to determine whether there is a pattern to restocking times. Counter by stores: randomize restocking to eliminate any detectable pattern, similar to frequency hopping radios. Could even go spread-spectrum by frequently stocking just a few items at a time. repeat repeat Soon stores will be using TP false targets -- projecting holograms of bundles of TP to attract the hoarders. Can even use TP-Gate Pull-Off techniques -- the TP hologram moves just ahead of anyone reaching for it, and gradually walks them out the door, denying them their prize.
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    I just ordered two new accessories. Added the hot/cold smoker and double bottom pan for the 32. I’m really enjoying the KK and experimenting with it. Thanks to everyone who has and continues to contribute to the forum. Y’all are a great help.
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    That 8:15 AM pork butt cook turned into a marathon cook, just shortly after 4 AM I pulled it off the KK. You know what comes next I had to pull and sample it was 5 AM when I got to bed. The start up. Ready to pull. It was moist. I was afraid it would be dry after that 20 hour cook. The first 170 F was at 225 F then I moved it to 235 F.
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    Burger night on the KK with a little oak/citrus smoke. Fresh ground ribeye made real thin. That’s how we like them.
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    Some country style pork ribs on the 19" KK. 300* for 3 hours. About 1/2 way through the cook I started basting them with Sweet Baby Ray's - Sweet Golden Mustard BBQ sauce. I really like the time change. We usually eat sort of late and the time change allows me to get on grill pictures while it's still light out.
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    Free range chickens along with locally made jalapeño and cheddar sausages (screen grab from an Insta story video). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tony, Mac, Pequod, they all look delish. Corona chicken........ seriously, pequod are you trying to stir up the media further? Lol. Here’s my land liver pate. And playing around with the camera on a new phone. Lots and lots and lots of butter, cream, and of course liver. I’ll try it on some toast for breakfast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I used some previously KK grilled chicken to make a chicken pot pie today.
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    The last nice day for a while - was almost 70F (raining and cooler today). So it was time to "spin a chook." Direct, 375F with coffee wood and peach chunks. Chicken was injected with lemon juice & zest, tabasco garlic marinade, poultry seasoning and lots of black pepper. Lemon halves were filled with dried rosemary and put inside the bird. Outside was rubbed with Slap Yo Daddy. Came out pretty! Plated with asparagus, mushroom and spinach risotto. Part of my plan in doing this cook was to take the leftover breast meat and make my chicken salad recipe with it.
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    Another nice day here yesterday, so the grill got fired up again. Dinner tonight was Suya Pepper beef ribs (Korean cut), with curry rice and some leftover au gratin zucchini. Ribs came from Porter Road. The ones at the top of the grill had Tekobo's rub on them and the rest were done with mine.
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    St Patty day is around the corner and the grocery stores in our area are well stocked with cryovaced corned beef. So I decided it was time to smoke some pastrami. I used a rub found on Amazing Ribs. The brisket flat was just shy of 5lbs, rinsed, soaked over night, rubbed this morning and on the 23 with peach wood for the smoke. My KKooker decided to settle at 270, I was shooting for 250. The cook only took about 5 hours, I was expecting some stall, but this flat shot right through it. Wrapped at 160 deg. , pulled at 205, rested in a cooler. Pumpernickel, provolone, Dijon, sweet onion. That sandwich was sooo gooood
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    Couldn't resist comparing the old and the new bacon. It was a toss up with maybe a slight edge going to the latest batch. Now that's how to start the day. LOL
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    Here’s the leg of balsamic lamb, 30 minutes off ready. And here it is carved. I’ll definitely be doing more balsamic soaks. The crust was amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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