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    Splurged for the holiday and picked up this A5 Japanese Wagyu brisket from Crowd Cow. I was looking for brisket for the holiday and my usual sources were out. Crowd Cow was out of everything but the A5 and it was on sale. Still a bit pricey but lordy it is amazing. Got it in on Wednesday and stuck it in the fridge on thursday to thaw out. Pulled it out last night to throw some salt and pepper on it before I went to bed. Woke up early to get the KK going and heat soaked. Set up for indirect cook using coco char with some pecan chunks. Threw the brisket on about 8:30 am. Pretty much left it alone for about 5 hours while I monitored the temperature. It was pushing 170 about 2:30 and I wrapped it about 3. I spritzed it with some apple juice/cider vinegar the last couple of hours before I wrapped. Pulled it when it hit 195 and packed it in a cooler while we prepared the rest of the dinner. Sliced up: This was seriously the juiciest brisket with the most amazing flavor I've ever had. I had some concern it might be too rich but it wasn't. Just packed with flavor. While this was a flat, it was comparable to most wagyu points that I've made before. I made Aaron Franklin's regular BBQ sauce and put it on the side as it is one of my favorites. I could have easily left it off and ate most of it without the sauce.
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    I finally found a purveyor who could supply beef plate ribs, so I thought we'd give them a shot. These are like what I remember from our last visits to Austin- the beef ribs in Lockhart and in Austin at LA Barbecue were GIGANTIC. Until now, I've only been able to procure beef chuck ribs, and they had excellent flavor and texture. So we'll see if these brontosaurus-sized beef plate ribs are as good. I will report after dinner, starting in the next hour or so. I put them on around 9 AM at 220F- as usual, the temperatures gradually crept up to 280-300 range (does anyone else have problems with temperature creep in their 32" KK's? If I have to cook something that really requires 225, I don't know what I'll do. It seems like it just wants to go to 300*, even when I have it almost entirely tamped down in terms of air flow.) Scott's "BBQ" sauce- really an Eastern Carolina vinegar/pepper sauce was used to mop the ribs about every 90 minutes from 1 to 4:30PM. Two photos of the final product- with and without Scott's basting sauce. I'll report on results, flavor-wise, later. -Jim in Denver
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    Hey all! Back on the forum, have been away for some time. I have to say this is a fantastic pie tonight! Best on the KK so far. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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    KK made the works! Shorts Ribs
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    Just barely squeezed this onto the KK. Now I just need to decide can I wait until the morning to slice it, decisions decisions.
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    Tried out my new Baking Steel and Forkish's 24-48 hour dough yesterday. I intended to use the 24 hour rise but it was terribly hot and humid Saturday, so I held off until Sunday, hence 48 hour rise. With everyone baking these days, yeast can be scarce so I had to use our on-hand older yeast. I don't know if it affected the final outcome as this was my first try at this dough (I usually use the KA flour recipe Charles posted a few years ago). Cooked pizza #1 at 550°F dome with steel at 525°F (9 min) and #2 at 500°F dome with steel at 475° (8 min). I pulled #1 and immediately inserted #2 without waiting a few minutes for heat recovery as #1 was a little overdone for my taste. Dressed pizzas, FULLY loaded, roughly 13" by 14". #1 on steel in KK. Used the deflector (!) underneath on main grate. #1 off at 9 minutes Bottom crust of #1. A little overdone as crust exhibited cracking when bent, as shown below: #2 off at 8 minutes with slightly lower grill and steel temps I was going for a kind of New York style crust, but since this was the first time with the recipe, I didn't really know what to expect. The crust had good flavor, but was a little tough. Not cracker, but definitely chewy. I was a little suspicious of the yeast, but I got good first rise and a doubling rise during the 48 hour refrigeration period.
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    Pizza night tonight! Made the “I woke up late, but want pizza tonight” dough from The Elements of pizza book. Not a bad result, not as good as the 24-48hr doughs, but very passable for a dough that took 7 hours, start to finish! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found some beef back ribs at the CostCo, new to me soooo.... Sous vide @ 141F for 30 hours and here they are- Now to make them a little more appealing. Just like magic. Plated.
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    Grilled some chicken breasts rubbed with Chicken Sh*t indirect and finished direct with oak wood. Used that for my strawberry summer salad w/Parmesan & candied walnuts. Also used the chicken to make the kids grilled chicken, black beans, yellow corn and quinoa this evening I busted out my side burner to make my favorite Peruvian dish in my cast iron wok.....Lomo Saltado. It consists of sautéed meat (usually sirloin ) in soy sauce, set on fire with pisco and sautéed I a mixture of red wine vinegar, aji amarillo, cumin, salt, pepper, tomatoes, red onions, Garlic, soy sauce, chicken stock, cilantro and French fries. Served with white rice. It’s all about the “jugito” if you don’t end up licking the sauce off the plate you did something wrong. I literally installed this power burner in my island specifically so I could cook this dish and use it as a gateway for my kids Peruvian cuisine/heritage....
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    I saw some 00 flour for the first time in a local store so I bought a bag. Decide to give this recipe a try https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1016230-robertas-pizza-dough It was a real pleasure to stretch this dough out. It is definitely different than my usual dough, more chewy and tasted just fine. I need to use it with my usual loaded toppings to see how I like it. I had two dough balls and they were in the fridge for almost 48 hours. Just out of the fridge about 30 mins. This is a phone shot. Stretched to make a 12 inch pizza. This also is a phone shot. Baked on the KK at 550F for about 5-6 mins. Crust.
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    Nice Troble, Here is last nights meal. Seared on one side to caramelise the fat, then sliced. Plated, couldn’t finish the whole steak it was sooooo rich. And this is the agrodolce. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoked two 11lb bone in pork shoulders. Homemade Cole slaw I threw some thai chili sauce and siracha in the foil when I let it rest. Then I tossed it and hit it with more siracha and Thai chili sauce...dusted with brown sugar, spritzed with apple juice finished in the broiler to get some crispy carmelization at the end....delicious forgot to take photos of finished product and on grill but these babies took a long time to cook. Wanted them for lunch....turned into early dinner
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    Just finished dinner, brisket turned out great! Best one I’ve made yet, and I’m really happy with it, but I already know an adjustment or two that’ll make it better. Family said it was by far the best and they love having the KK around producing all this goodness. Ole Heavy ran 13 hours solid at 225 indirect on CoCo coal. Fun day!
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    Here are the beef ribs cut up. Very tasty. 2 lamb cutlets left over Troble, not even 1 meal. 4 adults, 5 kids. Funny night. My 14yo daughters first boy friend- self discovered in a big city. Turns out his mother and my wife have been friends from school. So we all caught up for a feed and a few bevies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I use the recipe from Tuffy Stone!
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    My wife’s family came down today from LA. For those of you out of country LA is about 120 miles 2.5 hours drive to San Diego. My wife’s Peruvian they are a Latin family they are very close. Before COVID it was not uncommon for my mother in law to be here every week or at least every other week so they haven’t been here since late February. I ask my wife what she wants to host and she says “you know you got that thing (KK) delivered the week everything shutdown...its kind of like you picked up a skill cooking on your KK during quarantine” in fact she is right. I was supposed to go to Oakland that weekend and instead I got a surprise KK delivery courtesy of the shipping company and stayed home and cooked during quarantine... that being said the wife requested chicken schawarma so on my third attempt I dialed up the spice on the marinade threw some chopped sweet onions in there and then also let’s all the carvings sit in the tray for a much longer time period and served it in two big servings instead of when it was done. Turned out great everyone was happy abd I was reminded why I remodeled my yard and spent good money on my KK....for times like these...eating good meals with my family. Life is good. Today was a good day for those keeping score at home it was an afternoon IPA day with a savignon Blanc nightcap
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    Fixed up a couple of pork tenderloins using the Adam Perry Lang recipe with peach glaze. they were as awesome as I hoped.
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    And here we are about halfway, at 3.5 hours and 170 degrees, on our way to 203*.
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    Grilled octopus bluefin tuna sashimi w/siracha & soy, wild Alaskan king salmon with quinoa (carrot, celery, sweet onion grilled zucchini
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    Pork ribs. Ready to go..Looking good..Ready for a rest..and sliced..plated with some potato bake and salad.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Cheeseburgers...including two “beyond meat” burgers for my vegan sister in law. pizzas for dinner. Cheese, Hawaiian, vegan veggie, pepperoni, pesto & grilled chicken, basil & prosciutto
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    Looks like a great beach. Love living on the water. Had my niece and other kids over tonight so did a solid wing cook. Not lying, best wings I ever grilled. Top grate this time direct at about 325. Man, had lil crisp and moist! The KK makes me a much better cook than I really am. Needless to say, no left overs tonight.
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    Picanha Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I've become enamored with this recipe for Taiwanese Street Corn from Milk Street, with a couple of "enhancements" by me. Basics are to grill the corn in the husk (my SOP) and then shuck and slather on the sauce, turning and basting to get a nice caramelization. Basic sauce is Oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Gochujang, rice vinegar, cilantro and sesame oil. I kicked it up with some fish sauce and the star ingredient - Szechuan pepper oil. Staggered cooks - used the half grate for the veggies and lower grate for the steaks and red onion. A grilled Cesar salad with grilled romaine and red onion, a side of asparagus, the corn and crusty bread. Everything direct at 350F, with mesquite wood chunks. Steak is just sirloin with coffee/ancho rub and Gunpowder. Half of the grilled onion went into the salad, the other half into the sautéed mushrooms. Plated with the nice Pinot Noir from the pot roast dinner the other night.
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    Burger time at this diner. I put all sorts of things in these burgers, a few leftover olives, black garlic, minced onion, white and black pepper, garlic powder, paprika, chili, powdered mustard, ketchup and salt. Pickled some sweet onions in cider vinegar, with maple syrup and salt. Melted some smoked cheese over the burger and loaded the bun with lettuce fresh from the garden, relish, bbq sauce, mayo, ketchup and mustard. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
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    Her is the cook I’ve pulled the lamb off earlier. Here is the lamb. It smells soooooo good. Use a dry curry rub on one rack, cumin, chillie and paprika rub on the other rack. The beef back ribs have been marinating in soy sauce, molasses and a bbq rub- Lanes. Finished lamb Finished ribs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had my mother and sister in law over. Sister in law is now vegan so made a vegan cheese vegetarian pizza. Mother in law was super impressed with the Hawaiian
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    Father’s Day brisket, rub with salt, aji amarillo, aji panca, garlic powder, cumin & chopped purple crack. smoked at 220 where usually its 234-240. Took 18 hours for a 14lb brisket. Parmesan, garlic, sour cream & chive mashed potatoes, locally grown Iowa sweet corn and Joseph Phelps cab
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    Made pizza tonight. Took pictures of the bottom of the crust just for @Basher had a minor slip up on the veggie pizza but the best part is I know exactly why...I’ve been keeping my dough balls in the outside fridge in my BBQ island and I recently turned down the temp to get my beer/water colder. I noticed when I took the dough balls out one hadn’t quite risen as much as normal and it was kind of frozen on top. Even though I let the dough sit out at room temperature for 4 hours that one ball did not rise as much as the rest. When I went to make the dough and transfer it to the parchment sheet I got a tear. I thought I was cool and could repair it but it ended up making a hole on the KK pizza stone and made a bit of a mess...oh well at least I know what did it and it really reinforces the lessons I’ve learned the last few weeks. The key to good dough is in the prep. Make sure it’s consistent from start to finish and it’ll turn out a consistent final product. Pay attention in the beginning!!!!
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    Oh, last thing for today and I love these surprises. I’ve notice other crate artwork on the forum and it’s really cool! After all the work setting up etc I just didn’t even think about looking. Then my daughter wanted to work on her new fort and we found this. How awesome?!?!?!? Neat note, I’m a huge motorcycle guy so this grill must have been meant for me. I’ve seen other crate pics with flowers etc so no telling what you might get, but this was very fitting for me. My daughter thought is was super cool to get artwork from Indonesia, I had to show her where that was on the map 😂
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    Summer must be here, it's near 30C and the Konro grill is going. Made a potatoe fingerling potatoe salad to go with the wings and garden salad. Wings on the Konro. Done. Plated.
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    Some more ribs .. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    It is rhubarb season so thought I'd give a try at rhubarb galette. I need to practice a little but the flavour was great. The vanilla ice cream I had made it earlier this week so that was a nice addition to dessert. I can tell you this, I am going back for seconds.
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    Thanks to Tony, I've tried these a few times and they never fail. Today's attempt: Super delicious with good bread to mop up the juices Lessons learned: resting the shells in salt is a great way to keep them stable in the cooker and in transit to the table. Next time I will cook them on the high grate so that they get more of the heat from the dome to crisp up the cheese.
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    Getting ready for my first Brisket 😅 8,5 kg US Wagyu Texas style, wish me luck
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    Smoked duck with orange juice & maple syrup glaze, served with baked potato
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    Did some drumsticks, marinated in Frank's Hot Sauce then sprinkled on some Stripe Garlic and Silk Chili.
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    Pork chops with mushroom gravy today for lunch. tonyb, you posted pics recently with mushroom gravy, had me drooling, I could not go any longer with out making some myself, it was delicious. Thanks. This pork is a FFA project that was put on hold when the Houston livestock show was canceled due to the Covid. My friends grandson agreed to sell us half the hog. Very tasty.
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    Happy Canada everyone, it's July 1st. Hamburger buns just out of the oven.
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    We had a really excellent pulled pork dinner for Father's Day Sunday (thank you, Dennis and Komodo-Kamado!) I had a two-pack shoulder/butt from Costco and prepared them very simply: photos show the raw butt, then slathered lightly with yellow mustard; rub was applied, a mixture of about 1/2 Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust, with some coarse sea salt and restaurant grind pepper added; the butts went into the smoker at about 280* and cooked for about 9 hours at 280-300 before coming off at 6:30 PM, being wrapped in aluminum foil and resting for an hour before being pulled and chopped for serving. The final two pictures were taken about 90 minutes before completion. The bark got several shades darker in the last hour or so...really lovely spicy, salty, smoky crust contrasting with wonderfully moist, sweet meat. The whole family was commenting that this maybe the best pulled pork, ever. Served with my own barbecue sauce (not needed!), corn on the cob, cole slaw, buns, baked beans, and guacamole and chips. Pleasing adult beverages accompanied for the pleased adults....
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    @MacKenzie Here you are MacKenzie............................. The setup........................ The Lake.......... The sunset....................
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    Thanks, it turned out great. The 32 is so luxurious to cook on. Made the reverse sear in these 3” ribeyes so easy and man they had that lil char and juicy in the middle. Can’t wait to try more!!!! IMG_1544.MOV
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    I built a concrete table for my Solo Bonfire.
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    Brisket-on-stick......we had a pretty fabulous dinner last night. My daughter and her family will get the bigger rack for dinner tonight.
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    The aftermath. They appear to have been a hit. Best I’ve made, and a great first attempt on the KK Looking forward to many more attempts. I also cranked up the KK and threw on a couple of steaks that did not suck. No pictures of them as I almost lost an arm from the fam when I tried to rest them properly.
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    Argh.. a larger Table Top.. This one is already difficult enough to move around the factory during production! BTW I'm in the process of making teak removable counter fillers.. something like the left side here.. This is only a photoshop-ed mockup. The idea is to fill the square hole in counters.
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    Well, got to say. It worked. After a while I could see the smoke again. It must have been the piece of wood it was on. Either way, super consistent temperature as everyone knows. Honestly, the easiest Smoker to use. such a good brisket. Photos below.
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