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  1. Black on Black KK!

    Also homemade bread, homemade apple pie, and homemade ice cream. Not sure yet what vegi is planned. I can't wait!
  2. Black on Black KK!

    Bback Ribs are on the menu for tonight!
  3. Black on Black KK!

    Thanks everyone! I'm sure the cover will look great on my new baby
  4. My KK just arrived yesterday. Awesome job Dennis on crating, packaging and build quality! Even the crate was built using nice materials and not just some scrap! It went together without a hitch last night in a very short time. Just ordered up some jamies for it today. Can't wait to get home and try it out! Still waiting for the new side tables to come in.
  5. EZQ Rotisserie

    Alright then. I retract my first question. Your right about that. But what about the second question?
  6. EZQ Rotisserie

    Do you even need a roti for a KK? What are you guys doing with a roti that doesn't work without it?
  7. Extruded Coconut?

    Well we all know that it is available on Amazon amongst other web sites. The next questions are: Is any of the coconut extruded available through Amazon or any other web site any good? And what would you use it for and why?
  8. Extruded Coconut?

    That's what I was thinking too!
  9. Extruded Coconut?

    That's like $27.50 a box shipped.
  10. Extruded Coconut?

    That's one of them. I'm a prime member too. Dollardays.com has it for 18lbs for $23.34 plus shipping. 5 boxes shipped to me in MI is $21.
  11. Extruded Coconut?

    Are we allowed to give out other web sites that have the stuff? There is a couple of them I have come across so far that have them and for a little better price.
  12. Extruded Coconut?

    Has anyone tried aFire 100% natural Coconut charcoal?
  13. What is everyone doing for extruded coconut now? Dennis is out so now what or doesn't anyone use it anymore?
  14. Two tone Black on her way!

    Thanks Ladies and Gents! I can't wait! Do I get a tracking number for it Dennis? I think I like 007 as a name. Bond....James Bond I am thinking that I may need a jammy for it too but I'm not sure if it should be Black with or without a bow tie or Charcoal Tweed.?.? What does everyone think?
  15. Two tone Black on her way!

    I can't wait! Just ordered the gloss and matte black 23 today. Now it's time to shop for the rest of the goodies that go with it.