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Another satisfied customer

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I got a Gen 2.2 OTB KK. It took about a week of researching to determine that from a function and quality perspective, the KK was the right choice for me.

Dennis was very attentive both pre and post sale. He is quite proud of the product that he offers and has been reponsive to my information requests.

Dennis kept me informed when the KK entered and left customs. From order to delivery, the process took about 1 month.

There were no problems uncrating the well protected KK when it arrived, thanks to information available on this forum.

I ordered some of Dennis' coconut charcoal along with the KK. The charcoal puts out a pleasant, kind of sweet fragrance that enhances the taste of the food (and strangely reminds me of my trips to the Philipines and Thailand years ago) and leaves less ash than the Royal Oak charcoal that I used for my first cook. I have had no problem lighting the charcoal with a long handled benzomatic torch and a Japanese uchiwa (paper hand held fan with a bamboo handle used to fan the fire).

The KK has been here for little more than 1 month and I have tested out different types of cooking with good results. Ribs, low and slow turned out quite tasty, the roasted leg of lamb and the tandoori chicken made at high temp (650+) turned out great. I've followed the recipes in the forum here and they have not disappointed.

I got a Guru last week (DigiQ2). The advice in the forum explained exactly what I needed to get. I used the Guru to cook a brisket over the weekend (15 hrs at 225-250 grill temp, 190 degrees internal, fat side down) that was outstanding, I followed forum advice.

So, I am a satisfied customer and highly recommend Dennis, his products and the forum to anyone in the market for a premium quality ceramic grill.

John Papas


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