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  1. @5698k - here is a shot that shows the interior condition. pork and beans cooking away last weekend 5698k
  2. "MK" = the inferior "Mexican Kamado". My friend bought one of them around the same time I bought my KK. After about 3 yrs, his tiles had fallen off and damper had rusted shut - end up giving it away. Looked something this poor one I found online:
  3. I bought my KK back in May 2006 I believe, so it's bang around ten years old. It's been sitting in the same spot, out in the crappy miserable Seattle weather the whole time; taking a beating year after year. Rain, snow, hail, moss, even the occasional tree-hugger... She's cooked many Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys and Hams, countless smokes, sears and oodles of pizza. It just dawned on me that something must be seriously wrong. My tiles are still intact, the damper spins open and closes perfectly, the lid hinge is still meticulously balanced. In fact it looks like and functions like I bought it yesterday. I'm so confused. Shouldn't it have died a horrible MK death by now and look like a sad naked mole rat? Cheers to @DennisLinkletter for making one of best purchases I've ever made!
  4. brett

    Pork Butt Timing

    @Rob - so do you think this would have stabilized around 190 for a long-time and I should have rode it out to 205? @Syzygies - that's a fine idea bone-in next time it is... Would either of you suggest starting at a lower pit-temp?
  5. brett

    Pork Butt Timing

    6 lb Pork Butt (bone out)KK dialed in at 225 on the upper grate with deflector on lower grate. BBQ Guru controlling temperature.Put in at 10pmFat side upBy 7am the Guru was beeping at me that it hit 190Confirmed 190/192 with thermapen So just 9hrs, which wasn't what I expected. From other threads (and faded memory from previous cooks) I was expected a long 16 hr run hovering by 180 in the morning and dialing the KK down to 200 for a while to breakdown more of the fats. It tastes great - and pulled apart easy - but there are also some globs of fat that hadn't melted down. I'm curious how to make this even better next-time. Some things I'm wondering about: Maybe a 6 lb butt is on the small-side and so just cooks faster?Should I be starting at a lower pit-temp, say 200?My pit probe sat on the grate a few inches from the butt. Should I be putting the pit probe up a little higher towards the center/top of the meat?What else am I missing?
  6. brett

    Set up for Spatchcocked Chicken

    @tony - i cheated and used Tom Douglas pre-made Chicken Rub https://store.tomdouglas.com/rubs-c2.aspxincludes Brown sugar, smoked paprika, kosher salt, ancho, black pepper, tumeric, coriander, garlic, cinnamon, star anise.
  7. brett

    Set up for Spatchcocked Chicken

    Two spatchcocked chickens on the KK last night (was dark out so photo looks weird)
  8. brett

    Two 14lb Turkeys

    @Gnomatic the foil pan was just a regular supermarket turkey pan. i flattened the sides to spread it out more - so it was just about 1" high by the time i was done but covered more surface area. good enough to catch lots of drippings for gravy yes - lots of left overs. and the most delicious smoky stock/broth the day after. yum
  9. brett

    Two 14lb Turkeys

    Yes! Had success cooking two 14lb birds in the KK this Christmas. Brine recipe - 85g Salt, 2/3 cu Sugar, 6 Whole Cloves, 1 tsp Juniper Berries (crushed), ½ tsp Black Peppercorns (crushed), 2 tsp Whole Allspice Berries (crushed), 5 Fresh Sage Leaves, 4 Spigs Fresh Tyme, 2 Bay Leaves. I wasn't sure if I should increase the cook time for 2 birds, but ended up close to a single. Heat soaked KK at 350. Applewood chips. Unstuffed birds took about 2 1/4 hrs to hit 155 in the breast. Pulled and loosely foiled, hit 165+ as it rested. Photo is about 45m into the cook.
  10. brett

    Cooking a raw ham on the KK

    looking at this old thread for reference as i'm doing it again tomorrow. i made this a few times since 2010, here's a picture to share. merry xmas all.
  11. brett

    Pork Butt Safety

    Re: Pork Butt Safety cool. thanks. maybe my googling skills arent' as good as they used to be
  12. brett

    Pork Butt Safety

    I put a couple of Pork butts (~7lb each) on the KK last night. Sadly as I was closing the lid, I broke the wire to my pit thermometer on my BBQ Guru... so was cooking a little blind (didn't have another thermometer). I wanted to cook it nice and slow and so was guessing at a 210-ish temperature before I went to bed. They have been going for about 16 hrs - and I just got a thermometer and determined that the pit has only been at about 160. The meat is reading about 140 degrees at the moment. I'm bringing the pit up to 250 now that I can measure it - to finish them off. Question is - as long as I bring these up to 190 ish to finish, any food-safety concerns at cooking them so low (160 pit) for so long?
  13. brett

    Syzygies's pork butt: what went wrong?

    Re: Syzygies's pork butt: what went wrong? thanks for the feedback. well it tasted great as usual, but i'm not sure i achieved the intent which was: "Your goal is to slow the fire to 200 F, to keep the pork butt in this 170-180 F range as long as possible, melting the fat and collagens and tenderizing the butt. One is more or less "boiling off" the collagens and fat;" i kind of blew through this while i was sleeping i guess... next time with a smaller butt, i'll do it day-time so i can observe the temps and try and keep it at that 170 range for hours.
  14. Inpired by Syzygies's post at: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1202&p=24808#p24808 I thought I'd give a 21-hour pork-butt a try. I've never cooked one this long, so thought it would be interesting to see the difference... KK full of coal, heat-stone in for indirect, BBQ Guru set for 210. 7lb pork butt. Put it on around 6pm, then checked at 8 am and the meat was at 195! Given the meat-temp, I made and executive decision and abandoned the 20+ hr cook and pulled it off. Is the time dependent on the size of the butt, and I should have expected it to go faster? Should I have not bailed and just tried to get the fire down to 200 regardless of the meat-temp?
  15. brett

    Kamado Smoked Chili

    Re: Kamado Smoked Chili Let's say the core movie audio track isn't exactly "original" YouTube would flag and delete it.