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  1. Geeze! After trying to figure out how to write the word correctly. Does anybody here use Worcestershire Powder ? Any thoughts ? I figure it would be good in a Rub.
  2. KJ came out with a Slow Roller. After watching the video, thoughts of the Slow Roller And is this possible for the KK ?
  3. Have any of you looked into this grill ? https://images.app.goo.gl/SoJtFz4KsFiBTZMA8
  4. I bet a lot of us KK owners owned a BGE and/or a KJ at one time. I owned an XL. The thing with the BGE is I spent as much or more on Accessories than I did on the BGE, along with building a Table. So do the Math.


    I enjoy using the KK Coffee Lump and the Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal. I buy it at Costco when there is a KJ Road Show. 31lbbag for $21.99.
  6. We aren't going to see you on one of them Hoarder Shows on TV ? I guess it can be said one cannot have enough cooking utensils and I don't blame you.
  7. I didn't know how to title t his Topic but I think it fits. Example: When cooking at chicken at 250 to reach an internal temp in the breast of 157, once the chicken reaches 157 the chicken is taken off and the temperature will go up, 5 -10% . Now, if a chicken is cooked at a higher temperature and it reaches 250 and taken off, will the chicken cook to a higher temperature because it was cooked at a higher temperature ? I would think cooked at a lower temperature the temperature of the chicken won't go as high compared to the being cooked at a higher temperature. Same can be said for any other Protein. Thanks.
  8. MacKenzie, You could work for American Test Kitchen. Your presentations of your cooks are that good. Thanks for the inspirations.
  9. There are many names for the Middle Eastern meat. We usually have Lula, which is Armenian. It's all good and tasty.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1454087358252658/permalink/2083122702015784/
  11. EGGARY

    This looks good !

  12. The Kamado Joe Soapstone intrigued me. So I ordered 2.
  13. Making 4 Racks for Niece’s Graduation Party tomorrow. The Smoking part I have down for the most part. My concern is when to pull. The Ribs will probably be finished off at B-I-L’s with Sauce. Along with when to pull the Ribs, how to transport them. I do not Foil when I cook Ribs but I would wrap in Foil to Transport. Towels ? Many advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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