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    Short Ribs

    I know there isn't a Right or Wrong answer to this question. Yesterday I picked up some Short Ribs at Costco. There are 4 plates of Short Ribs with 3 bones on each. Plan on cooking one tomorrow and vacuum pack the other 3. When cooking/smoking Short Ribs, do you cook them whole or do you cut them cook them separately. I grant you, it will make it easier to vacuum pack the Ribs if cut separately. All I know, it's going to be a fun cook tomorrow. Thanks. Gary
  2. I have done Rib Roasts before on the KK. I am doing one tonight but am going to first start it in the oven at 500* for 15 minutes, then put it in the KK to cook and slightly smoke. After the initial cook in the oven, what is the ideal temp to cook in the KK ? Thank you.
  3. First of all you have a very smart wife. She knows a good thing when she sees it. Remember, she married you. Is there "work" involved ? Why look at it as work ?! Putting Charcoal in the Charcoal basket can't be that hard. Then lighting it with what a lot of use is a MAPP Torch, opening the Bottom and Top Vents. Yes your hands will get dirty from the Charcoal but washing hands is all it takes. We enjoy cooking on our KK's. The color of your Gas Grill is probably the color of Aluminum. Where as the KK's come if various colored Tiles. So every time you light up your KK, you also enjoy
  4. I have seen a few videos on YouTube cooking a Rib Roast at 500* for 5 minutes a pound and then turning off the Oven and letting the Roast sit in the oven for 2 hours. Is there a way to do the same cook in the KK ? I know the KK will get Heat Soaked and at 500*, the KK will not be coming down for some time and the Rib Roast will get over cooked at 2 hours. Would a lower temp work and if so, any ideas at what temp ? Also plan on using a pan as I want to make an Au Jus. Thanks.
  5. Years ago I had printed an article on cooking chicken up to 148 from Thermopen. The idea was cooking the chicken up to 148 and then then let it stay at 148* the chicken will be safe to eat. I tried it with a Chicken Breast. The temp reached 148 and I let it go in the KK for additional 8 minutes. The dome cook was at 280. I took off the breast and let it sit for 5 minutes. The temperature of the chicken went up to 151. The Chicken Breast was cooked perfectly to my liking. It was very moist. I just wonder if doing the same way when cooking a whole chicken and doing the same way will th
  6. Am I missing something? Is the Smoke Generator used for Cold Smoking or is this a new Accessory ?
  7. When baking Sourdough in the KK, is there no need for a Dutch Oven since the KK creates its own moisture ? That's how I do it in the oven, with a DO.
  8. I have a customer who just got a Plasma Cutter. When I saw what it can do, I thought of a Flat Grill Top for the KK. I would do a Half. I know Stainless Steel would be best but it might be a bit pricey. So would steel be ok ? I feel 1/4 might be too thin. Would 3/8 be ideal ? My concern with steel is rust. Thanks.
  9. That would work well to make Shwarma or Picana. Just have to figure out how to get a pan to fit underneath to collect the juice. I am in. Please for the 32" as well.
  10. With that set up of the Splitter Basket, does that side get enough air since the the Dial on the side has the various sized Holes ? I have always done it the the other side.
  11. Geeze! After trying to figure out how to write the word correctly. Does anybody here use Worcestershire Powder ? Any thoughts ? I figure it would be good in a Rub.
  12. KJ came out with a Slow Roller. After watching the video, thoughts of the Slow Roller And is this possible for the KK ?
  13. Have any of you looked into this grill ? https://images.app.goo.gl/SoJtFz4KsFiBTZMA8
  14. I bet a lot of us KK owners owned a BGE and/or a KJ at one time. I owned an XL. The thing with the BGE is I spent as much or more on Accessories than I did on the BGE, along with building a Table. So do the Math.
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