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  1. mhzeman

    Just Received My 22" Komodo

    I finally ordered the rotisserie (after a whopping 2 weeks of owning a Komodo) and love it! I did 2 chickens the other night and the flavor was unreal. So I was excited to do a pork loin. But I also was tempted to do ribs on a rotisserie. Then it hit me - why not wrap a pork loin inside of baby back rips and throw them on the rotisserie? I'm sure someone has done this before, but I don't recall ever seeing it in any of my BBQ books and wasn't quite sure how to tackle it. So i put 3 racks of baby backs around a large pork loin, tied it all together, trimmed it and wrapped the ribs around the end. Then put it in the rotisserie at 325 for about 3 hours. The result was amazing and definitely something I will do again. Kinda the best of both worlds - pork ribs and thick pork meat flavored by the bones. Not bad for a Tuesday night The orange gloop next to the meat doesn't look that great, but was actually sweet potatoes that i cooked for an hour in the charcoal then mashed with pecans, butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and salt. I've never really liked sweet potato, but when charred in the coals, they are incredible! BTW - have I mentioned that I love my Komodo Kamado?
  2. mhzeman

    Just Received My 22" Komodo

    Thanks MacKenzie on the searing advice - I never really thought about just getting the fire going instead of the whole KK. Should definitely save me a few bags of charcoal a week (especially with the rate I have been cooking on it!) Over the weekend, I tried a couple of pizzas and have to say they were the best I have ever made. A few years ago, I got a little obsessed and made pizza two or three a week for about 6 months, usually in the oven but often in the BBQ and can tell you that none compared to the texture when cooked in a KK. It is essentially a pizza oven in terms of its heat characteristics and being able to heat the stone to 500 then quickly increase the air them temp to 600 provided a perfect crust and toppings. Can't wait to do it again. Of course I had to do ribs as well. I have been doing them for years on a Traeger and always thought they were great, but they seemed a bit over-smoked and not as juicy as I would like. The ribs on the KK were very different. I used some apple and hickory chunks that definitely gave a nice wood flavor, but it wasn't overbearing. More important, they retained nearly all their moisture even though I cooked them at a higher them than I had previously. The thing I love most about the Komodo Kamado is its ability to be flexible - both in terms of temperature and in terms of flavor. Low and slow? No problem. Incredible high heat? Easy done. Smokey? Absolutely. Clean flavor with just a hint of wood? It can do that too. I can't say that i have it all completely figured out yet, but I can say that I am really enjoying the process and the family has certainly been eating very good this week! Thanks again, Mike Zeman
  3. mhzeman

    Just Received My 22" Komodo

    Thanks for all the replies! The Vibrant Blue is everything the name suggests. I didn't know what to think when I ordered it...I really like the look of the rectangular tiles and everyone I asked gave me a different opinion on the color. No one suggested Vibrant Blue or the Pebble tile. I had 3 choices in mind and at the last second, after talking to Dennis, I ordered a something completely different. The funny thing was that he took it off inventory (and the internet) while we were on the phone, so I literally had no idea what it looked like. I second guessed myself until the day it arrived. But when I saw it, I was stunned. The tiles are spectacular - like nothing I have ever seen. The name Vibrant Blue sums it up perfectly. Aside from being a marvel of engineering and a spectacular grill, they are a work of art and an irresistible conversation piece. I do a lot of cooking with sous vide and at first really wanted something that would do a great final sear, so I didn't need a huge grill. I was considering of a BGE or Primo but didn't like the look of their tables or stands and when I saw this online, I couldn't stop thinking about the look of the KK. In terms of size, I am not sure how I ended up with the 21". I probably just slowly stepped my ever-changing budget up in small steps until I reached my breaking point and pulled the trigger. Not to say I won't eventually give it a 32" big brother, but for now, I am more than satisfied. Last night I finally did the full break in and got to test it on a 2" thick New York at 750 that I had Sous Vide'd to 122 degrees. It was absolutely spectacular and like nothing I have ever had at home before. I thought I knew how to make a great steak, but apparently I have been using the wrong tool all these years:-) Tonight was grilled salmon and shrimp pasta Alfredo...can't wait to decide what to grill tomorrow!! - Mike Z
  4. mhzeman

    Just Received My 22" Komodo

    Thank you guys - I am glad to finally be part of the family! It is nice to find a product that lives up to the hype. I can't wait to spend my weekends dialing it in and catching up to the rest of you:-)
  5. I have to say the purchasing a Komodo Kamado sight unseen was not easy. Even more difficult was picking the type and color of the tile. While I have made more expensive purchases over the years, I am not sure I have made one that I was more anxious about. Let me say that everything about this product is amazing. From the ordering process to the delivery and ultimately to the final product, my hopes and expectations have been surpasses. The Komodo itself is an absolute beast. The quality is evident everywhere, from the hinge mechanism & front latch, to the tilework not one detail has been missed. As an engineer, I particularly loved the custom made stainless steel hex wrench which was probably not necessary, but absolutely appreciated. But as good as the product is, the best part of this purchase has been the customer service. The website says that when you call you will speak to Dennis. I figured that would be the case after going through a few other people. But he means what he says. Every time I have had a question, he has answered the phone and has had great advice and imparted a bit of wisdom to someone that loves to cook but doesn't exactly have a lot of experience with ceramic grills. If any of you are on the fence and unsure of the Komodo Kamado, let me tell you that it is better than you think and you will not be disappointed. If you think it looks good on a website, wait till you see it in person. If you think it is pretty good quality, wait till you inspect the craftsmanship. If you think you will get decent customer service, wait till you talk to Dennis. If you love to grill and smoke, and if you enjoy knowing you have the best product available, the Komodo Kamado is for you. Mike Zeman