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  1. Nice KK someone will be getting a great deal good luck selling
  2. Great news at least there is a plan in place hope everything goes well
  3. Your going to love your new KK welcome to the family your going to have quite the outdoor kitchen once your new kk arrives will be interesting to see what your goto cooker will be and btw you don't need to baby sit the kk either i am betting your kk will get the most use
  4. I am shocked as well to hear this i hope you get answers soon and this gets resolved soon. its very good news that your wife is not blocked and don't need stents sending prayers your way to you and your family
  5. Wow this looks damn near brand new what a score well done indeed Stunning color
  6. very nice deal congrats on your new KK you are going to absolutely love cooking on it
  7. beautiful pictures looks like a gorgeous night indeed good luck on the cook looking forward to more pics
  8. Congrats cant wait to see more pics. you for sure have some projects going on
  9. Wow way to bring a old thread back to life 2009 lol
  10. yep for sure an imperial Kamado looks in really good shape for being that old
  11. Wow Mac that is quite a garden
  12. Awesome write up CK i need to get one of these myself and get that extra port as well i will get around to ordering one of these days
  13. smoke ring pellets are even better then cookingpellets but you are so right they are not created equal probably the tar like residue is from flavor oils that a lot of cheap manufacturers put in there pellets treager pellets is notorious for doing that they also add fillers. just like lump you have to watch what you buy lol
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