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  1. That's crazy and insane the cost of everything keeps rising on everything
  2. Congrats and welcome to the KK family
  3. Dennis is amazing and that is a understatement he always is there for you and has the best customer service on the planet cause you always get him what a wonderful post
  4. yea i like the lower temps as well for my pizza cooks my target is 450-max 650 no need to get up to 900 degrees all of the above info is excellent tips
  5. Tony you keep that white stuff your way lol
  6. Congrats you are gonna love cooking on that beast great color choice
  7. very interesting i may have to get one but does that price justify it
  8. Glad you figured it out it becomes easier and easier every time you cook on it
  9. I have the 23 but if i had to do it over i would hands down have went with the 32 that being said i absolutely love the 23 and can do cooks for 1 or many on it like was said talk with dennis he set you straight and what ever you go with i am sure you will absolutely love it
  10. very nice i think that would make for an excellent accessory
  11. will you be sleeping on the couch if you did that ... i sure would be lol
  12. easy peasey and you will have fun doing it great choice on the 32 you are going to love cooking on it
  13. LOL i find this such a funny post since this has been talked about many times sometimes you cant talk any sense into people that dont want to be convinced i guess your buddy is content with his ceramic pot like was said the KK is not for everybody those that own a KK know the difference hands down
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