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  1. Stile88

    Hello from the PNW

    maybe its a joke then lol was wondering myself why this post was in joke section
  2. Stile88

    Hi from South Carolina

    Congrats and welcome to the KK family .nice color choice ..what is your first cook going to be??
  3. Stile88

    Chicago winter how to help

    Like the rest have said order a cover from dennis and you will be good to go
  4. Dennis how old is that grill would you say ??
  5. Again its very rare that you will find a used kk since i have been on this forum there has been less then a handful of people selling due to there situation.getting a discount is also a rare.
  6. You my friend have been bitten by the KK bug now the only cure is to buy one . I had BGE just as long as you and your friends and BGE was fantastic... just like you and the rest of the kk community I did the research and the conclusion is always the the same the KK is in a league of its own and by far the best grill on the planet. I had thought that the BGE had good results when I cooked on it for many years but when I got the kk home it simply is night and day you really have to experience it for yourself....all these pics don't do any of the KK's justice once you are able to see and touch and cook on them . It is just an unbelievable cooking experience. good luck on your path to owning a KK I can see it will probably be sooner then later lol
  7. Stile88

    New member & soon to be owner

    Congrats and welcome to the kk family ..excellent color choice ...let the fun begin
  8. Stile88

    Richard Johnson Still Alive...

    lol what is he calling ugly.... what he made was ugly and it fell apart he is just jeally of you Dennis
  9. Stile88

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    wow excellent bbq Dinner for sure
  10. Good luck on your adventure like tony said you may have to buy new.the deals you saw on here are very rare.Start saving your pennies
  11. Stile88

    Happy anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary everything looks fantastic...
  12. Stile88

    32 Big Bad Setup

    Go look at kk Instagram google it you will see various pics of a lot of setups
  13. Stile88

    BIG Earthquake in Indonesia- We're Fine..

    Glad everyone was ok and safe
  14. ck that is a bummer for sure thermo smoke has a lot of open box deals when u are ready i would call them and tell them what happened i bet they can do something for you
  15. Stile88

    Steven Raichlen ~ Brisket Tacos on a 42"

    lol you are right on that but at least this time he didnt bang it closed the 42 is a monster indeed