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  1. Try a lower temp i get best results at 450 475 then i do at higher temps also your dough moisture ect plays a big role too on how it cooks on the steel
  2. looks fantastic yum yum
  3. Congrats and welcome to the kk family cooking on a kk is night and day compared to the bge.. i have cooked on bge's for over 20 plus years all i can say is when you cook on your kk you are absolutely going to love it and wonder why you didnt pull the trigger sooner what color did you pick out?
  4. We will have to wait till dennis can fix this i believe this is server related
  5. Well i guess i spoke to soon lol @DennisLinkletter the error has returned
  6. @tony b and @MacKenzie this should be fixed now please report back in this thread if its still happening or you find anything else
  7. we will have to look into this with server folks see if there is a remedy to this .
  8. Looks fantastic yum yum
  9. Mac so what you are saying is before when you signed in you would automatically go to dennis profile then when you left his profile you would get error is that what was happening But today it hasnt happened and you are back to normal would that be correct
  10. I would try the same as i suggested to tony log out of site then back in and see if you are still getting this error
  11. dont shut down the browser log out of the kk forum and back in and see if that helps any
  12. Tony can you try another browser and see if you still get error . i am using ff and do not get any such error logging out and logging back in sometimes fixes these type issues
  13. Glad you are home on on the mend hope you get back to 100 percent sooner then later
  14. all of you try clearing your cookies and see if that will fix the issue also what browser are all 3 of you using?
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