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  1. McKinney, TX

    May be 30 minutes away- I am near 75&121. I have an office in Keller. DaVarg davarg.com
  2. WebSite ~ First Financed KK Today

    KK with the wheels slides easily on flat yet flexible sheets. To give some ideas, this is how I moved mine over this weekend. Took the Cover off KK first to reduce top weight, then used masonite sheets (plywood also should work) to move it over uneven terrain (grass, flag stones, river rock creek and then to the patio. It could be done with one person, but two or more people recommended if there are gradients. Thats is Mr smith moving the sheets as I pushed the KK on them. DaVarg www.davarg.com
  3. McKinney, TX

    Thank you everyone for the encouragement. KK is moved to location. Primed for 12 hours overnight at 250F before first cook. First cook was pork ribs: dry rub- no foil- 250F for 3 Hrs and 300 for 1 Hr. Came our juicy and tender.. Tandoor is now ready for action. DaVarg davarg.com
  4. McKinney, TX

    It is here, in McKinney.... If some one around Dallas area want to come see it ....and to help move to back yard ...- please let me know. DaVarg www.davarg.com
  5. McKinney, TX

    I am not very quantitative when it comes to some purchase decisions. Most of my criteria was subjective. Then again, the 22" high-top might come in handy if I ever had to stack ribs one of top of other. Not that I might ever get to do it- but why take a chance these days?
  6. McKinney, TX

    I was leaning towards 19 HT and did a "multivariate decision analysis " on 19, 22 and 23, but most of them are very subjective. -thermal mass of 22 is higher -cross section area was similar to 23, but 22 high top had more upper volume -pricing was similar (even with added lower grill) - liked the leaner shape look of 22 -and more importantly, the tiles (more terra than blue) gave the 22 (that was in stock ) a the look my son and wife liked !! DaVarg davarg.com
  7. McKinney, TX

    Coming soon.. to McKinney, TX... ordered today after talking to Dennis. It is going to be called 'Tandoor'.. DaVarg davarg.com