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  1. DennisLinkletter

    22 Table Top: Charcoal Clean Out

    I take a 6 inch strip of duct tape and lengthways I put half it's width on a trash bag and the other half it's width on the lower frame of the draft door. Then I just hold the bag up in the front and sweep everything out the front door into the bag. Easy peasy..
  2. DennisLinkletter

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Beautiful bake.. Argh, I can't seem to get the image with this baked in the KK to open.. LOL Would love to post this on Instagram.. the app that wants to be fed good content everyday..
  3. DennisLinkletter

    Forum Crashed @ 38,000 feet ;-)

    Just wanted to give thanks to all that sent me emails about the forum being down. Murphy's law prevails as I was on a 22 hour flight from LAX back to Indonesia. Go Figure! Was a bit painful to get going.. took about two hours of calling and emailing my IT guy because I did not have all the login info in my Ipad. When the SSL was updated, it crashed the forum and needed to be restarted.. Argh Good news is I just discovered how to turn off the advertising on Tapatalk..
  4. DennisLinkletter

    Coco-Char Vent Question

    Because of it's density it takes more heat/BTU's to bring the pieces to ignition temps.. just like trying to boil more water in the pot takes longer. I like the technique of lighting small pieces of lump on top and then using a blower to create lots of heat to light the coco char.. Some types of coal are so dense they need to use other fuels to ignite them too..
  5. DennisLinkletter

    Coco-Char Vent Question

    Charcoal always (eventually) burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow, regardless of the density of the charcoal. X air will create X temp. Btu numbers are created by charcoal weight not volume. 5 lbs softwood charcoal will burn the same time as 5 lbs hardwood charcoal and create the same BTUs.. but the softwood charcoal will appear to be much more charcoal and light much more quickly and "appear" to burn more quickly.
  6. DennisLinkletter

    First cook on the 23” ~ Singapore

    Potatoes look great.. Love simple new twists.. I’d suggest cooking your chicken on the upper grate, and then cranking it up to 400-420ºf or so the last 10 minutes to brown up the skin.
  7. DennisLinkletter

    Just Landed at LAX - Family Reunion

    Happy Holidays.. Just flew in to LAX, drove down to momma’s house in Corona Del Mar.. Will be here until just after Christmas and then the whole family and relatives are flying to San Miguel de Allende until just after the New Year when I fly back to Bali. I’ll be answering on the regular numbers
  8. PS.. I also just started getting those notices on Tapatalk.. That being said I always access the forum on my computer, rarely on my phone. Thanks everybody for your help and patience!!
  9. And magically you now are an ADMINISTRATOR!
  10. DennisLinkletter

    what cooker is this?

    Richard Johnson... LOL I'm shocked he's above turf!
  11. DennisLinkletter

    what cooker is this?

    They are only $1,500 new today https://kamadocompany.com/product/kamado-k7
  12. DennisLinkletter

    Propane Gas Option issue

    It seems these hoses have a safety cut off feature that prevents them from just blowing gas freely. This may be damaged by leaving pressure from the adjustable high pressure regulator while storing.. I'd turn off the gas and bleed the pressure while not in use. I can't imagine anything after the end of the hose doing anything upstream so to speak. Could also be some dirt in the jet causing back pressure issues..
  13. Got the third one.. these are great! I think the video testimonials are even more powerful.


  14. Hi Robert..

    Thank you.. Was it your intention to leave a video?

    If so fine.. let me know.


    1 2 3
  15. DennisLinkletter

    Propane Gas Option issue

    Heylo.. Might be easiest for you just to call.. I'm not clear what's happening here. The connection leaks and this ruins the regulators somehow? As Tony said, they are usually used to pre-heat grills and not that many sold but I would think I'd have heard something. We do have scores of them in use. But mine here in Indonesia has a completely different fitting.. Maybe send photos too.. We'll get ya sorted out.