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  1. DennisLinkletter

    18lb Turkey on what size KK?

    As the only turkeys we have here in Bali are the frozen 12lb version, I have no idea how big a 18lb bird would be. I have a wanna be customer asking what size KK is needed to cook a 18lb bird.. I'm guessing a 19" should be able to.. for sure a 21". Anybody know? Thanks in advance!!
  2. DennisLinkletter

    16" KK with Food Pictures please

    Yes there is room on the grate but the direct up from charcoal sweet spot is pretty much full here.. the outside area will not have the same heat/intensity of course..
  3. DennisLinkletter

    32KK Prep for Pizza

    For thin cracker crust pizza I suggest also trying a baking steel.. You will get the same leopard-spotting at a much lower (safer) grill temp.. The KK baking stone's heat transfer density is engineered for pizza dough using yeast or bread.. much lower temps are transferred to the dough than the baking steels. The balance on the KK stone is when the bottom and the top are finished at the same time ... runs about 5-7 minutes and 500-625ºf Many factors will change these numbers..
  4. We have dropped the 19" Tall and the 16" Table Top from the line. The 21" Supreme has replaced the 19" Tall because the 19" was just too small as a primary grill. The 16" Table Top just had too little demand and did not sell. We will stock spare parts for both ongoing. We will now stock the following: 42" Serious Big Bad 32" Big Bad 23" Ultimate 22" Table Top 21" Supreme 19" Table Top
  5. DennisLinkletter

    Pizza steel?

    Just needs a much lower temp to get the same leopard-spotting results on the cracker crust pies
  6. DennisLinkletter

    Everyone okay in Indonesia?

    Oops missed this! We're fine, it was quite a ways away.. I was actually in the States for my 40th High School reunion in Laguna..
  7. DennisLinkletter

    Good luck to all my mates in the states

    Maglev drive system!
  8. DennisLinkletter

    Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate for sale

    Have you tried Craigs List? I know it's sold many a KK grill and I suggest people using it for local/ uncrated grill sales.
  9. DennisLinkletter

    Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate for sale

    I believe he no longer has the crate and wants to sell locally Stamford, Connecticut.
  10. DennisLinkletter

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Everybody.. Please shoot at least one shot of your food on the grill AFTER the food is cooked. Uncooked food shots bomb on Instagram.. Thanks in advance!
  11. DennisLinkletter

    In US - 40th High School Reunion

    I bit the bullet and jumped on a plane come back for my 40th high school reunion. Laguna Beach is the smallest public high school in So. Cal and so I actually knew everybody in my class of only 208. Should be fun. I'll be here for a fast and furious week and then jumping on another 23 hour set of flights home. The flight here was a pain because I have a broken rib! Argh.. All my numbers have been rerouted so I can still be easily contacted. Looks like I sold two 42"s today in a 4 hour period.. That's a first for sure..
  12. DennisLinkletter

    Spatchcock Chicken on my SBB

    Love this shot.. I usually roast my chickens on the upper grate to take advantage of the heat that radiates off the ceiling for browning. Would you also please remember to take your shots at the end of your cook rather than the beginning as a nicely browned up bird is more appetizing than a raw uncooked one and gets much more likes on Instagram.. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for all your notes of concern.. The 7.5 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia today was far from Bali and the factory in Java.. We're all ok.
  14. There is a new 63mm conical burr coffee grinder on the Indiegogo. It a single dose, much like my Monolith Titan Flat with almost zero retained grind. Big difference is it's a fraction of the price at about $588 Niche Zero on indiegogo.com BTW I love my Monolith Titan 75mm Flat Burr Grinder but just saw they have a new model with 98mm burrs. I won't be upgrading but will be fantasizing..
  15. DennisLinkletter

    Amount of lump on pizza cook?

    You can never have too much charcoal for a high temp cook.. The secret is to not pour the smalls from the bottom of the bag into the center of the basket. It will cut off/reduce your airflow and limit your temps. Best to always fill your basket completely, when done shut everything down tight and the charcoal will go out and be there for your next cook.