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  1. Text expander/ canned heat deflector info: I've learned it's easier to give people what they want than to educate them. I supply them because people coming from the glazed-pot Kamado world think they're very important. The glazed-pot Kamado's lose heat through their walls and having more thermal mass inside the grill helps reduce temperature drops when the ambient temperature changes. Because KK's are so well insulated, this is not a factor. That being said I have not use the heat deflector in one of my grills for probably 10 years. I'm confident that using foil to create yo
  2. I've found the most important thing with cooking a chicken is to ensure it's at room temps. It always amazes me how long the cold can stay deep inside the bird and in the bones. Probe your wanna be room temp birdie with your Therapen to really know.. you might surprise your self. I know every time I've seen blood in the joints it's been a rush to room temp birdie.
  3. Good video.. Never complain about how old you look.. we've earned all those "character lines" on our faces! If I needed to make lost of pulled pork commercially maybe but I would miss my BARK.. I salt first then slather heavily with French's mustard then add my salt free spices to cover the mustard. The mustard reduces down, absorbs smoke and fat to become a chewy magical jacket. I would also refrigerate the pulled insta-potted pork before I smoked it.. First, if cold more condensation of the smoke/vapor will take place and second I can smoke it longer before it gets to where it's o
  4. Heylo Slu.. You left out lots of my information.. I told your wife that I break a fresh piece of charcoal and make a pile of the small pieces in the middle on top. I then light it with my Looft Lighter. The small pieces come to ignition temperature very quickly because of their small volume. I then use my lithium powered Milwaukee shop blower to make it glow madly. In less than 5 minutes of this airflow you will have plenty of charcoal raging and the grates above the charcoal at grilling temps.. For grilling you do not need to pre-heat the body for convection heat only the SS grates directl
  5. I have a huge cabinet for storage but I still use the side tables for cooks. I use the left side table to hold food and the right one for cloves and tongs etc.
  6. Heylo Y'all.. The problem is that there is not much uniformity in the brackets and sockets between brands and even different batches of the same motors. Most brands have an open ended socket so that if it's on a spit the shaft can be any length. But some have shallow sockets.. Go figure... The other problem which we came up with a solution to is that some spin clockwise others counter clockwise..
  7. 1) The sleeve has a spring loaded plate.. the point means nothing. It might have dirt in it if it does not move. Just bang it a few times with something, it definitely moves. 2) Unscrew the round shaft to adjust length and then turn the small round nut with flat side tight against the square part to lock.
  8. I'm guessing you are pouring the charcoal directly from the bag into the basket. The small pieces are settling into the airflow channels and restricting your airflow/ temps. Best to pour the charcoal into a box shake a few times, then use the medium and larger pieces. Open the damper top, close the lid.. remember the airflow does not start until you close the lid. The hot air exiting the damper top creates vacuum (forced airflow) and gets everything going. Using the KK baking stone you will want to try 550-650º for a medium crust and thicker pie. If it's too hot the top will burn before
  9. My staff will send you a new bracket.. The one you have should have been tossed.
  10. That end of the roti spit is adjustable. If you look closely there is a round nut with flat sides right before the square part of the rod. Turn the round part with some vice-grips or pliers and it will loosen. Adjust the length so that when the left spring loaded plate is compressed the shaft just clears the body on the right and goes into the drive socket. The spit and cradle are adjusted the same..
  11. It's a HUGE improvement over the bolts... Very pleased with this one.
  12. Here is the new and MUCH Improved Cold Smoker Bracket.. These can be used of course with existing cold smokers.. They will be an inexpensive upgrade. Quick, easy.. no tools!
  13. Just a note.. the baking stone and the baking steel are for different pies.. The steel is for the no yeast, flower and water, cracker crust Neapolitan pies.. very hot surface, quick to leopard the crust. It's NOT for the medium crust, yeast raised dough.. The baking stone is for these pies and baking bread.
  14. It's not that the plate shifted, it's that the food grade silicone gaskets get a bit compressed over time and exposure to high temps causes it to shrink a bit. That being said, I have many, many grills out there with the original gaskets well over 12 years old. I know this because I don't sell that many new ones. But when the grill is latched in the second position, simple press firmly down on the handle.. if it moves down at all.. You need a latch adjustment.
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