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  1. You might want to try covering the top with rock salt, just pack it on and put it in the grill.. it pulls moisture and transfers heat to the skin and makes great crackle..
  2. thanks for the head's up.. I hid the videos and asked him to stay on topic..


    1. ThreeDJ16


      No problem.  I've been seeing spammers doing this shit on Facebook.  Link a video and the ads are within it.  Just another way of masking what they are doing.  

  3. Using my welding gloves, I grab a medium-size chunk of lump charcoal and smack it against the wall of the grill to break it into little tiny pieces. I carefully pile these in the middle of the grill on top of the charcoal. These can be lit using a lift lighter or the heat gun-type lighters a map torch or a wax starter. Because the pieces are small they light almost instantly. Now you want to hit the small burning pieces with a blower.. this could be a cheapo hair dryer or even a bellows. I personally use a Milwaukee shop blower. It's lithium powered and has a variable speed trigger and is about 30% the size of a standard leaf blower. Great tool. When the burning charcoal gets the increased airflow it glows madly and immediately lights all the charcoal below it, which immediately glows madly also and in 90 seconds you have a grapefruit volume raging and you are off to the races..
  4. It's more about the results.. burn less fuel, create less airflow, less evaporation, and BINGO more retained moisture.. the holy grail of low and slow!
  5. I sell a coffee wood lump charcoal with a wonderful flavor profile that I often am unable to keep in stock because if shipping/sea freight issues, nothing to do with coffee. That being said, coffee grounds will impart some flavor.. not sure what it would be like.. I'm guessing most of the oils/flavor has been extracted. I've smoked chicken with rosemary leaves.. Less is more!
  6. Yes all Komodo Kamado grills currently come standard with heat deflectors.. I've learned it's easier to give people what they want than to educate them. I supply them because people coming from the glazed-pot Kamado world think they're very important. Glazed pot Kamados are basically un-insulated and when the ambient temperature changes/drops the temperature can crash. Having a heat deflector reflecting heat back into the firebox gives these grills thermal mass/ a heat sink to help stabilize temps during these ambient temperature swings. Their deflector and firebox are the only components that are not exposed to the changing ambient temps. The thin glazed pot walls are unable to hold and give off heat the way a big thick cement hot face that is also insulated can. Because KK's are so well insulated, this is not a factor. In fact, the heat deflector requires you to burn more fuel, creating more airflow and more evaporation and less retained moisture in your meat. I suggest, preheating the grill empty and then putting foil on the lower grate the size and the area you want to be indirect. Put your drip pan on top of the foil, install the main grill and put your meat above the area with the foil. Put the upper grill on top of that and more meat. You're off to the races. The foil is much higher above the charcoal than where the heat deflectors sit and will not trap/reflect as much heat back into the firebox. That being said I have not use the heat deflector in one of my grills for probably 10 years. Your results will be better using foil to create an indirect area. You will burn less fuel, create less airflow, less evaporation and will have more retained moisture in your meat.. Will the forum family please chime in how they feel about using foil or the deflectors so I can use this post as a reference..
  7. Amazing ribs are not paid reviews.. I know I sent Meathead grills to play with. Here are a couple of links ref. Kamdo Joe being bought by a Private Equity Group. http://vrapartners.com/news/vra-partners-advises-kamado-joe-majority-recapitalization-dominus-capital/ https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dominus-capital-invests-in-kamado-joe-300717060.html
  8. I don't want to sound judgemental but do they sound a little confused here with where to cook what? "Place the grate in the lowest position for a gentle heat, ideal for smoking “low-and-slow” barbeque," LOL
  9. I use that large "T" tool that ships with your grill.. It's about a foot long and has an allen key welded to 1/4" SS rod. I slide it into the feed tube when it's cold and can chip out the stuff that builds up.. the pull-apart and soak works of course too.
  10. I always suggest putting an ad on Craig's List.. Best way to sell KK grills if you don't have the original shipping crate.
  11. That's dedication to good food that I respect.. My wife used to discover roadside stalls that served something special and then get a craving for what they have. I'd be driving 45 min each way to go eat something special. But we would always get another 5-6 portions bagged up to take home also.
  12. And remember you can always call me if you have any on the spot questions..
  13. I’m flying back from Bkk, and will be back taking calls again if you need me tomorrow.
  14. First I’d like to thank everybody for the outpouring of love, prayers and calls from literally around the world, we were touched. We saw a specialist in Bangkok today who was able to clarify things and make us understand what probably happened. She was diagnosed with a group of conditions lumped together to describe “a myocardial infarction with nonobstructive coronary arteries” known as MINOCA. We were able to reduce them to a vasospastic angina.. She will take a three-month course of anti-spasmatic meds among other things and we’ll come back and see him. So looks like we dodged a bullet and of course she will have to make some lifestyle changes.. i.e reduce her workouts to an hour or two a day etc.. LOL Thanks again..
  15. I've been offline for a bit recently.. My wife was put in the ICU for three days following a heart attack last week. Completely unexpected as she trains 4+ hours a day, six days a week. We just had a cardiac angiogram expecting to put in a stent but the Dr said her arteries have no reduction or blockage and are perfect.. This is both good and bad news.. Yes clear but we don't know the cause of the original heart attack now.. Looks like I'll be taking her to Bangkok for more exploration. Hopefully, she will be released here tomorrow and we can go Wednesday to Bkk. I'm still online a few hours a night if you need me.
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