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  1. Something is wrong with the page.. It has not loaded properly since Saturday. I wrote them, but don't expect them to correct this until Monday.
  2. Help!! Please vote for the 32” Big Bad in Newsweek’s Best BBQ Smoker Contest.. Votes must be in by July 4. Please ask friends to vote, too; this would be a great feather on our cap. You can Vote once per day, every day! Thanks for your help. https://www.newsweek.com/readerschoice/best-bbq-smoker
  3. How to install a 32" or 42" grill with curves in a square hole.. We can make for you out of teak and stainless, all teak or all stainless. Templates available.. 32 Counter install.mp4 32 built in counter solution.mp4
  4. Please excuse this delay, I wrote this out last night and then closed the window by accident and lost it.. Did not have it in me to start again! Dennis.. I'm sorry to say you probably need to forget everything you know about controlling temps from your last Kamado. It did not have forced airflow because of the gap between the firebox and the grill wall. With glazed pot grills, air goes around the firebox and through the charcoal. In your KK, all the air is forced through the charcoal. The hot air leaving the damper top crates vacuum, which sucks fresh air through the front door and forces it through the charcoal. Air will always take the path of least resistance and will find the best way to feed the burn.. even or uneven, it all has to do with the resistance/how the air travels through the charcoal. Once your charcoal is burning, you can almost forget the lower draft door settings for low and slow unless it's completely closed. I always use the pencil-sized hole on the right dial, but if the top is choked down, you can even open the lower vents all the way without affecting the airflow or temp. The volume of air entering the grill is only what is permitted to leave the top. Temperature is airflow, and the best way to limit the airflow is with the damper top. With pressure or vacuum, a lot of air can be sucked or blown through a very small hole. Likewise, with no vacuum or pressure a large hole will have no airflow. Watching this video might help visualize the airflow differences.. Click on this YouTube - Komodo Kamado Grill Basics For low and slow cooks, the heat coming off the walls creates uniform heat distribution, not where in the basket or how many places the charcoal is burning. (high temp grilling yes) For low and slow temps, you are only burning about a large orange volume of charcoal. It should be in one place, as there is not enough charcoal burning to distribute it around the basket. The heat rises, and the hot air hits the foil and is well distributed. (does not need any fancy gizmos designed by Harvard students-LOL) As long as it does not directly hit your meat, you are good. I do not suggest cooking on the lower grate with a 32 or 42 using the splitter to create indirect heat for a low slow cooks. The walls on the far side down below will not be properly heat-soaked. I always light my low and slow cooks in the middle of the charcoal basket, but don't worry where the burn ends up. I do not suggest heating your grill to 600º first if you plan to cook low and slow. Once you know your damper top setting is for, let's say 235º, light your charcoal, set your top, forget it, and walk away. The damper top settings will always be the same. Actually, they will be the same after the damper top rope gets flattened and hard; when you first get your grill, the rope is flat, and as it breaks in, your settings will change a bit, but once flat, they will be the same always. I do suggest taking notes about your cooks, but the most important thing is to have fun with it!
  5. Everything is airflow.. My mantra is "Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the given airflow." If it's not hot enough, open the damper top. It's too hot, close it a bit. If your fire went out and it was not an issue with the moisture content of the charcoal it did not have enough oxygen to burn. I'm guessing the top was too tight/closed and the exhaust was not getting out. For 235º the top is barely cracked, and it's easy to close it too much and kill your burn.. We've all done it. I usually put my hands near the damper top to feel for the hot air if there is no smoke to see. I drive my cooks from the damper top.. If it's not leaving the top, it's not getting in the lower draft door. The vacuum is from the hot air exiting.
  6. No such thing as even or uneven burning.. If you are cooking indirect it does not matter where the charcoal is burning only the volume lit. You only need to light only one place. The only reason to light three places is if you are grilling and need all the charcoal to be burning..
  7. It looks pretty stealth to me!
  8. Just wanted to ping this 2014 post to new members can see it..
  9. Your damer top setting was too far open.. Remember, charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow. If it's too hard, there's too much air; if it goes out, you are choking it off. And you were not taking into account you get a false reading when you first light the grill because the body is sucking up so many BTUs.. When it finally gets to heat.. it rushes to 300 because that was your airflow setting. I suggest you try opening the damper top, hauling it back until it touches the gasket, and then move it just about an inch. That will get you about 235º
  10. I was told that BBQ Guru was not always willing to sell only their fans (???) If you run across that, there are these, but I also do like the damper on the Guru fans. You could always choke the airflow on the Humphreys with something too.. Humphreys Fan for Fireboard Regular price$ 69.00 USD Humphreys Link/URL
  11. Please feel free to call me should you have any questions or if there is anything I can do for you. I'm online taking calls and chatting daily EST from 12 pm to 4-ish. Dennis Linkletter Owner/ Builder Komodo Kamado Bali, Indonesia US Warehouse: Las Vegas • Los Angeles (424) 270-1948 * Australia +61 3 9018 6628 • Whatsapp +62 818 850-860
  12. Charcoal basket splitters are available for all KK grills; only the 32 and 40 have the adjustable fence. The smaller ones just split it 50-50. 23 or 32"? The big question is, will you use it mostly for low and slow or grilling, and do you need to grill for more than four people at once? High-temperature grilling is straight-up heat from the charcoal, so you'll lose the 3-4 inches from the firebox around the outside of your grate as far as the sweet spot for grilling. So the 23" main grate has a 15-17" grilling sweet spot.. Remember, the lower grate is 21" because the body tapers down to the legs. A 21" grate has about a 13"15 sweet spot. The 32" is left to right and 22" deep like a full-size gas grill, 30% more territory..
  13. There is no escaping physics.. the grills expand when heated. That is an expansion tear.. it will be larger at high temps and then close back down when it cools.. the material is designed to do this.. there are stainless shards in the hotface that keep it together like rebar in cement.
  14. Heylo Franck, We shipped to Belgium last year, I can get the agent's details for you. They work with my forwarder, so no funny business.
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