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  1. I have a difficult situation where two blue-black pebble 32's were shipped to a customer and they don't like them because they are too dark/ too black.. Not the tiles he imagined/wanted. For clarity, the factory has never made a blue-black tile; these are rejected black tiles and some of the tiles have blueish tones. All tiles are sorted for uniformity, these seem to be a sorted batch with the darker blue-black tiles. The first time I saw a grill made with them, I did not even know they were not proper black until it was pointed out. Another problem is they were shipped to him in July, and one has no crate, and the other was improperly opened/crate damaged. They will never have the "factory packing/presentation" I've worked so hard to create. Anybody on the East Coast interested in some discounted 32"s? Never had charcoal in them or lit.
  2. Two more with an early 23" but note the snow is not melting except the lower part of the damper top where the hot air exits.
  3. To swap the jets is pretty straightforward. The jet with the larger hole is for natural gas.
  4. It all depends on how you are burning your wood.. Have you tried the foil pouch method? The white cloud is wood alcohol fog, that's why it burns your eyes.
  5. Best demonstration of how well a KK is insulated..
  6. Never seen this before.. and this last Aug, it's been 20 years. We bolt the rolling base to the lower part of the grill through the floor. The bolts are countersunk, and then the hole is filled with refractory cement to hide the bolts. I'm guessing the floor of this grill was completely wet and soaked into the cement, then when it froze it popped out the cement plugs..the places where it was countersunk and now you can see the bolts.
  7. 42" is 10K not 32" 32" Big Bad Standard tiles $6,425 Bronze and Pebble tiles $6,645
  8. Two problems.. You only want the foil to be a couple of inches larger than the meat you're cooking and then you must use a drip pan on top of that. Drippings on for foil will burn up. How are you using your smoking wood? Are you using a foil pouch? If you're just mixing it in your charcoal it makes sense that somewhere down the cook a piece of smoking wood is going to off gas and create white smoke. Properly carbonized charcoal should not create white smoke at any time.. If you want to use Kingsford use their competition lump briquettes which is excellent.. The blue and white bag Kingsford has additional additives that help you light it and control the temperature so that you can use it in an open pit barbecue.. It is designed for those rings on the beach
  9. Tony8919 From the top.. the break-in causing actual steaming is a thing of the past. We discovered that the freshly dried grills were absorbing moisture in the container on the way across the Pacific. Because as you can imagine, we were going to great lengths to ensure it would not happen. Clean cement is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air just like wood. To prevent this from happening, we wrap the grills with PVC wrap to prevent any contact with humidity and then we put a large bag of silica gel desiccant to ensure the grills arrive dry. You may still get some acrylic vapor smell, but I'm sure the days of overheating and getting steam vapor that causes a bulge are long over. While I may be the only public face of Komodo Kamado, anyone who ever purchased accessories or spare parts after the fact or bought a grill knows the names Mimi, Cicik, Dewi, and Hartono because I'm not involved in the delivery or shipping out in any way.. After 20 years of being in business, we now have many UPS items going out every day. That segment of the business absolutely does not need me to continue running, and it has enough revenue to easily stand on its own now. As far as the company having longevity, my 25-year-old son Dexter started working with me after COVID and is learning the ropes from the bottom up. Komodo Kamado was started when he was 5, so he's been watching me cook for as long as he can remember. He has eaten so much BBQ at this point Komodo Kamado runs through his blood. David Chang Yes, 23" Ultimate, one basket of my coco char 235ºf burned for 85 hours BUT 42" Serious Big Bad, one basket of my coco char 235ºf burned for 215 hours! Will post photos soon.. PVPAUL/wrandyr Before he worked for me and decided to leave hospitality (which he went to college for) Dexter would rant and rave to acquaintances about how the grills are different and perform so well. He's heard me talk to so many people about them, he can break down the performance of the grill's airflow performance almost as well as I can.
  10. No the bolt just holds the far piece in place making it easier to slide the fence around.. Only on 42" grills with a huge splitter
  11. Have you tried lighting it not installed to your grill to troubleshoot this? I'm guessing the air pump might have problems if you have cleaned the feed tube. The feed tube clogs up quickly with some woods.. I also put my wood in the microwave to reduce the moisture content.. lots of steam is released quickly.. Removing this moisture helps the wood smolder.
  12. Blew out my shoulder last weekend and can't lift my arm.. The MRI confirmed - Traumatic tear anterior part of the supraspinatus tendon.. Going into surgery today..
  13. Heylo Baltic, If your gas is only burning from those stainless pipes, the outside will not get hot enough to expand and cause problems.. You can use traditional materials. Depending on the tiles, I can probably supply you with matching 25 or 28mm tiles if they are still made. We use an acrylic material that is designed for high temps and expansion.
  14. Heylo Paul.. You wrote "lump wood".. I believe you meant to write lump charcoal or lump wood charcoal. The technique Robert is talking about is for lump wood for smoking. Small pieces of charcoal will reduce the airflow, which reduces the volume of charcoal you can burn, but this will only prevent you from getting higher temps 300º plus.. unless it's really small like marbles you should've no problem maintaining a low and slow cook..
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