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  1. Yes, the photos are dated. It's the exact same logs, but we cut them into smaller pieces so you don't have to break them up.. MUCH better for airflow/high temps.
  2. Yes and they did not put up the new shots of the charcoal in the smaller pieces.. which is MUCH better than the old logs
  3. I get this issue here in Bali also.. The secret is after the fire is out, you need to open the damper top and the big side of the lower draft door to let hot, humid air escape and not condense on the inside of your grill at night. I suggest getting a bucket half full of water and carefully remove the spores with a damp sponge rinsing every wipe to remove the spores.. I also suggest using a face mask to prevent breathing in those spores.. Many spores are not killed by grilling temps.. So spend the time and carefully remove as much as possible.
  4. I'm back on Amazon.. and have the charcoal with delivery at $49. If you get some please help out and leave a review.. https://tinyurl.com/AmazonChar
  5. Hate to see you leave, but I understand dancing for the algorithms and it needs to be a business. Thanks VERY BIG for all the great videos. Best wishes for Rum and Cook!
  6. I place foil a couple of inches larger than my meat on the lower grate with a drip pan on the foil..
  7. I suggest reducing the moisture content of your pellets or wood chips by heating them in the microwave until it stops steaming. The reduced moisture helps to keep the wood smoldering and not go out..
  8. I know people have had luck with Craig's List also..
  9. Heylo.. First I heard of this.. There was recently an upgrade.. I've written my forum Wizzard to fix this. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Here is a great review.. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/productreviews/kkhcsg/kkhcsg.htm
  11. There is a hole in the front and rear facing plate just outside of those tubes.. the hanger goes into those holes like a doctors stethoscope. The holes are actually about a half inch below where you have the hanger just sitting on top.. There is a bolt that goes into that lower hole.. it's used to make the table level if necessary.
  12. That is a completely different spitter.. The left to right one is the rotisserie splitter.. Roti splitter Charcoal Basket splitter is front to rear and adjustable
  13. Indonesian pet peeve #68 No perforations on the paper towels! WTF?
  14. That was just an office employee adding an unnecessary adjective to the splitter name.. No idea where it came from! We changed to the splitter with the sliding fence like the 42" quite a while ago..
  15. I had my staff make up a 30 lb bundle. The wrapped bricks were not centered so it wobbled a bit (a turkey will be uniform and balanced) and a low-quality Chinese motor still spun it easily.
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