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  1. It can be shipped to AU but only by the container full.. It's classified as semi-Hazardous so it can't be sent LCL (less than a container load)
  2. Yup.. I'd definitely go the larger motor. That cradle is massive, better to have more torque than not enough.
  3. Thanks all for the help and suggestions.. I welcome them all. Been painfully busy in the woodworking factory training new staff to be able to delegate work to. Had to get this up as it is and will continually polish and add pages.. we did have a compare grill's and their sizes area of the old forum, that we will add to the FAQ.
  4. Heylo.. Simply put there is no meaningful difference in size between the 23" Ultimate and 22" The Beast's main grates. There is nothing that the 23" can cook that the 22" can not.. The bucket/base is 2' tall which means that you have the same distance from the charcoal basket to the main grate too.. Why would you want to leave a big hole open while baking pizza? Commercial pizza ovens have doors.. except the big dome Italian type that take a half cord of wood every time you fire it up.
  5. The container just arrived on the 12th so it will be in the warehouse any minute now. Charcoal mid-June
  6. I completely understand but my season's burning and it's already better than the old website and has all the information the old one has and more, so I'll probably take it live and fill and polish from there..
  7. The grills in the website store are what are in ready stock in the CA warehouse. There are too many tiles to have coverage in all colors on all sizes. I don't sell many 19's and can't afford to have 15-20 grills just sit there. Not all colors are available. Our orders are too small to to have the tile factory do runs for us. Because of this, we have to wait for a tile customer to order and then we piggyback a couple of hundred boxes on their order. Sometimes this takes months. Tiles vary from box to box, batch to batch, sheet to sheet and even vary from very light to very dark on one sheet. We cust and individually sort the tiles for uniformity. The problem with a page "showing all tile/ pebble options" is that most are not always available. I used to have one and people would just frustrate themselves and us by requesting tile after tile that was not available. You are overseas, we ask what you are interested in, then send you actual photos of the tiles ready to go in the factory and build your grill from those actual tiles. I also do not want to encourage custom orders, they are a headache. The truth is I really need to reduce my tile choices to 5 or 6 tiles only. If Mercedes can have 5-6 colors, Komodo Kamado can too. But for now, I'm sticking with the not as good for business keep many colors in stock model.
  8. After months of hard work, I'm about to go live with a new KK website Please check it out and tell me what you think.. New site
  9. I sit them on the lower grate on top of foil I've laid down to create my indirect area..
  10. Hey, it was Kingsford... They told me they carbonize almost a million tons of wood a year. Try to get your head around that volume. They gave grills to their board of directors, factory managers, and Facebook giveaways.
  11. Thank you for your interest and inquiry. I am always happy to explore custom tile finishes. The first problem is that I do not have those colors available and we do not glaze our own tiles. Years ago we made custom tiles for Kingsford but they were ordering 18 grills. The next problem is that we could never make that pattern in tiles alone. it would need to be tiled with both blue and white on some tiles. I'm getting tired just thinking about doing this.
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