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  1. Called Bruce.. He’s well and will post soon. Called Ken aka Ceramic Chef.. left message..
  2. I’m flying back from Bkk, and will be back taking calls again if you need me tomorrow.
  3. First I’d like to thank everybody for the outpouring of love, prayers and calls from literally around the world, we were touched. We saw a specialist in Bangkok today who was able to clarify things and make us understand what probably happened. She was diagnosed with a group of conditions lumped together to describe “a myocardial infarction with nonobstructive coronary arteries” known as MINOCA. We were able to reduce them to a vasospastic angina.. She will take a three-month course of anti-spasmatic meds among other things and we’ll come back and see him. So looks like we dodged a bullet and of course she will have to make some lifestyle changes.. i.e reduce her workouts to an hour or two a day etc.. LOL Thanks again..
  4. I've been offline for a bit recently.. My wife was put in the ICU for three days following a heart attack last week. Completely unexpected as she trains 4+ hours a day, six days a week. We just had a cardiac angiogram expecting to put in a stent but the Dr said her arteries have no reduction or blockage and are perfect.. This is both good and bad news.. Yes clear but we don't know the cause of the original heart attack now.. Looks like I'll be taking her to Bangkok for more exploration. Hopefully, she will be released here tomorrow and we can go Wednesday to Bkk. I'm still online a few hours a night if you need me.
  5. If you want to duplicate a 900º pie in your KK, I suggest using a baking steel. A 1/4 or 3/8" carbon steel plate will transfer heat to your crust at the same rate as a more porous stone at 900º. The leopard-ing on the bottom of the crust will be identical, and it's much safer. https://slice.seriouseats.com/2012/09/the-pizza-lab-the-baking-steel-delivers.html
  6. These shots clearly demonstrate the size difference between the 32" and 42" grills. As you can see I cut the actual 32" mockup and slipped 10" in the middle and then pulled the molds. The fence of the splitter is on two 3/8" SS rods and can be moved to any position. Because you only need to heat the grates above the charcoal for grilling it comes to temp as quickly as any of the other sizes. In the smallest setting it's about the same volume as the 23" Ultimate with the splitter at 50%. But when you need the real estate.. The 42" SBB has got ya covered.
  7. To clarify.. Leaving the top open ongoing at high temps can damage the acrylic jacket which holds the tiles. Easy enough to close her up when you are waiting for that minute and a half. The gasket issue is leaving the grills latch in the first position causes screaming hot air to run over the gasket and will eventually damage it. When latched in the second position, there is zero airflow over the food-grade silicone gaskets and they don't deteriorate. Pretty much everybody who second latches all the time still have their original gaskets. I think we are at 9 years now. You don't get airflow thru the charcoal until you close the lid.. once closed, the air leaving causes vacuum and forces the air thru the charcoal.
  8. Better safe than sorry.. Are these just standard galvanized chains or stainless?
  9. Is as 44 lbs box better/easier? Would protect the charcoal a bit better and can have some punch in holes for handles?
  10. Love it.. Soo Happy to have you back DJ Most of you won't recognize ThreeDJ16, he was the forums first moderator as Drunk_J and took delivery of the 2nd 23" OTB, my father got the first. Hurt his back and had to give up many things but he's back and is a great resource..
  11. Cooking direct.. the outside area where the firebox is without charcoal will never have the same heat as the areas directly above charcoal. The uniform heat comes into play when you cook indirectly and use more of the heat from the walls. I remember seeing someone placing a strip of foil dead center over their charcoal to reduce the heat in the center.. I think they even put a bunch of holes in it to distribute the heat the way they wanted it.
  12. As we all know every species has it's own unique flavor profile, oak tastes much different than mesquite. I'm surprised nobody mentions these charcoals flavor. Is it strong like mesquite or light like apple? My problem here in Indonesia before I started making my own charcoal was not knowing what it was going to taste like because it was mixed or species unknown. Mystery charcoal makes it more difficult to get repeatable consistent results. If I was going to smoke a chicken with applewood, I would not want to use mesquite because you would never taste the apple. The reason I fell in love with the coffee char was because of how it tastes.. there are many much more dense woods here but I also personally refuse to cut trees to make charcoal. There are great mangrove charcoals but I feel you are either part of the problem or working on the solution. The coffee trees are cut every 15 years because their yields go down. The tamarind charcoal I buy is only trimmed branches, and of course, no trees are cut to make the coconut shell char. Just saying
  13. Love that and that walnut veneer on the plywood is beautiful. I grew up with a house full of 60's walnut Sam Maloof furniture. He was a close family friend and my inspiration to work in wood as a teenager.
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