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  1. We have no stock and not sure what the shipping will be.. at this point I'd send it around the world to get some here.
  2. The black end is the antenna and heat sensitive.
  3. I'd say you nailed that.. How many of you use grill grates? I'm not sure I fully understand what they do so well and why folks love them.. I guess make dark grate marks without over heating the space between the grates???
  4. Any shots of the calzones in the KK baked? Looks tasty!
  5. That being said, I get notes about KK's on Craigs list frequently and hear about them being sold on Craig's list. So I know it does work. I'm sure different locations have varying levels of schmucks too..
  6. I suggest you explore using a Baking Steel for your Neapolitan pizzas.. you will get the leoparding on your crust at half the grill temp.. the steel will transfer to your dough the same temp as a porous baking stone at 800-900f and much more safely.. https://modernistcuisine.com/shop/baking-steel/
  7. Anytime there is browning involved I suggest using the upper grate.. this puts your food closer to the heat coming off the walls/ceiling. I'd also suggest trying putting the baking steel directly onto the grate without anything between it and your fire. If adjusting the heat does not get the top bottom balance you need, then you can shield the bottom with something to reduce the baking steels's heat while increasing the top heat. Of course what you want is to find a temp that the crust gets the leoparding you want and the top browned just right. If you find the steel too hot at the temp that cooks the top how you like.. even adding some foil underneath the baking steel on the main grate will reduce the steel's temp.. you don't necessarily need to block all the direct hot air, covering up half the area will drop the temp less than the whole steel of course so you can fine tune.... Have fun post photos!
  8. You can also reverse sear, take it to desired temp then remove and let sit to dissipate heat before searing or even refrigerate until the next day and sear hard with the precooked meat cold, when you get the crust you want, put it indirect with a probe and heat to just above 120º and eat.. The cold will prevent you from overcooking the meat when searing long and hard.. Just an idea.. I've done this with Tri Tips.. Cooked them to 130 and finished the next day cold.
  9. I put the chips into a bowl and then heat them in the microwave to blow off some steam/lower the moisture content .. They seem to smolder much better if you reduce the moisture.. at least here in humid Bali.. I think it also burns off more undesirables when drier, so a bit cleaner smoke too..
  10. LOL you mean everybody does not have a maid, gardener and driver full time? Ahh the joys of third-world living! Who cleans your grates when they are greasy? And you thought I lived here for the fun and sun..
  11. I don't pitch on this forum.. Lot of information in the FAQ section of the home page. Would he be able to convince you there is no difference between an utility car and a luxury performance one costing 4 times a much? And yes.. Of course someone knows how many grills are sold annually.. Send him this link.. Forbes Mag KK Review
  12. Early on about 15 years ago.. I loaded up a 23's charcoal basket and then topped it off with 2/3 a volleyball volume on top, only large pieces. Had built a simple manifold in the front draft door for a full size leaf blower.. Fired that baby up without a damper top and after a few minutes we had a two foot rocket flame shooting out the top.. after 10 minutes the entire neck was glowing red. Grill survived the test and is still being cooked on by my security staff. Wish I had videotaped it.
  13. Best bet to put this on Craig’s List.. get in front of local audience.
  14. He misunderstood me... He told me that he was going to do a video of the burn in and I said it was not really necessary because the grills we are now building don’t really vent any more.. Only the last few containers of 2019 don't need venting. The May 2018 date was when his grill shipped.
  15. And of course I make Glu-Lam 100% Teak Decking - End matched up to 4 meters- Designer designated lengths Raised Grain Anti-Slip Texture
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