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  1. The true test with smoke is to wave some into your face.. it your eyes burns like hell, it's not going to taste nice.. It's basically wood alcohol fog so of course it burns..
  2. Someone just wrote me and asked about this.. I have not been able to get a reply from TelTru but I asked Uncle Google and was given the following.. Temperature range: The bimetallic thermometer should be within the upper and lower limit temperatures. Due to extreme temperatures, metals may reach their expansion limits and not rebound causing the thermometer to be permanently damaged. Looks like it's best to bring them indoors. When the Arctic winds blow...
  3. DennisLinkletter


    We send them with an information loaded email when the grills are delivered.. I'll zip one out to you.
  4. Yes the acrylic material is used as both the adhesive and grout for the grills.. It's on the website in spare parts.
  5. Yes that might work on the 16 or 19.. But these are much more necessary in the other grills because the draft doors are not flush to the floor of the grills like in the KK. This feature makes ash removal MUCH easier then the glazed ceramic pot kamados.
  6. Just wanted to let you know that last week, both Mimi and my accountant tested positive for COVID, on Monday 4 more tested positive. Only one is in the hospital (she's stable) the others are doing well.. we delivered their computers to their homes today and hopefully they will be able to work some tomorrow.. If you have/had goods going out, please excuse any delay.. we are working to catch up. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. It's been the craziest of years, I'd like to thank everyone here on the forum for your help and support over the years. Merry Happy to you all.
  8. I forgot about one and left it an extra 8 hours.. my wife loved the beef jerky bark and the inside we mixed with chopped jalapeños and Best Foods mayo to make brisket dip.. Was awesome with fresh corn chips.. The fam wants me to do it again!
  9. We have a solution that works on all motors.. We've made the shaft shorter but welded a washer to prevent it from sliding into the motor... will work on all the different motor sockets with the new bracket.
  10. My first Zoom call and definitely the first KK Zoom un-crating .. It was lots of fun, multi cameras running.. I forgot to take my nap earlier as planned so I was dead tired but hung in there the full three grills. Congrats Kemi.. Looking forward to your first cooks..
  11. That's a beauty.. I love the terra blue when it's that dark but it's really rare.
  12. Text expander/ canned heat deflector info: I've learned it's easier to give people what they want than to educate them. I supply them because people coming from the glazed-pot Kamado world think they're very important. The glazed-pot Kamado's lose heat through their walls and having more thermal mass inside the grill helps reduce temperature drops when the ambient temperature changes. Because KK's are so well insulated, this is not a factor. That being said I have not use the heat deflector in one of my grills for probably 10 years. I'm confident that using foil to create yo
  13. I've found the most important thing with cooking a chicken is to ensure it's at room temps. It always amazes me how long the cold can stay deep inside the bird and in the bones. Probe your wanna be room temp birdie with your Therapen to really know.. you might surprise your self. I know every time I've seen blood in the joints it's been a rush to room temp birdie.
  14. Good video.. Never complain about how old you look.. we've earned all those "character lines" on our faces! If I needed to make lost of pulled pork commercially maybe but I would miss my BARK.. I salt first then slather heavily with French's mustard then add my salt free spices to cover the mustard. The mustard reduces down, absorbs smoke and fat to become a chewy magical jacket. I would also refrigerate the pulled insta-potted pork before I smoked it.. First, if cold more condensation of the smoke/vapor will take place and second I can smoke it longer before it gets to where it's o
  15. Heylo Slu.. You left out lots of my information.. I told your wife that I break a fresh piece of charcoal and make a pile of the small pieces in the middle on top. I then light it with my Looft Lighter. The small pieces come to ignition temperature very quickly because of their small volume. I then use my lithium powered Milwaukee shop blower to make it glow madly. In less than 5 minutes of this airflow you will have plenty of charcoal raging and the grates above the charcoal at grilling temps.. For grilling you do not need to pre-heat the body for convection heat only the SS grates directl
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