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  1. Actually with less airflow, the smoke has more retention time and more opportunity to condense on your meat. For more smoke flavor, I would suggest putting your ribs into the grill as cold as possible.. even throw them in a box freezer for 20 minutes before throwing them on the grill. This will increase the volume of smoke/condensation.. I'd also use the foil pouch, a drilled cast iron pot or my cold smoker to clean up the smoke too..
  2. And this company has good products. https://www.realmilkpaint.com Remember that oil finishes are "in the wood" not on the wood finishes. You wipe them on and let as much soak in as possible the wipe clean.. you can repeat but only if more is absorbed, it's not supposed to sit on top of the wood like varnish or polyurethane.
  3. Two 40' Containers of Charcoal Scheduled!!! I have a container of CocoChar loaded last week, had to send it from a different port in Java to get around the freight issues but it looks like it worked.. A 40' container of Coffee Lump will load on the 7th.. 20' of 22 lb boxes and 20' of 44 lb polypropylene bags..
  4. We tap the bottom of the top swinging latch with a block of wood with a little weight.. just a little smack tweaks it back into alignment. Start gently and then tap harder until you get the results you want..
  5. Very cool chimney.. that being said, unless you are grilling at high temps, most people light too much charcoal using them for low and slow.
  6. I'm pretty sure screen up only sucks more ash and gets clogged up more quickly. There can't be any difference in the vacuum created by the air pump up or down. I believe you when you say the smoke was better but I'm guessing that it's because the inside of the pipe was partially closed from ash sticking to the sticky gunk that forms from the smoke.. BTW the long T tool for removing the rear hinge cover is great for cleaning out the smoker's feed tube..
  7. You want the wood to smolder and burn off it's gas slowly without it turning to vapor.. if it gets too hot, gas will turn to vapor and give you that grey acrid, bitter smoke.
  8. To make a channel around the outside of one side to catch grease etc and have the other side shot penned cost me much more than the ones already on Amazon.. If I can't do it better than what's out there then why? Modernist Cuisine has nice ones https://shop.bakingsteel.com/products/modernist-cuisine-special-edition
  9. I made a locomotive's worth of white smoke once cooking a duck. It's fat missed the drip pan and made more smoke than I have ever seen coming out of a Kamado.. It was like I was smoking the back yard for mosquitoes. The burning smoke gave the duck an acrid taste too.. Could not eat the skin.. the meat was fatty but pretty good.
  10. Four Wagyu Tri Tips, reverse-seared and smoked with cherry and coffee wood. Best beef you can put in your mouth. Grilled on my 42" Serious Big Bad of course!
  11. I have a wanna be customer asking me, " Is the 32" BB large enough to smoke 3- 15 lb turkeys?" Anybody have any idea here? Turkeys went thru the roof here years ago and I have no idea.
  12. Please have the lid open when tightening the spring bolt. Check every two turns. You want it to open completely but not fly up so aggressively it bounces back off the top.
  13. I made this up last year, and forgot about it.. Whatcha think, worth building/selling?
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