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    My kids.. SE Asian Antiquities, travel, Thai food!
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    Father of 2 and builder of the worlds finest charcoal grill, furniture designer, woodworker..

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  1. DennisLinkletter

    Discounted 42" used in Photoshoot

    I have this 42" in Cobalt Blue Pebbles in San Fransisco that was just used in a photoshoot for the new KK website. Only had a main grate full cooking for a couple hours. Would rather sell local discounted than to re-crate and send back to warehouse.. Any in the Bay-ish area have any interest? Please call me . 424 270-1948
  2. DennisLinkletter

    Hello from Indianapolis, in search of a KK

    I was just told about this grill in Nashville.. Used 23" Olive and Gold Pebble
  3. DennisLinkletter

    I received something awesome today

    It's a real catch 22.. Do you loose the drawers for the castors or loose cabinet space.. I think this is the first rolling cabinet that we made with the cut-out. The other ones on wheels always had the stand alone tops. That being said, it's on wheels and you can give it a nudge or tug and pull it a bit away and use the cut-out to nestle them together for storage too..
  4. DennisLinkletter

    Richard Johnson Still Alive...

    Look what just popped up on Facebook! Richard Johnson who first created a tiled Kamado and must just love what I do.. LOL posted about my 42" SBB.
  5. DennisLinkletter

    Baby Back Ribs

    Ribs look great.. but lonely! Just to let you know.. We have new food grade silicone gaskets that are a relatively easy to install performance upgrade.
  6. DennisLinkletter

    Hello from Queensland Australia

    Please feel free to call me should you have any questions or there is anything I can do for you. I have a Sydney number too (02) 8006 0968 Dennis • Whatsapp +62 818 850-860 (please leave message if no answer)
  7. Just wanted to let you all know that we are all fine. The Big shaker 7.0 was one island down on Lombok about 25 min flight away.. Bali shook pretty well but no lives lost. Thanks for all your emails and concern..
  8. DennisLinkletter

    I just got a BIG new toy!

    My landlord extended my lease and so this inspired me to bring the 42" SBB Prototype down to Bali.. Behind on mail now but will give delivery details later..
  9. Steven Raichlen cooks Brisket Tacos on a 42" Serious Big Bad on PBS' Project Fire
  10. DennisLinkletter

    My Fresh Corn Adventure

    How cool is that tool.. Do you know if it's available online? Thanks
  11. DennisLinkletter

    KK Cold Smoker, Blueberries and Ribs

    It wasn't me, I believe that pellets are like briquettes and hot dogs.. if they are made with good fresh ingredients, they can/should be great!
  12. DennisLinkletter

    Class: Capturing Food in Motion $10

    http://www.creativelive.com Could be a great way to up your game.. Discounted to only $10 Capturing-Food-in-Motion-Steve-Hansen
  13. I can get into that.. if Churchi can't make it happen.. please send me the page and I'll copy paste it in for you.. thanks Dave!
  14. DennisLinkletter

    Forum Themes

    Churchi is our forum Wizard!
  15. Let me see what I can do about these ads.. Sorry don't usually use Tapatalk so I was unaware.