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  1. DennisLinkletter

    When life gives you lemons...

    Glad you are enjoying your grill.. Please try to take a shot of the meat after it's cooked.. Much more usable for Instagram and more drool worthy.
  2. Dennis - just noticed your last name; I'm old enough to remember Art Linkletter (show host back in 60's) any relation?

    1. MacKenzie


      Dennis's grandfather was Art Linkletter, kids say the darndest things. LOL

    2. premiermgt


      this is so slick -  truly is a small world.  I feel very priviledged to know you all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - or did gomer Pyle say shazam.

      You all have a wonderful evening - made my day -  thanks;  james in daytona (originally from alaska last 30 years, but grew up in Arkansas with his Grandpa on TV)

  3. In May it will be two years since I've shipped any charcoal. We've been working to get an exemption to no avail. We have found a very large shisha charcoal producer who has found a way to get their charcoal into the US.. Not really a direct route but ends up in Long Beach all the same. I've made a handshake deal that he will ship my CoCo char if I'll market his bit lower quality but also less expensive CoCo char.. So unless something goes south in the next week.. I'll have charcoal on the water SOON.. His charcoal is actually very clean but a little higher ash content - 10-12% but hi carbon, smells great (shisha needs to be very clean) and burns VERY hot.. So very soon I hope to be taking pre-orders for Komodo Kamado owners first and then non-owners. So it looks like we'll have two Coconut charcoals to choose from soon... PS Please send me Emails and not private messages on the forum.. My staff can't access the private messages and things get lost.
  4. DennisLinkletter

    NEW 23" Ultimate - Main Rear Warming Grate

    Please help me understand where you want a half grate and how you would use it.. Not picturing this..
  5. DennisLinkletter

    Offline for Balinese Nyepi Celebration

    I will be forced offline for 24 hours.. The providers are actually forced turn off all service. So no TV, internet or VOIP calls until Friday. Nyepi The day of silence across Bali The month of March brings Nyepi - the day of silence throughout the whole of Bali. In the Balinese lunar calendar (Saka), Nyepi is New Year's Day. It is a day wholly dedicated to rest, staying in, turning off the lights and keeping quiet for 24 hours. It is one of the biggest and most unique ceremonies of the year, where staying in and resting is enforced by law. It is practiced island-wide where the Balinese dedicate an entire day to introspection and spiritual cleansing. No businesses are open, no transport is allowed on the roads (except for emergency services) the airport even shuts down for 24 hours. Nyepi is a sacred day to give the island a break from 364 days of human activity, so Bali can replenish and recharge for the new year.
  6. DennisLinkletter

    Software Defined Espresso

    I had fallen in love with espresso while living in Milano in the early 80's. Was never able to find espresso in the US to match. After speaking to a few members on the forum I decided to start making my own. My slippery slope started on this forum with advice to start manually.. Got a Orphan Espresso Pharos grinder and a La Pavoni Stradivari both purchased on Ebay slightly used. I made a lotta bad espresso and built a lot of arm strength before getting decent results.. But I did create the magic I was looking for.. Next thing I knew I was down the rabbit hole and had purchased a Brugnetti commercial spring lever, it's a heat exchange machine same design as a Londinium and a Monolith Titan Flat burr single dosing grinder. That slope lead to my even roasting my own beans with a simple plate roaster but I have to say with the help of a Brewista Smart Scale I can pull awesome shots...
  7. DennisLinkletter

    Software Defined Espresso

  8. DennisLinkletter

    Technical cooking question

    This is from poorly carbonized charcoal.. it is from the largest pieces that are under-carbonized. Pull those out and use for high temp cooks and use only the medium sized pieces. The largest are often under-cooked and the smallest ones over-cooked and brittle..
  9. DennisLinkletter

    Tile Trivia - How many on KK Grills?

    It's an either or.. Some tiles are 25mm x 25mm and some 28mm. Most today are 28mm.
  10. DennisLinkletter

    Tile Trivia - How many on KK Grills?

    Pebble: We use the weight of the sheets of the square tiles plus X % to calculate
  11. DennisLinkletter

    New Owner

    I've seen these before.. I believe most KK owners use them to store their accessories in.. That rolling door makes access a breeze. But is is purdy!
  12. Tile Trivia - How many tiles on KK Grills? We use two different sizes of tiles 25mm and 28mm square. We actually weigh the tiles in grams and then weigh the buckets of sorted tiles to get accurate volumes to start on a grill 19TT 28mm square = 1,792 pcs 19 Lil Isla 25mm square = 2,476 pcs 19 Lil Isla 28mm square = 2,129 pcs 21 Supreme 25mm square = 3,249 pcs 21 Supreme 28mm square = 2,823 pcs 22 TT 25mm square = 2,744 pcs 22 TT 28mm square = 2,332 pcs 23 Ultimate 25mm square = 3,350 pcs 23 Ultimate 28mm square = 2,816 pcs 32 Big Bad 25mm square = 4,523 pcs 32 Big Bad 28mm square = 4,038 pcs 42 Serious Big Bad 25mm square = 5,229 pcs 42 Serious Big Bad 28mm square = 4,628 pcs
  13. DennisLinkletter

    Year of the pig: first covert low and slow: RIBs

    May I suggest a different design? One of the reasons to foil pouch your chips is to force the initial bitter acrid "gas" that is released from the wood down into the burning charcoal to get burned off and get cleaned up. When wood is heated the first volatile organic compounds released are gasses.. this is why you have a flame over a log in your fireplace. The hot gas raises up, mixed with the available air, when the fuel air mixture is correct it bursts into flame. If there is not enough air to burn as a flame it creates a thick grey/white/yellowish vapor/smoke with very large sticky droplets. This is the smoke that burns your eyes (imagine alcohol mist) and sticks to your hair and clothes making you smell like a forest fire.. This is NOT the material you want condensing on your food. It is absolutely bitter and acrid. My hypothesis is that most back yard chefs mistakenly use this smoke.. I base this on how ridiculously sweet, loaded high fructose corn syrup most commercial BBQ sauces are. If you mix bitter acrid with ridiculously sweet you get a "tangy BBQ flavor". Nothing I want to eat.. if you make a pouch and put just 3 or 4 holes dead center and place it facedown in the hottest part of your burning charcoal.. this will force all the gas down into the heat hopefully burning off most of this nasty gas leaving you only with the secondary vapor with has the clean flavor you are looking for.. I roll a doubled up sheet of foil into a cone, fill with wood, fold over the top sealing in the wood, then tear off the bottom of the cone. I then carefully open a hole in the burning charcoal and carefully drop in the cone.. this gets the gas even deeper into the burn zone. Or you can purchase the KK Hot/Cold smoker which uses an aquarium pump to create vacuum which keeps the wood smoldering.. when smoldering it never gets the wood hot enough to turn the wood alcohol to vapor.. it just burns slowly as it makes contact with the burning area. Dripped cast iron pots work too..
  14. DennisLinkletter


    Those SS lined sleeves are for the optional gas burner support rack. It's a little bracket that sits in those holes and supports the big cast iron burner. All 23", 32" and 42" grills still have a gas door assembly. They all now come with the hold closed by wing-nuts design to prevent leakage.
  15. New Rear Warming Grate that sits on the main level to set food on while grilling. Tig welded 3/8" 304 Stainless of course In KK webstore $118 URL:23-ultimate-main-rear-warming-grate