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  1. When KK was new and we were constantly upgrading the grills, there would be certain changes that someone would see on the forum, then buy a grill and complain it did not have the feature / was not the latest and greatest. This got old, so like software I gave the major changes their own version numbers. At a certain point, I carried so much inventory it made adding features difficult. How do I add a $30 cold smoker port when I had 40 23's and 25 32's without making $300k plus worth of grills suddenly dated.. My solution was to photoshop out the ports until all the grills without them wer
  2. High-quality insulation reduces airflow which creates better barbecue. Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow, if you can burn less fuel to maintain your cooking temperature, you will have less airflow, less evaporation, and Bingo.. more retained moisture in your meat. And that's better barbecue. And commonsense would dictate that less airflow gives the vapor that's released from the charcoal more retention time therefore more opportunity to condense on your food. Condensation of course is how the vapor is transferred to the food. So less airflow not only
  3. Best Happy Father's Day cake ever!
  4. Actually you do need the splitter because airflow will always take the path of least resistance.. The air will simply go thru the open area with no charcoal.. this reduces the responsiveness of the controls also.. Ideally you want all the air leaving the damper top to be forced thru the charcoal. This way minor changes actually affect the volume of charcoal you are burning and the temp.
  5. I'm guessing that your final temp floated up quite a bit from the 115º reading you took on the grate while resting. The meat keeps cooking when you pull it if the outside was getting hit with 450º for 5 minutes.. The doneness on the video definitely does not look like 115º to me.. more like 120-125º
  6. No danger of cracking a tile.. remember these are the exact same tiles used in a pool deck, stairs and kitchen counters. They are VERY strong and durable..
  7. It takes literally 2 seconds to install and remove the side table hangers.. Simply pull the front towards you a 1/4" until the tip pulls out of the hole. swing it out and toss it on the main grate. Done.. Installs just like a doctors stethoscope.. That makes hanging the side tables in the stored position a 5-8 second job requiring no tools.. No where on this planet can two items occupy the same location.. in this hangers situation, people act like this is a design flaw..
  8. The half grate can be used on either side.. if on the right it simply has a 1/4" rod around the perimeter and the handle pointing down.. no biggie..
  9. The half grate is built to sit on the left side over the direct heat.. If you are a lefty, you can also use it flipped over on the right. the 1/4" frame would be on top but does not effect cooking.. You can cook indirect over the splitter on the lower grate also..
  10. DennisLinkletter


    We build in 11 different tiles... Here are links to the tile factory.. these tiles may or may not be available. https://www.massceramic.com/gl-50-square-25x25.html https://www.massceramic.com/mas-50-square-25x25.html https://www.massceramic.com/mas-50-square-28x28.html
  11. Hi Forrest.. Always remember that temperature is airflow.. Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the loud airflow. Are you sure you had the lid latched? From where the damper top touches the gasket what is "barely cracked" the ear moves how much in inches? The smoker airflow is above the charcoal and so does not really contribute much to airflow thru the charcoal. It's always the damper top setting that controls the exhaust airflow which determines the temp.. And if it's not leaving the damper top, it's not airflow. Always light only a large orange volume of charcoal fo
  12. Great job Oscar.. Thank you VERY BIG!
  13. New tiles never before made.. Terra Blue Pebble, Bronze Metallic Pebble and Autumn Nebula Pebble Have been asking the factory to make this for years.⁠ I think they're going to be great.. Autumn Nebula The Terra Blue are sorted for shade, tone and character... So there will be both light and darker versions
  14. I believe it is as I saw it in a recent photo... and it's in Whitby Ontario..
  15. These let you hang your right side table in the vertical storage position with the rotisserie bracket installed.
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