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  1. I started with a full basket because I was scraping the bottom of 3 bags. I let the KK preheat for about an hour and 20 min before adding the stone and let it go for another 45 min. I was able to get 3 pizzas done and guess there's a 1/3 left. Still have some learning to do with the vent settings. Had to take out the guru plug to get past 500 deg. Even without the stone. May have something to do with the tiny bits of charcoal at the bottom of the bag. After the first pizza it started to heat on up. First pizza 19 min , sec 15 min and the 3rd 8 min. The 3rd was a thin crust thought. I'll get the hang of it eventually.
  2. Thanks I will try that. That makes a lot of sense. But curious, do you still go through a lot of charcoal?
  3. Thank you for the input. I've been using royal oak and I have been opening the lower vent about half way and the upper about two turns and letting it heat soak for at least an hour and it usually ends up around 350 after an hour. I have also tried to heat it up slowly opening the vents just a little and then after heat soaking cranking it up but either way by the time it's hot enough I barely have enough charcoal to finish one pizza and still not getting an even cook. It would help to know what settings you guys use start to finish. Thanks!
  4. I've been trying to use my baking stone for fixing pizzas with mixed results. I understand that it's necessary to preheat the grill and stone but with the stone in place it is very difficult to get the dome to temperature because it blocks the heat. To get the temp high enough I have to open the vents all the way and by the time the temp gets over 500 deg I'm almost out of charcoal. It seems that it might work better if the stone where smaller to let the heat by. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm going to cook a 15 pound packer brisket and was wondering which charcoal to use. I'm going to use a smoke pot with apple wood chips. It's going to be a long cook and I wanted to be sure I choose the right charcoal. Any opinions? The posts that I've read suggest that the coffee charcoal is more for shorter cooks. Also how big do I make the charcoal chunks for the coffee or coco charcoal ?
  6. Little reverse searing action. Yummy! Cast iron skillet worked great for searing.
  7. Have to use what I've got until I get another one.
  8. So do I need poke more holes? I've been trying but I doesn't seem to help.
  9. Yes Dennis, it is very efficient but it doesn't have much of a heat soak to it so it is easily influenced. Too insulated really. If you get above temp it's over. It will get to 800 deg but 250 is about as low as you can stay and you have to stay with it all day or it will get away from you.
  10. I'm doing my burn in and I have a few areas where the tiles are coming up and I poked a hole to vent but the tiles won't stay down. Been at 500 deg for 3 hrs. Should I go to the next 50 deg? Will the tiles stay down as I come down in temp after I've finished the burn in or should I stop and let it cool down?
  11. I used apple and a little hickory. Just what I had left over. I noticed it didn't stall. Not sure if that's the cooker or the meat but temp went up quick at the end. Here's a pic of my BK next to it. No comparison.
  12. First cook turned out pretty good. 8 lb Pork butt took about 8 1/2hrs. Over shot my temp a little but not too bad. I was going for 250 and that's where I started but ended up at 280 by the end. One thing I can say is there's not much to mess with. I did take a long time the warm up ( like 2 hrs ). Not sure what that was all about but I'll get the hang of it.
  13. Thanks for the pic Tony. Looks nice. I'll have to get one with my next order. BTW I'm going to go ahead and fix a butt in the morning. Did a whole chicken last week. Going to brine it over night and get an early start. Probably cook it at 250 deg. I'll be sure to get some pics.
  14. Does anyone have a picture of the sunbrella ?
  15. Sense I didn't get a cover. Is there a good substitute?