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  1. I’m considering selling my kk 23 to upgrade to a 32. I have about all available accessories. Where is the best place to advertise and what’s a good price point?
  2. Yeah it looks like I don’t have it.
  3. I ordered the fork rotisserie with the hex fitting and I was going to get the one grill 50 lb motor and wanted to ask what I needed to mount it?
  4. Oh ok. I’ll have to check them out.
  5. I’m getting ready to order a rotisserie for my KK 23. I have the hex bearing on the drive side. Should I get the 8 in cradle or the fork type? Should I get the one grill motor?
  6. If he would make one I’d pay extra to get it. I was going to by one with a spitter anyway. I don’t understand why people would do be against it.
  7. I see. I was hoping for the grate. That’s one thing that could be improved with the charcoal basket. To have smaller gaps so not as much charcoal can fall through when shacking out the ash.
  8. Ok thanks for clearing that up for me. The picture is misleading. Looks like the bottom of the basket had smaller gaps in it like there an insert in it.
  9. I’m getting a basket splitter and I’m a little confused what comes with it. I know it comes with the center plate and the top cover but it looks like there is a piece that goes in the bottom. The picture only shows 2 parts but together it looks like there are more pieces.
  10. That’s what I was thinking for the gas burner. To preheat for high heat cooks like pizza. For low and slow I’ve been lighting the KK the night before and setting the bottom vent to the medium circle and a 1/4 turn on the top and it settles in at 225. Even then I’m able the get 24 hrs worth of cook time and have about a 1/3 left in the basket.
  11. Yes. Was just hoping to get an extra basket too.
  12. Does anyone have a basket splitter and extra basket for a 23 KK they’d like to get rid of? I’m also interested in a rotisserie setup. I live in Va and I’d of course pay the shipping.
  13. Lol. Thanks again for the input. Was looking for something to get on my birthday. Guess I’ll get the basket splitter and another basket. Only attachments I have left are the rotisserie ( not sure which one of those to get ) and the charcoal splitter.
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