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  1. Moving a 19....suggestions please

    Re: Moving a 19....suggestions please I totally forgot to share. So I moved my KK 19 a couple of weeks ago. I had fully intended to move it using the method above, that is until the 3 buddies I recruited had another idea. The decided that picking it up by the legs and carrying it by themselves was the quickest and easiest. No kidding, they dead lifted the damn thing into the back of a pickup. All I can say is I am glad it is done and had no issues! Check it out...
  2. Re: Emulating Wood burning pizza ovens with KK I have had amazing pizza results on the KK. For me it is about 2 things. The dough (like others have said) and the temperature. Anything under 600 degrees is not much different then using your oven. It is not hot enough to get a nice crispy crust. I have found that 650-700 is the ideal temperature for me.
  3. KK & Korin Konro...

    Re: KK & Korin Konro...VERDICT Ok, so I have fired up the Korin Konro a few times...sorry for the delayed review. I am very pleased with this little device thus far. I agree with many things that Picbsu has to say. The quality is not up there with a KK but gosh darn it it is a very nice little grill. For the price can it do something that a cheaper version can't? Unlike a Komodo Kamado the answer is no in my opinion. BUT, does it look good on the middle of my outdoor table, YES! And it does stay pretty darn cool considering the amount of heat it houses, yes. It is a fun little device that is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that I could sit in the middle of table while I have friends over and we could talk, drink and grill. Much like the Komodo Kamado there definitely is a learning curve with this grill. On to the charcoal. The white binchotan charcoal is something really special. Would you ever use it in a Kamado, no! There would be no reason to. BUT it suits this grill perfectly. It is a real pain in the A** to start but once you get it lit (I started a couple of pieces of mesquite with my looftlighter and place it on top) you really start to see how good the stuff is. Super intense heat and it burns, and burns, and burns with no smoke. Putting it out is as easy and dropping in into a bucket of water and reusing next time. It is so dense that when you hit two pieces together it sounds like glass or metal chimes. Crazy! I also used some Sumi charcoal that is very similar to ECC. I actually prefer the ECC in this grill over the sumi. I have attached some pics of the unboxing and the first cook I did on it. Sorry for the garbage Blackberry pics (yes I love my BB)
  4. KK & Korin Konro...

    Re: KK & Korin Konro... Just checked the shipping information. Mine will be here on Friday. Hopefully I will have time to bust it open, fire it up and post a proper review. I am thinking it will be pretty substantial considering the shipping wight is 38 lbs. Thanks, Keith
  5. KK & Korin Konro...

    Well I pulled this trigger on one of these little guys. Does anyone have any experience with one? I figure for casual burgers, skewers, veggies dinners it would be fun to sit around the table to drink, grill and converse with friends. Kind of like fondue (which I don't care for) but with grilled meat!!! I won't ever get sick of firing up my Kamado but I think this fills the only gap that the Kamado can't. A super intense direct heat. However, the $7.50 per POUND recommended white binchotan charcoal has me puzzled. Does anyone have experience with this either? Heck, the initials KK have me thinking I am on to something good. http://korin.com/Medium-Barbecue-Grill- ... ory=281236
  6. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Nice, glad you had a great time!
  7. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Mark, it is funny you should ask. That was one of my biggest worries. I had heard about scams, yada yada. Anyway, nothing to be worried about. The biggest challenge is the large conversion:) Anyway, I used the money changer across the street from Vincent's. Super easy, no sweat. I would change around $200 US at the time. I "think" I took about $1,500 for 8 nights. $200 a day should be way more then enough. This excluded our villa. Again, a typical meal plus a good number of drinks at Vincents is going to run around $40 us. UNLESS your significant other is a wine drinker. Wine and booze are really expensive because of the import tax placed on them. A driver for an entire day $50-60 if I recall but we had another couple to split that with. I think I still have Suryah's (driver we used) phone number. GREAT dude and always on time. The villa I did pay in US. We paid half up front and the other half in person. Amazingly they didn't ask for payment until the day we left. They put more trust in me:) Also, I believe "most" of the restaurants in town took credit card so I payed that way when at all possible. Thanks, Keith
  8. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Oops...White sand beach.
  9. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! One more...no joke hit up the little hot dog stand in town. I forget the name of it but it is run by an Aussie who married a Balinese woman. He is a riot too!!
  10. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Dang, I am sooooo jealous. CD is a my favorite part of Bali and we saw almost the entire island. Ditto on Vincents…it is absolutely fantastic! Check out the food…no it isn’t an optical illusion, those prawns are that BIG! And to boot I think that dish cost me about $8-9 US. There are some other good restaurants in town. We enjoyed (in our preferred order) Joglo, La Rouge, and Le 48. Look for Made (ma day) Billy. Ask around...everyone knows everyone in CD. He is fantastic if you want to fish, go to white sand beach, etc… DON’T JUDGE ME HERE. If you are really adventurous and want to see the local culture I would encourage you to go to a cock fight. You will see chickens (in beehives are fighting chickens) everywhere in Bali- it is a HUGE part of their culture. We wanted to see some local culture and had a few of the locals take us into their village. You will head into the jungle town dirt paths and enter the “real†Bali. You will get an amazing glimpse into a Balinese village The only women that will be there will be cooking around the fights. We brought our wives, no problems. Obviously there is gambling but the winner gets to take home the losers chicken to feed his family with. I am serious, if you like different I highly recommend this. Ask locals, you will not be able to find it by yourself. Here are a few pics for you. You are in for a treat. Dang, I want to go back now!!!!!!!!!!!! Villa in Bali- included a staff of 7 or so. Vincent’s If you go to Ubud go here for pork!!!!!!! I saw it on Anthony Bourdain’s no reservation and went to Ubud just for it. UNREAL!!! Made Billy White sand beach….highly recommended. I have heard you can buy a cock to fight in the town set back from the beach…not that I know anything about that? The fight Main drag through CD
  11. Moving a 19....suggestions please

    Re: Moving a 19....suggestions please Thanks doc. That pic is perfect! Will probably do the same but with some more substantial rope our perhaps tie downs... Thanks, Keith
  12. Moving a 19....suggestions please

    Hello everyone. I have a 19.5" KK that I got about a year ago. I have purchased a new home and need to move my KK. The good news is I am only moving a mile away. The bad news is I still need to move my KK. Any helpful suggestions on moving the KK? What has worked for others? I don't have the crate it came in as it was too damaged when it arrived. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Enjoy Bali...I went about 18 months ago and still think about the trip all the time. Beautiful island with the most amazing people! Enjoy! Agreed, avoid Kuta all the time. We stayed on the East side in quiet town called Candiasa. Charming tiny little town with great restaurants!
  14. Turkey help

    Re: Turkey help Thanks for the advice! The turkey turned out excellent. I iced the breasts and this worked like a charm. Legs the breast finished together. I should have foiled the wings but of course I went to grab foil and realized I didn't have any. I cooked the bird at 350 for approx 2 1/4 hours to an internal temp of 160. Thanks again, you helped make my guests very happy!
  15. Turkey help

    Re: Turkey help Wow, thanks. Great idea icing the breasts. I think I am going to use this honey brine from alton brown. I will let you know how it turns out. Any idea of time per lb at 325/350 ish? http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alto ... index.html