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  1. Thanks everyone for your inputs, After talking to Dennis and looking closer at the 23, it seems to me there is not much of a difference between the 23 & 19 so I have decided I better go with the 32/19, Im going to order the 19 first then get the 32 after the New Year, I have one more thing to hash out, as I said before I want the Metalic Bronze for both of them but my wife likes the cobolt blue in the 19 and the Matte Black Pebble for the 32. I will keep you posted
  2. I have a family of 6 which 2 of them are on their own so my cooks are for 2 to 8 people on most weekends, however during football season it can get a little crazy around here so I can end up cooking for 12-15 which I have no problem cooking with the grills I have now, Im pretty much leaning towards the 23/19 vs just one 32 because with 2 grills It gives you the option for different temp setups.
  3. I currently have a Big Joe, Jr, and a Vision Classic M which works out great for large cooks, Jr. on appetizers, Classic M on Side dishes and the Big Joe does the rest, So Im thinking the Ultimate 23 can replace the BJ and the 19"TT could do the rest, But I really like the idea of having the Beast. Decisions Decisions
  4. Hi All Im JaxxQ, I am another KJ owner that loves his Big Joe and Jr. and have been eyeing these beauties for some time, at first I thought no way was I going to shell out 5 to 8K for one of these grills, well after following CC, Wilberpan, 5698K, ckreef and Bosco over at the KG forum I have come to the realization that resistance is futile, So now its decision time, I absolutely love the Metallic Bronze, I just havent decided whether to get The beast or the Ultimate 23 with a 19"TT. Any thought guys
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