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  1. Thanks for all the great comments guys. Reading on here for the last few weeks meant I was ready to go immediately. Gave me the confidence to get stuck in straightaway.
  2. I got it delivered to my companies factory and then got our guys to use our small truck to bring it to my house, made things so much easier. Plus I could dictate an exact delivery time too.
  3. Well guys, here it is, and may I say this thing had exceeded my wildest expectations. Awesome build quality, the thing it's like a tank. Took some effort to unpack it. Did some steaks as my first cook, incredible. This is just the start.
  4. Well, after weeks of waiting, my grill is in the port awaiting release. Hoping to get it delivered either tomorrow or Friday. Will post plenty of pics. Can't wait.
  5. I have contacted a couple of agents but still waiting for a response, this is WA afterall. What charcoal do you use? I am looking at the mallee root charcoal, looks like a good one.
  6. Sounds easy enough, I will give it a go. Very keen to try the rotisserie too. I am in Wembley. According to the schedule it should land in Freo on the 28th Nov. Hoping it doesn't take too long to clear through customs - those fees are more than I expected but like you said, it's about getting the best. Who did you use for customs clearance and delivery?
  7. Thanks for all the great replies everyone, can't wait to see the beast in the flesh. Will make sure to take lots of pics of delivery and first cook. Just got to decide what to cook, maybe a standing rib roast, big fan of those. I keep reading about doing it low and slow with a high heat sear at the end, which sounds good, might be tricky for a first cook though.
  8. Hi all, placed my order two weeks ago after four years of indecision and emailing Dennis a few times a year with questions. Tried different BBQ's and smokers but always knew the KK was what I wanted. Had my heart set on a 23 in matte black pebbles, so that is what I went with and I'm very excited. I'm in Perth, Australia and my new KK (still working on a name) is at the dock about to be loaded onto a ship to Fremantle, going via Singapore. Should arrive at the end of November, then its however long customs clearance takes, and its mine! I have to say that in the two weeks since I took the plunge, I have been reading posts on this forum just about every day, and it is amazing what I have learnt so far. You guys are awesome. Dennis's team are excellent, have kept me posted all along the way and even sent me a sneak peak of my unit before they packaged it up.
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