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  1. Thanks for the comments-

    Well, finally figured it out- issue was the left side spring load on the grill was stuck. So I also figured out what my PhD in engineering stands for- Push Harder and Deeper!

    Ordered a OneGrill 50 lb motor- only one issue with the new bracket- the 6 to 4 side rod that connects motor to bushing in the grill side to turn the rotisserie needs to be cut off about 5/8". Easily done with hack saw and fits perfectly- see pic.

    Also, Brian at OneGrill is especially helpful- obviously wants to help his customers- highly recommend!

    Thanks, Barry


  2. Hello to All, looks like a great group, enjoying posts and recipes and, of course, new 23 KK. Notice that many have names for their new family members... mostly seemlingly male...

    Here are some photos of the dragon landing...if you will notice in pic #5, the new KK, she spoke to me, "I will be called Daenerys, Mother of Dragons... and I will live by the pool...".

    So must obey my new queen, and feed her frequently...

    Fun learning what she likes so far, and appreciate all the good advice already online-

    Best to all, Barry






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  3. Dennis, so sorry to hear about your brother in law. I saw the news of a plane crash in Oregon last week, you never think there may be some thread of connection. I have landed at Madras airport years ago. Mostly a real sleepy airport, but the eclipse was bringing in one every 3 months minutes. Don't know if traffic could have been a role, but that doesn't help your feelings. So all thoughts are with you and your family with wishes for finding that place where the pain subsides and the good memories of your lov d one are foremost,

    Best to you...


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