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  1. Thanks Tony! Super helpful. Can’t wait for the next one!
  2. First Cook... Fantastic!!! Super easy to get going. Used the splitter, but put a little too much charcoal as i was hoping to keep it at 250, but it stayed around 290. Regardless pulled it off earlier and results were great. Used Dennis’ wood chips, and the smoke flavor was great!
  3. I love that one!!!! Will look awesome!!!
  4. Hahaha, thanks Ben. Which one did you get? Can’t wait to see it! Here’s prep for first cook. Ingredients on left are for the paste. West Cost IPA and Mason Jar are for my enjoyment. Carolina Sauce for a finish... Finished product coming tonight.
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! That's Dennis' left short SS cabinet. Incredibly well made! Fits all my charcoal, accessories, and tools. First cook is tonight. Gonna go with lamb ribs (dry rub plus occasional sauce basting), and a burger on request for my neighbor who cut the plywood for me for move in. I love it, and honestly it's awesome just to look at in the backyard!
  6. Hey all, First post! After many years of looking, I finally pulled the trigger and got the Bronze 32 BB delivered to San Diego today. Pictures attached. Everything about the delivery was first class, and the ramp provided was great. It took about an hour from crate being dropped off to get the 32 into it's spot in the backyard (daisy chained two 4x8' plywood). Rolled super easily on the plywood. Can't thank you enough for building a truly world class product Dennis! Best, Bryan
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