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  1. Thanks for the info! What temperature and time were you using to get such a pretty barking on top? Is that a rib roast?
  2. Thanks for the pic!!! Does it still fit removing 1 or more of the straight centers if needing more direct space? And does a brisket cook best positioned all on the indirect side? Thanks!
  3. Please show me a pic of a properly installed basket splitter on a cold grill. My box has no directions and I guess that the pieces just lay across? If so, they barely fit across so I know I’m doing something wrong. THANS for your help。
  4. Please provide pics or responses to any or all of the following: First of all, please someone show me a pic of a properly installed basket splitter in the 32. Next, with a full basket of coal, I can’t seem to get my heat any less than 250F, so is the trick using less coal because I had the top a single quarter top and the bottom only the single pin hole and couldn’t get less than 250F. Regarding brisket, and after trimming the outsides, is there any simple way to remove the massive internal fat cavity on the inside, or must it be part of the cook? Finally, I still struggle keeping all of my coal lit across the basket. This time I put starters across 3 sections and let burn hot for over 15 mins B4 closing and adjusting to 275. Opened 8 hours later and the right 3rd coal looked black and not lit. Are they out due to the limited oxygen flow needed for me to get down to 275F? Thanks for any help!
  5. Please explain to this newbie when, what circumstances and how much of the basket splitter should be used on a 32 Is the basket pretty much needed for direct grilling burgers, steaks and such to have a cooler zone to shift “done” items?
  6. Okay, so that leaves me thinking perhaps those thick heat deflectors are perhaps used for regular baking type situations. The charcoal basket splitter was recommended by Dennis, did you by chance purchase one too, and if so, when do you use it? They are flat metal plates that cover the basket, so I guess it’s intended for indirect heat. If correct, the problem is that I don’t know what the real difference is between it and the big ceramic deflectors. Any idea?
  7. That’s awesome and I’ll do that on whenever my second cook turns out to be. I’m sorry to to wear you out and change the subject , but what advice can you give regarding the use of the thick heat shields that came with the unit. When and how would I use them?
  8. Thanks again. Little did I know that you can even pull out the entire bottom shelf for max flow - just give a good tug on both knobs at once, or what?
  9. Thank you. So do you always light, seal, open the vents and then just wait for your desired temperature before locking down to hold temperature?
  10. How long do you typically let your coal burn in a 32” before closing and sealing the lid?
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