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  1. Thanks everyone. This is such a great community and @tekobo I never considered buying 2....not you got me thinking...
  2. I've read a lot of reviews and I know the mantra is go bigger if you can afford it, so I'm in the process of gaining the approval from my wife for the 32BB which should just take another couple of conversations...she's not sure why we need the bigger one (I should have started with 42 SBB but my negotiating styles are not on point apparently). So the question I need a little assistance with, unless others want to talk me out of the 32, is what accessories are a must have? I'm moving to a new home in a few weeks and it has a nice entertaining back yard but the deck is pretty straight forward and simple, so a blank slate. I know this question is likely a question for Dennis but since I've been primarily stalking the forum versus asking questions, I wanted to ask what is the typical delivery time...I know that will depend on which grill I end up choosing. I'm considering the Cobalt Blue pebble or Matte Black pebble. They both look so good, that may be the toughest decision. Any suggestions on accessories would be appreciated and anything else you think a new owner of a KK should know would be great. Thanks all!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Dennis. I figured it would be a long shot but worth asking. I can assure you I wouldn’t be ordering 18 grills...😀
  4. Hi all - I’ve had a BGE but recently gave it to a family member as I’ve been planning to upgrade. Looking at 32” as I would typically run out of space on large BGE. Obviously this forum is biased but wanted to get thoughts on size and also see if possible to customize outside of grill. I’m Scottish (living in Indiana) but would love to get a grill that looks like the St Andrews cross flag with the tiles Blue and white (included a link). Is that possible? Understand it may cost a little more but if I’m spending this much figured I’d ask if anyone had done it. Any advice on this grill and considerations would be appreciated. I read a lot of reviews and though kk is pricey seems quality is well worth it.
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