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  1. Hi Dennis, Thanks for chiming in. It's confusing without pictures. So, if I order a Roti kit from you today I will receive a kit that connects to the OLD SQUARE SOCKET which causes the roti to fall forward each half turn? -P
  2. Thanks Basher. Though, I think I need a heat-check on crazy. Please allow me to bounce this off of you for a sanity-check. When I clicked on your link for the complete Roti kit for the 23" Ultimate I get this: PLEASE NOTICE the word (Square) in parentheses. So, I assume this is the right choice since my drive socket in the motor-side wall of my BBQ has a SQUARE drive. But, when I click on the "View details" button I get this: PLEASE NOTICE the following in the ABOVE graphic: ****PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR RIGHT SIDE DRIVE SOCKET INSIDE THE GRILL IS HEX NOT SQUARE - THE DRIVE SIDE OF THIS SPITROD IS HEXAGON**** Now do you see why I need a heat-check on crazy? So, what is it the drive socket suppose to be SQUARE or NOT SQUARE??? lol;) Can you please advise?
  3. Yes, thanks but it doesn't answer my question. The link here: https://komodokamado.com/collections/23-ultimate-spare-parts/products/solid-square-square-roti-motor-shaft only features a picture of a 3" part and does not have a picture nor a description of the full part and the full assembly required to purchase a rotisserie kit. - Pat
  4. I just picked up a used KK on craigslist. I was wondering the following regarding a rotisserie kit. The BBQ is 23" inner dimensions and 27" outer dimension. The rotisserie receptacle is SQUARE. Does anyone know how to buy the correct rod/motor/ kit etc... for this unit? Also, the top seal is beat, I'll need one of those too. Thanks, Pat
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