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  1. Now that I have had it for a couple weeks and made a few things...its really impressive how much better this cooker is than the Traeger that I had before. Temp control is simple...almost too simple. My favorite food so far is Turkey and I don't really like Turkey. I spatchcocked a 12pounder and cooked it direct with a light spice at about 300. Smoky, juicy Turkey. Beef ribs are slow cooking tonight at 250 and smell yummy. I am really happy I jumped in and got the KK.
  2. Thanks...that is all way too easy...
  3. I have a maintenance question...do I need to clean off the smoke/grease from the inner side of the top/chimney. Its not too dirty yet...just trying to figure out maintenance. I did not get a manual with it - Thanks!
  4. Nope...Just decided one day to dispose of my gas and traeger grills and try something else. I decided to go Kamado without much thought and actually ordered a cheap one. My wife found the used KK and now I have it and a cheap ceramic. The cheapo has a couple defects from the china factory, but the company that sold it to me is making things right. I may turn the cheapo into a Tandori Oven for fun. I am one of those folks that will change everything for fun...this is turning out to be fun...
  5. Yep - this is the one from San Francisco
  6. Thanks for all the welcoming notes. I was way too focused on moving it to even think about a video. We removed the top and got two movers and we did it all by hand. The interior stairs were very narrow and we tipped it over and set it down on the legs for each stair (side of the legs). Outside was wider and we used the vent openings to carry it down upright and stopped on each stair with the back legs. Fortunately, the three of us were all strong and kinda dumb. It wasn't really that bad... Strap artwork in the trailer...
  7. Found a unicorn...a used KK 23 in perfect condition. Had a super fun time taking it down 40+ stairs and transporting to my house. I've been practicing with ribs and chicken before I try a Brisket for the first big cook...
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