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  1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. In a ironic twist the only damage we took from Dorian is when a branch came off and hit my current grill ripping the handle off. I guess someone else thought it was time for a new grill 😉
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the advice. I just bought a 32BB. Went with 1. Basket splitter 2. Roti basket plus the reducers( you need these to cook items smaller than a piglet) 3. Cold smoker 4. Bread stone 5. Cocochar and some coffee wood should be here just in time to do little grilling after cleaning up from the hurricane. Dorian should be a hitting us tomorrow some time. thanks again K
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Paul- I actually saw that thread on the 3 chickens. Pretty impressive (although that pic of the 42 swallowing three with room to spare was frankly scary 😀) Based on the design I assume you can't use the smoker and a bbqguru at the same time as they use the same port Definitely planning on doing the duck indirect. I had a little inferno once with a duck directly over the flames K
  4. How big is the rotisserie basket? I was mostly interested in using this for duck. Do you guys have problems with mold when using the cover. I used to keep my current kamado covered but the inside would get incredibly moldy within a couple of days. I stopped using the cover so there was some airflow and I never had a problem again. The kamado will be in a covered area so it will not get any rain but it will be near the ocean. Does everyone agree the basket splitter is a must have?
  5. I've been doing some research and I'm strongly considering a BB32. I've looked at some other threads on this topic but they refer to the smaller model. Based on the other threads the things I should get are 1)the basket splitter both for two zone cooking but also for smaller Cooks in general 2) as much cocochar as I can stuff on my pallet I already have a cyberguru that I really like. I'm strongly considering the smoker as I'm intreagued by the idea of cold smoking fish and or bacon. Has anybody used the rotisserie basket? Any other must have accessories?
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