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  1. I got a big bad 32, and loving it! I've had eggs for about 10 years, Large and Mini max aka Smokey and the Bandit What is the reasoning behind why these cook better? I think I've heard it has less air flow which reduces the amount of moisture lost, but how does it have less air flow? Seems like same design as any other Kamado. Air hole in bottom, air hole in tops. I think it has something to do with how it hold heat better? I'm just not understanding the reasoning. Can someone explain? When I tell people about the grill I want to be better able to explain how it works so well! Thanks.
  2. Meet my new grill/smoker. A smoker this bad ass needs a good name. Since I’m the #FreedivingBbqGuy I figured Big Blue would be a great name! It’s big, it’s blue, and big blue is a famous freediving movie that inspired many of my students to become freedivers. All hail BIG BLUE 😳🔥💨🍻
  3. First cook turned out excellent Looking forward to getting a handle of these beast. So far so good! IMG_4286.mov
  4. Had nightmare after nightmare getting this thing but the 32 is in the backyard! Thanks for all the help and advice, first cook is tonight!
  5. 10 year egg user.. Cooking some beef ribs tonight, for panther hockey game. Need to get this guy to 225, for sure am a bit confused about how to do this! I have basket splitter set up for 1/4 size. There are really small beef ribs, always shocked how fast they cook. They are the small ones from Snake River Farms. Then I have the "middle grate" on, and I have the drip pan on the side away from the coals. I plan to put he ribs on the right side of the girl so they will be away from the direct heat. I'm coming from an EGG, I've heard Dennis say don't need place setter, and this drip pan will do the trick? Do I wrap the drip pan in foil? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  6. What do you mean a bonded company? I'm in tiny town in North Georgia mountains not sure what I can find. Would be happy to pay someone to do it, just not sure what to look for.
  7. By putting it in the back of the house on the conrete slab it won't have to go up any steps just down that slight gravel hill.. gotta be better than up the steps!
  8. I'm not going to put it through the stairs on the deck, going to put it in the area in the back.
  9. Here is video of what I would be dealing with.
  10. the hilly part of my driveway is paved, but its 85ft from where the paved driveway stop to the steps. Rest is all gravel. I'm getting the 32 big bad.. 900 pounds! Not sure that is safe for the deck, so if deck is not an option would have to go on concrete slab in the back of the house is probably 200-250ft from the paved driveway (ie drop off point). Dennis said you can use 2x4's and roll the crate 8ft at time. If I take it to the back of the house the gravel starts to be slopped and not flat. Hmmm.. this is complicated.
  11. I live in north Georgia mountains and when the UPS truck drops off the Kadado, it would need to go up 6 steps to get on the porch. Does the delivery people do this? I know these are weight heavier than the eggs we have so myself and Kathy won't be able to lift it up. Just need to figure out how this works before I Order. Looking forward to getting one of these smokers!
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