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  1. yes, going to have to read up on that breakin, as i also plan to take full advantage of HIGH temp cooks for Pizza oven quality pizza! ....BIGSHEP! no worries my friend i can slide that beast in and out (with the help of another) whenever i need access. However WHAT? why will i loose pebbles!!?? lol really hope not. I also will notch out the one timber on the right side to accommodate the rotisserie once i get it. unfortunately it has to be done. Thanks for the kind words folks! looking forward to some interesting cooks, and great results. I seasoned up the Pizza stone last night in the o
  2. yeah looking way to new LOL... Time to season this thing up! which reminds me i forgot to ask Dennis, is there any protocol to breaking these units in?
  3. Impressive BBQ! ... fyi the 22 TT is bigger than it looks...or what I expected. Everything worked out perfect, cant wait to cook something. All the spects were dead-on accurate... which I was worried about considering I completely finished the space before ever having seen one of these.
  4. It also doubles as a place to do dips, to work out the triceps. 😎👍 ....it funny bc i left them long, (they are part of the timber) as a creative :"non conclusion". Meaning not sure whats gonna happen with them quite yet, but better have em and not need em, than need em and not have em lol.... we shall see. I have the bore to make them smaller, or maybe i cut them off shorter. Who knows, where the creative muse takes one.... guess we shall see! I have more content on IG @Chateau_de_Mathieu including all my food creations, as well as an off-grid cabin build i just completed in the Northern Adiro
  5. Haha... yes very phallic in nature lol figure that's where I'd hang my tongs 😜
  6. This is just PT Fir...I thought of doing it in hardwood, which i have access to but this is purely decorative in nature and i couldn't justify the extra work. Oak would've taken much longer to crave out, drill, chisel, sand etc... Thanks for the kind words my friend! 👍⚒️
  7. Finished the rear timber today, went with a bowtie joint, distressed everything with a torch, and hit it with poly . I think the space is deserving off the KK now lol
  8. How long was shipping ?....Im assuming the unit is in route. Work is coming along in the mean time figure a beautiful piece like the KK deserves some Timber-frame type ascents, and decorative joinery ....
  9. Yes~!~ Great advise! I was going to get the 32, but i just dont have a place to put it!....after looking at the 22TT, i didn't realize how big it really is. Its actually slightly bigger than the Kamado Joe classic....i really hope i [email protected] looks good!....mine is OTW here to NJ, and I already had a stone island, with a drop in SS grill, that I decided to modify to accommodate the 22 TT.....broke out the sledge hammer, the past couple days, and had at it....made a simple cubby, but I will add some post and beam "timber frame" style joinery to the front to accent that beauty...ill
  10. Id love to see pics of all the built in's for the 22" Beast Table Top! Decided on the 22" and im going to build it in to a 36" stone cubby in my outdoor kitchen set up, would love to see some ideas! Thanks in advance.
  11. any pics? was hoping to see some detailed pics to see how the grout tile etc held up. Glad to hear everyone is happy and still cooking on these units.
  12. Curious to see what these units look like after a decade or so, how old are some of your units?
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