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  1. So far I have only been using half of the firebox. Typically when would I need to use the whole box ? Cheers Jamie
  2. Had to look up what grill floss was! Will order one I think. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Thanks Tony b. I only ran it a short time with the lid in position 2 and it wasn't super hot. But I was wondering if that hot air running over the seal would damage it. Won't do it again. Thanks for clarificaiton. Cheers Jamie
  4. So did our first cook on the weekend. 2 x rib eyes reverse seared. Cook went fine, however I over smoked them. I put one lump of pecan on, but decided to put another one 30 min later. Not knowing how much it would add to the flavour, it was too much. I think it was slightly over cooked too. A little more on the medium side. But I learnt things. A couple questions though. 1. When would you call the top vent is open ? 4 turns? eg after that it makes no difference ? 2. When heating up for searing I found that if I left the lid on the first position ( not closed hard) the temp sky rocketed really fast. I assume due to more air escaping. Is this ok ? Does it damage the seal? 3. What is the first position for ? Simply when not in use, to keep pressure off the seal ? Thanks again. Cheers Jamie
  5. Thank you! Haha, I love looking at others cooks. Hopefully with time I can replicate some of them. I bought the drive, as it was easier to do with shipping to Australia. However i've already noticed how solid the temp is on the BB. Would love a 19 for small cooks. I'm sure it starts up really quick. Maybe one day. Have to convince the missus on this one first....
  6. Thanks, and congrats on your BB32 also! I have the MAP torch. That was the best investment so far. I had angst about how difficult it might be to start a charcoal fire, but 10-20 sec with the MAP and things are going well.
  7. Thank you! I'll need to get a stainless wire brush. Or check to see if the one I already has is or not. Its a bit dirty, so I can't tell! What are your thoughts on the spiral brushes that don't have those nasty wires that come out ? I stepped on a couple of these, and they aren't fun.
  8. Did exactly this, thank you! And fire went out with coals left in the morning. I'll add pics later. Busy at moment. But I have them.
  9. Thanks Basher, We usually cook fairly basic things, Scotch fillet Salmon fillets or cutlets Chicken breast Now I have a more capable cooker I'm busting to try a d Boston butt among other things. I have the rotisserie too, so I'd like to try a whole chook. Of course there are the sausages..... and I'd love to get the hang of doing roast veggies well. These still end up in the oven. Cheers Jamie
  10. Thanks all for the kind words of welcome and advice. Greatly appreciated! So I now have this beast on the front veranda. Took a bit to get it off the pallet. First question. How do you lock the wheels in place ? I thought there might be a locking mechanism, but couldn't see anything. It's just chocked for now. Wow, lots of racks, deflectors etc. I bought the split charcoal box also. So if I was to reverse sear 2 rib eyes. I was thinking to use the bottom rack with half the charcoal div. Slow cook on the none charcoal side. Take steak out, heat KK up and put over coals to sear. Having a split basket, do I or should I use the deflector?? Also, didn't find any documentation. Is there KK specific documentation anywhere ? On recommended usage? Thanks again. Cheers Jamie
  11. Hi all, As the title says, my BB32 will be delivered some time this week. I'ts like the birth of a new child. This is my first charcoal BBQ, and so I feel like I'm jumping in the deep end. The phrase "all the gear and no idea" keeps bouncing around my head!! argh. I'm hoping there is quite a bit of literature that comes with the unit, as I feel my learning curve is going to be steep. Firstly, is there anything I really must have ? Elbow length welding gloves ? Something to "poke" the coals ? I have long tongs and just bought a Fireboard 2 with fan. (Not sure how the fan is going to mount yet, but that will be for later...) Also picking up a MAPP torch for starting the coals. Is there a cooking guide ? eg what temps should I be heating the KK up to for steak, fish, sausages etc? When should I use half the coals, where should I cook, what level etc Anything I really shouldn't do ? I've got so many questions, Oh, I'm hoping I can sell my rather newish 4 burner Weber gas BBQ some time. But as we have kids, sometimes they just want a couple bbq sausages cooked. Seems crazy to stoke a KK for that. Do people have small gas bbqs for something like that ? Was thinking a cheap $300 "club" style flat bbq might be handy for that sort of thing. Thanks in advance. Cheers Jamie
  12. THanks so much for your replies. Gives me a good starting point. Knowing that 100kg of charcoal would last about a year is good info too. One of my biggest fears is running out. Couldn't find much in the way of Gidgee large lump. But sounds great. Will keep an eye out. Thanks again!
  13. Hi All, While I wait for my BB 32" I need to source some charcoal in Australia. Where I live I don't have any local options, so I either have to buy online, or possibly get from Adelaide. This is fine, but it will be hard to restock quick if I run out. So, any suggestions on brands to use here ? Thanks Cheers Jamie
  14. Hey tekobo. Haha, yeah I was being cheeky. The 32" is more than I should afford, but I think it is a better investment over time. I figure in a few years I won't think about the difference. Not to derail my own thread. But considering temp controllers and I'm wondering with the great insulation the KK has, is a fan/blower system that important ?
  15. Hi ckreef, thanks for your input, very interesting. I had seen a Santa Maria grill, but hadn't paid it much attention. I think it seems like too much hard work for me, at least for now with 3 young kids and pretty hectic job. I'll just have to settle for a KK. I really don't have that much room, and so to some degree having one BBQ, at least of reasonable size, is probably all I can handle. As mentioned, I have a 4 burner Weber gas, but I'd consider selling that and maybe even getting a smaller open griddle for when I just need to cook sausages or in a real hurry. ( or maybe a back up if I run out of charcoal, which isn't available where I am). And, I just updated my order to the 32" So probably won't be buying any other BBQs any time soon.
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