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  1. Hi ckreef, thanks for your input, very interesting. I had seen a Santa Maria grill, but hadn't paid it much attention. I think it seems like too much hard work for me, at least for now with 3 young kids and pretty hectic job. I'll just have to settle for a KK. I really don't have that much room, and so to some degree having one BBQ, at least of reasonable size, is probably all I can handle. As mentioned, I have a 4 burner Weber gas, but I'd consider selling that and maybe even getting a smaller open griddle for when I just need to cook sausages or in a real hurry. ( or maybe a back up if I
  2. Thanks tekobo! Having never lit a charcoal BBQ what sort of mini leaf blower do people use ? I already have a blow torch, so that side is covered.
  3. I'm with ya! To infinity and beyond! 8-)
  4. Thanks so much everyone for the great responses! Now really can't wait. Although I know it will be a slow process, waiting is half the fun sometimes. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, Well I've put my order in for a 23"KK but still I would like to know. As only ever owning a gas BBQ, is there much flavour difference on shorter cooks ? Say if I grilled a scotch fillet or even reverse seared a rib eye, does this give the meat enough time to absorb any of the charcoal flavour? Or is it much the same as a good gas BBQ ? Cheers Jamie
  6. OK nice. Don't think there are many owners in SA. At least I haven't come across any on forums. Yeah, I'm always tracking "toys". Although it isn't quite as much fun at the moment, due to shipping delays...
  7. South Australia. Few hours NNE of Adelaide. Kinda off the beaten track.
  8. Hi Tucker, Thanks for the link. Looks very interesting. Hate to think what shipping to Australia might cost though! I wonder what the pros and cons are on cooking Pizza on steel as apposed to more traditional stone ? Cheers Jamie
  9. Hi Bruce, Thanks for the warm welcome. I've never seen one in the flesh, but I could only imagine. I might have to wait a little, as I believe Dennis is quite busy with orders. Thanks again. Cheers Jamie
  10. Yes, nice idea. I struggle to apply pressure sometimes with the flip I use. And then meat gets caught in the holes sometimes too. No such trouble with this. Thanks Cheers Jamie
  11. Thanks for the quick reply alimac23 ! I wondered if this was the case. I did see an old post of Dennis showing some stainless plates, but doesn't look like they went ahead. Cheers Jamie
  12. Hi everyone, I'm considering buying a 23" but was wonder how people cook smashed burgers, fish, pancakes etc. Probably missing something obvious, but is there a griddle type accessory ? Thank you. Regards Jamie
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