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  1. Finally got my 23 Ultimate at end of Feb. after a long 6 months(This was research, ordering a 21, changing my mind to a 23, Dennis building the 23, then the shipping(container shipping was a longer process and then freight from LA to Ga. during bad weather took an extra week ). Was without a smoker grill for that time too. Sold my green egg (thought it would take longer to sell, but it went in a day). Thanks to tcoliver, tekebo, this forum, and especially Dennis during this journey. Following Dennis' instructions, uncrating was easy. Moving around back was level ground, so fortunately, I didn't have to remove the lid. Only one step to navigate to the deck, used the pallet ramp upside down with a board on top and up she went. Had help from my neighbor and my son in law, who did the pose.
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