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  1. 1AL6

    Holding 225?

    Consensus is top vent. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.
  2. 1AL6

    Holding 225?

    Those are good points. I’ve been about a 1/4 turn on top. I’ll try a little less. But maybe I’m choking out the fire a bit more than I should - I’ll try giving it more time to get heated up. Thanks for the tip.
  3. 1AL6

    Holding 225?

    Agree. Except after 4 or 5 opens, that’s 40-50 degrees. But maybe you’re right. Maybe I shouldn’t bother anyway.
  4. 1AL6

    Holding 225?

    Hello. A little advice would be appreciated…please and thank you. So far I’ve completed 3 cooks on my new 23” at 225 degrees (and a few others at higher temps). I have found it very easy to start the cooker and dial in to 225. It holds rock solid for hours. But when I crack open the lid to add other food, rotate something, spray with apple cider, etc, the KK drops temp and then comes back up higher after the lid is closed. Usually to about 235. The next time I open the lid to do whatever, then close it back up, my temps go up another 10 degrees or so. Ideally you don’t open the lid but sometimes it’s unavoidable. So what say the experts here? How can I keep things closer to 225? For reference, I am using up some royal oak lump I’ve had around - they are smallish size pieces. Not optimal I know. Thanks.
  5. Wow. Looks like you’ve got it figured out. Nice setup.
  6. Spoke to Dennis. He was very helpful. It turns out I got the wrong drive shaft. He’s taking care of me. Great customer service. Thanks for the replies. And thanks Dennis.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to fix my problem. All the videos I’m seeing seem to show the drive shaft is spring loaded in the motor to compress and allow it to mount. Mine is definitely not spring loaded. Is the driveshaft itself compressible or does the motor allow a solid shaft to compress inside it? Maybe I have the wrong shaft? I’m not sure what’s going on here. Thanks
  8. Well. It arrived. This thing is amazing. That’s not news to anyone on this forum though. I do have a question: what am I doing wrong with this rotisserie? The drive shaft for the motor appears to be too long to allow me to get the bracket together. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Thanks for the help.
  9. Terra Blue is on the way
  10. I appreciate all the responses. I think the 23 will do what I need it to do.
  11. All great info. Thanks for the things to think about.
  12. Thanks for all the insight. Now for the wait...
  13. Hello from Washington, First of all, thanks to everyone on this forum - I’ve learned a lot of good info on here already. A couple weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered a 23” Ultimate in Terra Blue that has an “ETA end of April”. I’m very excited but have since found myself stuck in the question, should I have ordered a 32 instead? I’ve read what I could find on here (I see many others have had this same question) including Dennis’ stock statement about the comparison between the 23 and 32. For me I’ll be cooking for 3 people 99% of the time. And 6-8 people a few times a year. I’ll do plenty of low and slow type cooks. But I definitely do a fair amount of reverse searing and would like to make sure I’m setting myself up for success. So the questions: can you really manage a 2-zone setup with this cooker? Or should I plan to use something like a guru to quickly crank up the heat when it’s time to sear? Is the charcoal basket splitter the way to go? I keep looking at the pics of the 32 with half upper grate for indirect and lower grate near coals for searing, and thinking I need that in my life. I’m over thinking this. I know. Also, what exactly does “ETA end of April” mean when you factor in port and ground shipping times? I assume it’s realistically at my door end of May? Thanks for entertaining the new guy questions. Respectfully, -Kevin
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