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  1. Not the right size for me, but this doesnt appear to be a bad deal for someone local. The unfortunate part of these grills is they will be somewhat expensive to ship due to the weight. You almost have to have a lift gate, which typically adds $150 on each end of the delivery. It is the right color though, i love the cobalt. Komodo kamado - general for sale - by owner (craigslist.org)
  2. Thanks to everyone for the enthusiasm towards the product and the advice. Its encouraging when people emphatically support a product years after the purchase. The warranty is a catch-22 of sorts to me. Yes, id love to have the warranty for 20 years, but at the same time, the build quality kinda negates the warranty. It seems like the only way to harm the grill is by dumping it during a move. Im not in an enormous rush, but im definitely at the point where i want to upgrade. The primo is becoming more disappointing day after day. I might put in some time occasionally searching the
  3. First post on the forum, and i am finally in a position professionally to buy one of these great grills. I started out with a BGE in my 20s, and then upgraded to a Primo XL that ive had for 3ish years now. I like the Primo considerably more than the BGE, but still, there is a LOT to be improved upon. My firebox is in two pieces. The plate setters/deflectors holders have warped due to the heat and now no longer sit where they are supposed to. Anyway, enough critique leveled at the Primo, its a fine cooker. I seem to have my heart set on the BB 32. I dont often use the entire 400sqin of the prim
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