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  1. I just got back from holiday (never been so happy btw🤣)…. And I finally vented my new KK… everything went fine… I got 6-7 venting spots and with some minor bubbling as everyone on the previous topics/review/videos mentioned. I also experienced two minor “grout and tiles swallows” that I solved gently but firmly pushing it back before cooling after helping venting with a needle… now I just need to regrout the venting points with the grout in the kit… I read that after regrouting ppl use a grout sealer. Being located in Switzerland I need to find an equivalent product of those you use in the US. Can someone please indicate me what product are you using? So I can find a similar here in Switzerland. best regards IMG_3299.MOV
  2. Hi Tinder, I’m located in Lugano (Tessin) and I’m happy to hear that other Swiss ppl own a KK. unfortunately I cannot see your pictures anymore. best regards Patrik
  3. Today with the help of the local brewery Team i moved the KK to his new place. it’s gorgeous and every detail is perfectly made…. Great craftsmanship Dennis Thanks for all your support! GREETINGS FROM SWITZERLAND
  4. Thx to all for the congrats guys! It arrived today! Unfortunately I’ll be able to unbox it only Wednesday…… Away for work🤬
  5. Thx, I also watched it, it seems a very good video. thx
  6. Thanks for the help guys… unfortunately I haven’t got Dennis mail, I’ll write tomorrow thanks again
  7. This morning I got the call from the transporter that my Ultimate 23 is arriving 2-3 days…. After a couple of years of dreaming I would finally be able to cook on that beauty! Can anyone indicate me a topic or a link where is described how break in in the right manner in order to condition it at best? br Patrik
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