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  1. I think I’m leaning cobalt blue pebbles. For those with pebbles - is the upkeep any different?
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm going to go ahead with the Beast 22" Table Top. Can't wait to place my order and get the process going! Now, what color and tiles or pebbles to get? .
  3. I’m trying to decide between the 22” Beast Table Top and the 19” lil isla. I’m building a built in kitchen and want to upgrade from my current KJ Big Joe. One concern is that the 22 could overpower the space (it’s not going to be a huge kitchen) but I think it’ll fit. I am intrigued that the charcoal is further away from the cooking surface on the 22 and wondering how much will this effect cooking quality? Is the 22 a better cooking vessel than the 19? Id also love some experience from people with a lil isla - what are you able to fit on it? Do you wish you had gone larger? Price is not a concern, just sizing and aesthetics Thanks for the help and excited to join the KK community.
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