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  1. Thanks for everyones imput, it goes with what my thoughts have been. Planning on calling Dennis shortly and placing an order! Lookingbforward to more chats with all!
  2. That's speaks a lot about the KK , i do love my Primo and I have had a lot of different smokers/grills, so with all of the positive input especially from people that had already had experience with ceremic cookers I know I will love it. I have a fireboard and I find myself using it more without the fan assist, it seems to overshoot my temps by 5-15 degrees on my primo ....I never had that problem with my stoker on the stumps gravity smoker. Do you find you don't really need the fans on the KK? I think I have settled in on the cobalt blue, now to figure out what accessories, do you have any imput on what accesories to get? Thank you all in advance!
  3. Oh yeah!! Just having fun with them while smoking chicken, sausage and a pound cake! Can ya smell it?
  4. Great answers! I do love my primo so I know the KK will make it even more enjoyable. You guys have been very helpful!!!! Maybe I should ask Dennis to do a pebble/ square tile combo so it cooks everything great! Lol
  5. I heard for round pizza that the pebbles cooked better and for brisket flat to go tiles all the way. With all this free info from you guys if you will pony up some $ then I could jump to the 42!!
  6. I also have a traeger pellet and of course the primo, my favorite of all of the smokers has been tha kamando style cooker, so that is what led me to looking at the king of them being the KK. Not only do I think the food is better, I just enjoy cooking on that style cooker. I have a fireboard for my promo but I am finding it to not be that necessary to hold temp. Is anyone really using the temp controllers on your kk?
  7. I know the KK is much better than the BGE and Primo....how would you rate the 2 as compared to cooking on the KK? I have had a few smokers, stumps gravity, Pit barrel cooker, smokey mountain Weber, kettle, kamando joe Jr.
  8. Thank you all for the great input. Now that the 32 is settled....what accesories did you get, wish you had gotten and do not use much?Also, now comes the tile colors and shape. I was leaning toward the cobalt blue, not sure between the pebble and square.
  9. Hello, I have a primo XL and I am looking to get either the 23 or 32 komodo . I do both low and slow and grilling for my wife and I. The 23 is probably what I should get but the 32 keeps calling me because of the looks and sheer size. Should I keep my primo and get the 23 or get the 32 and sell my promo xl? Thank you in advance!
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