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  1. I am in Greensboro and would greatly appreciate being able to see your smoker.
  2. Hi grillnbrew, That would be great! Where are you located? I keep going back and forth on the cold smoke and either the spit or basket. I think I would use the spit more and I really don't think I would need both.
  3. Thank you for your input...I will keep it at the 32 for now. I have my Primo XL for different temp cooks when it need to do that. It is very tempting though. I was looking at the 23 and decided to go up to the 32. Do you have the cold smoker, I normally rely on adding wood, wasn't sure if it would make that much difference. I found a lump that is off the grid and really good to the point that I don't really need to add wood now. It is called Smith Mountain Lump out of Virginia. Your cooks really look good. With pork pricing the way it is now that would cost a few pennies!
  4. All this talk has me wanting to jump from a 32 to a 42....still not sure why you think tiles cook better than pebbles.
  5. This is a great subject line....just think we probably all graduated from kingsford blue. Are you guys sure tiles are better than pebbles! Taking votes on your favorite meat to cook and I will take the top 1 and make it my first cook.
  6. Yes, and the red bag has to many small pieces. I use to use that red oak natural briquette in my srumps gravity until they changed it to the ridge style, it would cause it to bridge in the shoot. I really liked it so I need to try it on my komodo cookers.
  7. Great advice! I just picked up b & b lump (oak)and smoking chicken now. Not many choices around here right now. Definitely getting the pizza stone!
  8. That's funny and leads me to a story about faded jeans, one of my customers is a major jeans manufacturer and actually uses pebbles in bags with the wash to help fade jeans. I kept going back and forth on color and pebble vs. tile and just flipped a coin. Thanks, Mark
  9. Ha! Ha! Yes, I just wanted to join the pebble/ tile fun...I just have a thing about square and straight lines, I think it started in my yard/landscape designing! I was thinking about the spit vs. basket or both, in think I would use the spit more. Thanks for the larger motor idea, I was going to just irder the smaller one.
  10. Yes, I am going to have to explore this rotisserie basket cooking deal, I will look for ideas in the cooking/ recipe forum. I ordered the cobalt blue in pebbles....I kept reading that the pebbles cooked food better and the lump would last longer! What lump do you recommend when having to buy local...I have been using big block and jealous devil. I used red oak for a long time, but it burns up much quicker. Thank you Mark
  11. I just ordered a big bad 32!!!! Looking forward to chatting with everyone here. Definitely going to get the splitter, how often do you use the rotisserie basket, I have never used one and not quite sure if it is something I would use much. I have been smoking meats for several years with differant types of smokers. Stumps gravity, Weber bullet, PBC, Traeger pellet and currently Kamando joe& Promo XL. Thank You, Mark
  12. Thanks for everyones imput, it goes with what my thoughts have been. Planning on calling Dennis shortly and placing an order! Lookingbforward to more chats with all!
  13. That's speaks a lot about the KK , i do love my Primo and I have had a lot of different smokers/grills, so with all of the positive input especially from people that had already had experience with ceremic cookers I know I will love it. I have a fireboard and I find myself using it more without the fan assist, it seems to overshoot my temps by 5-15 degrees on my primo ....I never had that problem with my stoker on the stumps gravity smoker. Do you find you don't really need the fans on the KK? I think I have settled in on the cobalt blue, now to figure out what accessories, do you have any imput on what accesories to get? Thank you all in advance!
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