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  1. Thanks all. I’ve decided to order the KK but need to wait a few months until I’m closer to having my home finished so we don’t have to move it once it arrives. I’m sure I’ll be back with questions once I start cooking on it.
  2. I’m considering ordering a 32” KK but have only read about them. I’ve been a LG BGE smoker for about 10yrs and have been wanting a larger Komodo style smoker for some time. I’ve seen Dennis’ post on Dome vs lower grate but that data starts pretty high and shows a 90F temp differential between dome and lower grate and only widens as the temps climb. Does anyone have the data for a 250F low and slow on the lower, main, upper cooking levels? I would assume no more than +/- 25F if using a BBQGURU on the main grate but any data anyone has would be good to understand. Thanks all - Eric
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