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Lifting komodo

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Hello everyone


In final stages of finishing outdoor patio area. Where the 23” KK is going is at low point in patio for drainage. In order to get KK to equal countertop height I need to raise it roughly 2”. Im either going to build a platform with drain for water to run underneath or just set each wheel on a paver that matches existing patio. My main question is what is best way to lift up a few inches?


Start to dolly and lean back

Hydraulic jack under bottom center

Straps under each leg and a bunch of dudes



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Why dont you use the ramp it came with or construct something similar? I have a 23 Ultimate and tilted/tipped it to get it off the pallet. It was high centered on the little box and this allowed me to collapse the box so it could roll down the ramp. I wouldn't jack it unless you used a big piece of wood to distribute the weight of the kamado over the jack.

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I guess it depends on what you have laying around. In my case, it was wood from the crate, 4 auto jack stands, and some threaded rod. I put wood across a pair of jack stands front and back of the KK. Then wood perpendicular to those under the KK. Put the threaded rod through holes in the wood, top to bottom. By turning nuts on the threaded rod, I could raise and lower the KK incrementally. Mine is a 21".

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