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Review: First Burn of KK Extruded Coco Char

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I received 1000 lbs of KK last week, shared between 5 of us in the DC area. I used about 7-8 lbs of charcoal, which I broke into 2-3 inch pieces. It filled the basket about 1/2-2/3 the way full. I made 6 racks of ribs at 250 for about 5 hrs or so. Unfortunately I forgot to put a drip pan in, so at the end of the cook, I opened the vents wide, and let the temps run up to do a 'self cleaning' of the racks, heat deflector and rib rack. Last I looked about 45 min after I opened the vents, temps were around 600 deg and rising. I headed out of town, and didn't look inside until just now. The inside was cleaned, and the charcoal basket had just the outline of the original charcoal. It burned pretty cleanly!

I used a combination of hickory, oak and cherry for smoking, and the ribs turned out great.

I am planning to smoke a turkey over thanksgiving, and will probably start with just a bit more charcoal, and shut it down when done. I will report on how things go, but given the first success, I think this is gonna be great! VRtom

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