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Tasmanian salmon in Singapore

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I came across a post regarding whole Tasmanian salmon from a few months ago, the member was called Cookie.  Is there anyone in Singapore who knows where to find this?  Any Australian fishmongers who will air ship it?  Or do I need to bring it back as checked baggage the same as I do with beef.  We cooked with some on a recent trip to Australia and I've been on the search for it ever since.  Best farmed salmon I've ever had.


I emailed Cookie, but there's been no response so hopefully someone else will know.





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Hi Uff,

I've only just moved to Singapore 9 days ago so I'm not sure if I'm the right person to answer this... But have you tried the Greenwood Fish Market? (34 Greenwood Avenue, +65 6467 4950) they seem to be able to get a hold of some pretty great imported seafood. But make sure to speak with someone who knows what they are doing! I think I spoke with a guy there called Chris who really knew his stuff!

What part of Sing are you living in? What KK do you have? I'm planning on getting one but haven't seen one in the flesh yet! (And haven't found a home either so don't know what space I'll have!)

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TH - sent you a PM. In terms of places to live, I can offer my input based on 9 years living here, we should talk offline. A lot depends on budget, kids, etc. We've been looking at moving from our condo to a house, so I'm pretty familiar with the current market. Good news is rents are slowing down. Still crazy, but anything is better than the steep climb we've had for the last several years.

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