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  1. Texan_in_Thailand

    A Turkey Option

    I cooked three of these at once in the roti-rack. I suspect I didn't really need it and that the rest of you just cooked them on the grate, I just wanted to try out to new toy. Party guests, however, RAVED about the smoked turkey, and my boss' wife has already requested it for this Christmas.
  2. Texan_in_Thailand

    NEW** 304 Stainless Side Tables

    Are these a separate, stand alone item (with mounting brackets of their own), or are they like an upside-down drip pan that we can slip over our existing teak side tables? I love the teak, but I will admit that they do get grease rings and marks on them that can sometimes take some serious scrubbing to get off.
  3. Texan_in_Thailand

    Nichada Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

    Anyone who wants to come see one in Thailand, just drop me a line.
  4. Texan_in_Thailand

    KK Owners Map

    I added my house in Bangkok to the map. 39/574 Nichada Estates, Nonthaburi, Pakkret, Bangkok, Thailand 11120 Now I just need to talk the wife into letting me get another one for Texas. (She loves the food, but it's a hard sell as we're only home for a 2 or 3 weeks each summer and I'd like to move up to the 32" BB!!) I'll look through the other posts to see where I grant permission for anyone and everyone who'd like to check one out to not only come over and see, but sample some food and prove to themselves why they want to get one.