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  1. One of my favorite pieces, I listen to it often. The San Antonio Symphony did a glorious performance of it one night.
  2. https://komodokamado.com/collections/23-ultimate-spare-parts/products/23-heatdeflector They can both function as a heat deflector, irrespective of their purpose or design. Mine however is designed and sold as a heat deflector. A pizza pan, a flower pot saucer, some bricks, and an innumerable multitude of things can function as a heat deflector, and apparently, some people believe a tissue thin piece of aluminum foil can as well!
  3. Well, my heat deflector that I just bought from the KK store is OTB, or grill shaped, not round. After years of using creative alternate heat deflectors, I am back to using it. The fact it is huge and thick seems a good thing to me. It has a large thermal mass, and radiates heat evenly. A lump fire is always going to have hotter and cooler spots. My guess is that translates straight through a few thousandths of an inch of foil. I want even radiation coming up from below for my roasting and low and slow cooks. Once that big mass comes up to thermal equilibrium, it should provide precisely that. I don't buy the theory that it burns up excessive charcoal coming up to temp. Maybe a little. The proof is in the cook. With that huge paving stone in my KK acting as a radiator/heat deflector, I have PLENTY of charcoal left at the end of a long low and slow. And the cooks don't seem any longer than using any other heat deflector. I have used pizza stones, pizza pans, cast iron griddles, baskets of lava rocks, a stainless round pan, and foil as heat deflectors. Now I have come full circle back to the huge thick grill shaped deflector, it gives me the result I want, and I'm sticking with it. No one but me. And I'm buying a spare.
  4. My 23” sat in one spot on an unreinforced deck for years. The deck started sagging there to the point I thought it unsafe. A guy came out today, added some new piers and 4x4’s and leveled it. What a difference, I don’t feel like I will roll off the deck there anymore! Definitely reinforce your deck for a KK. A failure could hurt or kill somebody.
  5. I had a problem with my 23” that was unexpected. Dennis solved it at no charge to me. You can count on Dennis and KK for the ultimate in customer service.
  6. If you are in the business, stick burners are the norm, you are there working them and attending to them for hours on end day after day and you learn all the necessary nuanced skills. The taste can't be beat. If you are at the house, go with a KK. The taste is 95%, and the skill set is WAY easier to achieve given you aren't cooking briskets all day every day. If you care to become excellent at it , you will. And your guests will NEVER say, "Oh this is shit compared to a stick burner."!!! No, you will get max kudos.
  7. mguerra

    member list

    That banner that says “Home, Komodo Kamado Quality..., Forum Members, Member List” is simply telling you where you are in the forum, in what section and on what thread. It is not a clickable link. On the home page of the forum, there is no member list button. That banner on the home page just says “Home, unread content”
  8. mguerra

    member list

    Alright let's try this again. Starting at the forum home page, how do you find the member list? I'm not finding it.
  9. mguerra

    member list

    No wonder I can’t find the member list. It doesn’t appear on the iPad view nor the iMac! The little thought bubble thing does, though.
  10. I'm not able to find a member list for the forum here. If there is one, does it have a private message feature? I was looking for a guy who posted here a lot about 11 years ago!
  11. Well... I take all the fat and connective tissue, render it down in a skillet, pour the liquid oil all over the pulled meat. No globs of fat or connective tissue in your mouth, and all the juiciness and flavor! The guests are none the wiser, all they perceive is pure, lean muscle in their mouth that is somehow moist and succulent. And all the browned bits from the rendering get divvied up amongst the coonhounds.
  12. https://youtu.be/tjxcMrUSpZ8 Anyone know how to get the video in the post, not just the link?
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