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  1. Yes I used the supplied Norton sanding block along the grain initially. Then I switched to the orbital when I got tired! A belt sander handled with extreme care would do it, but I don’t have one. After I shot that video, I smoothed off the surface with the bronze wool. It is smooth(ish) to the touch and looks superb. Picnics work great for pulled pork, I use them often. Smoke on, brother!
  2. Well never mind! There it is, duh.
  3. Is there a way to add a signature line to your posts, in your profile? A few years back I was encouraging people who were willing to identify themselves by first and or last name. I thought I had a signature line before but the forum has changed a few times over the years.
  4. I figured it out. Rather than clicking on that little chain link icon and then inserting the url, you just insert the url. You can either type it in or copy and paste it. That embeds the YouTube video!
  5. The finished product. By the way this is a video not a photo and that static image is not the finished product!
  6. The folks at TeakGuard told me NOT to try to fill the grain in any way. Just follow the instructions in the kit and let it go at that.
  7. I bought the kit 5 years ago and finally did the refinish today! The before and after look exactly like Wilburpans above. Took three hours including a stop to eat supper. That was to sand with a palm sander and 60 grit paper, clean, rinse, dry, and refinish with 4 coats. The teak has very deep grain and I couldn’t sand it smooth. If I get the energy I might redo it with sanding sealer to get a very smooth surface. But I have to check with the manufacturer to see if TeakGuard is compatible with sanding sealer. As is, it looks 100% better than it did. These side tables have NEVER been protected
  8. mguerra

    Basic advice

    Here's a link to another thread on the VersaGrill. Note how he fabricated it specifically to use with a roti. If Dennis or someone else wanted to produce this thing again, it might sell quite well! It was quite the bargain a $35.00 versus hacking apart a $350.00 main grill!!!
  9. mguerra

    Basic advice

    OK this thing is called the VersaGrill, it was made by Fetzervalve, and he sold the last ones in 2011. Firemonkey/Fetzervalve, uh they both start with an F... I'm surprised I remembered that much after 9 years.
  10. How do you embed a Youtube video in a post rather than placing the link to the video?
  11. mguerra

    Basic advice

    Here is video of the accessory elevated grate:
  12. mguerra

    Basic advice

    Years ago, someone here on the forum made and sold one of these that did not replace the main grate, but sat on top of it in the back. So you have full use of the main. I have one and it is so useful. For some reason I thought it was Firemonkey but I'm not sure.
  13. Ok here’s the thread I referenced in the other thread!
  14. In 2015 there was a thread regarding the use of TeakGuard from Marinestore.com. The guy posted a very instructive thread, with some impressive results. I’m trying to find it...
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