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  1. Sometimes, I smoke the hell out of my meat with that first blast of billowing white smoke and don't wait for the clean blue. I like it that way, on occasion.
  2. I bought a brand new Meco Swinger II after I got the KK, thinking I would use it for "little cooks" like quick grilling. And because it has a nostalgic feeling, it's the kind of grill most everyone had growing up for summer nights in the backyard. Well, as much as I appreciate the nostalgia and aesthetic of it, I never use it. I keep wanting a Primo just to have a piece of American made Kamado goodness, but I can't pull the trigger, I don't need it. The KK fulfills all. Gas? Nah...
  3. mguerra

    Holding 225?

    When you open the lid there is a big inflow of oxygen in to the KK. If there is a large quantity of charcoal burning, and you feed that large quantity with O2, your temp will go up some. For a low temp cook, be sure to only light a small amount of charcoal to start. Lighting a large amount of charcoal and trying to keep the temps down with small vent settings won't work.
  4. The Smith and Wesson 40 cal “Shorty Forty” on the countertop is optional. But a good idea if you live out in the wild Texas Hill Country. For both varmints and “varmints”!!! No kids in the house so it’s cool laying there. Right under that deck below the KK I had to dispatch a big Western Diamondback. I had to crawl under there on my hands and knees and face that thing down. It was buzzing like a chainsaw, my adrenaline was maxed out. But my dogs go back there, and under there. For that little adventure I actually used a shotgun, not a pistol. No I didn’t do a low and slow on it to see if it “t
  5. You can use a controller but you don’t have to. If you like tech and toys by all means get one. I have three, and never use them anymore! You only need three temps for your KK. Low and slow which is anywhere from 200 to 280. Roasting at 350. And a hot grilling/ pizza fire which you don’t need to measure, you see it. Barely crack the vents top and bottom and you’ll get the low and slow. And only start a LITTLE charcoal. Roasting at 350 is just a little more open on the vents, you’ll learn it quick enough, but again only start a little charcoal. For L&S and for roasting start only a half cha
  6. Ok resurrected, definitely worth exploring this thread for newer members, and revisiting for us older KKers. Larry R had some good stuff.
  7. Still, we had some excellent threads it wouldn’t hurt to resurrect! And Roadside Chicken is one.
  8. I really had no idea how old I looked... https://youtu.be/tXEqWF8XGmo
  9. Yes I used the supplied Norton sanding block along the grain initially. Then I switched to the orbital when I got tired! A belt sander handled with extreme care would do it, but I don’t have one. After I shot that video, I smoothed off the surface with the bronze wool. It is smooth(ish) to the touch and looks superb. Picnics work great for pulled pork, I use them often. Smoke on, brother!
  10. Well never mind! There it is, duh.
  11. Is there a way to add a signature line to your posts, in your profile? A few years back I was encouraging people who were willing to identify themselves by first and or last name. I thought I had a signature line before but the forum has changed a few times over the years.
  12. I figured it out. Rather than clicking on that little chain link icon and then inserting the url, you just insert the url. You can either type it in or copy and paste it. That embeds the YouTube video!
  13. The finished product. By the way this is a video not a photo and that static image is not the finished product!
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