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  1. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Probably a crazy question but does the white film wash off or peel off?
  2. New Rear Gas Door Lock

    I too used high temp gasket seal. I'd buy one as a permanent solution.
  3. Rotisserie question

    Halfsmoke is correct. I think all of us new owners have this issue, or at least a couple of us me included.
  4. New Guy

    Welcome and congratulations. Your tile choice was perfect for sitting next to the pool. Enjoy and be sure to share your experience and ask questions there is plenty of help here.
  5. New KK owner in Qu├ębec

    Welcome to the club! Beautiful KK
  6. Baby Komo arrived today!

    He was just a baby upon delivery now he's growing comfortable in his new home and going by Komo. However a pic of a 23 sitting next to the 42 would be nice to see
  7. Just finished nights shift.... Brisket time

    Very nice smoke ring and amazing finished burnt ends!
  8. First cook

    @tonyb Meat on a toothpick today
  9. First cook

    First cook on Komo after getting him through the venting process. Nothing fancy just some pepper, onion, mushroom meatballs.
  10. New KK Owner

    I went grillless for a couple weeks as well. Your KK will quickly fill the void. Congrats on your new grill.
  11. Baby Komo arrived today!

    Thanks for enlightening us cschaaf!
  12. Baby Komo arrived today!

    Oh I know MacKenzie but I told her I'm like a kid at Christmas right now.
  13. Baby Komo arrived today!

    Thanks for the quick reply bosco. I only have the one which is now installed.
  14. Baby Komo arrived today!

    On another note. What is this deflector for?? It was sitting on the back side of the bottom air intake.