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  1. Not mine, but thought this group may have someone interested or lurking on the lookout to buy like I am. I’m not in the market for a 42, looking for a 23 or even the right 32. This was posted on the Big Green Egg Facebook page if you’re interested.
  2. Is this still available? Unfortunately I am not local....
  3. BigO

    Its time :)

    @Alohapiggy, I may do that if my patience runs out. I have an XL and MiniMax. Am hoping to gift the XL to my dad to bring him into the Kamado fold. MiniMax stays. I love that thing.
  4. BigO

    Its time :)

    Agreed tony b. I see a few come up every year on CraigsList, no hurry here, so I'm starting my search knowing it may take months to find something. I use SearchTempest to search Craigslist nationally. Fingers crossed.
  5. I've been lurking this forum for a couple of years now and have been admiring these fine cooking machines from afar for long enough! The penny jar is full so it's time to find a candidate. Since it is a penny jar fund, I'm looking for used vs new, maybe new someday! I'm based in Indianapolis, have been a BGE owner for 10 years and own 2 of those. Ready to upgrade. Looking for a 23 or 32. If anyone out there is considering a sale, please let me know. Good Cooking!
  6. That roast pork looks fantastic
  7. Last I spoke with @teddysurf he had a serious buyer. It’s likely gone. Keep looking. I am too.
  8. You got a nice set up, I was trying to snatch it up myself. Congrats!
  9. @tony b yes, very good points, Kamado cooking has so many benefits when compared to ANYTHING that's metal.
  10. I've been a Stoker user for years, I let go of the purist view (not using electronics) and chose a good nights sleep instead. I chose the Stoker WiFi because i have multiple cookers and one Stoker unit can handle multiple cooks, beyond that, I think they are all basically the same in function. Benefits of a controller is the "set it and forget it" benefit of knowing exactly what's going on with the cooker AND the protein without peeking "if you're looking, you're not cooking" is REAL. Another benefit I like which the Stoker and I think the others do, is give you the ability to monitor a c
  11. @Aussie Ora I completely agree. It's not if, just when. I'm very patient when making these kinds of purchases. Looking forward to sharing my KK cooks here. The community here is fantastic, not to mention Dennis. I'm in.
  12. I was too slow, the owner, I really nice guy, sold her today. Going to keep working on the WAF (wife acceptance factor) :) so I’m ready if another comes up. Hopefully the new owner joins the community here.
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