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  1. That’s right, it slides right in to the KK and provides a nice snug fit.
  2. In my experience all temp controllers with the exception of the SmoBot work on the same fan on off principal. The issue with the Billows is the volume of air: 46CFM, that’s a lot vs other controllers which could be 1/4 of the volume. Add that to the fact the Kk does not require much airflow and it presents a challenge. Add the $3 damper accessory and voila, problem solved. I know some have returned these, when all they needed was a $3 accessory to make it work perfectly.
  3. Hello, I bought a ThermoWorks Billow to use with my KK. I know, I know, you don’t need that...... For those that enjoy sleep and peace of mind on overnight cooks, check out my video. If you buy one of these, the $3 accessory is a must.
  4. Hi Its Memorial Day int he USA today so I dropped an extra video today. This one is the process I used for my first burn and I went ahead and did a cure of the acrylic jacket while I was at it. According to the KK manual, the objective here is to get up to temp slowly and maintain a 500-550 degree F for a couple of hours. Why? Well watch my other video on venting that has all the latest info on construction, humidity & solvent venting etc. Thanks for all the nice notes and appreciation on this forum. Its appreciated. I'm trying to create a down and dirty Kama
  5. Same as C6BILL, I use my thermapen for everything including temping my latte milk int he AM. A must have!
  6. Thank for all the comments on the videos. Please help me grow the channel with a like and subscribe. I really appreciate that support.
  7. Hi PVPAUL, Sharp looking grill in your profile pic! My girlfriend is from Appleton!. Okay, to your Question. The quick answer is YES. As you heard in the video, I did have a good long conversation with Dennis to get the latest information out to owners. Yes, Dennis does cure the refractory cement body to achieve a ~5% humidity level in the cement. As I mentioned, this is accomplished with kiln drying and weighing of materials before and after to quantify the moisture level. With all that, even in the latest grills, as I mentioned in the video, the humidity in the air can be absorbed by a
  8. Hello fellow KK fans. I was going to publish a simple first burn in video showing the process I used to cure my 32" KK. Dennis and I touched base to make sure I had the latest information and to avoid some of the mis-information on You Tube about the KK. So after an hour long conversation, I had a couple of pages of notes and realized, this is more complicated than I realized. At the end of the day, the headline is, this is no big deal. ALL Kamados vent, this is the story specific to the KK. That said, I know we have lots of new owners coming into the obsession, this is helpful
  9. Once I got my email it was maybe a week later I heard from the transporter to arrange drop off. Mine went from Cali to Indianapolis. It’s a fun process! You’re going to love it! Trying the rotisserie this weekend, and I’ll make a video of that too of course. Had a great conversation with Dennis this weekend and now reworking a couple of videos based on the latest information from him. Upcoming videos: - Venting explained (new, updated info) - My venting burn in - First 2 chicken rotis cook
  10. Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the obsession. I’m also a new 32” BB owner. I have a crushed granite walk that goes from the back alley (I live in downtown Indianapolis) to the patio. I had 2 sheets of plywood ready at delivery. Was prepared to uncrate and roll (leap frogging the plywood). But I lucked out, the driver had a powered pallet jack and took the crate to the back on the plywood leaving the crate in perfect position to roll the 32” KK from the crate onto the patio. Here’s a video I shot of the process, may help you prepare. I do think a ramp is a good idea,
  11. You’re really going to enjoy it once delivered. I seriously enjoy just seeing it in the garden.
  12. New video up, tour of the 32” Big Bad. Next video is the burn in. Some content for those of you with grills on a boat! Yes, I do see the Title Text Here, I was too lazy to fix it once the video rendered.
  13. You got it. I know I was starved for KK content on You Tube as a prospective buyer. Now as an owner I can do something about it. Vids will be no frills, but hopefully informative and dialog starters. Thanks for the support here, I'm learning, luckily, the BGE experience is helping. I find the KK to be a very predictable performer.
  14. The delivery guy was great. I followed the great advice in the detailed email I got from the Komodo Kamado team. I gave him a $20 tip and he was appreciative of that. We didn't have far to go, but his pallet jack made it easy work, and he certainly didn't have to take it back there. Best $20 I've ever spent.
  15. Thanks all for the positive comments. @Jadeite I did record a video of my first burn in and venting. I think that's good content for new owners because even though its not a big deal, it sounds scary. I plan to continue recording vids of my experience. Please post questions, comments, it's all for the betterment of our little community. I do point back to the KomodoKamado.com website as this is THE place to learn more.
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