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  1. @johnnymnemonic looks like you figured it out. I personally apply sparingly trying to keep as much on the grout lines vs tiles. But with my Cobalt pebble, the parts that do dry on the tiles I have been able to scrape off with my fingernail or a damp micro fiber cloth. It was easy. For application I applied while the grill was hot bc that's when those pin holes are open. As the grill is just beginning to cool off from HOT, so still hot but not screaming hot that's when I apply. As Dennis said, these are tiny little holes, but staying on it will keep you in grilling shape for life Glad you got her figured out.
  2. Some tips from my experience with my 32". Agree with all the comments Ive seen here.
  3. Both the Slicer and the meat rack were from Cabelas, but both can be found easily on Amazon. The slicer is the cheapest consumer grade slicer you can buy. But i use it only to slice meat for beef jerky and to slice bacon once its cured and smoked. With such a narrow and infrequent use, consumer grade is just fine for me so far. Thanks for the tip for future videos, I will be better about describing equipment used, especially since I have received several questions. Thanks for the support!
  4. One last comment, I did find "DEALS" of KKs that were not maintained. That's not a deal. Like a Ferrari, a KK requires maintenance to run optimally. Its so easy, but I've seen neglected grills in my search. Water is always the culprit. Here's a video I did on venting (getting rid of water or solvent in your grill on my You Tube channel.
  5. PWK5017 I'm cut from the same "slightly used" cloth you are. I took about a 5 yr journey to finally having the most beautiful KK (Cobalt Pebble). I did nation-wide CraigsList searches regularly and found a few. Inevitably one of three factors killed the deal. 1) The price: The price being asked was rarely worth the hassle of assessing condition, etc., BUT, and its a big but Everyone once in a while a unicorn would show up, just have your case monies ready to go! 2) The logistics: The more I got close to pulling the trigger on this, the more I realized its a royal pain. The Crate this thing comes in is heavy duty. You dont have to build a crate, but at minimum you have to stabalize the grill and put a box under it to help carry all that weight 3) The choices: I'm a picky bastard, and having all the stars line up is a lot to ask for, even if you're a lucky guy. The rest of the story: COVID helped me bank some cash and hand it over to Dennis with a smile on my face. This isnt a grill or a tool, its a lifestyle and one I get enjoyment out of. Same reason i have motorcycles So this guy got a new 32" because I find it to be the most versatile size. Cook on. Oscar
  6. Murph27: Yes Bacon is on my short list. Its a little like making beef jerky in that your friends and family will be a little amazed at your results. I've made bacon many times, in fact its one of the reasons I bought the slicer. So I came to KK from Big Green Egg (XL and MiniMax, which I still have) and the Smokey Mountain Cooker before that. I've made jerky many times on the XL egg, but with the KK, it will be my new go to. Why drive a Cadillac when you have a Rolls in the garage! Temp is a little tricky for me on the KK going low like this. I'm new to KK, but very familiar with Kamado cooking. The greater mass to heat soak means patience to allow the grill to reach temp in a manner that will make maintaining the 175 temp easy. I do have the cold smoking attachment, but jerky needs more temp to render the meat. I actually have not used the cold smoker yet, but plan to smoke some fish when my dad gets back into Indianapolis. Thanks for the Question. Lastly a favor. I'm trying to grow this You Tube Channel as a source for good information on You Tube for KKs specifically, and Kamados in general. There's lots of misinformation on you tube and with all the new KK grillers out there, this can be a problem. I have chatted with Dennis many times to make sure I have the right information and there are certainly many details to get right. Please help me with a like and subscribe. It helps grow the channel with the right info so that comes up to searchers. You are all the best. Thanks Oscar
  7. Hiya- So I recently made up a batch of Beef Jerky and made a video while I cooked. This has been a crowd pleaser I pull out fairly regularly because it always goes so fast! Once I made some for my daughters graduation party, I left a big jar of Beef jerky on the tables. I went off to do hosting duties, and later took a break and thought, oh yes, I have to get some jerky, it was GONE. So that is the ONLY downside, it always disappears too fast. I like making this because it always fascinates people that you can do this yourself, and the secret is its dead easy, and the Komodo Kamado makes it DEAD EASY because of the great temp control.
  8. Made a follow up video describing what you’re talking about here, it is an evolution.
  9. Great cook and story. I've had the same billows experience, the damper is a must for KK cooking.
  10. I was a Looftlighter guy for years, like not having to buy anything else and keep stock of it etc. Simple wins for me. When the looftlighter died after a few years of use, I got smart and paid $25 for a heat gun that works a little faster. I try to bury it until I get sparking and then pull it back a little, works like a charm!
  11. Looks awesome! I was also a BGE guy that went from gas to Smokey Mountain Cooker to XL BGE (and a mini) to a 32" just this spring. I'm really enjoying it and the BGE experience makes it a seamless transition. Enjoy the process, I know I have. I've also been making You Tube videos as I go to help other newbies, and Dennis has been great prepping me with the right info for the videos! What a great little community we have here.
  12. That’s right, it slides right in to the KK and provides a nice snug fit.
  13. In my experience all temp controllers with the exception of the SmoBot work on the same fan on off principal. The issue with the Billows is the volume of air: 46CFM, that’s a lot vs other controllers which could be 1/4 of the volume. Add that to the fact the Kk does not require much airflow and it presents a challenge. Add the $3 damper accessory and voila, problem solved. I know some have returned these, when all they needed was a $3 accessory to make it work perfectly.
  14. Hello, I bought a ThermoWorks Billow to use with my KK. I know, I know, you don’t need that...... For those that enjoy sleep and peace of mind on overnight cooks, check out my video. If you buy one of these, the $3 accessory is a must.
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