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  1. All over except the important part. Hopefully the guests at the event will let me remain in the state.
  2. The pork was from Costco, which has been consistently good. It is boneless, which means I have to tie it with butcher's string to keep it together. I think I could tie it more firmly and set the butts on their sides to put even more on a single rack. The meat is currently at 190 degrees, on schedule. I have temp probes in two of them and they are within a couple of degrees of each other at this point.
  3. Well, I'm at it again. I "volunteered" to cook the barbecue for a couples wedding shower for the son of some close friends. I salted six Boston butts, 45 pounds of pork shoulder, yesterday, and rubbed them and put them on the BB32 this evening for tomorrow's event. It isn't anything particularly creative, but I thought so much meat on one rack of the KK deserved a shout. Per my usual, no real backup plan. The KK, Kooter, hasn't let me down yet!
  4. RandyS

    Pizza Weekend

    Thanks, high praise coming from all of you with so much experience and expertise.
  5. RandyS

    Pizza Weekend

    Weekend, daughter coming home from college..... got to have pizza, right? Well at least an excuse to have pizza, if we need one. Medium thick crust, supreme style 15" pizzas with sauce, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, pepperoni, crumbled bacon, black olives, a local smoked sausage. Crust edges painted with garlic butter. Heat sink the grill for a little over an hour. About seven minutes with the stone on the upper rack and dome temp about 550F. Turned out just how we like it and plenty of leftovers, which is also how we like it. Easy and much better than retail.
  6. For low temp cooks, I use a starter cube. I place it on top of the full basket and put some smaller pieces of charcoal around it. The chips from last cook's smoke pot work great. For higher temp cooks, or if I need the cooker up to temp faster, I use a chimney with just a few pieces of charcoal and pour the lit charcoal on top of the full basket. I use empty charcoal bags as the tinder under the chimney. I have never had the charcoal not start. I think it works best to close the lid and allow the top and bottom dampers to draw air through the charcoal.
  7. That's my attitude. Even if the meat was not good (and it was very good - probably not me, credit the KK), with pie and ice cream following, everyone gets up happy.
  8. Everything went really well. I cut the 4 pound roast in half and it got to medium temp in about 40 minutes. I kept it warm about an hour until supper time. The sourdough rolls actually had a perfect soft crust - mine are often too hard. One guest commented it was the best meal she had ever had that started as a chuck roast. The vanilla ice cream was (always) an excellent addition to the blackberry pie.
  9. Yep, that does happen sometimes. I have noticed, though, that somehow the sun still comes up the next morning, and friends, close to home or far away, are still friends.
  10. Planning yet another new (for me) cook for Labor Day, prep already in progress. Four pound Alabama Wagyu chuck roast rubbed and ready to go. I plan to cook it this afternoon in time for the last college football game of the weekend. BB32 (Kooter) is loaded with charcoal. Sourdough is rising for the sandwich rolls and I'll make a horseradish sauce to go on them. The only other project is the blackberry pie for dessert. Hopefully it will all be tasty (and Roll Tide)
  11. RandyS

    First Brisket

    I am very pleased to report a rousing success all around. I wrapped the brisket about 1 am when it hit 160 F, and pulled it off the KK at 203 F around 7 am. It went faster than I expected (about 11 hours at grill temp 215 F overnight) but that was good. I wrapped it in a towel and placed it in a warm cooler. We ate it for lunch, with a homemade Texas style sauce on the side, with fresh fruit (plums and tangerines) and angel hair coleslaw. It was delicious, juicy, and tender. There was almost no bark, and I like bark, but there were also no overdone areas. It was so tender we cut it with a fork. No one at the table used a knife. My son in law said it was better than the brisket he had at bbq joints in Alabama and Texas. Even our 4 year old granddaughter cleared her plate. I also made a cake for Carla's birthday - fudge cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. The pork was done about 3 pm. I pulled one butt for freezing in bags, and we ate the other for supper, along with more of the brisket, which was still juicy and tender. Great day, thanks for all the help and encouragement.
  12. RandyS

    First Brisket

    And so it begins. I put the brisket on a little while ago after a rub and injection. I think I will wrap it at 160 F, whenever that is, then return it to KK with a target temp of about 203, or sooner if it jiggles. Hopefully it will be tasty and tender. I appreciate all the help. I also put a couple of Boston Butts on with it because...... Wait, does there have to be a reason?
  13. RandyS

    First Brisket

    Will do. I suspect that what the meat temperature is when I wake up, which is always early, will have some bearing on the wrapping decision.
  14. RandyS

    First Brisket

    Thanks for the help, all. I plan over time to experiment with wrapping with foil and butcher paper, and with no wrap. Wrapping seems "safer" for a first attempt. Wrapping it later, as you suggest, may be better. Hmmmm.......
  15. RandyS

    First Brisket

    Planning to cook my first beef brisket Friday night. I have a 12 # USDA Prime in the refrigerator now. Planning to salt it tomorrow night and put it on the BB32 Friday after a dry rub and beef broth injection. I'll wrap it around 150 - 155 degrees and hope to take it off late Saturday morning. I am making a sauce to serve with it. We'll see how it goes. I don't seem to learn. I am cooking it for my wife's birthday with friends coming over and no real backup, although so far the experimentation for critical events has gone rather well.
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