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  1. I also have the 32BB. I use a large plastic concrete mixing tub, about $14 U.S. from Home Depot. I am sure Lowe's, etc. would have a similar tub. It works fine, wish it were an inch or two wider.
  2. Yep, Tyrus, that is our balloon and I am the pilot. We got the balloon in 2002 and have been flying since - slowed down since my four girls who were my crew went and grew up, went to college, even got married! (What's up with that?) That profile picture was taken by the event photographer at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival in 2008. We thought that was pretty good - a picture of our balloon by itself four inches off the Rio Grande, with 500+ balloons in the area but none in sight. I did touch the surface of the water for a nice Splash n Dash. That picture was actually used as the icon to open the photo gallery on the event website that year.
  3. I mostly watch the forum and marvel at the wonderful things that come off the KKs of the experts, but this turned out really well. It is Meathead Goldwyn's stuffed pork loin, with some minor spice variations because his onion and spice level is a bit heavy for my taste. The pork loin came from Costco. I cut it in two pieces, sliced it out into a sheet, prepared the stuffing and rolled it into the pork loin, then cooked at 225. It took about three hours. It looks and tastes great, a bit of ham flavor that went great with the stuffing. It also makes enough to feed an army, or a large family, so it is great for gatherings. Next time I will try to slice it thinner so it is more of a roll. I got no complaints.
  4. I have used foil on the lower main grate when cooking indirect. What does everyone use for heat deflection when putting meat on both of the main grates?
  5. I will say that I cooked my first brisket ever on my BB32 KK and my son in law declared it the best brisket he had ever had, including some in Texas.
  6. I listened to similar advice when I bought my 32 a year ago with no regrets. Most of the time, I am cooking just for me and my wife, and firing up the 32 is not a problem, even for two of us. It certainly gives a lot of versatility for two zone cooking, and has the capacity for the occasional cook for a group. I recently cooked six Boston butts for a group of about 50, all on the main grate. Either one will be great. We have had gas and charcoal grills for decades and we recently noted that our grilling quality had taken a quantum leap up in the last year, seemed to coincide with the arrival of the KK. Our old gas grill is gathering dust. I wouldn't get the gas attachment either. Charcoal is too easy, and so tasty, but you do what you gotta do.
  7. Also as a new CyberQ Cloud user, I can vouch that the pit viper fan opening is large enough to run the temperature to at least 250 degrees F without the fan running. I am going to do as others have suggested and close the damper on the Guru fan at least half way and just crack the upper KK damper, with the bottom KK damper closed.
  8. Boy, that takes me back to college chemistry days (that's a long time ago now). Our suction in the lab was based on Bernoulli and Venturi effects, using running water as the fluid - that also means whatever was being pulled into the suction was also diluted in large volumes of water.
  9. I recently bought a BBQ Guru CyberQ with a pit viper fan. I initially brought the BB32 up to target 225 with its own dampers, then closed the lower KK damper. I set the Guru to 225 and closed its damper about a third, and set my upper KK damper where I normally do for a low n slow cook. The temperature dropped initially as expected but was taking a long time to recover so I opened the Guru damper and opened the top damper a little more. The cooker ended up running about 250. I was cooking two packer cut briskets for a church related gathering and they were done much earlier than anticipated because of the increased temp. I would appreciate any advice on how users manage their Guru and KK dampers. I think I just got antsy (and wanted to go to bed) but should have left the damper settings where I initially put them. Thanks.
  10. All over except the important part. Hopefully the guests at the event will let me remain in the state.
  11. The pork was from Costco, which has been consistently good. It is boneless, which means I have to tie it with butcher's string to keep it together. I think I could tie it more firmly and set the butts on their sides to put even more on a single rack. The meat is currently at 190 degrees, on schedule. I have temp probes in two of them and they are within a couple of degrees of each other at this point.
  12. Well, I'm at it again. I "volunteered" to cook the barbecue for a couples wedding shower for the son of some close friends. I salted six Boston butts, 45 pounds of pork shoulder, yesterday, and rubbed them and put them on the BB32 this evening for tomorrow's event. It isn't anything particularly creative, but I thought so much meat on one rack of the KK deserved a shout. Per my usual, no real backup plan. The KK, Kooter, hasn't let me down yet!
  13. RandyS

    Pizza Weekend

    Thanks, high praise coming from all of you with so much experience and expertise.
  14. Weekend, daughter coming home from college..... got to have pizza, right? Well at least an excuse to have pizza, if we need one. Medium thick crust, supreme style 15" pizzas with sauce, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, pepperoni, crumbled bacon, black olives, a local smoked sausage. Crust edges painted with garlic butter. Heat sink the grill for a little over an hour. About seven minutes with the stone on the upper rack and dome temp about 550F. Turned out just how we like it and plenty of leftovers, which is also how we like it. Easy and much better than retail.
  15. For low temp cooks, I use a starter cube. I place it on top of the full basket and put some smaller pieces of charcoal around it. The chips from last cook's smoke pot work great. For higher temp cooks, or if I need the cooker up to temp faster, I use a chimney with just a few pieces of charcoal and pour the lit charcoal on top of the full basket. I use empty charcoal bags as the tinder under the chimney. I have never had the charcoal not start. I think it works best to close the lid and allow the top and bottom dampers to draw air through the charcoal.
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