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  1. I know I keep forgetting to take some pics. Had to take a TV over to my parents house tonight where the KK is located so grabbed a few. Couldnt get a pic of where I sanded down the grout as my phone was dying and couldnt use flash. Here is the nylon attachment I am using. I ordered 3 more that should be here Sat. All the extra parts came in today. Heat deflector, Guru Plug, Thermo, New Dual Draft Door, and Larger Gasket I cant remember if I posted pictures of the finished shelves. I grew up building antique style cabinets with my pop. We used the distress look a lot so that is what I did. I used a red mohagony stain. Put on 3 coats then used 120 grit sand paper in random spots. Then covered with 5 coats of clear. And here is a random picture from a gift I bought myself this past weekend in the Bahamas. I had two nice Eco Drive watches that was stolen out of my truck a few years ago and havent had a watch since. I have always wanted a Breitling Navitimer but as an avg cost of $7k+ It was more of a dream. Well one of 50 Breitling boutiques is located in Nassau so decided to stop by and take a look. That is when I saw this 1884 limited edition Navitimer. Only 1884 in the world ans this is number 1150. Couldnt walk away from it so I picked her up. Between the Pitmaker Vault, 2 pellett cookers, KK, Watch, and the competition BBQ trailer I have been cut off from the Mrs. Lastly an update on the pup. This is main reason why havent been getting much done. Taking care of her with cleaning wounds, pills, etc has taken all my time. Got call from vet this past weekend and 2 of the 3 tumors were benign and the largest one came back as a very rare tumor that is usually only seen a few times a year. Luckily they only grow back 4% of the time and they gave her an 85% chance of living full lifespan so I am very relived to hear that now. Will get more pictures of tile cleaning this weekend.
  2. Sorry for delaying this so much. Been crazy busy with golf lately and just got back from a cruise a few days ago. Was able to get some more work done today. All of my time now is spent cleaning up the grout. Once I get this all cleaned up there is less than 100 tiles left to be installed. I had a 240 grit nylon drill brush overnighted as well as 10 nylon dremel brushes. Figured the large drill brush would remove large chunks and can use the higher RPM of the dremel to do fine cleaning. The 240 grit worked well but not well enough. The dremel ones worked fantastically the only problem is the nylon brush wears down after about 30 seconds. So based on having to clean 500 tiles I would need to purchase 500+ and that is a no go. I just jumped on Amazon and purchased 3 smaller 120 Grit brushes to cover smaller surface area and that is a little rougher. Going to use water as a lubricant. Parts should be delivered Sat. The thermo, guru plug, front door, and heat deflector should be here Friday as well.
  3. Was planning on putting on the rest of the tile today but was in the 30's this morning and with leaving for a cruise tomorrow just didn't have the time. I went over and took a look at it for the first time since putting on the batch of tiles and they are secured very well. Just need to cleanup a lot of the excess insulation. Looking around online I found that a lot of tile guys will use a nylon brush wheel attached to a drill. They use it on glass back splash tiles in the kitchen so figured it wouldn't damage these tiles. Got the email today that the remaining parts shipped so hoping we can get her done and fired up soon. I just put a brisket in the freezer that I had wet aging for 45 days in the fridge. That may be the inaugural cook.
  4. Thanks for the well wishes for the pup. Surgery went well and they removed the 3 tumors. Now just have to wait 5 days for the diagnosis on them. I was able to get a lot done today. I decided to start on the bottom as that had the fewest tiles that needed to be replaced and thought that would be the easiest section. I WAS WRONG. Some of the tiles are a little bigger than others so trying to fit them in between existing tiles was a major PIA. After spending a few hours on the bottom I decided to move to the top where everything became much easier. I filled in the areas where there were a few missing then just started lining them up. There is no way I can get it back to exact and tiles evenly spaced and looking like the original but unless you get down close to it you really cant tell. Problem was that even after the grout set some of the tiles were still loose and I loaded them down with grout. Because of this I decided to let it all dry for a day before trying to clean it up. May have to use an sos pad to clean off the tile before filling in the spaces or something that is rough that wont scratch the tile. Also when I started wrapping the tiles around toward the top I had a few areas where there was an empty row between old tile and new tile. The empty row was not big enough for a tile so had to use a dremel and grind down about 1/16" on a few tiles to get them to fit. I am pretty happy with progress. I know it will not look like a KK that is from factory but should be able to get it to a 9/10. Figuring my total cost in all the parts will be around $1200 I am ok with that. Any suggestions on tile clean up feel free to let me know.
  5. Yeah I actually looked into some names and probably going to go with Osiris - god of resurrection. Figured that was a fitting name. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting started on it again. Only down side is I have to take my pit bull I rescued 8 years ago in for surgery. They found 2 cancerous tumors on her so will be thinking about that most of the day but hoping to get a lot done.
  6. Figured was time for another update. It took a while for the package to clear customs in Indonesia but is not safe here in Jacksonville and going to go get it tomorrow morning before work. Based on the pics Dennis sent it is 1k tiles and a boat load of grout. I have the day off Wed and cancelled the tee time to work on the KK. Anyone know if there is anything special to do in regards to laying this tile? I read a lot of posts about tiles popping off during the burn in but didnt know if it is similar to regular tile and lay the grout down, Install the tile, and wipe off with damp sponge.
  7. A little update on status. After talking on phone with Dennis I was WAY off on the 300 tile estimate on top. Looks like it is going to be 900-1000 total for top and bottom. I will be laying tile for a while. Should take about a week to get shipped here so should be getting everything in soon. Looking over the install of gasket threads I noticed permatex is mentioned the most. Is there enough in the 3OZ tube I see on Amazon to install the larger gasket or is there another material I should look at?
  8. So I ordered: BBQ Guru Plug, Second Gasket, Thermo, Heat & Ash Shield Qty (2) - I am assuming that this will fit both the front and back doors at the bottom. Next thing to order in a month or two is Dual draft door and Baking stone (want to see how well the 3 I have work first). Also want to get rotisserie but can only find the basket and spit in the store not the motor. Any idea where I can find this or price of it. Seems like everyone on here likes this accessory and would like to have it as well.
  9. Aussie that would be a cool idea. Maybe down the road I would consider doing that. Got email back from Dennis on tile and grout so should be getting that here in a few weeks. It amazes me that being half way around the world that he responds so quickly even when its 2 or 3AM his time. Can definitely tell he cares not only about his product but the happiness of his customers and no way I could have done this without his help. I am going to purchase the remaining parts from the store on the site. Quick question for those of you with the newer models. I am definitely adding the second gasket as well as the missing BBQ guru plug. I see that there is a piece of stainless steel piece that blocks the ash from getting close to the door. Is this a useful piece? Also, mine has the single damper on the front door. Do you all see a benefit of the dual damper and worth it? Lastly, I thought I had the original KK baking stone but I have 2 small chef ones and one larger one that is about 1.5" thick. Do you all use the stone or the pan for the heat deflector? Wondering if I need to by he pan as well.
  10. So I took a look at the latch tonight and yep the bracket moved when I was lifting up on the handle. I lowered it to the lowest possible setting and there is no more play in the lid. I think it could be more snug but I think it is the gasket that is the problem. The complete front of the gasket is rock hard now. Looks like I am just going to replace it and add the secondary. I am sure this will tighten up the latch and make it air tight. So the items I need as of now to finish the restore is: Tiles, Grout, Black mat under the tiles, Both Gaskets, Thermo, and BBQ Guru Plug I am heading out of town this week for a golf trip to Scottsdale and will be back next week late. Waiting to here back from Dennis for tile pricing and if it is best to order other parts thru store. Do the parts and accessories ship from within the US or are they overseas as well. Hoping to get everything in in the next 2 weeks to continue. Want to get it done, burned in and start learning how it cooks. The Jacksonville BBQ Championships are in April and I took 2nd last year and am still pissed off about that. Hoping to take the KK with me to show it off.
  11. Thanks guys. Didnt know that lower latch was adjustable. I Will look into doing that when I get home today. Also will order the second gasket.
  12. I fired it up tonight and did some burgers and man were they tasty. Cooked them around 350. Didn't have a thermo but the ol' hand test said 350ish. Few things I noticed and thought about. First when I was driving home from work today I was thinking about things that needed to be done with the KK. I realized that I may have fubar the cap underneath as if the cement I put on sat to low inside the dome it would restrict airflow leaving the top. I started to get pissed at myself for not thinking about this. Below is a pic from inside the dome looking at the cement circle. There is plenty of room around the outside so I thought I would be fine but wouldnt be able to tell until she was cooking. After getting it to temp smoke was flowing out very nicely so I figured I am good on that one. so problem I thought I had is not a problem. Next is not a problem but just a design aspect I have noticed in previous grills I have had and wondered if it is ever thought about. When you go to flip burgers it is much easier to have your spatula running with the grate. The KK grate bars run sideways causing the spatula to catch sometimes. Really no biggie just something I have realized with all the grills I have owned. Next problem is when moving it in and out of the garage there is a lip in the concrete. The only good leverage to lift the front is with the handle and that is a no-no. So I need to come up with a solution for this problem. I think I am going to weld on a piece of steel tube on the side table brackets where I can throw a steel bar thru when I need to lift one side over a lip in the ground. This will distribute the force over all bolts on the bracket evenly and the tube wont be seen as the tables will always be on. Finally I now have a lid problem in that it doesnt close tightly. If I close the lid the latch moves all the way to spot #2 and it is not snug when I go from latch #1 to #2. you can easily move it. This causes the lid to have about 1/8" play in it. Adjusting the lid down wouldnt solve problem as the latch would be even more loose I would imagine so I decided to come up with a aesthetic fix. I will remove the center bolt thru the latch and replace with a modified piece with an outer coat of polished copper. I will make it roughly 1/8" wide in diameter to give me the extra leverage to pull the lid down all the way and giving it a nice touch of creativity. I think it would look good against the bronze. Also, looking at parts online is it worth looking at adding the 2nd gasket? I only have the one gasket and the only place that doesnt have any play in it is about a 2 inch section at about the 7 o'clock position on the grill. All other areas you can press on the gasket and it has some play in it. Do you think this needs to be replaced as well?
  13. Cs I was thinking Osiris as well. Fitting for journey this KK has gone thru.
  14. Thanks Bosco. I believe Dennis is getting back to me on price for tiles hopefully tomorrow. Looking forward to keep the progress going. You think it is good to cook some burgers in it tonight around 350*? Also, reading through posts is is customary to name your KK? Looks like it is a right of passage for owners.
  15. Finally had time to go thru most of this forum and read a lot on maintenance. Couple questions is the manual available somewhere to download? As far as burn in goes I am going to do it again as I dont know if it was done correctly with first owner plus I have added new cement and dont know if it needs same procedure. My question is does the odor and vapor come from refractory cement or the grout material? If from cement would it be best for me to do it now with so much exposed and a lot of tiles off allowing to escape easier? Was going to cook some burgers tonight.