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  1. That’s fascinating! I’ll have to pass that tip on to my mother, who recently got a Thermomix and is getting her bearings with it. Thanks for the info!
  2. @David Chang That is amazing looking pizza! I have been meaning to get a sourdough started up and running for some time. Sourdough pizza sounds lovely. If you don’t mind my asking, what function do the ice cubes serve? I don’t think I’ve come across that technique in any of the pizza dough recipes I’ve looked at. Finally, what did you cook that on?
  3. I did indeed! I figured to use that for the smoke, but wasn’t sure about getting to and holding at the low temps called for here.
  4. My KK is on the water and scheduled to make it to the states early next month! Of the many cooks I’m looking forward to, one near the top of my list is trying my hand at making some smoked jerky for an annual ice fishing trip in the early parts of next year. I’ve seen a couple of posts here on the topic. One (from 15 years ago if I recall correctly) was using grounding wire to hold a stack of extruded coal, with the idea as I understood it that as the lower coals burned down, the higher ones would fall into place so the fire wouldn’t spread in width. Another user posted a YouTube video which I’ve watched many times in the past, but which I don’t believe went into much detail regarding setting up the coals and vents for holding temps around 170 or so. In theory, I suppose it should be possible to start as you would for any low and slow cook, but with the vents choked down more than you would normally. Is this correct, or are there additional considerations which need to be taken into account for cooking this low? Thanks in advance, as always!
  5. A couple of years ago I had to spend some time in Augusta, Georgia for work. A couple days into the trip I stumbled upon a Hawaiian BBQ spot near where I was working. I had never had Hawaiian food before, so I stopped in to try it out. I didn’t eat lunch anywhere else the whole time I was in town! I of course had my fill of kalua pig, but their chicken was also fantastic, although I’m not sure if it is true huli huli. Since you’re in northern VA, if you ever get the chance to check out the food truck called Kam & 46, I would recommend it. They do Hawaiian and Filipino fare, and the women who run the show are absolutely lovely. They mostly show up in DC, but now and then they cross the river into Arlington or Alexandria. I try to make a point to show up whenever they do.
  6. As a Northern VA resident myself, I’m glad I took a look at this thread, otherwise I never would have known that Dizzy Pig existed! I’ll have to take a ride out there one of these days
  7. I guess now I just need to figure out how exactly I’m going to transport the thing to it’s spot in the back patio. The conventional way would be up 3 steps and into the front door, through the inside (going down one step) to the back door, out the back and down one more step to the concrete pad. Or I could roll it around the side of the house (down a bit of a grade) through the side yard gate (after going back up the grade), but would then have to take it up a few wide stairs to reach the pad. The joys of living on a hillside!
  8. @C6Bill that terra looks amazing, and certainly reinforces my decision to go with the same! @tekobo I hadn't realized that the accessories are typically available from US stock. That certainly eases my worry about getting everything right from the first order. I think @5698k Direct sunlight won't be a problem, the concrete pad the KK will be on is pretty well shaded by some trees in the back yard. I'm thinking, my initial order will likely be cover, basket splitter, stainless side tables, and cold smoker. Then down the line I'll pick up the roti to up my poultry game and potentially the pizza stone to help with bread baking. Thanks for the help everyone! I really couldn't be more excited
  9. What an oversight on my part! My KK will be square tile in light terra blue! I considered going Cobalt, and was briefly tempted by the gold flake, but the photos I just kept coming back to were the light blue ones. EDIT: First of all, huge thanks to everyone for the input and suggestions so far! I hadn't even been considering the stainless-topped side tables! Those are getting a lot of love though, so I might have to opt for that upgrade over the standard teak, which I do love the look of. @tekobo @David Chang Do you primarily use the roti for chicken, or are you regularly cooking other stuff on it? If the former, are the results significantly better than just cooking the bird spatchcocked? And if the latter, what have been some of your favorites? I've never owned/coocked with a rotisserie, so it might just be my own ignorance that I'm not thinking of much I would use it for. Storage of the second coal basket was definitely something I had in mind, so I think i might skip that and if the single-basket-shuffle becomes too big a pain I can alwasy pick up a second basket down the line @tekobo, do you use a smoke pot instead of the hot/cold smoker when you're doing a hot smoke? I would be picking this up with cold smoking in mind, but with the thought to use it as my primary hot smoking method as well since I have it. Is it too inconvenient to regularly use for this, in your opinion? The baking stone I end up torn on still, since I do have the previously mentioned steels already.
  10. I've finally moved out of an apartment building where I couldn't have a grill and as of this morning I've begun the long wait for a 32 Big Bad, after stalking these forums for a number of years. While I wait, I figure I should iron out exactly which extras I should pick up. I know there will be plenty of other stuff I'll need, but as far as the straight from KK list goes, am I missing any major must haves here? Or perhaps am I overvaluing something which isn't worth it? Almost Certainly Yes Basket Splitter - A lot of my cooks are going to be for just myself and my girlfriend, so this will be really handy for when I'm doing a small cook. Cover - It can get rainy here, gotta protect the KK! As much coal as possible The Probably Yeses Side Tables - I don't have much work space (or furniture in general since i've just moved in) on the patio where the KK will be, so having these will be handy. I would do a cabinet, but the KK will be on a small-ish concrete pad so I wouldn't have room for cabinets next to it Extra Coal Basket - I wouldnt have thought of this, but it seems to be a common and strong recommendation around here. Still not 100% sure that I need this Cold Smoker - I'm dreaming of smoked cheeses, nuts, cured fish, etc. If not for those I would just make a smoke pot The Ones I'm not sure I need Pizza stone - I already have a couple of Baking Steels that I've used in my oven to make pizzas (a 10 inch square, and a 14x20 inch rectangle). If I already have steels, do I need the stone? I don't think I've seen any posts comparing KK pizzas made on the stone vs on steel. I guess this would be good for bread though. Hmm. I'm starting to want to bump this up to the category above Rotisserie - This would be cool to have of course, but I'm not sure how much I'd use it, and I've heard cleaning up roti spits can be a pain. I'd probably just spatchcock poultry when I make it (which will be pretty often since the gf doesn't eat much red meat) Double Bottom Drip Pan - Couldn't I just use foil or disposable trays to catch drippings?
  11. @David Chang Thanks for the welcome and the response! Interesting that the lower temp was suggested by the ovenmaker! I have definitely heard of those saputo biscotti stones in my pizza oven research. I have seen people on other boards replacing stones in various portable/home pizza ovens with them. I wonder how they would be in the lower pizza making temps a KK would run compared to one of those gas/wood fired dedicated pizza ovens. Then again, because of the lack of top-heat you mentioned I have to wonder if the results from the stone on a KK would be much better than the results from an indoor gas oven with a steel, using the broiler during part of the cook to get the top.
  12. I’m not (yet) a KK owner, but since the topic came up in here today I figured I would ask about this. I’m assuming the 650 in the KK you mentioned is on the baking stone, right? What about on a steel? I imagine you could get away with a lower temp since it would transfer heat to the bottom faster, but I guess what i’m not sure of is whether the top would cook better at the higher temp used for the stone, the lower temp of the steel, or if it’s basically a wash in that regard. Have you by any chance tried on a steel? Yes, these questions are absolutely motivated by the fact that I already own a steel and am wondering if I should get the stone when I purchase my KK lol
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