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  1. I also use the vac100. I haven’t used it a ton yet, but it’s been fantastic every time I have.
  2. Yep, vac seal, freeze, and sous vide is what I did. Makes for a great and super convenient lunch. I’m not sure what the reason was but I ate the first of the frozen portions last week and I think I might have even preferred it to the fresh ones! The meat had a bit more “bite” to it that I really enjoyed.
  3. Was browsing FB marketplace this evening and was surprised to see a listing for a KK! This 21” looks nothing like the modern units, how old do you reckon this one is? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/247556144731513/
  4. I had picked that test up from a previous thread here, definitely planning to use that to decide when they’re ready to pull. I think I’m going to compromise slightly and go no spritz but a light baste with sauce near the end of the cook to give a little bit of a glaze. Mainly because I found some sauces I forgot I had that will hopefully go well with the jerk and the curry powder slabs once mixed with a bit of butter and sugar edit: I really need to make it over to Dizzy Pig HQ, it’s pretty close to me. I haven’t heard a bad word about their products yet.
  5. A little over 2 hours in, ribs are sitting around 165-170. Just cracked the lid to rearrange them a little bit. I’m starting to get a little bit of pullback in a couple places, but they still look very moist, without much of a bark forming.
  6. Thanks gentlemen! I just got three racks on, right around 250 with aluminum foil along the lower rack with apple pellets in the cold smoker. Praying the last of my charcoal bag burns long enough to cook these guys. Because I started so late (couldn’t find a parking spot at the hardware store to buy more coal, then decided my cold smoker needed a clean before using again) I didn’t make my rubs, instead just using some premade things I had on hand. On the right in the photo is a jerk seasoning with olive oil, in the middle is some Meat Church Texas Sugar also with olive oil, and then on the left is some Japanese curry powder with Kewpie mayo as the binder. That one I’ll probably mop some bachan’s sauce on at the end.
  7. I picked up a pack of 3 racks of pork spare ribs at Costco today with the intention of doing them up tomorrow on the 32. I haven’t made ribs before, and since it’ll just be me eating these (and then packing/freezing the leftovers for later) if love to try a few different glazes on them. If you’ve got a go-to or recommendation, put it here! Method-wise I was thinking of doing around 250 and skipping the foil-wrap so often used with other cookers, as I believe I have read here that that step isn’t needed due to the moist environment in a KK. I may spritz with cider vinegar and water if they look like they’re drying out, but otherwise would probably just apply some sauce near the end of the cook to tack up a bit. Certainly open to the wisdom of experience from the smart folks here though if that method needs to change in any major way.
  8. Man, I had no idea Wicked Good was discontinued! I got one bag from Ace last month and loved it, was looking forward to picking up some more
  9. Haven’t strayed much from the usual chicken thighs and steak cooks lately, but a friend of mine dropped by yesterday and brought some goodies to grill up. Lamb kofta and a middle eastern sausage which he wasn’t entirely sure the composition of. Grilled and eaten alongside a handful of peppers, some foil pack potatoes, and pita bread with a delicious yogurt sauce he whipped up while I got the coals going
  10. I’ve been thinking about getting a roti for my 32. Had completely forgotten about the cradle option and now i need to figure out which way I want to go!
  11. Rolling in panko, what an idea! I can’t believe I never thought to try that. Guess it’s time to pull another pack of wings out of the freezer!
  12. MacK I think I can physically feel the crunch of those wings just looking at the photo. What was your method? I’ve always gone very minimal with my wings but seeing those I think I might have to step it up next time around.
  13. I’ve only used my cold smoke generator twice thus far. The first time the results were absolutely incredible, despite the fact that at some point during the cool the smoker went out. The second time the results were indistinguishable from a cook without generator because the pellets simply would not stay lit longer than a minute or so. Same pellets both times. I suppose it could be moisture in the pellets but I don’t own a microwave, so I will need to find some other way to dry them out
  14. I’ve never done a “true” Demi, but whenever I make stock I usually over-reduce to about the same consistency just for ease of storage. Pull some out of the freezer and add it to water and it’s back to being stock! Hadn’t heard of adding tomato paste before, I will have to give that a try next time!
  15. Ha! You make a great point Tyrus, in retrospect I probably could have gotten away with a quarter basket for them had I thought of it. A matching 19 would certainly be fun, but I have other bases I would want to cover before doubling up on KK’s. Pizza oven, Konro, griddle, maybe a Santa Maria. With the weather warming up I’m starting to daydream about the outdoor kitchen possibilities
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