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Cassiopeia Has Arrived Home

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On ‎10‎/‎30‎/‎2015 at 5:16 PM, ckreef said:

Got the call this morning from the same driver who delivered my first KK. He remembered me. A quick dash out of work for me and Mrs skreef (who wants to work on a Friday anyway).

Took it off the truck and straight onto my motorcycle trailer.



Remove the bottom bolts (8 in total), then the top of the crate lifts straight up and off.



Komodo Kamado original art. I think somebody at the factory likes their job :-)


Back corner (spring/hinge area) gets extra padding.


When you open up the dome almost everything is packed inside.







Top vent is wrapped and secured off to the side.


Heat shield, lower vent and controller fan port plug.


Main grate, upper grate, and baking stone (not heat deflector - that's separate). Dennis, Mrs skreef is very excited about the baking stone.


These next 2 pictures are dedicated to wilburpan - here is my joetisserie - eeeekkk did I say that - LOL - oh yeah this is the KK forum.



No better time than the present - fire it up. Used RO for this burn in.


I also got a couple of boxes CoffeeChar to try out. (tomorrow when I try out the rotisserie)



Although not exactly side by side, I tried to take both pictures from the same angle and at the same distance for a size comparison. Different times of the day so the lighting makes the tiles shine differently. They are actually a really good match color wise.


And lastly Mrs skreef luvin on Cassiopeia.


Will cook some 550* smash burgers in a little while. No point in wasting this good heat from the burn in.

Also I completely removed the dome to move it into place and then reinstalled the dome. It only took about 5 minutes to remove the spring and hinge pin. Then another 5 to go back together. Having the dome off definitely made it manageable for 2 adults to carry it (it was still heavy as shit). Will have to do this process again soon and will take full pictures along with a little trick I figured out to make it easier. Jon B - you want to do this. If your 19" is about to arrive and I haven't posted that yet - pm me for the little trick to make it easier.

Ok, seeing yours with the two grates and your roti basket shows I'm making the right choice for my first KK-smile, also seeing that some like their baking steel over the stone guess what I own a 1/4 baking steel size 14 inch so maybe I'll hold off on getting the stone. I like how everything is packed and the deflector was included unlike so many other Kamado brands that make you buy it extra and the included drip pan- getting the double bottom drip thought.

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